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CloudFlare CDN (Content Delivery Networks )and Optimisation by eUKhost LTD

CloudFlare for Content Delivery Networks • We've all heard of content delivery networks (CDNs), but just what are they? A content delivery network consists of a complex set of servers deployed across multiple data centres which are, as the name implies, used to deliver content on the Internet in a very efficient, performant and redundant manner. • If you use the jQuery library on your website and use the Google, Microsoft or Media Temple CDN, you and your visitors are already benefiting from increased performance and reduced bandwidth overhead in doing so. CDNs deliver content from a data centre which is as close to the visitor as possible, so the jQuery library will be delivered to your visitor from the closest possible data centre. Even better still, if your visitor has already accessed another site using the same CDN, the visitor will already have a local copy which isn't re-downloaded — reducing the amount of requests the browser needs to make.

What are the advantages and benefits in using CloudFlare? •

Security and Malicious Traffic Protection: All traffic going through the network is checked through its internal community database and external sources like Spam Honeypot to determine whether any request is malicious and should be blocked. From DDOS, Cross-Site Scripting or SQL injection attacks – CloudFlare's intelligent system knows what traffic is malicious and what isn't – and will take the appropriate action depending on the settings you choose. By default, CloudFlare will block most requests which have a high probability cause of being malicious. You have fine-grain control over this.

Increased Site Speed: CloudFlare has proxy servers located throughout the world with content being delivered to each visitor from the closest possible delivery route. Your visitors will notice a considerable increase in site speed and responsiveness because cached content will be delivered from the closest delivery point.

Increased Site Performance: As fewer requests are being handled by our servers, the overall performance of our servers (and your website) can increase.

Visitor Alerts: If CloudFlare detects your visitor has malware on their computer, it will alert your visitor about it and recommend them to clean up the malware. For added security the visitor will, by default, be asked to complete a CAPTCHA to access your website.

Detailed Traffic Statistics: CloudFlare offers fine-grained traffic data that completely replaces Awstats or whichever other statistics program you may use. Provided traffic data and analytics are neatly and smartly divided between bots, regular traffic and threats – and provides information on whose visiting your website based on variables like browser and country.

CloudFlare is also a content delivery network, but it goes much further. CloudFlare works on the network level and helps to speed up your website by storing copies of your site's static content and delivering this to your visitors through its distributed delivery network spanning 23 data centres worldwide. CloudFlare has 11 delivery points in the United States, 8 in Europe, 4 in Asia and 1 in the Oceania region.

CloudFlare for Content Delivery Networks Features • Get Started for Free • Content Delivery Network • Simple and Easy Setup • Malicious Traffic Protection • DDoS & XSS Prevention • Always Online™ Cache • In-Depth Traffic Anlysis • On-the-Fly AutoMinify

How do I get started using CloudFlare? • It’s really easy. Simply log in to your cPanel control panel and find CloudFlare which is listed under theSoftware/Services category. Then simply: • Enter in your e-mail address and check your e-mail for CloudFlare login details • Change your domain’s nameservers to the ones specified by CloudFlare • Configure a few options, and you’re done – it’s that simple • We’ve created a page on our website where you can learn more about CloudFlare. • Have a question about CloudFlare? Call our knowledgeable sales team on 0800 862 0380.

Cloudflare cdn and optimisation for content delivery networks by eukhost  
Cloudflare cdn and optimisation for content delivery networks by eukhost  

CloudFlare is also a content delivery network, but it goes much further. CloudFlare works on the network level and helps to speed up your we...