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Brexit  DHL Express Ireland

FINDING THE SILVER LINING DHL OFFERS ITS CUSTOMERS THE OPPORTUNITY TO FIND THE SILVER LINING WITHIN BREXIT, AS BRIAN MURRAY, COMMERCIAL DIRECTOR FOR DHL EXPRESS IRELAND, EXPLAINS. With the spectre of Brexit looming, small businesses are under pressure to try and Brexit-proof their companies, while maintaining their focus on the daily business challenges. The uncertainty that remains in terms of what Brexit will look like also adds a difficult dimension to preparing. However, regardless of the outcome, there are certain steps that companies can take now, and DHL can help. While completely Brexit-proofing a small business with a heavy UK focus is almost impossible, DHL customers have been taking practical steps to prepare. We have helped a large number of customers understand the impact of customs changes such as understanding incoterms, creating export invoices, product classification or applying for an EORI number. Some of these businesses have never had to consider customs

processes before but arming themselves with the knowledge could make any potential transition a lot smoother. An important starting point for any business is to examine its current situation. Therefore, we have been strongly advising our customers to use Enterprise Ireland’s ‘Brexit scorecard’ to assess their business's readiness for Brexit. Enterprise Ireland has been providing excellent practical support with its ‘Prepare for Brexit’ website and should be the first port of call for any business. In terms of providing additional practical support, for the past number of years DHL has partnered with the Irish Exporters Association (IEA), which has enabled us to take part in numerous events that provide support for small Irish exporters preparing for Brexit. This partnership has enabled us to work closely with other industry leaders, like

Brian Murray, Commercial Director, DHL Express Ireland

AIB and Euler Hermes, to support Irish businesses. By pooling our expertise we can better provide practical Brexit advice and supports to businesses of all sizes. As part of the IEA events, DHL provides practical Brexit-related advice in addition to support for companies looking to diversify into new markets. These events support DHL’s strategy of encouraging our customers to see the Brexit silver lining and to begin looking at diversifying into new international markets. As a facilitator of global trade and the most international company in the world, present in over 220 countries, DHL is in a unique position to support Irish businesses that are thinking of expanding. The data regarding how Irish businesses have fared since the Brexit vote has been highly encouraging, with a large number of Irish customers using Brexit as a springboard to diversify. It’s no surprise that e-commerce businesses have been very successfully leveraging the opportunity to diversify into new markets. Outside e-commerce, many businesses have seized the opportunity to put dedicated resources into targeting parts of the EU market that are currently supplied from the UK. The silver lining of the Brexit cloud is that Irish businesses have been pushed to diversify into new markets to reduce their risk and take advantage of new growth opportunities. They have shown their resilience and innovation during this time and, as a result, in time, Brexit could have a significantly positive impact on the Irish export industry. Importantly, DHL has been able to reassure our customers that no matter what outcome Brexit brings, our resources and infrastructure will be prepared to maintain the high level of service that they have come to expect from DHL Express.


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Better Business Q3 2018  

Official magazine of Small Firms Association

Better Business Q3 2018  

Official magazine of Small Firms Association