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We are Equinox Solutions - an ISO 9001:2000 certified company providing a wide range of laboratory testing, hygiene management, consulting and related services. At the core of our customer offering is our state-of-the-art testing labs fully equipped to service a wide range of testing needs. Our range of services include:

Laboratory & Testing Services

Audit & Inspection Services

Specialty Services (F&B Industry)

Consultancy & Training Services

Air Quality Monitoring We monitor the Indoor Air Quality (IAQ). IAQ can play a very important role in influencing the health and hygiene within your premises. Bad IAQ can lead to Sick Building Syndrome.

Hygiene Audits Our Hygiene Audit package covers IAQ, Water Quality, Food Quality and Personnel Hygiene. These audits will help you ascertain the health and hygiene practices followed in your organisation. Our audit identifies gaps and helps you improve good hygiene practices to an acceptable level. Secret Compliance Inspection Our auditors survey your location to watch out for deviations in the stipulated health and hygiene practices. This is a very good post audit tool to ascertain compliance by staff especially when the duty managers are not present.

Nutritional Labeling The Government of India has now made it compulsory that all packaged food must carry nutritional labeling. We help manufacturers determine the nutritional composition of their products for legal and regulatory compliance. Sensory Evaluation Our Sensory Evaluation service helps you to compare 2 or more products on more than 20 parameters analysed by a team of trained food technologists. This is very helpful as a pre-launch guide for product improvement and for assessing potential success of new F&B products. Shelf Life Studies We help F&B manufacturers determine the shelf life of their products. This is an essential step to help them determine for how long their products would last on the shelf (expiry date) in their final packaging.

GMP Training Our GMP Training is again developed for the F&B sector and covers Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) in the sector. Basic Hygiene Training This program is developed especially for the food handling sector such as caterers, F&B manufacturers and corporates.

Water Quality Monitoring We monitor the water quality within your premises. 80% of all diseases and infections are water borne. Good water quality can help improve the efficiency of people, by reducing their absenteeism. Food Supply Quality Monitoring We monitor the food supplied to your location from the outside caterer by checking the food as well as beverages for presence of microbial contaminants that can lead to food poisoning. Food poisoning cases can affect your work processes as well as your brand image. Noise Level Testing We can help you monitor the noise levels in specific areas where sound levels are critical. Industrial Testing We can help you to analyze effluents, metals, oils, and other industrial outputs.

Personnel Hygiene Monitoring We monitor the hygiene of the personnel who handle and serve food. Most cases of food contamination occur due to bad hygiene practices. Sanitization Services We ensure that all the touch points in your facility are sterilized to curb the spread of communicable (infectious) diseases.

Equinox Solutions: 121, Unique, Off Veer Savarkar Marg, Prabhadevi, Mumbai - 400025, India. Telephone : +91-22-24222049 Email: Web:

Who We Serve Corporates/ MNCs / BPOs Pharma Manufacturing Hospitality (Hotels, Restaurants, Cafeterias) Construction Industrial Residential & Public Facilities (Homes, Housing Societies, Malls, Theatres)

The Equinox Difference

Certified Reference Standards We Follow

We Go Beyond Reporting Equinox Solutions not only gives you an analysis report, but also helps you understand the implications of the report and solve any problems that exist.

You Deal With the Specialists Equinox Solutions has highly qualified teams that include an in-house doctor, microbiologists, chemists and area specialists. We are ISO 9001: 2000 certified.

Your Information Stays Confidential We keep soft copies of all your reports on our central server allowing you anytime, anyplace access to these reports via your customer care representative. Further all reports are treated with the highest confidentiality standards.

Comprehensive Service with a Smile Equinox Solutions offers a pan-India service and can cater to all your testing needs – water, air, hygiene and industrial testing. More importantly, you get assigned a Customer Care Representative, who will cater to all your needs. As a matter of policy, Equinox Solutions is committed to meeting a “within 7 days” turnaround for all standard reports.

At Equinox Solutions we have diligently focused on the one aspect most labs miss: “YOU”. Whether it is dedicated customer care reps, confidentiality of information or specialist advice on the implications of the report and course of action, Equinox Solutions strives to keep “YOU” at the centre of the universe.

Why Corporates Should do Water, Food & Air Testing

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Ensure safety & health of your most valuable asset – Your human resources. Promotes a good brand image for your organization among employees. Decrease absenteeism at work due to better overall health.

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Increase productivity & efficiency of your human resources. Protect yourself from possible lawsuits arising from poor water, food and environment. Show your employees that you care about their safety & well being.

Equinox Solutions: 121, Unique, Off Veer Savarkar Marg, Prabhadevi, Mumbai - 400025, India. Telephone : +91-22-24222049 Email: Web:

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Decrease medical expenditure for employees. Scientifically monitor the quality of food supplied by vendors. Profit from an overall better hygiene and health culture.


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