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TRUSTEE INFORMATION At ACT Also... Managing Trustee Sujata Mukherjee (Operations) Social Worker Secretary Dr.J Bhavani Ramesh (Counselling) Family Counsellor Treasurer Priyanktha Iyengar (Design) Fashion Designer Trustees Radhika Aravindam (Fund Raising) Social Worker Aarthi Muralidharan (Educational Strategy) Educational Specialist Dr. Hemlatha (Healthcare) Paediatric Surgeon Shobha Jaidev (Healthcare) Homeopathic Healer

Credibility Alliance Norms Compliance Report ACT is registered under: Income Tax Department under Section 80-G Income Tax Department under 12 A (a) FCRA Registration 094421447 Registration No - DOCUMENT No.434 of Book IV 2000-01

Bankers State Bank of India, M G Road, Bangalore - 560001 Vijaya Bank, Cambridge Road, Bangalore - 560008

Auditor Radhakrishna Upadhya & Co. Chartered Accountants, No. 1378/5, South End Main Road, 9th Block East, Jayanagar - 560069 4

Dear Friend, One more year has gone past us with the speed of a whirlwind, and I have a few significant milestones to share with you. All five ACT children who sat for the SSLC Boards passed the exam creditably. The four children who sat for the PU Boards cleared the exam with flying colours, and are now studying in St. Joseph’s College, Bangalore. The achievement of these children is all the more significant because they are all first generation learners. They come from extremely poor households, and their parents are daily wage earners. These families who live in large urban slums are extremely vulnerable because they do not have steady incomes. Anything from a viral fever, death of a grandparent, family wedding or even inclement weather can render them income-less in no time. I have noticed that the urban poor are an isolated lot. The mass migration from the villages to the cities in search of livelihoods, the vast distances that one has to commute for work, the spiraling inflation,the increasing gap between the haves and the have-nots and the sheer indifference of the metropolis, have all pushed the poor to leading lonely and miserable lives. There is usually no place or person they can reach out to, for help, and more than the adults, it is the children who are the worst affected. ACT has reached out to such families living in the 9 slums in and around the Ulsoor area in Bangalore asking them to send their children to us, so that you, dear volunteer, and we, together can ensure that these children get an education and are able to make use of the opportunities available. Giving all the 300 ACT children a love for learning, getting them to go to school/college regularly, and creating in them the confidence that they can aspire for and achieve their dreams – is all what you and we want. Thank you for being with us on this journey. I seek your support in all our future endeavours, because without you, there is no ACT.

Warm Regards, Sujata Mukherjee


ACT - THE BEGINNING • ACT was started with an intent to educate and empower underprivileged children of Ulsoor slums in Bangalore

• Registered on 15th December, 2000 • Parent who typically work as house maids, vendors, painters, tailors are from the lower-income group • Most children are first generation literates • The trust sponsors hardworking and dedicated children from semi-government and government aided private schools.

143 children, New centre @ Govt Tamil Higher Primary School GTHPS

170 children, 70+ Volunteers

New Centre @ Indiranagarashraya


New Centre @ RG Halli Govt School, Whitefield

Board of 7 Trustees, all women New Learning Centre @ Ulsoor

Started with 1 child, Ashwini, 1 Resource Centre @ Ulsoor 6

2012 2011 2008



ACT - MISSION To educate and empower underprivileged children and support them till they are gainfully employed.

ACT - VISION To do our best so that the current generation of underprivileged children living below the poverty line integrate seamlessly within mainstream society and that they are productive from the first day in their jobs. To impart quality education, including skill building and matching children with employment opportunities that are suited to their dominant intelligence and strengths.



















ACT - PHILOSOPHY AND METHODOLOGY Work is done through Community Participation; focus is on all three critical aspects of the child's development PHYSICAL


As per the Theory of Multiple Intelligences, by Howard Gardner, the identification of the dominant intelligence of each child is done. The child is then encouraged and enabled to hone the identified intelligence and later take an occupation complimenting the same for greater success. 9

ACT - CENTERS 2000 – The I Step - In the year 2004, thanks to the NM Trust, we got free space to open our Resource Centre. It still houses the admin office, library, lab and supplies.

2012 – The III Step - Ashraya, Indira Nagar, invited us to hold after school programmes for the kids of neighbouring schools there.


2008 - The II Step - Our numbers grew. We rented our first Learning Centre.



2013 – The IV Step - WE reached out to the community where we started ACT – MV Garden – so that our model could reach the children of the government schools.


ACTIVITY HIGHLIGHTS 2014 - 15 Volunteers take classes and provide academic support to our students throughout the year. Many volunteers also take non academic classes including dance, singing, karate, and crafts.

Senior students of ACT also take classes and serve as mentors to younger students in the trust. This helps develop leadership skills and emotional intelligence.


Health & Physical Wellness is critical for a child’s success. A sick child cannot attend school or ACT classes, and a malnourished child is at a developmental disadvantage.

Mothers and children attend classes on physical wellness. Children are vaccinated and have access to doctor visits. Mothers are provided with protein mix and taught how to administer this to their children. And all students receive a healthy snack daily.

ACT provides employability training with the help of our volunteers and organisations.

Students learn computer skills and have access to our computer lab. They also learn about resume writing, interview skills, and how to work within a team. These are paramount to achieving the goal of employability for all of our students.


Celebrations are an important part of life in ACT. Children are encouraged to celebrate and enjoy life.

Birthdays are celebrated monthly with cake for everyone. Holidays were celebrated with singing, a rangoli competition and magic shows

And, of course, FUN is an important part in any child’s life!

This year our children have learned to make short films and participated in the Adobe Youth Voices competition, learned to read for pleasure in our library, enjoyed gardening with volunteers and participated in activities like sports days and kite flying.



14 14


15 15





MISSION ACCOMPLISHED Story of one of our children who makes us incredibly proud.

He came to us in class 6. He was shy then, he is shy now. He always had a dream. To be a computer engineer. We have seen him grow into a very determined young man. But there was one unique thing about Harikrishnan. He was always late for everything. We had to leave for a trip to Mysore. He arrived half an hour late. 'Sorry I woke up late. Next time I will be on time.'Ten years with us. He was never on time. Always the last to board the bus with a sheepish grin. He could not get good scores in class X. Had to take up Humanities. But after class XII, he was determined to do Diploma in Computer Engineering from NTTF. He really had to work extremely hard. That's when he showed his real character. It was tough but he did not give it up. He was very fortunate to have extremely dedicated volunteers help him through this .One of the most fulfilling moments in our lives is when we see a child grow into an adult: Taking up responsibilities; Being accountable for their actions.

Today Harikrishnan is happy working in a networking company. His mother has stopped working as a maid. It was a memorable day when he served a meal to all the children with his hard earned money. Today he is a hero for all the youngsters in ACT. I remember the day when he got his first salary. He just donated the entire money to ACT. I was totally speechless. He stood very shyly and said “Thank you for scolding me. Today I am always on time for work.�


19 19

KEY ACCOMPLISHMENTS 2014-15 • In keeping with ACT’s Child Protection Policy,Sex Education and Personal Safety classes were held for all the children over 5 workshop days. The youngest participant was 4 years old and the oldest, in college. The classes helped the children learn about their rights and the ways in which they could protect themselves from abuse of any kind. The classes were interactive and had lots of audiovisual aids. As a continuum of the policy, we have installed CCTVs both in the Resource Center and the Learning Center as part of our many efforts to safeguard the children of the Trust. • ACT has collaborated with the Hippocampus Learning Centers Pvt.Ltd to improve the basic Maths and English skills in our children who are first generation literates. This is in continuation with our Foundational Maths and English Programs. The Hippocampus Basic English and Basic Maths program is going full steam ahead five days a week, one hour a day, wherein the children read to improve their comprehension, vocabulary, conversational skills and ability to use the dictionary. In the second hour, they work out Maths problems around the four basic applications. Our efforts to build a sound foundation in basic Maths and fluency in Reading and comprehension of English were extended to the new batch of joinees to the Trust. Currently 80 children between Classes IV and IX undergo an hour of English and Maths 5 days a week. Nearly 35 volunteers take turns to conduct this program. • ACT has spent time, money and effort to improve the infrastructure and facilities at the Murphy Town Government Tamil School, which we have adopted. The toilets have been repaired finally. There are overhead water tanks along with flat bed water storage cement tubs for hot summer days. The toilets have doors. The walls and floors are neatly tiled. The walkway to the row of toilets have cement block marking the way. There is a separate water distribution unit so that children can wash the plates and this area also has the filtered drinking water facility so that all the children can drink safe potable water. ACT also maintains the flower and fruit garden in the school. • AYV final movie screening at the Chowdiah Memorial Hall. While ACT students created 5 entries one was unanimously voted by all the children of the Trust as this year’s final entry in the competition. The movie highlighted the need for self- defence training especially for girls. Two of our students were also interviewed by a Bangalore


daily since this year’s entry from ACT received a lot of excitement and applause at the Chowdiah Memorial Hall. Educators’ Workshop at AYV: In our third year of participation, 30 new children from Class VIII upwards have enrolled in American India Foundation’s “Create with Purpose” program. 2 senior girls have been chosen to be the Educators. The workshop taught them the finer elements of making movies: shooting, angles, editing and doing all this with a social focus. AYV Summer Camp: A Movie making workshop was conducted by Mentor Satyanarayana of America India Foundation. The 30 hours’ workshop inspired our high school and college going children to write scripts, learn camera techniques, act, edit and more… • Majja Run: ACT children along with Fossil our corporate Care Supporter participated in the TCS World 10k Run. • Presentation by ACT Students at CGI: In a unique fund raising event organized by CGI our senior children spoke about their lives, Dreams, and association with ACT to several groups of employees of CGI. • 124 volunteers from Synopsis spent 8 hours each,totalling almost 1000 volunteering hours. • Mentoring Program: 12 senior children are currently undergoing one-on-one Mentoring with executives and managers from PWC. The mentors provide a safe environment where the children can ask and answer questions, make presentations, attend mock interviews and participate in Group Discussions. • Singing students celebrating Christmas with Diti Akka & Sujata Aunty: The ACT choir consisting of 7 girls kept the guests of Taj Vivanta enthralled with their rendition of popular Yule tide carols. The guests tapped their feet in tune with our choristers and there was many an encore! • Ultimate Frisbee starts training our children: Volunteers from the NGO Ultimate Frisbee have started weekend classes to create a team that will be ready to participate seriously with other similar teams. The game encourages both boys and girls to play in the spirit of camaraderie where they iron out issues also as a team.








ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS INDIVIDUAL DONATIONS 2014-2015 NAME Abhijit Mukherjee Adarsh S L Advaith Rao Ajanta Deb Ajay Khatri Amitava Datta Anant Jeet Singh Anil Gupta Anil K Gopalan Anil Kamaraju Anish Joseph Anisha Sabharwal Anita Pujari Anitha Manjappaiah Ankita Rath Anusha Gowrisankar Arpita Datta Arundhati Mitter Ashish Puravankara Ashok Balaji R Ashutosh Gautam Ashutosh Vaidya Avinash Giridhar Avinash P Hegde, Axel Vogelsang B. Thiagarajan B.Anila Rani B.R. Prasanna Badari Prasad Balaji Ranganathan Bhargava Ganti Bhavna Samtani Bhuvan Sarwate Binesh Andhitharayil Somarajan Buddhadeb Datta C.R.Raghunandan Capt Rajan Ramkumar Chaitanya Yadav B V Chandrika Gururaj Charit Menon Chavakula Naga Venkata Vijaya Krishna Chiranth Subbaramu Darshan Parag Shah Deepa Raghavan Deepthi K Nair


Dhanya Sukumaran Dinesh Sethiya Ditipriya das Dr J Bhavani Ramesh Dr.Sudha Tinaikar G Raghupathy Ganapathy Nallasivan Ganesan Kittu Ganesh Babu K Gauri Jayant Saha Gautam Datta Geetha Subramanian Gopal Ananthanarayanan Iyer Gurudutt Kalambi Hema Hattangady Himadri Gupta I S N Prasad Indu Bhandia Jagan Mohan R Jalma Janakiraman Jaspreet Singh Virdee Jatin Patel Jhanaarthanan Gopalan Jigishkumar Jitendrakumar Thakkar Joju K Varghese Joseph Kurian Thengumpalli Karuna Sivasailam Kiran N Donni Krishna Prasad U V Krishnamurthy Krishnan Lakshmi Harish Lokesh Ganesh Murthy Lovepreet Singh Khera Mahendran Sathiyamoorthi Mahesh J Murthy ManishKumar Manmeet Singh Mark Silgardo Minal Prabhu Mythrreeyi Krishnamoorthy N SivaSailam N Vijai Kumar Nagaraja Rao Sulake Nagaraju Mangala Nagesh Pai

Nageswara Raju M Namita Gupta Namitha Krishnan Vimala Naveen Rajasekjaran Neena Joshi Neeta Kurian Niroopkumar Mohanakumar NK Jain Pradipta Banerjee Pramila Srinivas Pravash Swain Priyanka Raghunandan Purushotham Balaraman Radhika Arvindam Raghavendra Anipakala Raghavendra Navad Rajesh S Nair Rakesh Jain Rakesh Srivastava Ramanathan Meyyappan Ramesh Babu Bandi Ramprakash Shankara Ravi Adhikarla Ravikumar Mariappa Ravindra Mukund Athalye Ravindra Yerramilli Reshmi Ghosh Ritu Goyal Robert Dinakaran Job Sadanand Patil Sampathkumar Vemula Samsudeen Abdul Azeez Saravana Mohan Satish Reddy Sharada Shilpi Chhabra Shyam Keswari Shyam Sunder Shyamala Valluri Simon Pritish Sivadas E P Smitha Ashok Snehal Jain Sohaila Mallapur Somashekar Seetharamaiah

Sri SathishChandra R Trasi Sridhar Ramamurthy Sridhar Ranganathan Srinivasan Tr SubashChandraDatta Subhashini Krishnaswamy Sudhakar Sudhir Subbaraman Sundeep Yerapotina Sunil Nair Suresh Kotte Susan Thomas Swetaleena Baxla T.C.Meenakshi Sundaram Tapas Chatoopadhaya Tushar Shripad Narlawar Vandita Sharma Varsha Veerendra Patil Veeramare Gowda Venkatakrishnan GM Venkatesha K Ramaiyer Vibha Nahata Viswanathan Rajeswaran Vivek Krishnamoorthy Yalakanti Mahesh Kumar


ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS The following individuals provided in-kind donations to ACT, from sweets to school supplies, storybooks to cameras, and many other gifts!

Aditya Anil Gupta Ashmita Mukherjee Bhanumati Shivakumar Deepak Agrawal Dinesh Divya Girish and Tanu Batra Jessica K.Vijayaraghavan Kanchan Keswani Manasa Manisha K Meera Hegde Nandini Gupta


Nithya Pallavi Ramya Reinu Ojha Resham Sukhija Sahana Mukherjee Sahja Begum Sarja Shajiah Shivaramakrishnan Shyamala Velluri Subash Chandra Maitra Swasti Swetha Shetty Veena Raghunandan Vibha Nahata Vivek Krishnamurthy

CORPORATE ENGAGEMENT We are grateful to the following companies and organisations for all they have done in the form of financial support, in kind donations, and volunteer time.

Adobe Youth Voices America India Foundation AT&T Biocon Limited Blooming Sepanouir & Pecole Book Pixie CGI employees Charities Aid Foundation America Cisco Citrix CMR National Public School Community Services of Bangalore Dhampur Sugar Dyuthi Charitable Trust Fidelity Cares Fit I Am Fossil Global Giving

Hyatt IDG Ventures India Advisors Pvt Ltd Indian Tweels Co Ltd Kaybus India Pvt Ltd Liverpool Football club Mallya Aditi Int. School Menda Foundation NLSIU Powers of 10 Price Water House Coopers India Foundation Satchidananda group Synopsis The Tooth Fairy Thomson Reuters Ugly Indian Ultimate Frisbee Unmaad IIMB Verizon Vivanta By Taj MG Road Vivanta By Taj Whitefield 29

ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS Volunteers ACT is a completely volunteer run organisation. Our volunteers teach dance, singing, karate, crafts and academics. They assist in our outings and events, and coordinate our Annual Day celebrations. We simply could not do what we do without our volunteers. This year, 108 volunteers gave innumerable hours to ACT. We are very grateful to everyone who have taken time to help our children! We are happy to welcome the below new volunteers who joined us last year, as well as all of the U&I volunteers!

Abhishek Vijay Kumar

Kamala N

Nisha Thadani

Sandhya Kunjur


Kanishka Khaitan

Nitya Chidambaram

Sanjiti Sharma

Aditya Patruni


Niveditha Sanjai

Shahshwati Da Lunha

Akansha Gupta

Kathakali Mukherjee

Niveditha Rai

Sherene Rao

Akshay Paranjape

Kaushy Lal

Noorulain Saleem

Shrikar Amirisetty

Amith Govind

Khushboo Gupta

Nupur Bhade

Shruthi Chander

Anita Shanker

Kritika Gupta

Pallavi Ayosla Balivada

Siddharth Mundle

Anagha Kulkarni

Kirthana N

Pallavi N Shetty

Smrithi Punnose

Anuradha Govind

Kiruthika Pandarinathan

Paramajyoth SJ

Sonali Anand Agarwal

Ashish Jugran

Kuber V

Pranjali Deshpande

Subhadra Unny

Ashwani Singh

Latika Menon

Prateek Sadhukhan

Suranjita Haldar

Avinash S

Madhumati Manjunath

Prem Raj

Sunaina Jaji

Betsy Dye

Madhumita Chanda

Priya Singh


Biju Menon


Susanna Thomas

Dhara Bhatt

Marianne Mulamottil Varghese

Radha Siddhanti

Tara Ramkumar

Divya Krishna

Marina Joseph

Rae Zachariah

Theja Kaibulira

Dr.Kamini Jain

Mehta Divesh Bharat

Ragini Menon

Umika Paul

Francis Pinto

Merlyn Paulose

Rahul Murali Krishnan


Guneet Singh Selhi

Monisha K.S

Rashika Kaul

Vandana N D

Habib Khan

Mrs.Sami Austin

Rasika Priya Narayanan

Vanitha Mary

Jagadeesh Uppalappa


Ravi Jaikumar

Varuna Jeetender

Jaiprakash S

Neelprabha Barla

Rishika Gundi

Veena Menon

Jatin Patel

Nidhi Bhargav

Rohil Verma

Vibha Nahata

Jayashree Ravindranath

Niharika Arora

Roshni Mandal

Zahra Fathima


Change a life today! Donate your time - one hour makes a difference! Make a contribution - Rs. 14,000/- supports one child for a year Cheques to be drawn in favour of Ashwini Charitable Trust. Donations to ACT are exempt under Section 80-G

Description School Fees

Amount 5,500





Birthday Cake


Socks Snacks @10 for 360 days Stationery Special Meals @95 twice a month


30   3,600   250   2,280

Donations: Volunteers:



Protein Mix @50 per month


International Donors:



Global Giving:



CAF America:


ACT - NOW CORPORATE CSR - DAY LONG TEAM EVENTS • Teaching a craft • Teaching / sharing their relevant skill set (tech, accounting, etc.) • Field trip chaperone/assistants • Employability skills workshops - resume writing, interview prep, computer training • Soft skills training - team building, group discussions • School upkeep - painting school classrooms, setting up computer labs & science lab, gardening • Host medical camps • Sponsor school supplies • Teacher training for teachers at government schools • Host students for a campus visit • Gardening

INDIVIDUALS (WEEKLY) Children’s activities

• Mentoring

• Academic classes

• Crafts

• Music

Admin activities

• Computers

• Office administration work

• Dance

• Fund raising

• Art

• Technology support

• Photography

• Social media communications

• Sports

• Maintenance of computers, tech equipment

• Reading

• Librarian

• Counselling

• General communications



• Birthdays

• Christmas

• Annual Day

• Kite flying

• Diwali

• Field trip chaperone/ assistant


This year, the organization has achieved a 18% increase in donations over the previous year, and recorded the highest level of donations to date. ACT continues to maintain and grow a large active network of individual donors. Individual donors account for 41% of total funds received. In FY 2015, Rs. 28.3 lakh was donated by 546 individuals. Donations of Rs. 5000/- or less were received from 408 individuals.

INDIVIDUAL DONOR CONTRIBUTIONS <Rs 1000 - 248 donors > 50000 - 9 donors



Rs 1,001 - 5,000 - 160 donors


Rs 5,001 - 10,000 - 86 donors


Rs 20,001 - 50,000 - 12 donors


Rs 10,001 - 20,000 - 31 donors

14% 33





The increase in donations has allowed ACT to increase both admissions and programming in FY 2015. Child Development activities funding increased compared to the past year. This meant both accepting additional children and increased the expenditure towards children development by 7.65% per child compared to last year.




43% 11%

16% 8%

Total FCRA Donation - Rs. 14,52,677









ACT is a volunteer run organisation. Thank you to our many volunteers who make our work at ACT possible!


Ashwini Charitable Trust 44

No. 3, St. John's Road Cross Near Ulsoor Lake, Bangalore - 560 042 Tel: +91 80 40924050, Mob: +91+9243198157

Ashwini Charitable Trust - Annual Report - 2014 -15  
Ashwini Charitable Trust - Annual Report - 2014 -15