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AoM School Magazine 2016 -17



Welcome from the Headteacher Welcome to Ashton on Mersey’s annual school magazine. When editing the various articles and photos that staff have forwarded for publication it becomes very apparent the breadth of opportunity and the diversity of activity that the pupils at Ashton are privileged to receive. I honestly do not believe that any other School in the North West provides to its pupils what we currently offer. The provision reflects for me, the outstanding relationships that pupils and staff have and the importance of the wider aspects of schooling that allows so many of our pupils to develop fully, beyond the academic rigors of the classroom. I do hope you enjoy reading about all that our School continues to provide. We are extremely proud of all the opportunities our pupils receive and how that continues to make Ashton a very special place.

Bugsy Malone was the choice for this year’s school show, and wh The story is a tongue at a show it was! in cheek take on the old gangster movies from guns, romance and co the 1920’s full of cream medy. Over 120 pupils pies, splurge from Years 7 to 11 audit blown away with the tal ioned for the show an ent that the school ha d we were s. It was extremely tou the 64 pupils that perfo gh to narrow the cast rmed in the show, howe do wn to ver what they manage amazing. d to achieve was abso lutely These professional pe rformances were the pro duct of six intensive mo staff spent their lunch nths of rehearsals. Th times, evenings, week e ends and half term ho lid ay s working with the cast created a show that pe and ople are still talking ab out today. It was performed at the Waterside Arts Centre from 14th to 16th March 2017 and the au diences were fantastic ! If you didn’t manage to see the show…you definitely missed out! Thank you to the entire cast for all their hard wo rk, commitment and enthusiasm throughou t the process. Thanks also must go to all the people who helped alo ng the way; buying pro ps, making costume, building sets and being there at rehearsals; wit hout them the show wouldn’t have been the success it was. We we re incredibly proud of all the cast members and the team behind the scenes as the show was a huge succ ess.

The magazine certainly highlights well the activities, trips and events that have occurred in the last academic year. It also shows many of the individual and collective achievements, identifying how well our staff and pupils work together. Many of the highlights of the School calendar are represented in the magazine and it is always especially pleasing to see the excitement of celebration opportunities our pupils participate so well in as they move through the school; Leavers’ Celebrations, end of year Proms, Presentation Evenings, all aspects that we are especially proud off. The ‘pictures’ and ‘write ups’ that go with the GCSE and Post 16 results day reports, rightly reflect on the outstanding and ‘school record’ achievements made by the Leaving Classes of 2016, days in school which we remember fondly. The School magazine provides an excellent opportunity to remember the wonderful academic and personal achievements made by so many of our pupils. It is a real reflection of all that is good about Ashton on Mersey – we are as a school so much more than what merely happens in the classroom and the magazine for me displays the ethos and traditions of the School that are visible throughout the school year. Our staff understand that every single pupil deserves to receive the very best education possible and that in the ‘profession’ they have a duty to provide every pupil with a well-rounded education that prepares them fully for adult life and employment. The magazine clearly shows that we continue to fulfil our responsibilities and that the pupils who attend Ashton, get a very good experience and are rightly proud of their school and all that it provides. I do hope that sense of pride from all involved in our school becomes visible for you when you read the magazine. Enjoy! Mr A Moloney Headteacher


Rewards Day

At the end of a very busy school week in July 2016 we had the pleasure of taking nearly 600 Key Stage 3 pupils out and about on their annual summer rewards trips. We were able to take nearly 500 pupils to Blackpool Pleasure Beach and 100 to the cinema and bowling. It is a pleasure to be able reward 600 pupils with a day out with their friends. Unfortunately, after being blessed with glorious weather for the last few years we were not so lucky this year. The rain didn’t stop for the entire visit and the skies only cleared as the coaches pulled away from the Pleasure Beach. Fortunately, the pupils braved the rain to go on as many rides as they could as staff sought cover and a coffee! For those who are less keen on the rides on offer at Blackpool they were able to sign up for a day out watching Jungle Book, having lunch with their friends and then ten pin bowling in the afternoon. Both trips were an ideal opportunity to reward all of our pupils who have been fantastic throughout the school year and who deserve to have their excellent attitude to school life recognised.


So long, farewell Year 11 came together for one final time, on the 8th July 2016 for their school prom. The annual celebration was one of the best yet! Pupils pulled out all the stops to arrive in style. Stunning dresses and smart tailored suits graced the red carpet at the AJ Bell Stadium. After a formal dinner, pupils danced the night away with their old school friends. A truly spectacular evening was organised by the Prefects and the Head of Year.

After years of studying at Ashton on Mersey School, GCSE Results Day finally arrived on Thursday 25th August 2016. Pupils gathered at 10am at the school Sixth Form to collect their examination results. The Class of 2016 produced record breaking results with 65% A*-C including English and Maths. After two years of studying and examinations at Key Stage 4, their hard work paid off. We are truly proud of their achievements and wish them an amazing future. We are sure they will all be very successful!

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ar 11 at the odbye to Ye o g y a s e w at Ashton Each year of studying rs d a e y 5 ir reakfast an end of the elebration B C a h it w y, on Merse sembly. the Class Leavers As goodbye to y sa to e tim as ce in the This year it w that takes pla g in n g si t ir e sh urite events, of 2016. Th e of the favo n o ys a lw a is secondary conservatory their time in f o to n e m e am e final giving pupils Hall 1 for on in d re e th a ils g eir time at school. Pup deos from th vi d n a s to o ph m Year 7 time, to view s pictures fro IM S r ve e st ir fir ugh about. school. The mething to la so ils p u p e th always gives



Evening We had a fantastic turn out for our annual Presentation Evening in November 2016 at Old Trafford Football Ground; it was lovely to see so many of our pupils rewarded for their academic and wider school achievements from last year. Our special guest this year was Graham ‘Beeky’ Beecroft. Graham is a British radio personality working as a freelance presenter, reporter and sports commentator. He has, and still does, commentate for Talksport on football (including the World Cup finals), Rugby League internationals and boxing matches and is highly regarded for his extensive knowledge of the world of sport, his quick wit and intelligence. He has also achieved cult hero status from many sections of the wider Talksport audience. His thought provoking speech reminded our pupils that they can achieve their dreams if they work hard and preserve. He talked about his range of experiences over the course of his lengthy career and pupils listened carefully when he explained he was the reporter at Heysel and Hillsborough; two of the most horrendous football disasters. It was a privilege to have Graham award certificates and trophies to our deserving recipients. Well done to all the pupils who received awards and thanks to the staff who worked so hard in pulling together the evening.



Open morning On Saturday 1st October we saw an influx of curious parents and prospective pupils arrive at Ashton on Mersey School, from both the local and wider communities. From the initial individual warm and friendly greetings by Mr Moloney and Dr Fox, both parents and pupils were treated to a morning of excitement and entertainment offered by all the departments. As well as the traditional and formal introduction to the school and the catchment area given by Mr Moloney, parents and pupils were then treated to the various exciting and challenging hands on activities offered by each of the departments, not only within Ashton on Mersey School, but across the whole of The Dean Trust. It was a joy to see prospective pupils conversing not only with the staff within each department but also hearing first hand from the pupils who had given up their Saturday morning to represent the school. Pupils and parents were allowed to see why Ashton on Mersey School is truly an ‘Outstanding’ and special school, and that pupil enjoyment, engagement and challenge in lessons are a top priority. It was a joy to see pupils and parents leaving at the end of the day with eyes wide with excitement with the hope of attaining a place at our heavily oversubscribed school.

induction Year 6 Induction began during the week commencing the 20th June when we welcomed the first of our Primary School pupils for their taster days. During the week pupils experienced a ‘Day at Ashton’ enjoying a variety of lessons, lunch time and learning their way around the School. Pupils loved the sports activities, blowing up the hydrogen balloons and eating fruit kebabs. On the 7th July we welcomed all 258 Year 6 pupils. During the day pupils completed their CAT tests and enjoyed the induction play allowing them to understand more about how we care for pupils in the school. At the end of the day pupils were addressed by the Headteacher, Mr Moloney, it was good to see so many pupils already making friends.

Transition . . .

y a D t s r Fi On Tuesday 6th September 258 New Year 7 pupils gathered on the school playground before 8:30 am in their new Ashton on Mersey School uniforms, bearing smiles of excitement for their first day at their new school. Pupils were formally introduced to the school in Hall 1 by Mr Moloney who set out the standards expected of them while they represent our school. Pupils were then placed into their new form groups and taken by their respective Form Tutors to meet each other and receive their timetables for the forthcoming year. Pupils spent the morning getting used to the school and completing a variety of tasks before the rest of the school started. At the end of the day it was a joy to see all the pupils leaving the school, still beaming with excitement of their journey ahead.

g n i d l i u mb

art in took p ty of s l i p u e ar 7 p a vari e 254 Ye icipated in y took plac l l a r e t t i r b v a i t m p Septe upils day ac y 29th ding day. P his whole a d s r T u il nge On Th 7 Teambu m groups. Challe o t h r r c a o ed he coa the Ye s’ in their f ught t ivities includ e a i c t i v . d i s t n t a ac site ese ac g a high he A-b s two ils in t rd Park. Th p acros letin u p raffo , comp leting the rning T s o e n r m o y t e In th cated ver a pit of , comp nge, lo o olving alancing on s m 4 Cha ting pupils le b b or e, pro le and school, transp sault cours a totem po t A . e y g lin as ropes aith, climbin own the zip ariety of arm f v d f a l o g o d te pin cho leap and zip comple n the s the top the M-band g activities o places with nd in in d ba pupils roblem solv ils swappe nge and Ap a p u h tic to based lunch the p llenge for C was fantas g as t t I a A Ch orkin ld. field. ing to s on the fie activities, w faces o g d the their M-ban ing activitie y ating in d smiles on ks. The da t ip le p ic t r m a a s chool p a o co t r S s b e y il rse e th pup with t e ll s le M a p m n r e m o o f se rest of n co Ashto hos for the in their ch other to t a s e m a t e a te ’ tim lping e pupils am building e and he ting start to t a fit eate was a hopefully cr l il l. and w e at schoo their tim


Camp Over the course of the three days, the pupils pushed their comfort zones through participating in a variety of activities including raft building, abseiling and the most challenging of all - bed making! Despite the rainy weather, the pupils were positively determined to take part, showing resilience as they worked in their teams. The pupils behaved fantastically well throughout the trip. Their enthusiasm was certainly displayed during the Camp Quiz of 2016, the winners of which were 7TAL and 7CLM! Overall, the pupils were a credit to the school and most of all, their parents. Well done Year 7!


Ashton’s second visit to Auschwitz-Birkenau and Krakow was described by pupils as a ‘once in a lifetime experience.’ The early flight didn’t stop the 27 Year 11 pupils accompanied by Mr Gallagher, Miss Ellis and Mr Parry from enjoying a comprehensive tour of the historic city on their first day. On Saturday they visited the Galicia Jewish Museum, guided through a photographic exhibition recording the presence and disappearance of Europe’s largest Jewish population. Three million Jews from Poland were murdered in the ghettoes and death camps. Pupils met Reny Stern, born in Krakow ghetto and with an incredible, moving story of survival to tell, one that had every pupil (and teacher) rapt and shocked. “Reny’s story made me realise that life is precious and short, and to make the most of what you have and to care for loved ones.” The next day pupils were given an unforgettable tour of Auschwitz-Birkenau, a detailed and harrowing exploration of the experience of those who lived and died within the industrialised centre of the Nazi concentration and death camps. ‘Auschwitz-Birkenau was by far the highlight of the trip. It was educational and allowed a true understanding of the Holocaust. The group did get to relax and enjoy some social time in the evenings, with a bowling session in the trendy Plac Nowy and some posh pizza after the Auschwitz visit, both of which were enjoyed by all. On the last day, they visited the Schindler Museum, created in the factory where Oskar Schindler saved and protected over 1,000 Jews (including Reny’s father) who would otherwise have perished in the destruction of the ghetto or the death camps where so many lost their lives. After this they made our way to the last remaining stretch of the Ghetto wall - deliberately designed to resemble Jewish gravestones in a twisted joke - in a nondescript Krakow street. A small pile of flowers had been left as a memorial from other visitors and pupils spent a moment reflecting on all they had learnt and experienced in their own Holocaust journey. “Gave me perspective on life – made me feel sad at the time but I felt I understood more about life after.” As ever, the pupils made excellent ambassadors for the school, complimented in particular by our Auschwitz guide who described them as ‘cultured, attentive and respectful.’ Arrangements for next year’s visit are already well under way.



hit half-te During the W ent on ars 8 and 9 w Ye m o fr ils p u p nia. trip to Catalo the Spanish spent astic time and We had a fant g some of the two days visitin ous attractions fam region’s most a agrada Famili S e th including adium Nou Camp st cathedral, the of la in the centre and La Ramb , we hit n the last day Barcelona. O Europe’s ters in one of the rollercoas Aventura. e parks, Port biggest them ble time d an unbelieva The pupils ha ud of extremely pro and we were and how ble behaviour their impecca Mersey. ed Ashton on they represent to the it absolute cred They were an school.


The popular Ski & Board trip to the Austrian Alps was a huge success once again this year. After heavy snow conditions the week before, we arrived to glorious sunshine and perfect skiing conditions all week. More snow arrived on the last day revealing some breath taking views and leaving pupils wanting more days on the mountain. Wagrain, offers a haven of tree lined runs for our intermediate and advanced groups. Due to the popular after school club at the Chill Factore all of our pupils were able to ski or board on arrival. However, it was the instructors job to help our pupils become familiar with the mountain and manage the various terrains. This year our pupils did up to 5 hours of Ski lessons per day, which gave them more time to develop their confidence and ability to navigate the mountain with the help of their instructors and teachers. The Apres Ski programme was also packed with fun activities such as tubbing, tobogganing and swimming. Special mention to Matthew for Snowboarder of the week, Faith for Skier of the week. Bethany for most improved Snowboarder and Charlotte for most improved Skier.

New York

y r e v o c s i D f o s e g a Voy


41 pupils an d 6 staff led by Miss Kho went to New o York City ove r the Easter holidays. Th e trip was des igned to promote pup il’s interest in maths as well as sh ow them the many opportunitie s available to them if they do well in mat hs at school. They visited th e Museum of Maths – the only one in th e world! Pupils enjoyed the interactive ac tivities as wel l as the proble solving challe m nges. One pup il said: “it was actually re ally fun even though it was maths!”. Pupils also w ent on a tour of Wall Street, walking past the Stock Exchange and learning about Bull and Bear mar kets. Currency exch ange featured heav ily in the trip with vi sits Bloomingdales to , Macy’s and Time Squa re! Pupils also thoroughl y enjoyed a boat trip to Ellis Island where they g ot to see the Statue of Liber ty, played foo tball in Central Par k and watched Wicked on Bro adway. All of the pup ils were incredibly wel l behaved an d fantastic amb assadors for the school.


Off to Ypres pupils went – that’s ‘Wipers’ to the soldiers of the First World War – jumping back in time at Essex Farm Cemetery, a prominent casualty station on the Western Front where men were taken, assessed, operated on, and buried if they could not be saved. Straight from here to explore preserved trenches, sinking into the mud just as the soldiers had, and comparing the beautiful and personalised British cemeteries to the dark and cramped German cemeteries. That night pupils attended The Last Post ceremony at the Menin Gate memorial in Ypres – played almost every single night since 1927! Off to the Somme the next day, where pupils explored the Devonshire Trenches where a huge number of the Devonshire Regiment died holding these trenches against the German advance. Pupils visited the battlefields of France to pay tribute to the memory of fallen soldiers, including some of their own relatives. After a poignant visit to their graves, the group donated a Manchester United pennant for display at a Somme museum. The pennant will take pride of place alongside a football found in the backpack of a Manchester soldier. A jam-packed experience where pupils learnt a great deal from - and had many questions for - Alan, our WWI expert and tour guide! Lest we forget.

In October 2016 Business Studies pupils went on exciting trip to Paris. With the sun shining, pupils were in good spirit singing on the coach looking forward to the range of events and activities whilst learning about marketing issues and travel and tourism. The pupils spent a day in the city taking in all the major sites ranging from the historic buildings, factories and retail outlets. Pupils had the opportunity to see the scale of the city from the highest building and take in the spectacular views. The following day the pupils spent the whole day in the famous ‘Disney Land Paris’ they took full of advantage of the day by having access to both parks. Pupils were extremely well behaved and were a credit to the school. The pupils had an amazing time with one pupil commenting, “it was one of the best trips they had been on” and another saying “I wish we stayed longer!”


s Evans, Mr with the invaluable help of Mis In December 2016, Miss Paisey dying French stu ils pup even Year 8 and Year 9 Gray and Mr Carey took thirty-s first of its the ; trip on a French enrichment to Saint Omer, Northern France ). ny! ma d hopefully the first of kind for the MFL department (an proudly and it was delightful to see the pupils The trip was a complete success; both on site at enhanced French speaking skills independently using their newly Markets! Le Chateau and at Lille Christmas akfast cheese tasting and the French bre In fact, after the snail tasting, the rewarding s French now!!” It has been really experience, one pupil said “ I feel . The staff at g the language grow and develop to see their confidence in speakin Mr Carey even g the pupils to speak French and the site were fantastic in encouragin year’s trip!! t are all really looking forward to nex learned a few new words too - we





In October, the History department took 36 pupils and 4 staff to London on a crime and punishment themed trip to supplement their studies at GCSE. This included a visit to London Dungeons where pupils retraced the often bloody and violent history of the capital. The day was completed with a night-time flight on the London Eye which gave the pupils a panoramic view of London. Pupils also visited the Tower of London, followed by an excursion into the bloodier side of London history with visits to the medieval sites of execution at Smithfield Market, the Old Bailey, Fleet Street and Blackfriars. Pupils also enjoyed a tour of some of the less gruesome sites of London, including the Houses of Parliament, Buckingham Palace, Downing Street, Trafalgar Square, Piccadilly Circus, and St Paul’s Cathedral. In the evening pupils followed in the footsteps of the world’s most famous serial killer, ‘Jack the Ripper’ and visited many of the murder sites which provided a sense of what Victorian London and his heinous crimes were like. Overall, the trip was a complete success and the feedback from the trip has been positive. Not only did it contribute to extending and developing pupils’ understanding of crime and punishment but the visit will hopefully contribute to a lifelong love of history. Furthermore, the pupils’ behaviour and attitude was excellent throughout and a credit to Ashton on Mersey School.

h of France in August last 35 pupils and 4 staff travelled to the sout year for the annual school water sports trip. After a 24 hour journey we were rewarded with beautiful sunshine and a day on the beach. Pupils got started straight away taking part in beach games and competing their swim test. During the week the pupils had a fantastic time taking part in various activities including sailing, windsurfing, kayaking, banana boating, snorkelling and a trip to the water slide park which is always a popular day. ties for With a disco every night and lots of opportuni had socialising and a relaxing,the pupils and staff ls for a great time. Thank you to the staff and pupi helping to make it another successful trip.


cord 61 pupils oo, we had a re practice Led by Miss Kh d e of Edinburgh uk D e , pupils navigate th in g tin kend. In groups participa ee lls, along rivers w hi ay n w lid do ho d nk an ba up e th es ut er ro ov expedition t, walking 12km the Peak distric their way around e and sts. alk with a resilienc re w fo ch h ea ug ro ed th ch d oa an ed their own d appr n tents and cook well behaved an ow ly r ib ei ed th cr up in t e se er w ls pi All the pupils us very proud! Pu cceed that made su to n io at in rm dete w well prepared nt that they are no de nfi co e ar e W food. we will achieve pedition and that ex ed ss se as e for th e year groups! ss rate with thes pa 0% 10 ive us the el their weekend to aff who gave up st e k th l al to ks Than the pupils to wor p which allowed tri is th t or pp d. ar su help Bronze aw ke of Edinburgh towards their Du



united coaches Earlier this year a select group of Year 8 boys were invited to the AON training complex (Carrington) to take part in a coaching session delivered by Manchester United’s Under 18s. The day was part of the Manchester United boys education programme which is based here at AoM. It was an excellent afternoon all round providing the MUFC boys with valuable coaching experience and our pupils receiving coaching by the next generation of talent including Callum Gribbin, Ro-Shaun Williams and Callum Whelan to name a few.



The 2016 Sports Awards Evening was a spectacular ev ening of celebrat ion for all of the pu pils, parents an d staff who contrib uted to a fantas tic sporting year. The event which was delivered in association with the Invictus Games was cent red around the ‘Power of Sport’ and how it can change and impr ove a person’s life. Our first gues t for the evening was Sgt Gareth Pa terson who is a serving member of the Royal Elec trical and Mechanical Engineers, who recently took part in the 20 16 Invictus Gam es held in Orlando repres enting the British Army and bringing home 2 gold medals in th e archery competition. Our second guest was Glenn McCrory the Briti sh former profes sional boxer who held the IBF version of the crui serweight world champion ship. The guests were invited to the evening to sh are with our pupi ls and parents about the strugg les they continue to face and how it inspired th em to become gr eat athletes and role models, a message that re ally did get over to all of thos e people in the ro The highlights fro om. m the evening in cluded a boxing Daniel from Glenn master class for and the many aw ards handed out including the Da on the evening vid Law Achievem ent Award to Thom of the Year Awar as. The Team d was presented to the National Ch Champions, the eerleading ‘Ashton Tigers’. And finally the bi Personality of the g one, Sports year which was aw arded to Abigail. A great sporting year and thank you to ever yone who helped in making the evening such a success.

Scaling the Heights Our Climbing Club is hugely popular and this year has benefited from a coach coming in to give our pupils some expert climbing tips. This led to pupils being rewarded with a trip to ‘Rock over Climb’ where our pupils experienced being able to climb using an automated b-laying device which took them a while to get used to but after a few goes they were confident.

SPORT . . .

On Tuesday 21st March, Callum, Alfie, Thomas and Ted represented Trafford in the Greater Manchester Disability Swimming Competition held at the Manchester Aquatics Centre and won a silver medal! Well done to all involved!


On Sunday 19th June 2016 Ashton on Mersey’s Cheerleading team the ‘Ashton Tigers’ attended the UKCA National Schools’ Cheerleading Championships at the Velodrome in Manchester. This year they had a lot of new team members who had not experienced this type of competition before. The standard as always on the day was extremely high. The Tigers were truly amazing they danced and cheered like superstars. All their dedication and hard work since September was rewarded on the day when they were awarded 1st place in their category. Well done, an absolutely fantastic result.

Well done to the Year 10 PE leaders (David, Baily, Jacob and Alex) who successfully, in a Dragons Den style process, secured £2000 for the school to spend on offering alternative sporting activities. They were awarded the ‘Most Creative Pitch’ for their idea of starting a Jump Nation Club. This has run successfully for 10 weeks with 60 targeted participants involved. Greater Manchester Sport were so impressed with their pitch they came into school to meet the other PE leaders and hear their ideas. From this the leaders managed to secure a further £2000 to start a Roller Disco Club with local company Flowskate. AoM hosted a oneoff session to promote the club with the official club starting in September 2017. A great achievement from the leaders who are a credit to their parents, school and community.

The Shred Club has been running for 5 years now and continues to be one of our most popular after school activities. The club runs on a Wednesday after-school where transport is provided to and from the Chill Factore. Pupils can either pay for a lift pass or book onto a course of lessons depending on their ability.

Jumping for Joy

ar rest to attend. Ye showing an inte ls pi ub pu cl y k an ee m w ith t to pay for a 10 mely popular w Manchester Spor b has been extre er lu C at n re io G at h N ug p ro m Ju ant th cured a £2000 gr ere a credit 10 PE leaders se tive. ac ls pi 10 week period w e pu th e or er m ov ng ed tti nd tended have ho atte aimed at ge All pupils who at over 60 pupils w . d sm an ia s er us th ad le en e d Th ur an lar Time excellent behavio PE Extra Curricu e ith th w ol on ho es sc iti e tiv th ac d to e other the popularity an pathways into th hool sports. With this sc in ch now been given d at w lve so vo , in 17 d active an October 20 em in th n ai ep ag ke g to in e nn bl Ta ill be ru Nation Club, it w success of Jump space!


Giving their best Shot

Our Year 10 boys represented the North West U19s in the National Trampolining Finals last weekend in Gateshead. After a brilliant performance they finished 5th in their age group. Well done to Charlie, Jacob, Edgar and Adam.

Well done to AoM pupils who attended Trafford’s Multi Sports event. Activities incl uded athletics , volleyball, tr ampolining, goal ball, tab le tennis and boccia. It was a talent spotting opportunity fo r pupils to be selected to compete for Greater Manch ester later in the year. The pupils were a credit to the sc hool.

YEAR 7 BASKETBALL Congratulations to the Year 7 Basketball team who were Trafford Basketball League finalists! Manchester Magic have been working with the Year 7s to develop a school club link ready to set up a Basketball Academy over the summer term in preparation for next season. Well done to the team this year, especially Captain Kiaos who has been an outstanding player all season. YEAR 8/9 BASKETBALL The Year 8/9 Basketball team had a mixed season after wins against Wellacre, Stretford Grammar and St Antony’s. They were in a good position to progress to the finals with some fantastic performances from Luke, Emily and George. The last two games saw the team come up against Urmston and Sale Grammar who both were physically stronger than the Ashton team. Ashton were narrowly beaten by both and therefore missed out on a chance to reach the final. Their commitment to training and games has been fantastic and will place them in a strong position to compete next year.

Once again Rugby at Ashton on Mersey School is thriving, we have put out four Rugby teams this season with all year groups represented well. The pupils have been competitive at all levels and age groups with notable victories against local rivals Sale Grammar, Wellacre and Wellington. At the Manchester Schools’ Competition all of the teams were competitive and on the brink of being victorious, they were only defeated by the eventual winners in often close games. The commitment of both boys and girls to try rugby has seen upwards of 150 pupils involved this year and has provided them with opportunities to represent the school in competitive rugby. All of the pupils have shown a tremendous willingness to work hard for one another, often challenging opponents who are bigger, faster and stronger and always giving their best for the team, the school and one another. Thanks for your commitment to rugby this year, to all pupils, parents and staff.

In October the Year 7 and 8 girls’ and boys’ teams took part in the Greater Manchester English Schools’ Cross Country Cup. Pupils did extremely well individually and as part of their teams with the boys’ team finishing 5th and the girls’ team finishing in 3rd position, with the girls qualifying for the North West Final. The North West Final was an excellent achievement for the girls’ team and they had a strong finish having an overall finishing position of 5th! Well done to the Year 7 and 8 girls who took part. a number December th 8 y a d rs ok part On Thu ey pupils to ross rs e M n o n ols’ C of Ashto fford Scho ra T l a u n n in the a ips. hampionsh Country C under emely well tr x e id d ll a s. The Year They g condition in n n ru c ti s hed in fanta ls team finis ir g d n a s y 7 bo d 9 girls e Year 8 an th , e c la p on a 5th missed out ly w o rr a n team ing 4th sition finish podium po the day f m result o and the tea nd 9 a the Year 8 came from 3rd. d e who finish boys team ed in h is n f pupils fi ually A number o id iv d ositions in the top 8 p rd o ff ented Tra and repres ster ter Manche at the Grea hips. Champions



WE aAr 9RNetball team have hadh ainfathnetaTsraticfford

The Ye every matc n run is unbeate y have won th e d th e , u n n o ti s n a o se dc ome season an hes to bec tc is a th m e l u a g n a fi Le and semi-final to win their . s n now ampio team have Trafford Ch This same ns for io p m rd Cha o ff ra T n e e b d have ve years an ti u c e s n o c 3 Trafford beaten in a n e e b r e v e n ey first tch since th a m e u g a e L r 7! team in Yea formed as a yed ve all displa The girls ha work, skill vels of team excellent le ve this! ork to achie and hard w Well done!

Run! A number of our pupils represented Trafford at th is year’s Great er Mancheste r Cross Countr y Championsh ips (William Year 9, Alex Year 8, Isobel Year 7 and Beth Year 10).

All did extrem ely well with special congra tulations to Is obel in Year 7 who is not only the Trafford Scho ol Champion for cross country but is also the Greater Manch ester School Champion, fin ishing in first position. Cong ratulations also goes to Beth (Year 10) who finished in a q ualifying posi tion for the Englis h Schools’ Nat ional Final, where sh e represented Greater Manch ester, having a fantastic run she finished in a top position for the Greater Manchester te am.

Table Tennis Club has now been running since the beginnin g of March. It ta kes place in the school gym during Wedn esday lunch times. It is well attended with pupils of all abilities. We look forward to continuing the club in September!


d turned the school an d te Year si vi n eo er of pupils in Chamel b y m an u p n m A o . g C n , ei 27th March nt UK touring otional wellb On Monday ealth and em mpany’s rece h l co ta e th en ment, m m o n fr o tracts ce and move ex an ch d the spotlight at h g w u to ro y th portunit issues affect owerful story 8 had the op ental health iece tells a p m p e en h h T w . s’ e, p es n co piece ‘Wit w loved ones ortraying ho ained so sensitively p d the pupils g an , ed lv . vo se in o l cl , a topic someone tic day for al and wellbeing th al he It was a fantas l ta en dge about m much knowle ct. a taboo subje that is usually everyone. Well done to

SPORT . . .


Sports Day

l Cup Girls’ U18 Nationa w the This year Ashton sa Sixth t formation of the firs am. te ll Form Girls’ Footba did not e m The girls’ debut ga out of re go well and they we d after a un ro t the Cup in the firs xt year we ne lly fu few injuries, hope form a full squad. ntinuing to play to co ls gir e or m e se will League Girls’ U16 Trafford ll tournament in a 6 A-side Footba games out of 5. Ashton competed am spirit, winning 3 te nt lle ce ex ing at ghly enjoyed their demonstr als, but they thorou fin e th h ac re t no They did performance. l Cup Girls’ U15 Nationa d of the English e it to the third roun ol 6-0 with Our U15 squad mad Chorlton High Scho ing at be p, Cu l na Schools’ Natio only 10 players.

. . . s l a o g e r o c s n a Girls c

to the Our Year 7/8 girls were invited s to ilitie fac g nin new Manchester City trai nt. me rna take part in a 6 a-side tou MUFC in a The winners went on to represent the premier by ed anis org national competition es our girls league. Despite winning 4/5 gam was a great it but ls, fina the did not qualify for at a top opportunity for our girls to compete lity. class training faci can boys!

The Boys’ Fo otball teams have h ad an extremely su ccessful season and it could yet get better, bo th o league and cu n the p front. The Year 7, Ye ar 8 and Year 11 team s have all pro gressed into final however the league pla , unfortunatel y-off y Year 9 were d to a strong Sal efeated 3-1 aw e Grammar si ay d e in their sem as the league i-final. As wel play-offs we ar l e also hoping to within the Traf ford Cup whe be successful re we have Ye teams throug ar 7 and Year h to the semi-fi 11 nals and gun silverware. ning for more This year has also seen, for the very first tim implementatio e, the n of ‘B’ teams which has run Years 7 to 9. successfully fr The ‘B’ teams om provide an op boys who enjo portunity for th y their footbal ose l but have not had chance to rep resent the school bef ore in a comp etitive match. It has proved incred ibly popular with attendance at training sessio ns consistent ly on the increase.

SPORT . . .

The Year 11 Boys ’ Football team have had a fantastic season. Nationally they go t to the last 16 in country, narrowly beaten by West Hill 5-4 in ex tra time. The boys di d incredibly well to reach that stage, beatin g Canon Slade, St Peters and Failsworth Sc hool along the w ay. They reached th e final of the Traf ford League which w as held at Manch ester United’s AON Tr aining Complex. They only lost one gam e during the com petition against Urmston Grammar who th ey then went on to meet in the final; Ashton dominated the fir st half and if it ha d not been for the Urm ston Grammar go alkeeper, Ashton would ha ve taken the lead . After an inspirational team talk at half time fro m Mr Holbrook, the bo ys went onto scor e 5 in the second half to w in the final, 5-0.

Ashton on brightly on e n o h s n u eted for The s upils comp Mersey as p another in against one their forms ck events. field and tra a variety of uct of ur and cond The behavio t to be u hat turned o pupils, on w ptional e ay, was exc a really hot d ol o ough no sch rt and and even th ken, the effo ro b re e w s ld only record e pupils cou th f o t n e itm comm d. be applaude Year 10 n must go to tio n e m l ia c Spe it of the day into the spir t o g the lly a re who rts Day and eir final Spo th s d a n a w t n a h tio ipa in w assion, partic p ry a in rd o . extra Year 7 ip shown by sportsmansh ylor whose tion to Mrs Ta n e m l ia c e ad Official Finally a sp er as the Le te n lu vo to invaluable, willingness the event is r fo r to a tr is wouldn’t and Admin the event just without her happen.


AoM hosted a number of events this year for all primary year groups inviting pupils from The Firs, St Marys, Woodheys and Wellfield Infants and Juniors to participate in a variety of festivals. Activities include Multiskills, Football, Team Building, Softball and a club link day for Taekwondo, Tennis, Lacrosse and Cricket. Approximately 200 pupils attended each festival with an estimate of 1200 pupils taking part in the recreational activities throughout the year. The festivals are planned by AoM PE leaders team and BTEC Sport groups as part of their qualification. AoM also hosted 5 primary competitions with additional schools being invited to attend (Tyntesfield & Brooklands), they included Football, Basketball, Dodgeball and Kick Rounders. These competitions are organised and run by Sixth Form leaders as part of their enrichment programme. The leaders and pupils attending have been a credit to their schools and parents. We look forward to continuing our great relationship with the primary schools in the future.

Goals 4 Girls

We were delight ed to welcome a very special gu Brown, Pride of est into school. Britain winner an Francesca d founder of Goa school for a surp ls 4 Girls, came rise football tra into in ing session with girls. some of our Year 7 and 8 Tamia, Year 7 who , after watching th e Pride of Britain Francesca’s life Awards and hear story, became an ing instant fan and w idol. Through the as determined to power of social m meet her edia, Tamia’s mum meeting with Fran managed to requ cesca, who was est a only too happy to and conduct a fo surprise Tamia du otball training se ring school ssion. All the girls session and the thoroughly enjoye chance to meet d the Francesca. The gi and very motivatio rls found her to be in nal, with superb spiring football skills.


DO YOU SPEAK... This year, we continued our tradition of celebrating the European Day of Languages on the 26th September by running activities for our Year 7 pupils which encouraged them to use the language that they had learnt in the first few weeks of term. All the pupils spent time learning and performing a Spanish or French song (depending on which language they were learning) before taking part in a football tournament in which they were only allowed to communicate in Spanish or French. Pupils were rewarded for making the most effort to communicate in the target language and they all thoroughly enjoyed the activities. What a great way to start the term in the MFL faculty!

Teen techs

We were delig hted to welcom e guests to ou exhibition on r STEM the 6th July. It was our bigg est and best ex hibition to date 18 pupil projec , with ts displayed fo r parents, care staff, governor rs, s and commun ity members. Pup ils relished the opportunity to show-off their work in Sci ence, Technology, Eng ineering and Maths thro ugh innovative proj ects; inventions such as a Fashion Vend ing Machine, a stai rclimbing wheel chair, solar powered cars, mood changing paint, the science of Doc tor Who, Graphene clothe s and many more. The exhibition was part of Manchester City of Science 2016 G reat Science Share , a citywide celebratio n of all things “science ”. The pupils invo lved received co mmendations the Teen Tech from 2016 Awards fo r their work in S club this year, TE M and have all be en invited to en their developed ter projects into th e National Fina next year. ls


Big Quiz

ts and to the paren Thank you at our pported us staff who su ight. ‘Big Quiz’ n parents r 80 staff and We had ove ed g e and mana in attendanc cer n a £550 for C to raise over stic. ta n hich was fa Research, w


Pupils from Ashton on Mersey School made the news headlin es in March, as part of the BBC Sch ool News Report. Pupils from acr oss the year groups teamed up to writ e, film, present and edit a school news bulletin. The pupils covere d a wide range of current affairs issues, with their own unique tak e on topics from ‘fake news’ to the future of technology in the clas sroom. A deadline for online publication of 2pm meant a busy and high octa ne newsroom, with pupils assuming the roles of editors, reporters and presenters. In the lead up to New s Day pupils attended the weekly, after-school BBC Club, during whi ch they learnt about writing reports and producing accurate news. Eng lish teacher Miss Dixon, who led the project, said: “All of the pupils wor ked incredibly hard to produce the programme. In the weeks leading up to News Day, as well as the day itself, they practiced and honed thei r presenting and technical skills, which really showed in the final pro duct. I am very proud of them all and can’t wait to see what they come up with next year!” The finished news programme can be viewed online on the BBC School Report page of Ashton on Mersey School’s website.

Poetry Day

Tuesday 21st March was W orld Poetry D marked the o ay and we ccasion with a visit from lo Garry. cal poet Mik e Mike is a muc h admired fig ure of the Man scene and he chester literar was recently y made a Docto by Mancheste r of Education r Metropolitan University in re the work he d cognition of oes in schools , colleges and KS3 pupils gat universities. hered in the lib rary to hear M poems and ta ike recite his lk about the m agic of readin his skills and g. He drew up experience to on promote expre and a love of books. His un ssion, literacy ique and hum the pupils en thralled and m orous style ha workshop ha d any of them co d encouraged m mented that hi start writing th them to read s eir own poem more poetry an s. d to even

In the week before Christmas we had over 60 senior citizens from our local area in School and provided for them, an excellent start to Christmas in our annual party. The feedback we received from the guests was fantastic and it was lovely to see so many of our pupils and staff supporting the event by entertaining them and providing, making and serving food to them. Thanks very much to Mrs Taylor and the team of staff and pupils who worked so hard to make the event such a success.

One of our oldest school traditions is to recognise the important message of Christmas. We are in a privileged position of having two beautiful churches within walking distance of our school. For many years The Avenue Methodist and St Mary Magdalene Churches both have allowed us to celebrate our carol services with them. Services were prepared to remind pupils of the real meaning of Christmas and parents of Year 7 pupils were invited to join us on the evening of 20th December. It is always a positive way to end a very long and busy term.

friends Thank you very much to the parents and ets. Mark s stma who attended our inaugural Chri y friends We were thrilled with the attendance of so man we and y lovel was re sphe of the school, the atmo managed to raise over £300 for school too.

Sho w Hom e

In June 2016 we held the bun galow presentation for year 10. The pupils presented th eir construction work for the year to their parents and a variety of distinguis hed g uests. Each pupil ha s over the co urse of the ac constructed a ademic year building from the ground up timber frame , including roof, tiles and plasterboard visitors alike w interior. Staff ere incredibly and proud of the p of work produc rofessional le ed and how th vel e and beyond th pupils had go ne above e GCSE requi rements in ord such outstan er to produce ding and tech nically difficu awarded by th lt work. Prizes e school and were local sponsors had demonstr for pupils who ated a particul arly excellent attitude to wo rk.


ABOVE AND BEYOND Pupils at Ashton on Mersey School take great pride in the quality of their work and this year is no exception, examples include: • In Computer Science pupils have used Raspberry Pi computers to create digital artwork for the creative computer programming part of the course. This is a new qualification that has started this year and is aimed at pupils who are interested in following a career in the ever growing computer programming industry. • Pupils in Construction have gone above and beyond the GCSE requirements in order to produce outstanding and technically difficult work. • This year Ashton pupils in Years 10 & 11 have been working towards their exams by trying out a whole range of revision and retrieval activities. In GCSE Humanities, pupils have made their own revision booklets and revision cards and have even tried to ‘be an examiner’ by using exams to spark their revision! In Science the pupils have created their own revision mats and posters to decorate their bedrooms in preparation for the examinations in the Summer. • In Art pupils in all year groups are always very creative and this year has been no exception. Some of the highlights this year include: Manga inspired art work where pupils had to develop their own characters from original Japanese illustrations; Large mechanical eye pieces which made for some striking art displays; a suite of snail characters from an imaginary snail world; depictions of an imagined Manchester landscape of the future!’


The Foreign Language Spelling Bee competition is designed for pupils in Year 7 to practice and improve their vocabulary, spelling and memory skills in a foreign language. The pupils have to translate the words from English and spell them in the target language. Throughout the competition, each Year 7 MFL class has had to learn the meaning of 150 words in either French or Spanish as well as spell them using the target language alphabet since October which is just incredible! Overall, the Spelling Bee competition has had an incredibly positive impact on our Year 7 pupils which will stand them in good stead for the rest of their MFL journey. Très bien! / ¡Muy bien!


Farewell On Friday 27th May, the Class of 2016 entertained their peers with innovative fancy dress outfits as they celebrated the end of an era. It is a sad time to see them go but rewarding to see how far they have come over the two years they have been part of the Sixth Form. For the Leavers’ Assembly parents of the students kindly sent in some wonderful photographs of the students as babies; these caused raptures of laughter as they slowly recognised each other in some quite interesting baby outfits. On 24th June, the students celebrated their Leavers’ Ball at the Cresta Court Hotel. Head Boy Rob and Head Girl Chloe gave the opening speeches and welcomed the Class of 2016 to the evening. Presentations were also made to Mrs Baddeley, to thank her on behalf of the students, for her work leading the Sixth Form.

we held our On 4th - 6th July, Health and annual three-day n for our Year Careers Conventio onday students 12 students. On M student life and attended talks on university making the most of tanding the open days, unders enticeships wide range of appr aring for the available and prep world of work. eet with nts were able to m de stu , on no er aft e In th ce, Teaching, Business and Finan of ld fie e th in rts expe gineering. IT and Structural En t, or Sp , m lis na ur Jo ink and drug in sexual health, dr On Tuesday, experts issues and ting, mental health misuse, healthy ea t eractive and though CPR training held int s nt de stu e th which all provoking sessions attended. e a Wride from Teenag We also had Helen an emotive talk to Cancer Trust deliver Year 12. the event, all the On the final day of at team-building day students enjoyed a Challenge4Change. l ged in all the physica The students enga re we ey th strated activities and demon y task and work er ev on willing to take together.


Health & Careers

s t l u s e R

ed Form receiv chool Sixth S y e rs e e M h T Ashton on in this year. results aga e fourth g th in r d n fo ta te ts ou pass ra % 0 0 1 d e v ie C and 42% school ach 67% at A * h it w their r, a e y also passed t n e consecutive d tu s C eiving ery BTE e cohort rec th lf at A* - B. Ev a h y rl a with ne qualification des. ossible gra p t s so proud e h ig h e th said, “We are rm o F ieve th ix S f ad o show to ach Mr Kelly, He ication they d e f them d o e d h te T c . e nts t is exp a h w d n of our stude yo e sults st, going b d excellent re ve ie h c their very be a ve a to . They h h is a credit is exemplary mmes, whic ra g ro y p b r u d o e across all underpinn ’ hard work, ational the students g and motiv in g n lle a h c ol.” the t of the scho environmen

Class of 2016 On Thursday 15th September we were proud to welcome back our Year 13 students to celebrate the Class of 2016 Presentation Evening. Parents and staff celebrated with the students on their outstanding achievements as they collected their final examination and course certificates. It was a relaxed evening, which was enjoyed by all who attended as we wished the Class of 2016 every success in their future career choices. Outstanding achievement awards were presented by Mrs Thorpe, Governor and Mr Moloney, Headteacher. Headgirl, Chloe presented Mrs Thorpe with a thank you gift on behalf of the students.




Form is given udent in the Sixth st ch ea , ar ye y er Ev they would like nominate a charity to ty ni rtu po op e th nual fundraising support for their an to rm Fo h xt Si e th es were is year, two chariti Th . ch ar M in ek we the Alex mer’s Society and ei zh Al e th , en os ch Hulme Foundation. d raising Team planne The Sixth Form Fund as to help them raise a week of activities eir th s rd wa ible to much funds as poss s. itie ar ch o chosen tw y day ferent event for ever They planned a dif ,a les included cake sa of the week, these teacher, e th w the sponge at treasure hunt, thro tant supply ns allenge and a co a race, cross bar ch out every day. ld so uts, which hn ug do e em Kr y school and of Krisp shoes’ day for main wn ‘o an ed ng ra ar They Everyone on ‘own clothes’ day. an d ha rm Fo xth the Si and funds for to raise awareness rd ha ed rk wo am one of the the te cake sale is always e Th s. itie ar ch o tw these ff; it is always a th students and sta wi ts en ev lar pu po most sell-out. hool community s everyone in the sc ing br ng isi ra nd fu e Th ings that people imes it is the little th et m so d an er th ge to . much more special do that make it so

Thanks! We would like to say a very special thank you to Mrs Sturmon of Sale, who kindly donated a range of hand knitted toys to the students to help them with their fundraising. These beautiful hand knitted items have been sold to students and staff and all funds are being donated to the students’ chosen charities.

KEY 103

The Sixth Fo rm Fundraisin g Team have b een very busy again this ye ar, supportin g the Key 103 Mission Christmas ap peal. Students and staff are alway s very generous with their gift donations ea ch year and th is year has bee n no exceptio n.


The first Wednesday of eve ry month, the Independence Group vis it the Sixth Form and enjoy an afternoon ses sion of activities. Throughout the year we hav e enjoyed Boccia, Cake Decorating and Christ mas Card making to name but a few of the activit ies students and staff enjoy with the group. The last session of the yea r was held at Wythenshaw e Park. Wythenshawe Wheelers provide a range of cycles to suit all abilities and staff and students join the group each year.

dents had This year, history stu it the heart the opportunity to vis and the Nazi of occupied Europe genocide. in square of From the majestic ma dents Auschwitz-Birkenau, stu of tes Krakow to the ga , dy ge tra of y d in a histor and staff were immerse ted. left none of us unaffec t tha horror and heroism

Children in Need On Friday 18th November, the for Fundraising Team raised £449.00 Children in Need. 0 to Sixth Form students donated £3.0 in ents stud and wear their own clothes n. atio don a e mad the main school also a ated don ly kind Ella from Year 12 very ents stud the ch large Costco cake, whi sold for a £1.00 per slice.

The Royal British Legion Poppy Appeal help s to provide thousands of veterans, service men, women and their families with vital advice and support. Throughout the week, the students visited every form in the school selling poppies. Mrs Lloyd , one of our teaching assistants, gave up her time to sell merchandise and poppies at break and lunch time. Their combined efforts achieved an amazing total of £617.00.

On Sunday 6th November Elizabeth, a very brave young lady in Sixth Form, took an enormous leap of faith, 150,000 feet, out of a plane in aid of Duchene’s e which is a progressiv Muscular Dystrophy nephew has s ition that Elizabeth’ muscle-wasting cond ed with. recently been diagnos ds for the sky dive to raise fun Elizabeth decided to do itted to mm co are o ered charity, wh ist reg a ’ ck Ja ng ini ‘Jo d so far ness of the disease an raising funds and aware . .00 68 £9 se an amazing she has managed to rai

In May, student Sam, successfully climbed Mount Snow don, to raise money for the Al ex Hulme Foundation. Sam said they exceeded the target of £5500. Fantastic news! Congratulations Sam!

Matthew, Year 13, a very talented tennis player recently had the opportunity during a visit to Sterling University to meet and spend some time on court with Gordon Reid MBE, a Scottish wheelchair tennis player who won Paralympic gold and silver medals at Rio 2016 and is a two ion. times singles Grand Slam champ the UK and the USA in Matthew is applying to universities study if he remains to ion and Sterling is his preferred opt experience to meet at gre in the UK. Matthew said it was a sful at their sport. and play with someone so succes

Thank you to Year 12/13 leaders for organising and running the Ashton on Mersey School’s Year 5 & 6 Basketball competition as part of their Enrichment programme. They were a credit to the Sixth Form. Well done to St Mary’s Primary School in Sale, for winning. Five local primary schools participated, teachers and leaders were really impressed with the level of skill at the competition. A special well done to Harry from St Mary’s who stood out as an outstanding player, scoring many baskets and creating opportunities for his teammates, well done!


ademy Trust… Ac ti ul M r ou of t ar he At the Over the past year The Dean Trust Teaching School has exceeded the expected outcomes through being involved in a range of school improvement initiatives throughout the country. We have secured our Ofsted grading of Good for the provision of Initial Teacher Training, which is a testament to the innovative courses we provide within a complex offer underpinned by our wide partnership. Our Multi-Academy Trust has now grown its family of schools to nine, our Maths Hub has extended its reach to ensure that we are providing support in improving the quality of Teaching and Learning in Maths across the North West and our CPD offer has expanded. A particular success has been in the area of training for Pupil Premium reviews, supporting schools to ensure that they are ‘narrowing the gap’ and providing specific intervention to support pupil premium pupils. We also continue to support other schools within the North West to raise the attainment and increase the progress of their pupils within their schools through our ‘School-to-School’ support offer. In addition to the above The Dean Trust Teaching School is always at the forefront of the developments of education and its changing landscape. Recently we have been part of the trailblazers for the new Apprenticeships related to Teaching and Learning; a Teaching Assistant Apprenticeship and a Teaching Apprenticeship. With our expertise in this area we helped shape the emergent qualifications. We now look forward to their publication. We look forward to continued success in all areas of the school led system as our Teaching School offer continues to grow and develop.

The Dean Trust

outstanding Teaching Schools are th others to provide schools that work wi and development to high quality training w and experienced trainees and both ne is our our Teaching School staff. A key focus of the raising of to d ovement an pr im ol ho sc to n tio contribu t. hool-to-school suppor standards through sc wing Multiis at the heart of our gro ol ho Sc g hin ac Te r Ou Schoolve a vibrant expanding Academy Trust, we ha mme, a Maths gra pro ) TT r Training (SCI he ac Te l tia Ini ed ntr Ce E’s, LLE’s, SLE’s. Hub and a cadre of NL nal s to support professio Facilitators and coache e Teaching ases of education. Th development in all ph ads’ meetings Dean Trust through Le School supports The resources and of teaching & learning and the centralisation hool team is ctice. The Teaching Sc the sharing of best pra ever-changing the challenges of the always eager to meet ers by by supporting our partn educational landscape d change. leading innovation an





We have enjoyed anoth er year delivering prog rammes in Teaching, With budget constraint Learning & Leadership s on school leaders, pro . fessional development we are pleased to say is an area which is often that we value its impo affected, however rtance and therefore co ‘Outstanding Facilitatio ntinue to offer ‘Train the n Programme’, ‘The Po Trainer’ courses, the wer of Coaching’ and with OLEVI. We have als the ‘Outstanding Teac o become a key partn hing Assistant Program er with Best Practice Ne Outstanding Leadership me’ twork, in particular the Partnership, offering the lead school with their National Professional Teaching School has Qu very successfully delive alifications in Leaders hip. In addition, the red the National Colle Premium Reviewer’ tra ge for Teaching and Le ining to over 60 colleag adership’s (NCTL) ‘Pu ues, and at the time of Computer Science wit pil print, is developing a h UKFast. very exciting programm e for

In the summer term of 2015/16 the SCITT team welcomed Ofsted for the first stage of their Initial Teacher Education (ITE) inspection. The second stage of the inspection took place on Monday 7th to Wednesday 9th November 2016. We are pleased to say that the SCITT were judged to be ‘Good’ in all areas. The report recognised that the SCITT offered a “well-planned and unique suite of training programmes” and that the trainees and NQTs were “thoughtful, buoyant and enthusiastic.” They also pointed out that the SCITT NQTs were “ready to make a difference to pupils’ learning from the start” and were in demand by Head teachers. The inspection team found that “A highly effective, cohesive and ambitious leadership team accounts for the successful establishment of the Ashton on Mersey SCITT. Their passion for developing good and better teachers and their appetite for excellence shines through the extremely comprehensive improvement plan.” of the SCITT “Strategic leadership st umbrella within The Dean Tru long-term g is effective in settin multithe th wi priorities in line .” ion vis ll era academy trust’s ov

School-to-School Support The Teaching school continues to provide school-toschool support as part of the self-improving system as outlined in the Government’s approach to continuous school improvement. Our role as a Teaching School is to explore what specific bespoke support is needed for the commissioned school and then identify appropriate staff from across the Trust or within our Teaching School Alliance to implement the support. We currently have three National Leader of Education commissions, which Ashton staff are supporting , alongside staff from our other Trust schools. One very significant impact upon Ashton is the staff that support others schools bring back best practice so that we can sharpen our practice, meaning better lessons and learning for our pupils.

ng “Schools are benefiti e rtis pe ex from the extra Ts NQ d an trainees possess”

b u H s h t a M

MathsHUBS North West Two

f the 35 r as one o a e y d ir th as our Hubs. 2016/17 w UK Maths leadership d te a n ig s essing all de rn a h f o pread ue our role a to develop and s We contin re ra r Primary rtise in ou two of ou ry a u n a and expe J In nghai practice. in the Sha rt a p k excellent o to hanghai pecialists y visited S Chinese e th re e Mastery S h xchange w it in their schools. Teacher E vis our d a return ding and and hoste nowned as outstan e across re est practic ndary practice is now sharing this b f our Seco o rt re a ta s rs e e teach r saw th the aim . This yea e that has m m ra g the region ro regions’ pecialist p e into the c ti c Mastery S ra P number g Mastery ve held a a h e of bringin W ers . Schools aths teach Secondary es for North West M E and conversion m CS ach of program port for the new G wish to te o p h u w s g rs e in h d inclu s teac r non-math urrent subject. c training fo ir e well as th maths as


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Wishing everyone a great summer!

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