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EGNM6001|Ashvin Goolab

// MOMA: Design And The Elastic Mind

EGNM6001|Ashvin Goolab

EGNM6001|Ashvin Goolab

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Design And The Elastic Mind

Design And The Elastic Mind

For the screensaver i started looking at existing screensavers on the moma website to get some inspiration. Upon looking at the website i came across a piece on there called the origami crease patterns. I wanted to use this as visual referecing towards my screensaver as it has an overall elastic look in the way the lines form shapes and patterns.

I like the idea of the origami crease pattern involving an element of mathematics in them in order to approach a distinctive look. I like the whole idea of compressing many crease patterns into one. This is something i would like to incorporate into my screensaver.

For the developing stages i started to sketch down the kind of shapes and patterns that i wanted to form using lines like the crease patterns. In a sense the origami piece also tapped in to the aspect of geometry which i wanted to experiment with.The idea bases around joining the same numbers together in a grid, thereby when doing every number from one to ten your left with a series of shapes.

These are sketches i done to help me get an idea and show what i’d like my idea to look like. Inspired by the origami crease patterns, i planned to make a moving image screensaver where paths (lines) will continuously move in different directions thereby creating shapes when combined all together.

These are screenshots of the first draft of my screensaver. It shows the paths gradually becoming increased to create a set of shapes similar of the crease patterns.

After having given feedback, i had to then go back and make the whole look of the screensaver more neater and make the shapes connect better.

These are screenshots of my re drafted final version of the screensaver. I’ve made a few alterations to it such as lowering the amount of paths around the page. I felt that the first draft had too many and it made the whole look

messy and uneven. In this one i used a grid guide to help get more accurate in connecting points and making sure the connections of each path made sense.