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laine Dromey’s anger in the most recent edition of Irish Wildlife appears to blind her to some very important elements in the debate around climate change. What has annoyed her most is my attendance at an Oireachtas debate that discussed climate change. As a representative WNNIZUMZ[1ÅVLQ\I[\WVQ[PQVO\PI\UaXZM[MVKM would be objected to in this manner. It is precisely because we have a concern about future food security that the IFA engages in this debate. It is unfortunate that she has taken up a position that ignores our sustainable model of food production. It is equally regrettable that she refuses to acknowledge the efforts our organisation has made through our Smart Farming initiative to mitigate the impact of farming on the environment.

AGRICULTURE WILL PLAY ITS PART IN CONTRIBUTING TO FURTHER REDUCTIONS IN GREENHOUSE GAS EMISSIONS. Sustainability Ireland is a world leader in sustainable production, measuring and reducing greenhouse gas emissions throughout the supply chain, whether inside the farm gate or at processor level. No other country can look at its agri-food sector and refer to initiatives such as Origin Green, the quality beef assurance scheme, Smart Farming or the sustainable dairy assurance scheme and say ‘We are environmentally sustainable at what we XZWL]KMIVLQ\Q[QVLMXMVLMV\Ta^MZQÅML¼<PM[M initiatives are valuable for maintaining existing markets and securing new ones. However, sustainability must also deliver an increased economic return to the farmer. Agriculture will play its part in contributing to further reductions in greenhouse gas emissions. <PMKIZJWV[MY]M[\ZI\QWVXW\MV\QITWNIOZQK]T\]ZIT soils, forestry and bioenergy needs to be Irish Wildlife Summer ‘15


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