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5 hot water heater problems that can be easily fixed  No hot water - For gas water heaters the gas thermocouple may be faulty and need replacement. And for electric water heaters, the thermostat or upper electric heating element may be faulty and need replacement.  Rust colored water - Replacement of the anode rod will fix this problem.  Smelly water - To fix this issue, flush out all the water from the tank and fill it with 2 pints of 3% hydrogen peroxide solution (40 gallon tank).

ďƒ˜ Popping noises or high pitched whining - Flush out the water heater and then refill it. Also, check the water softener if there is sediment buildup on the heater elements remove it. ďƒ˜ Water leak – Reduce the thermostat setting or replace the valve. If the leaking water is rusty or originate from beneath the tank there may be a hole in the tank & require tank replacement.

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