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Nextgeneration technology enabled by Windows 10.

Microsoft is said to have made a huge leap in the virtual reality headgear market with the unveiling of the Hololens. It’s a new wireless holographic headset that will overlap holograms into a user’s vision, enabling them to run the new Windows 10 independent of a smartphone or computer. Users can create their own holograms within the company’s HoloStudio and 3D print the finished result. Alex Kipman, who was one of the key developers behind the Xbox’s Kinect sensor, said the HoloLens was the “first fully untethered holographic computer”. The headset is expected to go on sale within the coming months. microsoft-hololens

NEW WATCH UP SAMSUNG’S SLEEVE With the arrival of Apple Watch, Samsung will need to keep on its toes in the smart wearable space. After releasing a number of smart watches in quick succession, Samsung admitted: “It’s time for us to pause. We want a more perfect product.” According to, their next watch may come with a round face and a rotating bezel ring that will be used as a navigation tool. So watch this space.

InBUSINESS | Q1 2015

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Digital Digest With the help of one of its subsidiaries, Johnson & Johnson is to partner with search giant Google to develop surgical robots that will assist surgeons in the operation theatre.

The High Court has ordered UPC to take actions against illegal downloaders in a two-stage notification system rather than the three-strikes system used by eircom.

The founder and CEO of Chinese tech firm Leshi TV, Jia Yueting, has likened Apple to Adolf Hitler in a poster teasing the launch of the company’s new smartphone.

New research by IDC Connect has found that 34 per cent of Irish enterprises have adopted hybrid IT strategies, significantly behind the European average of 45 per cent.


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InBUSINESS Q1 2015