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Digital Design

Ashwin Gunawardana — 910228 Han Li — Studio 16 Semester 1, 2018

Module 1


According to Zeara-Polo, the diagram does not play a representational role in the design process but provides an organisational and can have a performative quality depending on how it is deployed. Explain how Diagram is different from Signs and Symbols? A Sign or Symbol express qualities, functions or properties through an object, where its form does not relate to its expression. The form of a trophy for instance does not relate to its function, its meaning has been imposed onto it. A diagram is an idea or concept that is represented by an object. Therefore for it to be understood its form must relate to its properties unlike a sign or symbol.

Zeara Polo, A. 2010. Between Ideas and Matters.


Herzberger discuss how design should not be extreme in its functionality. Use your precedent study to explain how the pavilion allows for an appropriation of use.

Herzbergre states that if a object is designed with a specific function it will fail to accommodate any other use, the object will be “rigid and inflexible”. This does not allow people to interpret the function of an object to fit their needs. Peter Zumthor’s Serpentine Pavilion is a simple courtyard. The courtyard is separated from the outside with a narrow dark hallway. This simplicity allows people to interpret and use the pavilion as they wish.

Hertzberger H. 2005. The in-between and The Habitable Space Between Things, from Lessons for Students in Architecture.

Precedent Analysis

Serpentine Gallery Pavilion 2011 by Peter Zumthor

Modeling Process

The dimension of the pavilion were measured on a 1:50 @ A4 print of the section.

Modeling Process

Once dimensioned, the basic structure could be modeled in Rhino.

This was then arrayed to the required length and cut at a 45 degree angle at the ends.

Modeling Process

The four side then were put together to create the final structure of the pavilion.

This would then allow the skin of the pavilion to be modeled easily.


Peter Zumthor Serpentine Pavilion 2011 Zumthor’s pavilion can be seen as a garden in a garden. Its courtyard is isolated from the outside as the threshold is a dark hallway. The doorways are staggered meaning one has to navigate thorough the hall to enter the courtyard. There are also fewer doorways into the courtyard than outside therefore making it more difficult to enter. The hallway is also narrow, only allowing a few people to pass through at once. Once inside the people feel separate from the outside garden but not closed in. This is because of the sloped roofs which frame the sky.


Circulation Diagram

Threshold Diagram

The ground plane showing the areas where the circulation

The threshold of the pavilion is the hallway shown in the center. The

happens. The lighter the area, the more traffic it will see. In the

lighter areas shown at the bottom are where most movement will

center is all the circulation routes in the pavilion.



DD Module 1 Journal (Diagramming Design Precedent)  
DD Module 1 Journal (Diagramming Design Precedent)