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Dublin office reception area

Airbnb’s proposed new office building, The Warehouse, in the Silicon Docks area of Dublin

The Collaborative Consumers

Airbnb is the poster child of the sharing economy, but it’s a model for business that’s set to grow and continue. Here are some other examples of businesses embracing the movement to share.


HOUSE MY DOG is Ireland’s on-demand car-sharing company that allows drivers to rent a car by the hour, offering a real alternative to car ownership. Irish Rail and GoCar recently partnered to locate vehicles at 14 stations in Ireland.

House My Dog has been dubbed the Airbnb for dogs: It’s a happier and cheaper alternative to kennels that matches dog minders with dog owners while they are away on holidays.


Streetbank allows neighbours to give away things they no longer need and share their assets and skills with each other. Its aim is to help people enjoy their things and their neighbours more.

As of February 2015 the Coca-Cola Zero dublinbikes have almost 52,000 long-term subscribers who have taken almost 9.5m journeys since its launch. 95 per cent of all journeys made are free.


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gives them the chance to have a bit of a real life, particularly if they’re staying over a weekend, and enjoy the area through the host. “We also signed a deal with Concur, the business travel expense company, so that Airbnb can go through the standard expense system like any other accommodation a business traveller would use. Right now it’s focused on the US market but it’s something we want to extend globally.” There’s a vibrancy in the Airbnb office that’s palpable. Maybe it’s the quirky, relaxed space – the reception is modelled on an Irish pub – typical of the tech sector. Airbnb encourages its employees to use the platform and benefit from the experience they espouse with a $500 Airbnb coupon to use each

quarter – maybe the coupons have just been replenished. Or perhaps it’s because the people who work here are as enthusiastic as Hassell about what they do. “The culture at Airbnb is phenomenal. I’ve worked for a number of companies and it’s very different. We’re founder led and the founders are very passionate about CX and the experience we give our guests, our hosts and our community. They’re also very passionate about employee experience and we spend a lot of time on the culture of the company and hiring for fit.” Airbnb has employed 300 people in Dublin in less than two years, making it one of the fastest growing companies in the country. It has just announced 200 new jobs for Dublin across all functions including customer experience, human resources, finance, trust & safety and IT. Career opportunities at Airbnb are posted online at jobs/locations/dublin-ireland. “Our growth is testament to the success of Ireland to date. The founders selected Ireland because they felt that Dublin and Ireland was synonymous with hospitality and they felt it was a home where we could get really great talent and grow,” says Hassell. To find unique properties, become a host or just to join in the conversation, visit InBUSINESS | Q1 2015

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