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Friday, November 1, 2013


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Editorial: Procrastinitis kills Kudos and Cuts A few suggestions to fix your nasty habit Kudos to: ...Leadership teacher Ms. Schmidt for dyeing her hair pink and raising over $100 for cancer research. You’re a rock star! ... Throwback music rocking through the speackers on the radio. Nicely done, Mrs. Hutchinson and staff! ... Starbucks for the Pumpkin Spice coffee. Thanks for giving us one more reason to spend our money with you. ... Football players for being undefeated. That’s right, West. We domi-Nate with Neveau and crew. ... The blood drive coming up Nov. 8th. Hopefully you have some left after Dracula takes his share. ... The beef sticks sold, so yummy in my tummy. Did you try the Ghost Fire? Probably not, if you’re still alive. ... IOS7. And 7.0.2. And now 7.0.3. Ok, stop please. ... Christmas is right around the corner. Can you smell it? I know I can already feel it. See below. ...The A.M.P. program. North needs and appreciates your dedication to the futures of our students. Cuts to: ...Temperatures below 50 degrees already. I love boots with fur, but this is too early. ... Diet sodas in the schools. Seriously, give me my sugar. ... To open hours being so hard to get now. Seniors deserve to be able to leave. They paid their dues. ... Snow already falling this early. Did you catch it? Yep, for only a few moments the white stuff fell from the sky. ... The Fox Song. No one cares what the fox says. ... No shave November. Girls do not think that it is cute. At all. ...People who wear yoga pants and pink headbands in hotels. Seriously, dude, show some self respect. ....Loud trucks. Do you really need to announce your presence like that? Seriously, get your big boy pants on and be happy.

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Procrastinitis afflicts all of us. We all have the urge to push off assignments and responsibilities until the absolute last minute. However, as I have learned, it is not something which in any way shape or form benefits us. Most of the time people do not turn things in on time simply because they do not “feel like it.” First of all, you can’t “feel” like something else, and second, we all know it’s just a slightly better way of saying that I (or you) am (are) lazy! Besides, you probably experience a high level of stress from your ways (or at least remorse, hopefully), and you cause other who rely on you exponentially higher levels of stress. The first step to recovery is to accept the fact that you are capable of overcoming your laziness, and are able to get up put pen to paper, hand to keyboard, or mind to task. When one has a due date, one of my favorite ways to stay on task, and on deadline, is to take said deadline, and move it up. It might sound really stupid, but it does work. When I have science project or another assignment due in, say, ten days, I try to convince myself that the deadline is actually in eight days. When I’m on day seven, I pull a half-nighter, get it done, and then have two extra days to polish the material. Now that may not be for everyone; another way to try to improve your future procrastination-less life, is to simply try and organize your life. Now, from my experience, disorganization and procrastination go hand in hand. Most responsible, tidy, and organized people get their stuff done on time. If you suffer from procrastinitis, follow a few of these tips to better your lifestyle.

First, get a planner. Even though they seem really dumb, or you are too macho to actually be writing your stuff down, it helps because chances are you will forget something. Second, try and put all your long term projects on a calendar. Now, don’t just put the due date for something. Try and split your project into different parts, like the visual aid section, or paragraph one. Now take those “sub-projects” and find a good start and end date for those projects. I usually write something like, “begin research today”, “have three sources by tomorrow”, or “have outline done tonight.” Little reminders on my calendar help me pace myself, so I don’t come to the deadline and start freaking out, something which I am sure all of you have done at one point or another. Wasting your time also will not help after high school. In college, you will find that you have to be responsible, and that teachers or professors are not that lenient. In high school you can turn it late for half credit, but in college your professor will probably just stick it in the recycle bin. The sad reality is that you are simply one less assignment to grade to them. They do not care. If you keep getting behind, you will find that your work starts to pile up until it reaches an impossible workload. In work, your boss is not going to take “I don’t feel like it” too well. He or she will just show you the door. All of these problems could have been fixed, if you had taken the initiative, and worked on them before hand, to ensure quality work. Remember Spartans, do your work on time, and you (and all the world that you affect) will be less “freaked out” in the end.

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“Carving Pumpkins.”

“ My Favorite thing to do in fall is Little Farmer and carving pumpkins.” Sophomore Jessica Kortbein

Photo Poll: Favorite Thing to Do During Fall?

Freshman Ben Rivers

“Carving Pumpkins.”

“Going through unmarked cemetery.”

Junior Mercedes Schultz

Senior Cal Olson

“Driving around and looking at the leaves changing, also Little Farmer.” Door Montor Ms. Alvarez

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