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CURRRICULUM VITAE Graduating from Kamla Raheja Vidyanidhi Institute for Architecture, Mumbai

Ashutosh Singhal +91 9769961945 C - 804, Kanakia Eternity Complex, Teen Hath Naka, Thane (w), Maharashtra, India 400604


Summer Internship at Uttam Jain, Architecture & Environment

1st Rank in Overall Academics, Third Year B.Arch, KRVIA 1st Rank in Architecture Design, Third Year B.Arch, KRVIA Selected for Student Exchange Program with Bergen School of Architecture, Norway



AutoCAD 2D/3D

Architecture & it’s Social relevance, Parametric Design for Form exploration, Integrating Architecture with Structure, Industiral Design, Product Design, Graphic Design, Arthouse Cinema & Film Making, Music & Film Score, Computer Technology,

Joined Kamla Raheja Vidyanidhi Institute for Architecture, Mumbai


Completed Senior High from D.A.V Public School, Airoli, with distinction


Rhinoceros 3DSMax Vray/MentalRay Adobe Photoshop Adobe Illustrator

Completed Highschool from D.A.V Public School, Thane, with distinction


Teaching Assistant for First Year introductory workshop.


Affordable Housing Project in Boisar.(winter 2012) Analysis of firm M N Ashish Ganju Architect, Delhi.(winter 2012) Urban study, documentation and project based in Ulhasnagar, Thane.(summer) 2012 Workshop Incharge with Anagram Architects for annuals. Workshop in Film Appreciation Annual Exhibition pin up organization.


Selected for Student Exchange Programme with Bergen School of Architecture, Norway. Study Trip to Sri Lanka, including visits to Geoffery Bawa’s works.(winter 2011) Urban study, documentation and project based in Colombo, Sri Lanka.(winter 2011) Rural study, documentation and project based in Wai, Maharashtra.(summer 2011) Workshop Incharge of Anamorphica Illusion Art for annuals.


Adobe InDesign MS Office Suite Prezi

Gandhi Memorial International School, Jakarta



Professional Draughting Model Making (Filecard/Timber/PoP)

Texmaco Delhi Public School, Jakarta


Sketching (Pencil/Fineline Pens)

Rural study, documentation and project based in Majuli Island, Assam.(winter 2010)


Urban Study and project based in Mohammed Ali Rd, Mumbai.(summer 2010) Elective: Photography YEAR TWO

English (Fluent)

Workshop in Theatrics in Space

Hindi (Fluent) Bahasa Indonesia (Moderate)


Rural study and documentation of Sawantwadi, Maharashtra.(winter 2009)

b. 23rd September


Marathi (Basic)


ARCHITECTURE & BASIC DESIGN Collector’s House: Illusion, was the first Architecture Design excecise. The flatplane cutout simulates a conventional house on the main facade. One directly enters into a lift through the main door and is taken underground into the adjacent swimming pool which infact, is the actual residence. Expeience Space: Air, Light & Water, a Pavillion suspended in a gorge using high tension cables. Profiled like an aerofoil(wing section), blowing winds gently levitate the pavillion. Street Intervention: Paver Block Installation, a public recreation space for the customers of street vendors. Basic Design, remodelling an object into planes, and ridding it of it’s identity through transformation. The Lost Heirloom, recreating a missing heirloom.

Collector’s House: Illusion

Experience Space: Air, Wate & Light

Street Intervention: Paver Block Installation

The Lost Heirloom

Planar Fragmentation & Transformation


ARCHITECTURE DESIGN The Hamam Centre, reviving the only hamam in Mumbai at Mohammed Ali Rd. Ferry Station, at the island Majuli amidst the mighty Brahmaputra. Three objects from site were appointed. Interchanging the properties of these led to unexpected juxtapositions, pushing towards the use of of surreal techniques. Exploing the property of a bell by using it to find way at a crowded station. Exquisite corpse to create an autonomous montage and woking out a plan from it. Taking snaps from a video of a flicking penil to achieve a form where something rock solid(steel trusses)starts liquifying into something malleable.

Hamam Centre, Mohammed Ali Road Disassembling the bell

Way finding bell in action at Thane Station

Exquisite Corpse Montage Exploring the Mechanical

Liquifying something solid

Autonomous sketching

Ferry Station, Majuli, Assam


INTERIOR & GRAPHIC DESIGN Newspaper Galli, looking for deteriorated cracks in the city. Hostel Room Redesign, for the client, a nature loving person, who loves to doodle. Thus the unifying theme of the design was squiggly doodle-lines across the walls. Fringe Films, are handmade films using blank film-reels and drawing individual frames x24 to create motion at 24fps(frames per second) The Farnsworth House & Anamorphica, using multiple viewpoints & projection in graphics to create highly accurate perspectives. Exploiting these techniques to create 3D illusion street art. The Beatles’ Yellow Submarine, a beginner 3D modelling excercise on Autocad.

Newspaper Galli, Flora Fountain

Hostel Room Redesign

Finge Films: SuperMario Bros.

The Farnsworth House: Projected Worm’s Eye View

The Beatles’ Yellow Submarine (Autocad 3D)

Anamorphica: 3D Street Art


MEASURE DRAWING: MAJULI, ASSAM The island of majuli is the largest river island in india. It is home to established vaishnavite monasteries on the island known as satras. There is heavy silting of the island by the Brahmaputra, and the entire island will be submerged in a couple of decades. This makes the measure drawing & documentation of the island immensly important. The assam government is now proposing majuli as a world heritage site and has begun improvements to infrastructure accordingly.


ARCHITECTURE DESIGN Crematorium, Wai, Maharashtra The city of Wai is traditionally known for its beautiful Ghats. However, excessive pollution has been making Garbage, the new landscape of Wai. The programme given was a Crematorium, a place of soul purification. Thus, the idea of a Bi-Functional Institute developed with the addition of a Water Treatment Plant below the crematorium. Eventually, observed certain parallels betweem the Soul & River’s journey and used them metaphorically to evolve an end design.

Soul & River Parallels Analysis

Garbage, The New Landscape of Wai


ARCHITECTURE DESIGN Indian High Commisson, Colombo, Sri Lanka Observing the built form along the prime administrative road, each building is starkly cut off from the public. The concern here is the loss of quality architecture in the name of security. Walls became a running language through the embassy; physical walls, mental walls, visual walls, semi-permeable walls, each one appropriately placed between the three programs: The Chancery(Private) The Visa Section(Semi Public) The Cultural Annexe(Public)


CONSTRUCTION DESIGN Innovative design emphasis over construction elements with new, design-specific details.

Steel Square-Spiral Staircase Design

Customized Two-Way Truss Junction

Tubular Steel Truss Structure Design

Entrance Canopy, Glazing & Rolling Shutter Design


HISTORY OF ARCHITECTURE A comprehensive analogy was made between the North & South Indian style of Temple Architecture using the Elephanta Caves & Raja Rani Temple as examples.

The Elephanta Caves

The Raja Rani Temple


ARCHITECTURE DESIGN Institution Design, Ulhasnagar

Studying of the institutes of Ulhasnagar, it is noted that the existing situation is quite haphazard. There are several scattered institutions of the same typology functioning separately. There are many others, the citizens are unfamiliar with. Parallel to this, occurs a disjunct between the North & South side of the city through the Ulhas River. This gives birth to the Bridge Building typology, which unites the disintegrated institutes to each other, and simultanously creates multiple links between the two banks. There is a play across the buildings in form-program heirarchy of bridge v/s institute.

MasterPlan, Ulhasnagar

Institute Study

Vocational Training Centre, Ulhasnagar

Information Centre, Ulhasnagar

Education Centre, Ulhasnagar



Omni Housing, Boisar

Designing for Affordable Housing in the fringes of the city, in no man’s land with a given FSI of 1.5. Playing with dimensions of house, providing a linear house creates easier design solutions for light & ventilation. Idea of shared services brought on the table where a person can avoid the extra pay, and instead, opt for common kitchens/bathrooms. Thus customization is available of a great variety with options like 1RK, 1 BHK, 1BH, 2BHK, 2BH, etc. Alternate stacking strategy employed to maintain building height to open space proportions & terraces create street experiences on higher levels.


CONSTRUCTION DESIGN Auditorium designed with a Rotating Stage. Stadium Balcony with a Cross-Brace RCC structure & tensile canopy.

URBAN DESIGN Auditorium Layout

Manifesto Ulhasnagar

Stadium Balcony

Manifesto Ulhasnagar, a manifesto in the form of a comic narrative, pointing out all the issues with the current fabric of institutes within Ulhasnagar.


DESIGN DISSERTATION (ONGOING) There is a vision of making the city of Mumbai a world-class city, a centre for global business trade. The current business districts are all located towards south bombay and this space is now congested. Thus new Central Business Districts (CBDs) have now been cropping up all over the city, Bandra, Navi Mumbai, Malad, and beyond. These recent transformations in the city have been generating spaces in which different social groups are close to one another but yet completely separated. The main instrument for this new pattern of spatial segregation is “fortified enclaves�. They promote

separateness and the idea that social groups should live in homogenous enclaves, isolated from those perceived as different. In a city fragmented by fortified enclaves, it becomes difficult to maintain the principles of openness and free circulation; the character of public space changes, as does the participation in public life. Public Space no longer relates to the modern ideals of commonality and universality. One such exclave is the CBD MindSpace, in Malad.This

Power, Control & Spatial Repression

power is excercised through a palette of techniques that are meant to maintain this exclusivity. These techniques vary from micro to the macro, and when employed comprehensively, create a Spatial Repressor around a context.


CONSTRUCTION DESIGN Rhino 3D modelling & Renders extensively used as a vital tool to resolve complicated designs, such as that of Tensile & Shell structure.

Portal Frame & Tensile Design

Shell Structure Design

Space Frame Corkscrew Canopy

Ashutosh Singhal

Portfolio Architecture