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editor’s note Hello and welcome to the first issue of The Paddington Pulse - a magazine dedicated to celebrating the beauty, diversity and vibrant culture of Brisbane’s hippest suburb. As Brisbane continues to make a name for itself as a creative hub and new world city, Paddo stands strong as a melting pot of fashion, art and community spirit. Whether you are new to Paddington or a loyal local, there is always something to discover!

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gone dotty (coverart) you are here! a day in paddington (timeline) find your way (map attack) coffeecoffeecoffee om nom nom (food) retail therapy i feel pretty (beauty) hey good looking (street style) creativity (antiques + galleries) paddo pictorial paddington proprietors (leanne) paddington proprietors (thea) howdy neighbour (rosalie) around the corner (bardon) ye olde paddington + testimonials fin (thanks for reading!)


a day in paddington


visit to Paddington may, at first, seem overwhelming. We are spoiled with choices of eateries, retailers and leisurely hangouts. If you simply do not know where to start, your day might go something like this...

ng pit orniTime sto m d

for a break? Grab a pick-meup drink & head for a place with a view! Upper Latrobe has got you covered.


Why not catch a flick at Rosalie or The Barracks?

ay movi e idd



s lic


Antique hunters, interior decorators, modern fashionistas ... welcome home.


too many amazing breakfast spots in Paddington. Simpatico, Lure on Latrobe, Pandemonium & Eurovida are among the best.


o Have you shopped until you dropped? The day is young! Make sure you hit the spots on p12


t t im e fas There k a are almost

a spot of

op sh

in the fresh air and some early morning cardio with a stroll through the suburbs. [Warning: Paddington may contain hills]


t abouTake k l a

{stay a while in style}


ind unw Sit

after no

dinner reserv What’s a

on the menu? Authentic Italian? Spicy Indian? Turkish, French, Japanese, Nepalese, Asian Fusion...? It’s up to you!

ns tio

te a on

Indulge at The Little Patisserie, Monty’s Chocolates, Couture Cupcakes or Pamela’s Pantry.

Anyone for salsa at Casablanca? Or cool jazz at Jazzcat?




musi c

back and relax. Visit Trammies Corner to soak in the city skyline. Or, for predinner drinks, head to The Lark, Peasant or Cartel.

r fo


Halfway mark, well done! Time for some lunch. May we suggest ISassafrass, Hanna Rosa or Nekoya? p10 for more


Movenpick at The Barracks or Gelateria Cremona at Rosalie? Double scoop please!

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Rosalie this way


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Baroon a



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Macgregor Tce Paddington this way

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Beck St


Paddington this way



hottest brews


Urban Grind | 131

Latrobe Tce he first thing you will notice about Urban Grind is a sense of familiarity and loyalty. Customers and barristers are all on a first name basis, adding to the already warm and cosy vibe. The second thing you will notice about Urban Grind is their amazing coffee, premium beans brewed with precision. Great coffee, conversation and community spirit.

T 2

Blake & Taylor | 11

Latrobe Tce addington is all about convergence. Espresso bars merged with galleries, boutiques married with cafes. The Blake & Taylor building was once the Paddington Butcher Shop in the late 1800s. These days, they specialise in vintage furniture with a neutral palette. Their in-store cafe offer Veneziano coffee, decadent cakes and high tea for a special treat.



Decked Cafe | 107

Latrobe Tce (Paddo Central) he Decked Cafe crew are firm believers in happiness and positive thinking. Why else would they have filled their glass tables with Lego, toy dinosaurs and marbles but to put a smile on your face? They serve up Vivo coffee, home made baked goods, wraps and sandwiches. For a friendly, casual environment, Decked is the place to be.



caffe per favore? {fancy a cuppa?}


Black Cat Books & Cafe | 179

ed coffee There are unlimit ington. dd Pa in hotspots w with fe a en os ch We’ve bience am t particularly grea are e er th t bu & menus, coffee r fo s ce pla re many mo connoisseurs.

Latrobe Tce etting lost in a good book with a cup of tea is one of life’s greatest pleasures. Black Cat is an independent book seller with a wide range of titles and a cafe secreted away downstairs. The cafe boasts comfy lounges and a spacious deck outside. Relax, have a chat, grab a Merlo coffee and let the day unfold.

G 5

Anouk | 212

Given Terrace nouk’s seasonal, ever changing menu means you will be pleasantly surprised every visit. With footpath dining you can enjoy a coffee amidst the action in the open air. The building, once an apothecary, now caters to people’s health in a different, more delicious way. Anouk is a great place to grab breakfast and a coffee to start the day off right.



Monty’s Chocolates | 155

Latrobe Tce ot a caffeine fiend? That’s cool, Monty’s Chocolates caters to the addiction of a different bean. Monty’s specialises in imported European chocolate and their infamous hot drinking chocolate (you will need a spoon). Boutique cocoa goodness lines the walls with fresh floral arrangements also available. The perfect place to spoil someone special (including yourself).



foodies bliss

{long lunches & cosy cafes}


ome-style cooking and a chilled-out atmosphere are captured in this vibrant green Queenslander. Vegetarians, vegans and coeliacs rejoice- Pando’s has a menu catering to all tastes! Pando’s is a perfect (and popular) breakfast destination.



215 Given Tce

Want More?

Simpatico {al fresco} Sassafrass {healthy habits}



ther words for lark: merry, frolic, carefree, melodious. The Lark at Paddington embraces all of the above and has made a name for itself as a destination to unwind with a tipple or two. Inventive cocktails, boutique wines and tantalisng tapas await.


The Lark

1/267 Given Tce

Newa Chhe’n{taste of nepal} Cafe Di Siam {tasty thai}


acaroons, cupcakes and friands, oh my! Justify it however you want, you know you need to have one... or two... or maybe just a small bucketful. Who can resist a delicate pastry, looking at you so longingly from its glass prison. Go! Set it free! Hurry!


The Little Patisserie 19 Latrobe Tce

Harem {turkish delights} Hanna Rosa {brunch spot}

{paddington’s eatability}


onjourno! Il Posto, proud providers of authentic Italiano cuisine, offer the perfect setting for an intimate dinner or group gathering. The restaurant’s creators embrace Italian hertiage, giving it a contemporary execution. Delizioso, buon appetito!


Il Posto

107 Latrobe Tce

The Java Lounge{comfy} Kookaburra Cafe {classic}


tunning verandah views of the burgeoning city skyline welcome you at Hampton’s. This cafe-meetshomewares spot has fast become a favourite in the local scene. Breakfast & lunch options are decadent and tasty. The homewares are equally as delightful.


Hampton’s Home Living


ew kids on the block, Jazzcat, have settled nicely into the Paddington groove. A brave new venture combining Asian cuisine with a European twist has paid off. East meets West at Jazzcat, with cool jazz stylings performed live by the owner every weekend.



180 Latrobe Tce

14 Collingwood St

Crust Pizza {gourmet pizza} Eurovida {european cuisine}

Fundies {awesome organic} Gourmet Providores {deliish}


retail therapy

{shop ‘til you drop}


Side Street


Thousand Island Dressing

237 Given Tce


enturing off the beaten track is always a good option and Side Street is no exception. Although, it’s still on the main thoroughfare. I was going for wordplay okay? Top Aussie designers Sass & Bide, Jessie Hill and Nicola Finetti call Side Street home. Fun, functional fashions. The best kind.

Want More? 12

Olive Home {bright & stylish} Always Habit {for the lads}


129 Latrobe Tce

We Live Like This 131 Latrobe Tce


colour explosion, an eclectic mecca, a fashion affair for yourself and your home. Thousand Island Dressing does not fit into any one category. From ballgown bling to bohemian beach style, bespoke French brooches to the brightest of lamps... if you can’t find it here, it probably doesn’t exist.


Zazzy {party frocks} Trading Circle {fair trade}

Annah Stretton {nz design} Biome {eco living}

unkissed skin, long weekends, summer festivals. This is Australia and we live like this. WLLT proudly stocks homegrown designers and manufacturers who mix style and practicality. This boutique understands the importance of finely crafted garments and timeless trends..

{paddo’s shopping mecca}


Jean & Joyce

145 Latrobe Tce


race yourself. You may feel a sudden urge to fill your home with every piece J&J has in store. This mother/ daughter run boutique will tempt you with an array of unique decor and exclusive garments as well as fab sections for the lads and little ones. Don’t say I didn’t warn you. Prepare for a sensory feast. Shoe Station {fancy feet} AP Design House {interiors}


Green Tangerine


157 Latrobe Tce

171 Latrobe Tce


here can you find Mexican-inspired giftware, Samantha Robinson porcelain and the coveted Riley Burnett jewellery range? Oh, right. Here! Green Tangerine is a great place for gift shopping... self-gifts included. This little nook is positively brimming with quirky, quality finds.

Chasing Bow {ladies style} Living Silk {formal elegance}

Du Monde


u Monde, in French, means ‘world’. This gorgeous boutique is the creation of interior designer Daryl Wark, a man who knows classic elegance with a modern touch. Du Monde is testament to the saying ‘good things come in small packages’, packed with European flair. Candles, linens, stationary + more. Harry Henry {gentlemen} Ginza {tokyo inspired}


looking good

{beauty is a verb}

{feeling great}


Ed Hope


159 Latrobe Tce


d’s salon is squeezed comfortably between the cafes and shopfronts of upper Latrobe Terrace. According to Ed, her door is open to anyone seeking “hair happiness”. The team at Ed Hope have their scissors and sharpened and irons hot, ready to match your with a new ‘do.

Want More? 14

Brow Bar {the brow experts} Lash Me{luscious lashes}

Beauty on Latrobe 147 Latrobe Tce


Urban Retreat

24 Latrobe Tce


he hedonistic argue that pleasure is the only intrinsic good in life. Who says that’s a bad thing? Sometimes we all need to indulge. Whether it be with a massage, facial, foot scrub or nail buff. To be beautiful, you have to feel beautiful and that’s where the team at Beauty on Latrobe can help.


Suzina Melina {salon style} Vitale Life {healthy living}

King’s Beauty {treat yourself} Ambience {unwind}

ho knew there was an urban oasis right in the heart of Paddington? We did! Urban Retreat is a boutique massage space specialising in professional de-stressing. They even have signature massages! Body scrubs, mud wraps, couples packages and reflexology are all on the pamperpacked menu.

{people in paddo}

street style

{out & about}

Sarah Scott / 26 / Student+Retail

WHAT ARE YOU WEARING TODAY? Camilla Franks kaftan, Riley Burnett earrings and Unearthed cuff FAVOURITE PLACE IN PADDINGTON? Thousand Island Dressing WHO IS YOUR STYLE ICON? Style queen Camilla Franks YOUR STYLE IN TWO WORDS: Bright Adventurous FAVOURITE TREND THIS SPRING/ SUMMER? I love wedges!

Hans Hurt / 30 / Social Services

Nerida Davis / 60 / Retired

WHAT ARE YOU WEARING TODAY? Industrie shorts & a shirt that was accidentally dyed in the wash FAVOURITE PLACE IN PADDINGTON? Couture Cupcakes at Bardon WHO IS YOUR STYLE ICON? Rock God Dave Grohl YOUR STYLE IN TWO WORDS: Averagely Quirky FAVOURITE TREND THIS SPRING/ SUMMER? Bright colours mashed with patterns

WHAT ARE YOU WEARING TODAY? Sportscraft blouse & necklace from a Toowong jeweler FAVOURITE PLACE IN PADDINGTON? Living Silk WHO IS YOUR STYLE ICON? Megan Gale - she is always so elegant and confident YOUR STYLE IN TWO WORDS: Classical Comfort FAVOURITE TREND THIS SPRING/ SUMMER? Bright, brilliant colours!



hotspots 22

Lethbridge Gallery | 136


Paddington Antiques Centre | 167

Latrobe Tce Artisan Brett Lethbridge believes making and exhibiting art are experiences to be shared with creative kinfolk. Craftsmanship, energy and innovation are key elements in the artwork that calls this gallery home. If you have an eye for detail or an introspective yearning, visit Lethbridge Gallery and ponder the creative side of life. Art classes and workshops are also available.

Latrobe Tce Antique hunters, kitsch collectors and retro enthusiasts... welcome home. Time is frozen at the Paddington Antiques Centre in an iconic building that was once the Plaza Theatre. Everything from fine jewellery to war memorabilia, vintage wedding dresses to old-school film cameras are tucked into every nook and cranny. The centre is bursting with things long forgotten, waiting to be discovered again.


Percolator Gallery | 134

Latrobe Tce Newly emerging and well-established artists share the Percolator Gallery in harmony. The gallery showcases contemporary art by anyone who chooses to hire our the venue. Paintings, craftwork, jewellery and photography adorn the space and attract rousing support from the community when each new exhibit opens.


o rs t e ri


din gt on


What has made you stay in Paddington over the years? The proximity to the city and the special leafy ambience of the area

What do you think sets Paddington apart from other suburbs? The gorgeous Queenslander houses that have been converted into stores and places of business What is one of your favourite memories from your time in Paddington? The Paddington Street Festival where a young Katie Noonan

& her brother performed in their band George in the middle of the street outside the Paddo Tavern

Sum up Paddington in three words:

What is the best thing about being your own boss? You get to do what you like, when you like ... and you get to choose the people you work with! What is your favourite item from your store? A huge, bright dragon kite we used to have with a seven metre long tail What would you pick as the soundtrack to your life? ”Here Comes the Sun”

La tr ob e e

have you been a ‘Paddington Proprietor’? 10 years as of next year!

12 9


p oHow r P long

leanne demartini Thousand Island Dressing

hilly, history, community

Sum up your store in three words: colourful, surprising, eclectic

What does the future hold? We have just moved to a beautiful new store a few doors down from our old location, with a Juliet bench at the back for customers to sit & relax Favourite Paddington Place... To Shop: All the boutiques & Black Cat Books To Eat: Anouk ... & Urban Grind for coffee To Relax: my deck at home

e Tc


be ro t a How long



What has made you stay in Paddington over the years? I love the community feel of the strip and the friendships that have been made with customers and fellow proprietors What do you think sets Paddington apart from other suburbs? The amazing mix of boutiques, restaurants, cafes, galleries and private residences all living harmoniously in our beautiful suburb What is the best thing about being your own boss?

Seeing your vision come to life and knowing that you have created something that has been warmly welcomed by your customers What is your favourite item from your store? Can I say everything?! Mondocherry artworks, Tickled Pink Cards and our Bespoke letterpress range... all handmade in Brisbane by some very passionate and lovely ladies. That is what Jean & Joyce is all about!


din gt on What does

the future hold? We hope to be a mainstay in Paddington and continue to foster relationships with our customers who have become more like friends! We also have a few exciting projects up our sleeve!

Favourite Paddington Place... To Shop: Upper Latrobe Tce

Sum up Paddington in three words:

To Eat: Too many! We are definitely spoiled with choice

Sum up your store in three words:

To Relax: The Paddington Antiques Centre, getting lost in the history of all the beautiful things

Big Happy Family!

All Things Beautiful!


ors riet op Pr

have you been a ‘Paddington Proprietor’? Two years in December!

thea kassi Jean & Joyce

just around the corner... {rosalie} 25

Burrito Bar

2/11 Nash Street



otion pictures, the talkies, whatever you call them, a trip to the movies is still a special outing for all. The Blue Room’s intimate cinemas will make you feel like you are at a private screening. Replace your standard popcorn & softdrink for Spanish antipasto & a glass of house red and let the reel role.


alling all banditos & banditas! Rosalie is Brisbane’s hot pocket, serving up flavours from around the world. The Burrito Bar has fast become famous for its cheesy, beany goodness married with south of the border spices. Salsa in for a Mexican pint, day of the dead decor and taco overload.


Gelateria Cremona 5/151 Baroona Rd




Blue Room Cinebar 151 Baroona Rd

elato represents all that is good in beautiful Italia. Sweet, humble and moreish. Gelateria Cremona scoop up iced heaven so authentico you can almost hear serenades from Venetian gondolas. Their handcrafted flavours are out of this world. Bellissimo, Rosalie! Due scoops, per favore!

{bardon} 29


f Bardon was an office space, the Red Baron coffee cart would be the proverbial watercooler. Emblazoned with a little man in his flying machine, ‘the baron’ serves up a hot beverage for a donation to the honesty box. People meet, catch up, drink coffee... what more could you want?

Couture Cupcakes

65-69 Macgregor Tce

n are filled Rosalie & Bardo teries, beauty with amazing ea shopfronts. Do bars and retail ur, go for a vo yourself a fa these great wander & explore little pockets!


he lads at Crank House are hard at work, restoring the beauty to the art of cycling. Forget uncomfortable spandex and the burn of lactic acid, put your feet to the pedals and feel the freedom of the two-wheeler. The Cyclery crew are ready to partner you with the perfect velocipede.



Red Baron Coffee

60 Macgregor Tce

he cupcake. So small, so simple, so fiendishly delicious. A cupcake can say many things. “Happy birthday”, “I love you” or maybe just “you deserve some cake”. Couture Cupcakes are as pleasing to the taste buds as they are to the eyes. The red velvet is always a winner. Go on, you deserve one.


Crank House Cyclery

70-72 Macgregor Tce






efore the hustle and bustle of city life set in, Paddington was filled with rural allotments and gentlemen estates. The streets were lined with humble worker’s cottages and family businesses, replaced today by boutique shopfronts, cafes and renovated homes. Despite the many changes that Paddington has gone through, it remains a place for people from all walks of life to meet, chat and celebrate.


Fernberg House 1952

Conrad’s Meats Truck 1925

Handy’s Grocery 1905

War Memorial Unveiling 1922

Paddington Suburbia 1929

Ithaca Baths 1943

Thanks to

I love Paddington because it is one of the only places where I can shop at alternative

I love Paddington because of the thrift stores at genuine 1980s prices!


Hayley Lees

I love Paddington because every place has its own unique style. Plus great coffee!

Monique Fenn

Jane Schon

I love Paddington because it’s like visiting a country town without leaving the city!

Latrobe Terrace 1902

Dylan Morris

I love the mix of old & new, the eclectic people & all the little nooks & crannies there are to explore

Kate Phillips

I love Paddington because of the community feel + all the humble success is inspiring

Morgan Daly

There is so Paddingt much more to on than wha could squ eeze int t we o these pages. W e’ head sta ve given you a rt to you. E , the rest is up xplore, im agine & enjoy you r visit. See you a Love, Th round! e Paddin gton Puls e xx


thanks for reading

The Paddington Pulse

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The Paddington Pulse Magazine  

Free positive media sharing the best tips for your visit to Paddington, Brisbane. What to do, where to go, who to know (2011)

The Paddington Pulse Magazine  

Free positive media sharing the best tips for your visit to Paddington, Brisbane. What to do, where to go, who to know (2011)