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How a heat pump works and the role it plays in making our life comfortable The quality of your home depends on your indoor environment, like how you live and work and the comfort zone. Heat pumps make you fit and comfort within a less space. It is necessary to select heating pump or air conditioner wisely to create a better indoor environment in your home. Home comfort products are those products who fulfill your needs perfectly. Investing in a right product is indeed an ideal decision to stabilize your budget line.

A heat pumps working is similar to refrigerator just the other way round. In heat pumps heats are withdrawn in a natural manner such as geothermal heat, air or water, etc. A heat pump heating system always consists of three different components and they are as below:

Heat pump Heat source system Heat distribution and storage system

 How heat pumps working to prove beneficial

To get rid of the deep temperature that prevails during the winter season. During that time heat pumps work as a rescuer to protect from the unbearable cold outside. It considers the availability of fossil fuels and helps in reduction on the incalculable increasing energy prices. Heat pumps make you independent. The crucial advantage of the heat pump is they move heat rather than creating it by burning oil or gas, they are efficient and energy saving. Hence, a heating system using heat pumps will provide a realistic return on investment over a much shorter period of time. Heat pumps are indeed reliable and their need for regular maintenance.

If you combine your heat pump to green electricity supply such as Solar Photovoltaic can provide you heating, hot water and electricity which contain zero Carbon Dioxide emissions.

Conventional heating system could bring an irritation moment as the age passes it starts showing problems as these heat pumps don’t use volatile or combustible substances.

There are various types of heat pumps in the market with different specializations but you need to choose carefully among them.

Heat pumps of Apex Air are completely free from any contaminants which may cause harm to your environment and they don’t permit to enter noxious gases which could be harmful to you and your family.

By: Ashwin Patel

How a heat pump works and the role it plays in making our life comfortable