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Portfolio 2017 Ashwini Bapat Industrial design student

ART MEETS DESIGN Hello, I’m an industrial design student with a conscious of an artist. Both art and design helps me possess a creative approach towards problem-solving. This document is a collective sum up of my work as an empathetic designer.





Food waste prevention (Team project)

Modular office furniture (Team project)





Modular luggage (Personal project)

05 Miscellaneous Master class, Personal project.

Assistance for blind (Personal project)

01 Nativelement Food waste prevention

Create a product, accessory or consumable that helps global corporations/consumers produce less food waste during a year. Team project / 4 months

Root cause of wastage In most developed countries, around 51% of the food is wasted from the buying stage to the fridge.


Fridge Fork Shop cart


Understanding varied food habits Most of the food produced and wasted happens at home, and it is heavily dependent on our habits and how we perceive waste.

Concept 1


Concept 3

Ideas based on insights Our creativity was based on insight statements that could helps users be more sensitive towards wastage, inspire them to grow their own food, be aware of how much they buy, teach efficient techniques to store better etc.


A product secured with an eco-system. We came up with a range of products that worked in complete harmony. With functions like natural preservation of food and efficient composting techniques.


Experimenting with food We experimented the lasting of the fruits and vegetables with different techniques and scientific facts to filter ideas.


How each product functions

Ethylene/Non ethylene produce Some fruits produce natural ethylene gas which helps ripen fruits faster, helping ripen an unripe apple.

Root vegetable storage

Onion/potato storage

Root vegetables are stored vertical in sand to preserve them for longer time.

Keeping onions and potato in dark storage reduces the risk of decay

Water bath Storing vegetables in a hydrated clay container reduces wrinkling on vegetables.

Herb pot

Bokashi composter

The fertilised compost from the bokashi can be added to the herb pots.

Unavoidable kitchen waste is collected in a bokashi composter

Bread storage Bread ends are covered to retain its moisture and let them last longer.

Eco system in the environment

Importance towards validation To again better understanding of the concepts we spend time exploring different forms referencing the standard kitchen dimensions and average fruits and vegetable sizes.

Reaching out to the users The eco system couldn’t have been complete without ways of reaching to the users. By assisting them to buy the products and a forum for a food app.

02 Cohere

A modular office range furniture To design a modular office furniture to be customized according to company’s visual identity, (B2B) project. Team project /Co -leader/4 months

Understanding the office space Our analysis started with understanding the global office environments and knowing different values each space held.

Process driven insights Soon we started approaching different offices which had different environments to find insights. No place to sit

Messy storage

Monotonous environment

Difficulty finding things

Interruption while working Unorganised documents

No space for personal things

No personal space

Difficulty to move belongings

Need of privacy

Concept stories Based on our problems we generated unique stories to solve the problems.

Interactive furniture

Spacious tables

Multi- functional


Bonding sp

Quick conference rooms

Privacy in your space

Privacy zones


A complete range We came up with a range of products that can be highly customizable based on the space size and the personality of the company. Privacy table



Cohesive Board


Collaborative storage


Essentials holder

Privacy board

Bringing ideas to life

Giving identity to the products

To gain more feasibility over the concepts we made a 1:1 scale mock-up and gained review from real users.

The complete range follows the same design language. So we called it ‘cohere’, which is to get together and function.



# 7ccecb





#37bbac Universal

# 2360a2 Co-creative



Identity to your workspace

03 Layer

Modular luggage system for business travel Redesign a compact cabin luggage to personalize the travelling experience. Personal project / 2 months

Story of the young professional Understanding the users lifestyle by mind mapping and tracking the routine of the user helped in knowing his problems and choices on a micro level.

Packing all ideas Ideation was directed towards making small compact solutions towards the existing luggage.

Developing the concept After selecting the concept, my mentor pushed me to start early development.

About layer Layer is a new way of packing luggage. Where the luggage gets detached and function individually. Making it compact to store and efficient to personalize.

Laptop brief (Regular size)

Closed case (While storage)

Working in modes As it functions individually, there are 2 distinct modes to the luggage. First is the laptop case, which the user uses for work purposes. And second being the personal mode which holds the users personal travel belongings.

Suite case

(Filled, cabin luggage)

Compact to it’s core The band adds up to the structure by extending the volume of the bag. The nylon band is both flexible in size and in colour, making it customizable to the user.

InspirationTwo way zippers

Front bumpers 2 ended Zipper locks

Luggage factory, Mumbai

Poly carbon based front shells

360 rotator wheels (Regular size)

Materials are the key. Taking the reference from the field study made it easier to understand what goes in the manufacturing and the feasibility of the product.

Ballistic synthetic Nylon band

‘‘What if my working brief and my suitcase could have different personalities!’’ This will help users prioritize their luggage according to their needs. By modifying there luggage to formal for work and casual for personal belongings.

Tailor your travel Layer gives freedom to the users to customise their belongings both functionally and aesthetically.

04 Nain

Assistance for visually impaired/ Blind people Designing measuring tools for visually impaired and blind. Personal project / 1.5 months

The challenge

285 million people are visually impaired in this world, and 12 million alone are just children.

With difficulties in the new environment, school and learning becomes the first mode of exposure the child faces.

Find the opportunity Subjects other than maths/geometry are comparatively easy to learn through braille. But geometry is difficult to visualize. Its hard to draw figures leading to difficulty in understanding mathematical concepts.

Braille slate and stylus

Nemeth code

Knowing about their Future Experiencing the pain points

4 way approach I classified my research towards the users in 4 different approaches, and it redefined my brief again and got a clearer understanding of the problem.

Listening to the users past experiences

Knowing about the users


Understand Measurements

Clueless to set measurements



Challenge to align

Hard to locate the centre


Gaining feedback

Resuming back is tough

Impossible to understand feedback

Unable to read the units

Difficult to mark angles Flat measurements hard to count

Process of three actions Performing different task with the geometric tools gave me potential insights to start my creativity. I divided the activities in 3 major parts to simplify the process.

Am I erasing the right thing?

Fear of injury Getting misguided

No interaction between tools

Story of the creative box! To push ideas I made a creative box and started filling it with multiple wasted objects which had interesting functions. This process helped me ideate better and gain multiple concepts.

When mock-up, back’s up! Rapid idea generation and quick mock-ups to get validation helped me explore quick mechanisms easily.


Straight lines 2


Dr a w i n g a n g l e s



Constructing circles


03 2

2 3



3 4







3 distinct activities, unlimited possibilities The aim of doing these concepts were to explore on physical mock-ups. I divided these actions in 3 areas to generate concepts. * Each concept tried blind folded.

Users feedback

‘‘The current product could have more width, which can make it easier to read braille code. Make sure the product has a simple form and guides you by your intution.’’

Ru30 & Ci12 Ru30, Ci12 and the board are the tools to use, while a visually impaired person wishes to draw and understand geometric shapes. It is build on the nemeth code of braille to translate numbers.


Ru 30 = ruler of 30 cms

Sound feedback, Align it right

The ruler has maximum tactile measurement, with a spread from 1 to 30 cms. Helping him learn how far he has to draw the line.

Sound feedback, Measure it right

Tactile feedback, Feel it.

The guide and the imprint The slider moves throughout the rail making it easier to align and draw straight lines. The ruler has a stylus attached to it. As he puts pressure and pulls the slider, the stylus imprints on the APH braille paper.

Ci12 =

Ci 12 Circle of 12 cms

Ci 12 is a compass that is provided with a 12 cm diameter to draw maximum 24 cm to draw circles.

1. a stylus space build in the compass with

magnet lock to it, avoiding loosing the stylus and to hub it.

2. Ci 12 is a one step approach.

He pulls the stylus out and pins it on the number he wishes to draw at.


A complete circle As he has the freedom to change his measurements it now becomes easy to draw desired circles with accurate radius.

Braille paper and the board APH braille paper, reflects back if one imprints on it. Giving the user instant tactile feedback to his work. The board is magnetic to the red chips, which helps is keep the paper still which working.

Creating new possibilities This project stands close to who I want to be as a designer. The process of ‘Why not this brief� to finishing this project had a lot of steps. Most which taught me perseverance. And my next step to this project is prototyping and refining it towards manufacturing.

05 Miscellaneous Other projects

Sum up of projects done during master class and a live project of brand identity.

01UI/UX //


The brief given to us was to improve the bond between child and parent through child’s curiosity.

Honourable mention

Dyslexic children find it difficult to cope up with their studies making them lack behind in the class and resulting in to lower confidence level.


Game mode





Know your performance

UI screen and logo Designing intuitive games for dyslexic kids to enhance their interest in learning.

Sharing forum

lth a e h l a t n ck of Me


02 Service design//




T E A M How might we create a service/product that will promote a healthier lifestyle for young adults.

Investor choice

Lack of physical health

Colour palette & typeface


This logo is inspired from blending two personalities together. And the rim around is the experience they create together.

ay. Zeeshan. Anish. Pranava. Preemy. Sana. Tanishia. Vaibhavi


Service + Product solutions A service to allow couples to bond over new experiences in healthy cooking where the planning, buying, preparing and cooking are all done with each other.



03 Brand identity// live project About the company Fense is a service and solutions providing company in the growing area of Energy sectors, supplying sustainable ecosystem and solutions in areas of Engineering, Design and Finance for their consumers.

To redesign a Brand identity that translates their company philosophy in a new way and to solve their problem of sub branding.

Morphing forms Creating symbols for the logo keeping in mind the philosophy of the company.

Redefined philosophy The symbol is a maze like structure, which represents a never ending cycle of nature and portraits the sustainable approach of the company.

Respecting the guidelines I created guidelines for usage of the logo, to use it across mediums and maintain its continuity.

Education DSK International Campus, ISD Rubika, India. 2013- Current

Master class Kipsta

Find a quick and easy way to put on and take off shoes.


Ruia College Mumbai, India


I.E.S Modern English School Mumbai, India

Ashwini M. Bapat

Pedro Gomes Design

Create a ritual by blending the essence of two distinct brands.



Industrial Designer ISD Rubika, Pune, India.

Asia Mojo

Academic projects

Pursuing the knowledge of psychology and design, harmonizing with the users need and creating a positive impact is what defines design for me.


Electrolux Electrolux, USA

I’m looking for opportunities for a 4-6 months Internship.

Design an app to help foreign tourists use the Indian railways.


Food waste preservation. 2015


Kipsta, France

Improve the experience of adults learning how to swim.

Studiometis and Raft

Designing better team sports.

Improve the bond between parents and kids through the child’s curiosity.

2016 2017

Interest Product design Story telling System design Brand Identity design

Languages English Marathi Hindi French

Home Centre, Dubai 2017

x T E A M



Home Centre, Dubai 2017

Contact: T: +91 8879825817 E:

Designing a modular office range furniture.


Designing smart storage solutions around the house.

Experience Vivek amberkar design studio Industrial Design Intern Duration- 6 months

Skills Digital Photoshop Illustrator InDesign

Rhino Solid Works Keyshot


Create a service/product that promote a healthier lifestyle for young adults.


Design a service for autonomous cars. 2017

Finalist for INTERNATIONAL DESIGN EXCELLENCE AWARD 2016. (Food Waste Prevention project)

Analog Sketching Marker Rendering Validation Mock-ups Ethnography Foam Modelling

Thank you for your time!

Contact: T: +91 8879825817 E:

Ashwini Bapat _Portfolio 2017-18  

Hello everyone, this document is a collective sum up of my work as a product design student over the last 5 years. Please feel free to shar...

Ashwini Bapat _Portfolio 2017-18  

Hello everyone, this document is a collective sum up of my work as a product design student over the last 5 years. Please feel free to shar...