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Summer Conference 2013 BOOKLET

Do you remember?

Were are we? As you can see Torun is located in the northern central part of Poland

How to get to the conference? From the train station Torun Glowny you should set AULA UMK direction. You can get there directly by bus number 36 or 11. The place of the conference can be reached with changes: first you have to go by bus number 22, 25 or 27 to bus-stop "Plac Rapackiego" a next you have to go by tram number 5 and leave tram at tram stop "Reja". From Bus Station you can get to Aula UMK by bus number 15, 43 and 28 from bus stop "Odrodzenia", and you have to leave the bus at the bus stop "Aula". Student ticket costs 1,40 zł and normal ticket costs 2,80 zł.

A – Train Station Torun Glowny C – Bus Station B – SumCo 2013 (Aula UMK)

What should you take? •

Elegant clothes for the Gala Award

Stationary: notebook, pencil, pen

Products for Global Village

Clothes for parties

Energy drinks…

A cup …and as always GOOD MOOD!

Parties! Ladies and Gentlemen

Western party





Conference Manager

Karolina Piotrowska mob: 791 897 428 karolina.piotrowskaue


mob:793 012 404 michal.dahl.aiesec@

SumCo OC team

Marta Bobrowycz mob:781 353 576 marta.bobrowycz@

Oktawia Braniewicz mob:516 425 454 oktawia.braniewicz.aiesec@

Agata Bryl mob:721 393 140

Beata Cisewska mob: 730 591 563 E-mail: beata.cisewska@ Magda Zawistowska mob:503 040 383 magdalena.zawistowska.aiesec@

We are waiting for YOU!

Sumco 2013