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The Epsom Skin Clinic Laser Liposuction The revolutionary alternative to liposuction Laser Liposuction is an innovative concept in laser assisted Liposculpture, which targets areas of fat that are resistant to diet and exercise. It is a minor procedure for body contouring which uses a fine cannula to deliver a safe, powerful laser to disrupt the fat cells causing them to break down. The fat deposits can then be removed using light suction. The Laser Liposuction treatment is performed under local anaesthetic, is permanent, safe and gives minimal downtime. Advantages of Conventional Liposuction Less Invasive


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What’s in here this month? Ashtead Residents’ Association


Brits at risk from skin damage


Leatherhead Residents’ Association


Macmillan coffee morning


Quiz - TV Bars & Coffee Shops


Leatherhead Theatre


Campaign for Teazle Wood


Local Guide gives talk to Rotary Club


Ashtead Level Crossing Closure


Locomotive artwork for sale


Unexpected Revelations - a story


Recipe - picnic loaf


Book reviews


What’s on in September? (70-73)


Give a cat a home


Gardening - time to plant bulbs


Quiz - Beer & Wine


Pictograms puzzle


Inner Wheel Charity


Local history article


Wildlife Aid - Hedgehogs


MV Police Column


Drop Down puzzle


Science Facts


Simple Crossword


September crosswords


Andy’s Blog


Council reviews polling districts...


Heritage Open Days (44, 46 & 48)


Transition Ashtead


Donate your unused foreign coins


Useful numbers



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From the Publisher


s I write this page, the nation is recovering from the appalling rioting that took place in London and around the country. I think it is easy to over-intellectualise the reasons for this, but there can be no excuse to vandalise homes, loot shops and destroy people’s livelihoods. As an ex-Londoner I was saddened and disgusted by the events I saw unfolding on television on the night of Monday 8th August. I telephoned my sister, who lives in Catford, who told me that several shops in the area had already been looted but that she couldn’t leave her flat because the roads around the area were blocked, despite an offer from me to collect her and have stay with us. The fear and distress in her voice, I think, sums up how most people in London were feeling that night. However, my faith in humanity was restored by the various clean-up campaigns which took place after the rioting and the way in which communities came together to express their solidarity and strength of feeling, which was both uplifting and heart-warming, against these criminal acts . Now, brightening the mood... Celebrate National Cruise Week with Style Cruises in Craddocks Parade, page 17. Surrey County Council’s Love Food Surrey campaign get underway and there are lots of useful tips on pages 76 and 77 about how to cut down on food waste. This year, the theme of Heritage Open Days (8th-11th September) is ‘Work, Rest & Pray’ and I have featured a small selection on pages, 44, 46 and 48 of events taking place. I’m sure there will be something interesting going on to suit everyone. An interesting, and important campaign is underway to purchase a precious piece of woodland in Leatherhead Teazle Wood (page 22). The campaign is gaining a great deal support from concerned local residents and businesses and, as I go to print, residents are urged to write to their local MP, saying how important saving the wood is to them, the community and future generations, including any personal knowledge they may have of the wood. This campaign is made all the more relevant in Technical & Legal stuff view of the Government’s draft National Planning Policy Whilst every care has been taken to Framework, which represents the biggest shake-up of ensure that the data in this magazine planning for over 50 years and as a result will possibly is accurate, the Publisher cannot increase the pressure for development in rural areas. Advertising The Ashtead & Leatherhead Local provides local businesses with affordable, quality advertising. Ads cost from £53 +VAT per month, per quarter page for a 10,000 distribution (yes, really!) and can be designed where required.

accept, and hereby disclaims, any liability to any party for loss or damage caused by errors or omissions resulting from negligence, accident or any other cause.

Finally, for those of you wondering what those funny squiggles are in the box at the top right hand of this page, I’ve been told that if you wave your telephone in front of it, sing the chorus of All Things Bright & Beautiful twice, turn around, touch your toes and switch on the toaster, you will be connected to my website, apparently it’s called an ‘app’ dear friends.

No part of this magazine may be reproduced, stored in any retrieval system, or transmitted in any form electronic, mechanical, recording, Enjoy the ‘back to school’ season little ones, I always photocopying, or otherwise - without loved my new school uniform, which looked really smart, prior permission of the Publisher. right into the second week of term... All in-house artwork and editorial Tatty bye for now. presented in this magazine remains the copyright of Zen George. © Zen George All rights reserved 2011. 01372 376420

Zen George Publisher 01372 376420 6

© Cover design/photography by Andy Newbold 01372 383018

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ASHTEAD RESIDENTS’ ASSOCIATION Founded 1945 The Last Word Ashtead Churches Community Trust – has raised funds to employ a full time youth worker who is seconded to the Surrey Youth Development Service to help provide support for the young people of Ashtead throughout the week Ashtead Good Neighbours – undertakes tasks for adults in need in Ashtead that a good neighbour might carry out, eg transport for medical appointments, collecting prescriptions and dog walking Ashtead Recreation Campaign – raised funds to improve children’s’ play facilities on the recreation ground.

After nearly 30 years in Ashtead, I am moving away from the area and this will be my last column. This has led me to reflect upon my life in Ashtead and my feelings towards it. My overwhelming sense is one of gratitude, as it has provided a safe and supportive environment for my family. At each stage in life it has provided what we have needed. Over the years some things have changed, including a significant growth in the population, the opening of the M25 and the impact of increased car ownership. I think however that the essential character and the village atmosphere have survived. It was for this purpose that the Association was formed and in my view it can continue to play a valuable role in the years ahead.

What strikes me as impressive is that these efforts meet the needs of a wide range of different groups within our community. Looking to the future, there will be continuing challenges if the essential character of Ashtead is to be preserved. In my opinion these will increase significantly as a consequence of cuts in local government finance. A mechanism for increased community involvement is set out in the Localism Bill currently before parliament. Time will tell how this works out in practice but in my view Ashtead is well equipped to face the challenges and opportunities arising.

Many residents greatly value this essential character and are prepared to act to maintain it when threats arise. Perhaps the best recent example of this was the extraordinary opposition which arose to the excessive and inappropriate planning proposals made by Tesco. Both threatened to change fundamentally the character of the heart of our village, as has happened in many towns and villages across the country. Change is needed if the village centre is to thrive and Tesco has yet to decide how to proceed, so the story is not yet finished. In my opinion however a balanced outcome, which could enhance local trade and amenities without dominating the village centre and destroying its essential character, remains possible.

Finally, I am very grateful to Zen for providing us with the opportunity to contribute to her magazine each month. Over time it has grown in size and popularity and provides the Association with a very valuable way of communicating with residents. Paul Le Versha

There have also been many other examples in recent years of the local community meeting a variety of needs through voluntary efforts. Whilst not intended to be exhaustive, the examples which come to mind are: Ashtead Cricket Club – has improved its facilities and provides the opportunity for many young people to participate 8

Are you a member of the ARA? If not, why not join and help us to become an even stronger voice for Ashtead? Membership currently costs £2.50 a year per household. If you would like to join or have a general query, please contact our Membership Secretary, Jim Malynn on 07733621614 or by email on He will be delighted to hear from you.

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THE LEATHERHEAD RESIDENTS’ ASSOCIATION The last month has been quite busy for some of us, attending various meetings on behalf of our members. The future plans for Cherkley Court have caused much discussion. For the Residents’ Association, we are asking for future involvement between the Developers and the Residents. Hopefully this will mean that residents may use some of the ancillary facilities, such as the spa and the restaurants. Similarly we hope that guests at the hotel will also be encouraged to visit the Town and join in with some of our activities. It is hard to be specific at this time as planning permission has yet to be granted. However it seems a shame if this house were to remain so exclusive that local people could not be involved in some way other than as employees. On the other hand Leatherhead has much to offer its visitors. Our Environmental sub-committee have spent much time and effort in putting together plans for ‘greening up’ the High Street. These were discussed with Mole Valley officers and brought to the recent meeting of the Town Centre Advisory Group. This group spent an evening looking into the short term and medium term possibilities of reorganising the High Street in terms of traffic and parking restrictions which might enhance rather than detract from the Street scene. As part of this group I found it very encouraging and positive, with a high degree of agreement between the participants. The results of these deliberations will be revealed for all to see later on in the year. The Leatherhead and District Forum received a boost at the last meeting of the District Council

when a motion was proposed for the Council to resume its support of the Forum, this was passed by all but 3 members from Dorking who asked for various changes to suit their Forum needs, but which were not so helpful to Leatherhead. However they still opposed the motion which seemed to be rather futile. However no financial benefit will come about until after the Olympic Cycle Race next year. The Council is going to have to make various financial and organisational commitments, the full extents of which are not yet apparent. Hopefully it will prove beneficial to the residents of Mole Valley, and Leatherhead in particular. As I write this, the future of the Teazle Wood is still very much in the balance, This piece of woodland, behind Tesco’s and the Fire and Iron Gallery has been put up for sale. It has a public footpath through it, linking to near Dorincourt in Oaklawn Road. Whilst the current owners have allowed public access to the wood in the past, new owners might not be so tolerant. The land is protected under a local nature reserve designation, and it is within the Green Belt, but things may change in the future with pressure from many quarters to loosen the planning restrictions. The LRA is asking people to help save this piece of woodland for the present and future residents of Leatherhead. Anyone wishing to help and possible secure this land as a public or common piece of land should contact Lucy Quinnell at the Fire and Iron Gallery on

Hubert Carr, Chairman


Yes I would like to join the Leatherhead Residents’ Association Name



_______________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________



Enc. £2 for one year / £5 for three years payable to the Leatherhead Residents’ Association. Please send to:

LRA, Letherhead Institute, 67 High Street, Leatherhead, KT22 8AH Tel: 07986 430935

If you would like to receive information from the Leatherhead Residents’ Association via email, then please 10 contact us by going to our website.

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At Surrey Hills Onward Learning, (a provider of adult education classes) we are delighted to have the opportunity to appear in the Ashtead and Leatherhead Local. The ‘A & L Local’ is well presented, accessible and has a wide readership, so ideal for getting one’s brand known. Every time we include an advertisement we get several enquiries which result in enrolments. We are sure that the Ashtead and Leatherhead Local has contributed significantly to the rise of our student numbers by some 15% during the last year. Jill Harris, Principal


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Winners of the Best Estate Agency, second year running, 2010 & 2011 for South West Home Counties. 14

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24 hour nursing care • Long Term and Respite Respite Stay • Full programme programme of activities • Day Care • Care Quality Quality Commissio Commissionn Exce Excell llent ent Rating • For further further deta details ils pl please ease contact the Manager Manager on 01372 01372 274552 274552 Email: Website:

43 Skinne Skinners rs Lane, Ashtea Ashtead, d, Surre Surrey, y, KT21 KT21 2NN


Where is the magic? by local Estate Agent, Richard Elphick FNAEA Anyone expecting the government to have produced a magic wand to “fix” the property market will have been disappointed by their policy so far. Having said that does it need fixing? After years of considerable growth (the Southwest has seen a 225% increase since Jan 1995), values may have slipped slightly (0.9% down on last year) but generally property has held its own, albeit with some regional variations. Property has therefore proven to be a solid and worthwhile investment. Which other investment can you live in tax free? And the future looks stronger than some pessimists would have us believe. For example, mortgages are beginning to free up, with some providers now requiring just 10% deposit. Affordability is also relatively good at the moment, with mortgage interest rates around 25% of what they were in 1992. Many people are using the saving to reduce their loan, help their children buy, or invest in buy-to-let property. Whilst fears about inflation may be a worry, unlike the spendthrift days of the 1980s and 1990s, most of the factors currently fuelling inflation (such as oil prices and VAT) cannot be controlled by a rise in interest rates, so it is extremely unlikely that we will ever return to the days of 15% interest, or anything like it. The current base rate of just 0.5% has now remained unchanged for two years and whilst the only way is likely to be up, many commentators suggest that relatively low interest rates could be around for many years to come. Indeed, the “swap rate” - the borrowing rate between institutions (currently 1.14%) is currently no more than 4.2% for banks lending to each other over a “fixed term” of 12 to 30 years! With summer upon us we as estate agents have certainly noticed an increase in activity generally and remain very upbeat about the market. This does not mean that prices are due to rise, but that correctly-priced property is likely to sell faster and that the gap between asking and selling prices is likely to narrow during this year.

Richard Elphick is a Fellow of the National Association of Estate Agents and Partner in Elphick Estate Agents in Ashtead. Comments and feedback welcome, also FREE market valuations:

01372 272321 19

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Personal 24 hour service from a privately funded family business SERVING LEATHERHEAD, ASHTEAD, BOOKHAM AND SURROUNDING AREAS



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Word processing & colour laser printing services, established in Ashtead since 1993 letters | mailshots | leaflets | flyers newsletters | envelopes/labels | reports tables/charts | presentations | spreadsheets

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Teazle Wood, Leatherhead

Friends Group Campaigns to Leave a Legacy of Green Space A community campaign to purchase a precious block of local woodland has gathered massive support in its first few weeks. Since 14th July, when Leatherhead resident Lucy Quinnell proposed that the town’s last major block of woodland should be secured for the community in perpetuity, the “Friends of Teazle Wood” have raised thousands of pounds and gathered hundreds of voices of support.

Teazle Wood is home to endangered species such as the Stag Beetle

Tim Smit, the man behind the Eden Project in Cornwall, has endorsed the project, calling it “important”, and construction company Wates has pledged a very generous £5000 to the cause.

many people, including the ex-Services veterans of Combat Stress, and the residents of Queen Elizabeth’s Foundation for Disabled People. This is a once in a lifetime chance to ensure that this land is protected for all time, so that nature can thrive and local people can continue to enjoy it and learn from it forever.”

Young people have pledged their time, and exTherfield student Ollie de Boer, who has just completed his Masters degree, has offered his expertise in the field of community ownership free of charge. Many diverse local groups, charities, individuals and companies have joined the Friends in recognising the importance of the woodland and the significance of this opportunity. Pledges of money from £5 The “Big Tidy Up” in to £10,000 have 2010 is typical of the been received community litter picks from all over the that have taken place country, including a pledge of £20 from a history teacher in Scotland, and £250 from a family in London. Lucy, who lives in North Leatherhead and close to Teazle Wood, has championed the woodland for many years as a vital ecological and community resource. “Teazle Wood is a neglected but important natural space, with endangered plants such as Green Hound’s Tongue, and a large area registered on the Ancient Woodland inventory. As well as being a crucial stepping-stone for wildlife between Bookham and Ashtead Commons, and a great local heritage resource, it is greatly loved by so


Sustainability Consultant Hilary Livesey, commenting on Teazle Wood, draws attention to current Government acknowledgment “that high-quality natural environments foster healthy neighbourhoods; that green spaces encourage social activity and reduce crime; and that the Native bluebells grow in natural the Ancient Woodland environment can help children’s learning. “ She said “I feel very strongly that we need to give the Friends of Teazle Wood the opportunity to lead the local community in protecting and improving Teazle Wood for the benefit of both nature and people, now and in the long-term future.” The woodland, which has a public footpath along one side, is currently privately owned, and is on the market.

New “Friends of Teazle Wood” are welcome, and if you want to pledge funds, verbal support or expertise, e-mail Lucy at for more details. Lucy has also set up a Facebook group called ‘Friends of Teazle Wood’. Photos by Lucy Quinnell

p23 new.pdf












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The Funeral Service that Caters for Everyone’s Needs

We are your local Independent Family Funeral Directors And are personally involved in the arrangements of All our funerals, 365 days a year. Arrangements can be made either at your Home or at our Premises Prepaid Funeral Plans & Monumental Masonry Personal, discreet 24 Hour Service

25 The Street, Ashtead, KT21 1AA

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also at Ewell and Bookham

Ashtead Level Crossing Closure THE SURREY COUNTY COUNCIL PROPOSE TO MAKE the above mentioned Temporary Order, under Section 14(1) of the Road Traffic Regulation Act 1984, the effect of which will be to prohibit vehicles from entering or proceeding in that length of Woodfield Lane (D2613) Ashtead which extends from the southern side of its junction with Woodfield Road (D2568) and Overdale (D2519) to the north-eastern spur of Woodfield Lane (D2613) a distance of approximately 30 metres at the Level Crossing. The Order is necessary to enable Network Rail take delivery of long rails and will be in effect for a period of three months commencing on 30th July 2011. These works are anticipated to be carried out at night between the hours of 23:00 to 06:00 within one week of the Temporary Order. However the closure will only operate when the relevant traffic signs are displayed and if the works are completed ahead of schedule the road will be re-opened early. There is no alternative route however access to pedestrians and emergency vehicles will be maintained at all times as detailed below. Under Section 3 of the Road Traffic Regulation Act 1984 the road can only be closed for a maximum of 8 hours in any 24-hour period.

• • •

Temporary arrangements (as used previously) will enable access for emergency vehicles Ashtead station car park will be available to leave cars in overnight. Network Rail will provide a full security presence to watch over any vehicles, as the station is usually unmanned at night. Pedestrians and equestrians will be able to cross the line under escort from the site team if the station footbridge is unsuitable. Motorbikes/pedal cycles may be wheeled across under escort.

A vehicle will be parked on the common side of the crossing to offer a lift to residents who live far from the crossing, are carrying luggage or are elderly residents requiring assistance. 24

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• Respite care • Integrated social , outings and

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Person-centred 24 hour care Unrestricted visiting Excellent cuisine Newly refurbished rooms with en-suite toilets • Registered with Quality Care Commission

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Unexpected Revelations Ruth and her family had a good summer. The children saw friends, rode their bikes and spent days in London and at the Leisure Centre. Ruth had reduced her work commitments and enjoyed a relaxed time at home, especially now the children didn't wake up so early. They had a surprisingly enjoyable week in a Devon cottage during the last week of August. The weather was unpredictable but there were a couple of beautiful days on the beach juxtaposed with hours of torrential rain and fiercely contested games of Monopoly which Sam lost, much to the delight of his children. Unfortunately he was suffering from a frozen shoulder, a condition that had been causing him a lot of pain for several weeks and he found the bed very uncomfortable. He was therefore quite happy to laze around during the day and often had a snooze in the afternoon. They ate fish and chips, ice creams and jam laden scones and Ruth could feel her waistband tightening by the day. She stood in front of the mirror each morning, convinced that her stomach was getting bigger. It would take months to get back to her usual weight. However, her morning mantra was "Sod it, I'm on holiday" and that seemed to set her up happily for another day of indulgence. They spent an enjoyable afternoon at a farm, famous in the area for pressing its own cider. The well stocked farm shop was full of enticing varieties and Ruth discovered the delights of Perry, or pear cider which she had never tried before. They bought several different bottles and some apple juice for the children. That night, Sam and Ruth had a tasting session and were amazed at how quickly the bottles emptied. They eventually discovered Sarah and Daniel behind the sofa, giggling about how delicious the apple juice was and how their heads felt "all swimmy".

summer and Sarah was nervous about her new teacher. At least her friend Maggie was going to be in her class. At the end of the first afternoon of school, Mrs Oster came into in the playground as the children were leaving and Ruth was baffled by what happened next. The teacher noticed her and frowned. She then put her head on one side with sympathetic sigh and gave a rather forced smile. As Ruth walked past, Mrs Oster briefly rested her hand on Ruth's arm and said "You're very brave doing it all again, especially at such a difficult time. Congratulations, Mrs Garson." That evening Ruth was still confused about the 'Oster the Ogre' incident. Sarah seemed happy enough and the only real work they had been set that day was to write about their summer holidays. What was she being brave about? Why was she being congratulated and why was it a difficult time? After her daughter was in bed, Ruth tidied up and organised things for the next day. She put Sarah's pencil case in her bag and checked that her homework diary was there. She found an orange exercise book and took it out to have a look. The first page was entitled "What I Did During My Holidays". Ruth sat at the kitchen table and started to read. "My summer holidays were great. I rode my bike and saw Maggie and Jenny. I went to Devon and stayed in a very very small house with a straw roof. It was also great and we played on the beach. Daddy slept a lot with a frozen soldier. I think it was the cider. I drank cider with my brother behind the sofa. It was like when you spin round and round too fast. Mummy and Daddy didn't see us for ages. They were busy drinking all the bottles they bought from the man on the cider farm. Mummy liked Perry more than Daddy. Daddy was made bankrupt on holiday too which Daniel thought was very funny. Mummy's tummy is getting bigger every day now and she says that it will be a few months before she is back to normal."

Ruth was melancholic when they returned home and she had to get the children ready for school. The summer had passed far too quickly and she couldn't believe that a new academic year was about to start. Sarah was moving into a class with Mrs Oster, a Copyright Sarah Lott formidable lady in her sixties who was an August 2011 excellent teacher but very traditional in her ways. Unfortunately, Ben and Daniel had tormented her with 'Oster the Ogre' stories all 26

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Some of the best

Short stories

Want to read more but never seem able to find the time? Our collection of fantastic short story books features something for everyone – the perfect way to become involved in a high-impact or touching tale, when all you have is twenty minutes.

Collected Short Stories by Roald Dahl A complete collection of dark, twisted and fantastically written short stories, this is perfect for teenagers and adults. With over fifty lingering tales, this book contains favourites such as ‘Lamb to the Slaughter’, where a guilty wife attempts to conceal the murder of her husband by feeding the only evidence to the police. Genius! Sleep by Roddy Doyle For an introduction to this charming Irish writer, Sleep is a lovely text, in which a husband admires his sleeping wife and reflects upon his life with her. Despite the brevity of the tale, Doyle develops strong characters, combining context with emotion to create a softness and affection which is incredible touching. The Heart of Darkness by Joseph Conrad Although this is more of a novella, it is one of the greatest short stories: dark,

captivating and with a torrent of hidden meaning flowing

beneath the surface. Beautifully written and darkly magical, it’s a must-read. The Metamorphosis by Franz Kafka This wonderful story tells the tale of Gregor Samsa, who one day wakes up to find that he has turned into an insect. Exploring the themes of man and the natural world, alienation and morality, this tale is darkly funny and brilliantly written. The Bottle Imp by Robert Louis Stevenson The Bottle Imp can grant any wish, but with a chilling caveat: die with it in your possession and your soul will burn in hell for eternity (not a 28

happy thought) - and the bottle can only be sold for less than the purchase price. When Keawe finds himself in desperate need of the bottle, he discovers it only to realise it has a sinister value of just one cent. This is suspense story-telling at its best. The Yellow Wallpaper by Charlotte Perkins Gilman This is the brilliantly written account of postnatal depression in the Victorian era, recounting the decline of a young woman’s mental health and the lack of understanding

from her family as she is imprisoned in a room of her house. Both sinister and desperately sad, this will grip any reader until the very last line.

Just out...

Oscar Wilde’s Stories for all Ages by Oscar Wilde and Stephen Fry

This wonderful collection combines some of the best tales of Oscar Wilde, presented in a beautifully illustrated book, featuring a foreword and introduction to each story by his biggest fan, Stephen Fry. For first time visitors to Wilde’s work, ‘The Selfish Giant’ is a must-read, telling the enchanting story of a giant who lives perpetually in Winter, until he allows children into his castle and his heart.

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The Ashtead and Leatherhead Local was the natural way for the Chernobyl Children's Lifeline Mid Surrey Link to reach out to a really local audience and Zen's help in laying out the article led to really impressive results. Thank you Zen! Simon Cooke, Mid Surrey Link


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To assist elderly and/or disabled persons to remain independent in their own home. We can provide highly trained care staff to help with:-

Bathing & showering • Meal & snack preparation Getting up in the morning • Going to bed at night Supporting with day to day activities Assisting with taking medication

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Tigger is a beautiful five year old black and white boy in real need of a loving home. He is very confident and affectionate, likes nothing more than curling up on a warm lap and gets on well with other cats. He is quite playful and likes to chase his toys and loves his laser pen. He needs an experienced owner (a family with older children would be ideal) and he would love the chance to have a garden to play in again. If you think Tigger is the boy for you, please call Rosemary on 01737 350307. Epsom, Ewell & District Branch

As we have around 7,000 cats and kittens in our care at any one time, we will find you the perfect feline friend.

Reg Charity 203644 (England and Wales) and SC037711 (Scotland) 30

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Financial Planning and Wealth Management Charlwood Leigh has been based in Leatherhead for over 40 years advising a wide range of personal and corporate clients on how to manage their assets, save tax and protect their families. We would welcome the opportunity to meet you and discuss your affairs in confidence. Our first meeting will, of course, be at our expense.

Contact us for information on Personal Financial Planning

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ISAs, Unit Trusts, Annuities, Trust Fund Management

Corporate Financial Planning

Stakeholder Pensions, Medical Insurance, Group Risk Insurance Cameron House, Church Street, Leatherhead, KT22 8EQ Tel: 01372 374444 Email: Charlwood Leigh is authorised and regulated by the Financial Services Authority (FSA) 31

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At j. Hutchinson (fuels) ltd

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74 Church St, Leatherhead, KT22 8EN

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Inner Wheel Charity

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At the first meeting of her year, Gill Jackson, the President of Ashtead Inner Wheel outlined her plans for the year and revealed that her chosen charity is Dyscover, a local charity which helps patients who have speech and communication problems after strokes and head injuries.

Our specialist services include: • All types of domestic and commercial • • • • •

cleaning Ironing service – at home or taken away Flat or house move cleaning New build cleaning Office and shop cleaning Oven/Aga/hob cleaning

You name it – we’ll clean it! References readily available.

For a free no obligation quote call Dawn today on:

During the year efforts will be made to support Dyscover in their own fund raising activities, as well as organising other events to increase our charity funds for home and overseas.

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A prickly time for charity workers

Hedgehogs need delicate handling at the best of times – but when suddenly faced with an unexpected influx of these spiky little creatures the staff and volunteers at the Wildlife Aid Foundation have had to pull out all the stops to make sure the new patients get the very best round-the-clock care and attention. Usually there’s a surge in the spring when the first brood of baby hedgehogs take their tentative steps into the world, and then another batch in the late summer and early autumn. But this year, while the Foundation’s staff and volunteers are still trying to take care of the spring intake, the first of the second batch have already arrived – about six weeks earlier than expected. And, unlike many of the Foundation’s other wildlife patients, these baby hedgehogs need constant attention, 24/7, and have to be fed regularly with specially formulated milk. It really is a case of “all hands on deck”, explains the charity’s founder, Simon Cowell MBE. The charity is now so busy now that its vet nurses and its teams of volunteer helpers – once they have completed their daytime shifts at the wildlife centre – are having to continue looking after their prickly patients all night long too. Says Simon: “The first batch of hedgehogs will be released into the wild by the end of the year, but the more recent arrivals will still be with us till early 2012. The overlap between the two batches means that our hedgehog carers haven’t had a moment to rest and recharge. “It’s very unusual to get a second brood of orphaned hogs so early in the summer. Generally we wouldn’t expect them till late August or September. But it looks like something has gone awry with the breeding patterns in the wild, perhaps because of the unusual weather we’ve had in Britain and the very early spring. “Tragically, there are always lots of orphaned young hedgehogs for us to take care of, because so many of the adults have been killed on the roads or caught in fences or litter, leaving their offspring to fend for themselves. And they are too young to survive without our help.” 36

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07732 789879 789879 Now doing readings at Quest in Epsom 01372 878606

www.annspiri www.annsp iritualtr I thought I'd drop you a line to say how pleased we were with the half page article in the Ashtead and Leatherhead Local. We were thrilled to be a sell out show for all three nights and I am sure the article helped to achieve that goal, so many thanks again. Sara Brammall, Woodfield Entertainers

Drop Down The letters to the left belong in the squares immediately to the right, but not necessarily in the given order. When entered correctly, they reveal the names of five actors, reading downwards.

Your Friendly, Reliable, Local Cleaning Service

• Domestic Cleaning • Spring Cleans • End of Tenancy Cleans • Drive & Patio Cleaning • Ashtead based family run cleaning business serving the local area since 2005 • All work is covered by both Employers’ and Public Liability Insurance • At First Choice we take great pride in all work undertaken and believe that our strength lies in offering a friendly, flexible and totally reliable service

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Art, Jewellery & Gifts

Simple Crossword 1







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Across 1 Hairy and unkempt (6) 4 Detector (6) 9 Make comprehensible (7) 10 Vagabond (5) 11 Fear greatly (5) 12 Empowered (7) 13 Sections (11) 18 Replicating (7) 20 Ransack (5) 22 Presses (5) 23 Where plays are performed (7) 24 Required (6) 25 Remained (6) Down 1 Firm (6) 2 Round fleshy fruit (5) 3 Your parent's mother (7) 5 Surplus (5) 6 Type of onion (7) 7 Fast running waterways (6) 8 Make inquiries (11) 14 Detonate (7) 15 Sincere (7) 16 Activity (6) 17 Rely upon (6) 19 Publication (5) 21 Not lean (5) 40

Solution on page 78

Art, Jewellery & Gifts

“I am delighted with the response to the adverts that Fire & Iron has placed in the Ashtead & Leatherhead Local; it has proved to be a terrific way for us to communicate with our local audience, reaching people in an economical and highly effective way. Zen is incredibly helpful and friendly too, which makes the whole process of placing a single advert, or planning a long-term campaign, very easy.” Lucy Quinnell, Fire & Iron

∗ Besp espoke oke Framing Framing ∗ Framed Framed Originals Originals & Limited Limit ed Edition Edition Prints Prints ∗ Gifts & Jewellery Jewellery ∗ Ca Cards rds ∗ Ready Made Frames Frames & Mounts Mounts 22 Bridge Bridge Stree Street, t, Leath Lea therhea erhead, d, KT22 KT22 8BZ

Tel: 01372 01372 377363 41


Health & Beauty

• Well-Established Modern Practice • Fully Air Conditioned • Same Day Emergency Service • Cosmetic Dentistry including Tooth • • • •

Whitening & Advanced Facial Aesthetics Full Disabled Access Hygienist Service NHS For Children Easy Parking

Dr Sue Taylor Taylor

Dr R Woodriffe

Dr M Talbot Talbot

Dr T Than

Phone Now for an Appointment 01372 363670 135 Cobham Road, Fetcham, KT22 9HX 43

8th, 9th, 10th & 11th September This year’s theme:

Work, Rest and Pray

Georgian organ made by Thomas Parker in 1766, and re-instituted in 2007; bellringing tower with 10 bells open to visits. Saturday 14.30-17.00, Sunday14.00-16.00; no booking required.

Mickleham, St Michael & All Angels Church

Old London Road, Mickleham, Dorking RH5 6EB Mentioned in the Domesday Book of 1086. Parts of the original Saxon church, over 1000 years old, are incorporated into the current church. Much of the current church dates from the Norman era around 1180. In 1823 the church arches were raised, and the North Aisle added in 1827. There will be a children’s church trail and an opportunity to ring the bells. Refreshments will be available. See also below entry for Chapel of Ease, Westhumble. Saturday 11.00-17.00, Sunday 12.30-17.00; no booking required.

Westhumble, Chapel of Ease

The following is just a taste of the hundreds of events taking place from 8th-11th September. For more information go to: or call 01306 885001 CHURCHES Ashtead, St Giles’ Church

Park Lane, Ashtead KT21 1EJ Lovely 12th century Grade II* listed church which has been restored and refurbished. Saturday 14.00-16.30, Sunday open as normal 14.00 -16.00; no booking required.

Fetcham, St Mary’s Church

The Ridgeway, Fetcham KT22 9AZ Church dating back to 11th and 12th century; Grade II* listed. Adjacent to Fetcham Park House with which it has close ties. Refreshments available. Saturday 10.00-17.00; no booking required.

Chapel Lane, Westhumble, Dorking RH5 6AH The Chapel of Ease to St Michael & All Angels Church, Mickleham, can be found in the village of Westhumble. Converted from a former outbuilding, and used by the railway builders as a resting place when the railway was being built between Leatherhead and Dorking. Information booklet and refreshments will be available. Saturday 12.00-17.00, Sunday 13.00-17.00; no booking required.

The Woodcarvings of St Peter’s

St Peter’s Church, Church Road, Newdigate RH5 5DL Local historian, Jane Lilley, will describe the beautiful woodcarvings in St Peter’s Church. Many carved by the young men of the village 100 years ago. Open: Thursday & Saturday 10.00-12.00. Pre-booking essential, contact John Callcut on 01306 631148.

COMMERCIAL BUILDINGS Brockham limeworks and hearthstone mine where work stopped in 1936 Chalk Pit Lane, Brockham, Dorking RH3 7HA Chalk pits and lime kilns last worked in 1936 and mine shaft last worked in 1975. Scheduled Ancient Monument, now an important nature reserve and bat hibernation site. Short guided walks to see kilns, mine shafts and chalk pits. Thursday & Friday guided tours 13.00, 14.30 & 16.00, Sunday guided tours 10.30, 13.00, 14.30 & 16.00; no booking required.

Leatherhead, St Mary & St Nicholas Church

Church Road, Leatherhead KT22 8AY oldest building in Leatherhead. See the magnificent

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Fetcham Park House

Off Badingham Drive, Fetcham KT22 9HD Fetcham Park House is a hidden gem - a 300 year old Grade II listed mansion set in nearly six acres of formal gardens. Behind its grand façade lie some equally grand rooms and murals by Louis Laguerre, whose work also graces Chatsworth House and Hampton Court. Shell Room, This year we are looking at Fetcham Park House its fascinating history from 1924 to the present day. Saturday 10.00-17.00; no booking required.

Polesden Lacey

Great Bookham RH5 6BD Free entry to Polesden Lacey Saturday 10 September! For this day only free entry for all visitors who can explore the house and grounds where the cream of Edwardian society came to enjoy themselves. Refreshments available. Saturday 11.00-17.00 (last admissions 16.30); No booking required.

Rowhurst, Leatherhead

Fire and Iron Gallery, Rowhurst Forge, Oxshott Road, Leatherhead KT22 0EN Rowhurst is a private house with three major builds dating from pre-1346, 1346 and 1632. Rowhurst’s 1940s outbuildings are home to Fire and Iron Gallery and Rowhurst Forge. See inside the ground floor and find out about the history of the house and see Milton Court, Dorking images of earlier occupants. The F&I team will be UNUM Ltd, Westcott Road, demonstrating their metal working skills, and the Dorking RH4 3LZ Jacobean mansion, beautiful ongoing mystery of Leatherhead’s missing minster church will be described. Refreshments available. grounds, nestling beneath Friday & Saturday 11.00-16.00; no booking required the North Downs. Built in 1611. Talks and guided tours every 30 mins throughout The Bungalow Pond, Buckland the day - ancient beams, Reigate Road, Buckland RH2 9RE wall painting and ghost Our Victorian Reigate stone-lined pond, has been story! Refreshments on sale, restored complete with new monk gate and sluice. proceeds to charity. The pond is fed naturally from the North Downs, Saturday 10.00-16.30 & and at times supplemented when the local water Sunday 10.00-16.45; authority discharge water from boreholes above the no booking required. A25 via a culvert. Saturday 10.00-17.00; no booking required.

Norbury Park Sawmill Open Day

Norbury Park, Mickleham, Dorking RH5 6DN Come and see what the team get up to at the sawmill. We will be running live demonstrations throughout the day on sawing trees, seasoning, bowl turning, charcoal making, green woodworking and bench construction. Refreshments available. Sat & Sun 10.30-16.00; no booking required


SCHOOLS St John’s School, Leatherhead

Epsom Road, Leatherhead KT22 8SP Independent day and boarding school founded for the sons of clergymen in 1851. It moved to Leatherhead in 1872 and now has 550 pupils. Former pupils include Victor Silvester OBE, Gavin Hewitt and the architect Lord Rogers. Saturday tour at 15.00; no booking required.

Belmont Preparatory School/Feldemore House, Holmbury St Mary

Leatherhead Museum

Pasturewood Road, Holmbury St Mary, Dorking RH5 6LQ Belmont Preparatory School is based in the former home of Edwin Waterhouse. Built in 1880 this fine Arts & Crafts building boasts the work of William Morris and William de Morgan in its fine fireplaces. More info on Thursday & Friday tours at 09.30. Pre-booking essential, telephone Mrs A Owen on 01306 730852 or email

Hampton Cottage, 64 Church Street, Leatherhead KT22 8DP The museum, housed in a restored 17th century cottage, will for Heritage Open Days enhance its displays on products once manufactured in the engineering works of Goblin, Ronson and others. Thursday & Friday 13.00-16.00, Saturday & Sunday 10.00-16.00; no booking required.


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Leatherhead Podiatry Love your feet! Lesley Pennington S.R.Ch., D.Pod.M., B.Sc.Hons., HPC reg 25 years experience

10% off your first appointment on production of this ad (offer ends 30th Nov 2011) • • • • •

Corns and Calluses Orthotics Ingrowing toe Nails Verrucae Home visits

• • • • •

Athlete’s Foot Problematic Nails Bunions Sports Injuries Heel Pain

01372 374125 63b High Street, Leatherhead

Take a bi bite te out of summer! summer! FREE estimates estimates for new den dentur tures es Natural Natu ral looki looking, ng, comfort com fortable able and at a price price to put a smile sm ile on your fface! ace! Astek Dental Dental Centre, Centre, 19 Cannon Cannon Grove Grove Fetc Fe tcham, ham, KT22 KT22 9LG

01372 377678 377678 47

Box Hill School/Dalewood House, Mickleham

was opened together with the station at Bookham. We will give details of the development of the system up to the present day. Open: Sunday 14.30; no booking required.

Old London Road, Mickleham RH5 6EA Guided tours available of this historic building which was built in 1883 by D H Evans, the Oxford Street store owner. A Victorian Gothic style house, its interior has fine wood panelling, WALKS stained glass and wonderful fireplaces. Ashtead Common Roman Villa Saturday tour 14.00, Sunday tour 11.30. Pre-booking essential, telephone 01372 385048 Six ranger-led guided walks to observe the culmination of three weeks archaeological or email excavations by the volunteers from the Surrey Archaeological Society (SAS) of the Roman villa, Fetcham Village Infant School tile kiln and associated features. Refreshments School Lane, Fetcham KT22 9JU on sale on site. Meet at the Ashtead Common The original school opened in 1854. A Victorian Estate Office which is within 2 minutes walk of well was discovered when building the new Ashtead Station. library. This part of the school will be open to Saturday & Sunday walks at 10.00, 12.00 & view as well as the school logbooks. 14.00. Thurs & Fri 13.30-15.30; no booking required. Pre-booking essential, telephone 01372 279083 or email


Secrets of the Deepdene from garden showpiece to hidden treasure

Walk around Leatherhead town centre

Green Room Theatre, Rear of Dorking Halls, Reigate Road, Dorking RH4 1SG Sarah Couch, an architect and historic landscape specialist, first researched the Deepdene in 1992 which she believes can be likened to a sleeping beauty, hidden under years of laurel and rhododendron, waiting to be awakened. The garden has a remarkable history, stretching from its mid-17th century creation by Charles Howard to its transformation by the famed antiquarian and classicist, Thomas Hope, in the early 19th century. Sarah will show how much evidence of the long history of this extraordinary garden survives and explain why it is so important. (See also ‘The Deepdene Trail’ in Walks section). The Green Room Theatre will be open 14.00-17.00 with a display of past entertainment here and elsewhere. Refreshments will be available. Open: Saturday 15.00; no booking required.

Development of railways in Mole Valley

Fetcham Village Hall, The Street, Fetcham KT22 9QS A talk led by Peter Tarplee of the Leatherhead & District Local History Society. The first railway in Mole Valley arrived in 1849 and it was another 10 years before trains ran to Leatherhead. In 1867 the line was constructed from Leatherhead to Dorking and on to Horsham; and Leatherhead then had two stations. By 1885 the Guildford line via Cobham

Enjoy a walk around Leatherhead town centre pointing out buildings and sites of historical interest, led by members of Leatherhead & District Local History Society. Refreshments available. Meet at the Letherhead Institute, top of Leatherhead High Street. Saturday 14.00 start (duration 1½ hours). Pre-booking essential via email to

The Deepdene Trail

A walk taking in the remnants of the Deepdene Estate ending with an opportunity to see inside the Hope Mausoleum. See related entries ‘Ruins of Betchworth Castle’ in Private Houses & Estates and ‘Secrets of the Deepdene from Garden Showpiece to Hidden Treasure’ in Talks. Directions: Meet at the Council Offices, Reigate Road, Dorking RH4 1SJ. Walk time: Friday 14.00 & Sunday 11.00. Pre-booking essential via email to

For more information go to: or call 01306 885001


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Spring Clean Your Colon With life-enhancing Colonic Hydrotherapy

A relaxing, gentle and safe experience

Help with constipation Irritable Bowel Syndrome Skin problems Headaches PMT Stress

Detoxification Haemorrhoids Bloating Flatulence Chronic Fatigue Candida

• • • • • •

Ashtead Healthy Living For an appointment please telephone Jane:

01372 279755

Newton Wood Road, Ashtead, KT21 1NN

Amanda Skelly Yoga

Rest, Relax and Rejuvenate!

Epsom Downs

One day restful Yoga retreat £40 Weekend retreat from £250

Please contact Becki

07502 215 827

Phone: 07507 550672 Email: Web:

“The response to my ad has been fantastic. Most of the customers in the area say they use the book frequently, and even today I had a customer who not only found and used me, but also found a plumber, landscaper, electrician and decorator all from your book.


Margaret Mar garet Spice

• • • •

You’re not expensive compared with other advertising and you give amazing coverage with it. I would highly recommend you to anyone who wants to advertise in your area. Thank you.” Jim Garrard, Ovens’n’Stuff

MA, BA BA (Hons (Hons.), .), MBACP, MBACP, BICA Abuse • Loss of Co Conf nfidence idence Anxiety Anx iety • Relationsh elationships ips Depression Depre ssion • All aspects aspects of Bereavement Ber eavement Infert nfertility ility

Ashtead Practi Practice ce Tel: 01372 01372 277 277802 802

www.surreycou www.s urreycounse uk 49

Donate unused foreign coins to raise funds for the kitty! It’s that time of year again – the very last bank holiday beckons, our tans are fading, back to school offers are everywhere and your purse or wallet is home to an interesting collection of foreign coins. Cats Protection’s Epsom Ewell & District branch is asking people to please donate their unwanted foreign money to raise vital funds the charity. The Epsom Ewell & District Branch desperately needs more money to help the huge number unwanted and abandoned cats & kittens currently being looked after in foster pens whilst they wait to find loving new homes.

Cats Protection’s Epsom Ewell & District Branch is part of a national network of 253 volunteer-run branches and 29 adoption centres that together help over 193,000 cats and kittens each year. The charity’s vision is a world where every cat is treated with kindness and an understanding of its needs.

You can contact Cats Protection Epsom Ewell & District on 01737 640882 for more information or visit our website Cats Protection is a registered charity 203644 SCO37711 (Scotland) tel 01737 640882


(to created a leaner, stronger & more toned body)

Pamela Green, PR & Comms officer said: “Many people return from holiday with coins which tend to sit forgotten at the back of a drawer. By bringing them in to us, we can exchange them for sterling and the money raised will be vital in giving local cats a second chance in life.” So if you find that after your holiday you have some spare coins please pop into your local vets and put them in our collection boxes. We will handle sorting them from the English ones.

Ashtead Cricket Club, Woodfield Lane TUESDAY 9.15am-10.15am Refresher WEDNESDAY 9.30am-10.30am Refresher/Improver 6.30pm-7.30pm All Levels 7.30pm-8.30pm Improver THURSDAY 6.00pm-7.00pm Improver / Refresher FRIDAY 2.30pm-3.30pm Gentle Pilates Small & Friendly Classes Book Now for September Courses For further info and availability contact Caron Arnold

01372 276729 / 07779 578796

6 Week Courses £45 / Personal Training available


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Brits at risk from long term skin damage this summer Nearly ž of adults do not understand the difference between UVA and UVB rays

To further help Brits understand the importance of protection from UVA and UVB, Soltan and Surf Life Saving GB have launched a Facebook site where daily UV readings from across the UK are posted along with advice on 5-Star UVA sun protection - visit the Surf Life Saving GB Facebook page for more information. Lifeguards from SLSGB have also been equipped with leaflets and information on sun and sea safety as well as samples of Soltan to give out to holidaymakers on UK beaches.

Soltan offers the maximum 5-Star UVA protection across its entire product range and is currently available on a half price offer at Boots stores nationwide and at until 4th October 2011.

Boots sun protection brand Soltan has uncovered that nearly three-quarters (72%) of adults do not know the difference between UVA and UVB rays and more than nine in ten (91%*) don’t know to look for the 5-Star rating to check if they are fully protected against UVA rays. In response to this, Soltan has teamed up with former weathergirl and Ashtead resident Andrea McLean (pictured above), to educate British lifeguards on their UVAs and Bs so that they can help British holidaymakers stay safe in the sun. Whilst most people protect themselves from burning or UVB rays by using sun protection containing SPF, this is only half the story when choosing suncare. UVA makes up 95% of UV light and its rays penetrate more deeply into the skin, causing less visible and longer-term damage that the body cannot fully repair. Yet the Soltan research shows that only a third (34%) of people choose sun care products by their UVA protection. For maximum protection against UVA damage, it is advised to always choose sun protection with maximum 5-Star UVA rating, such as Soltan, alongside a high SPF to protect against deep down damage. The partnership with Soltan and Surf Life Saving GB is to train its network of over 8,000 lifeguards on the importance of UVA protection. 52

Health & Beauty

Ashtead Reflexology Ever thought of trying Reflexology? Experience a Taster Session in

World Reflexology Week 19th – 23rd September 2011

£10 for 25 minutes

50% of which will be donated to The Alzheimer’s Society For more information please call me

Judith Richardson 01372 279406 | 07773 284211

Implant Referral Centre

Mr N. Patel B.D.S., U.Lond., L.D.S., R.C.S. Mr N. Stretch B.D.S., U.Lond., L.D.S., R.C.S. 53


Health & Beauty

diet matters Do you need help with your diet? Contact Isabelle Fry, a registered dietitian, who will provide you with personalised nutritional advice and support.

Areas of professional nutritional advice include: weight management nutrition for health diabetes irritable bowel syndrome coeliac disease nutrition in pregnancy & lactation nutrition in cancer cholesterol lowering advice

07789 778990

WEA Courses 2011/12 The WEA provides courses for adults of all ages and abilities, taught by well-qualified Tutors. The classes are wide ranging, stimulating and challenging as well as friendly and informal. The 2011/12 Programme includes courses such as: • Making Friends with your Computer - Next Steps • How does your garden grow? • Astronomy - the Modern Universe • Ten Political World Leaders • Rock ‘n’ Roll Dance • The Portsmouth to London Rd • Digital Image Editing using Photoshop Elements • An Introduction to the Digital Camera

• • • • • •

Ireland ‘on the dissecting table’ Current & International Affairs An Introduction to Desktop Publishing Family History - Basics & Beyond An Introduction to Great Choral Works The Expansion of Europe after Columbus from 1492 • The History & Development of the British Pottery Industry • Philosophy - Puzzles & Dilemmas

Courses start from 20th September and vary in length over 10, 12 and 20 weeks, held in local venues in Leatherhead, Ashtead, Bookham and Dorking.

For further information, enquiries and a brochure, please contact Joy Tapping on 01306 713355, visit our website, or local Libraries, the Helpshop, Theatre and shops in the area.


Clubs & Activities

Leatherhead Bridge Club

Ashtead Art Lovers Want to know more about art, artists and the times they lived in? Tel: E: W:

Duplicate Bridge

01372 272235

every Monday and Friday Ashtead Art Lovers would not be growing without The Ashtead & Leatherhead Local. Thank you Zen, for such a great magazine. Mell Fraser

Visitors welcome Secretary:

G. Cann

01372 372605 affiliated to E.B.U.

Lock it or lose it We have recently received a high number of reports of thefts from insecure cars on driveways in the Ashtead area. The property stolen ranges from phones, SatNavs and purses to sunglasses and loose change. Please can everyone ensure that they securely lock their vehicle when leaving it, which is likely to prevent this type of opportunist crime. If anyone has any information which would assist us, please call us on 0845 125 2222 or 01483 571212 Simon Cox, PS 1561 Neighbourhood Sergeant Mole Valley Surrey Police 56

Clubs & Activities


Please go to to check timings and make on-line bookings, or call the box office on 01372 365141

Clare Teal

Saturday 17th September 2011 at 7:30pm Adult, £18. Friends, £16 Often heard on BBC Radio 2, Clare Teal is one of Britain’s best loved jazz singers. Clare’s unique performance is held together by the concept of the great “British” song … Although rooted in the jazz traditions of the 1930’s and 40’s, the show covers a huge spectrum of sounds and genres but focuses on Clare’s interpretations of these well-written songs which have stood (and are standing) the test of time – from Noel Coward to Annie Lennox, the show wends its way through 100 years of great songwriting

The Johnny Cash Roadshow

Saturday 10th September at 7:30pm Adult, £17. Concessions/Friends, £15 This is the number one tribute to the late great Johnny Cash and features Clive John as the Man In Black. From his first hits in the 1950s right up to his last, the band plays a tribute to Cash but without trying to impersonate him - there was only one Johnny Cash. A polished, professional show where you will be treated to a feast of sound and vision with the band closely replicating the unmistakable sound of Johnny Cash and a visual backdrop containing hundreds of evocative images and clips taken during his lifetime.

Films Showing in September The King’s Speech

Thurs 1st at 7.30pm

One Day

Mon 12th, Tues 13th and Wed 14th at 7.30pm ; Thurs 15th at 2pm and 7.30pm

Festival of Foreign Film Films from France, Italy, Spain and Turkey, including Potiche, Biutiful, The Salt of Life, Honey, Little White Lies and others. With subtitles. Please check website for dates and times.

September Mezz Bar Events

Weds 14th Open Mic Night, 8.30pm Free Entry Fri 30th Jazz Jam with Jenny Green, 8.30pm, Free Entry 58

Clubs & Activities Angie Sayer professional Ceramicist and teacher Pottery classes in own studio in Ashtead Throwing on the wheel and hand-building

07779 680114


Local Guide gives talk to Rotary Club Partners and friends of the Rotary Club of Leatherhead attended the club's weekly meeting to hear Fetcham based Sophie Boughton from Bookham & Effingham Rangers, give a fascinating presentation about a week she spent in Kwa Zulu Natal in South Africa, as part of the Girl Guides' LaSER (London and South East Region) South Africa service project.

Sophie Boughton and Chris Pelley, President of the Rotary Club of L/head

Just 14 years old at the time and a member of 3rd Bookham Guides, Sophie, now 15, was the youngest person to go on the trip, much of which was spent helping and educating young children at God's Golden Acre, a local orphanage in Kwa Zulu Natal. As well giving a very professional talk about her time on the trip, which the Rotary Club had helped to sponsor, Sophie showed a selection of photos of some of the work the group had undertaken in and around the orphanage, as well as some of the wonderful local wildlife they had been able to see.

The Rotary Club of Leatherhead meets at 7pm most Wednesday evenings at the Police Federation Headquarters in Leatherhead. For further information about the club and its activities, please contact Simon Edmands on 07753 821964 or

Artwork for sale The Hawthorn Leslie 3837 Preservation Society that rescued the steam locomotive from the waterpark at Leatherhead are releasing a limited edition artwork of their engine. This high quality A3 size print individually signed and numbered by Richard Melia shows the locomotive doing exactly what it was designed for, shunting wagons, is available from the society mounted for ÂŁ35 (discounted if you apply to join the society at the same time). Our aim is to raise as much as we possibly can in the next few years to return our engine to steam at the Lavender Line in Isfield, East Sussex. For further information and to purchase the artwork please contact the secretary Brian Davis on the society e-mail , the website on or by phone on 07989 393044 (Paul)

Paul Johnson HL3837 Preservation Society


Local Taxis & Motor Services


Audi VW Specialists • • • • •

Established 1990 Small, local, friendly garage between Leatherhead and Guildford Servicing and repairs (ABS brakes, clutches, tyres, exhausts, diagnostics, air conditioning) Free loan car We are also Seat and Skoda specialists, but we can also accommodate other manufacturers, just call us Open View Farm Epsom Road West Horsley KT24 6AP

Why use a generalist when you can use a specialist? Email: Web:

Tel: 01483 285792

RYEBROOK AUTO COSMETIX 20 years’ bodyshop experience

• • • • • • • •

Gold Star Taxis

Light Bodywork

of Leatherhead

Dents Textured Bumpers

07976 103884

Mirrors Cracked Bumpers Bumper Scuffs

Airport / Seaport Speciality

Vandal Scratches

Friendly, Safe Reliable Service

Plus Much More

Licensed Drivers

Repairs done at your home or work

Call Geoff Turner

07594 306 644 61

Education & Tuition We want you to have peace of mind when you leave your children with us, knowing that they will be loved and cared for in a friendly, safe and cheerful environment. • Ch Children ildren from 3 months-5 months-5 years years • Le Lear arning ning environment environment of the highest highest ca calibre libre • Fa Family mily va values lues and atmos atmosphere phere You are very welcome to visit us; us; please telephone tele phone to arrange an appoi appointme ntment. nt. We look look forward to giving you and and your your child the support support you you deserve aand nd may need when combining com bining work aand nd parenting. parenting. Liz Chambers, Managing Director BEd. (Hons), Cert. Ed., Dip. SLD, P.P.A., O.U. (The First Years of Life)

The Ashtead & Leatherhead Local has been invaluable for advertising my guitar tuition business. Around 70% of my students found me through my advert. Alex, guitar teacher

01372 276825 / 279935 Barnesmead Woodfield Lane Ashtead Moorlands The Marld Ashtead

GCSE’s at Surrey Hills Onward Learning August is a wicked month for those waiting for exam results and we at Surrey Hills Onward Learning are biting our nails too. By the time this article goes to press the long wait will be over. But our work will be just beginning as we send out results, calculate success rates, write UCAS references, and take the many enrolments which come in at the end of August from people who need to retake to improve their grades, or, heartened by success, want to embark on new courses or add to their collection of GCSEs. Some classes are already full – for example English and Foundation Maths in the evenings. But there are still daytime vacancies in these subjects, and we do hold back some places for students aged between 16 and 19. We have also added some new GCSEs which are proving popular – Law, Sociology, Geography and Classical Civilisations. We are reinstating AS levels after two years gap, and are running English on Monday afternoons and History on Thursday mornings. All these are available, not just to young people, but to anybody aged between 15 and 90 (and older, if the mood takes you!).

For further information on our classes, please phone 01372 363708, collect a brochure from the Letherhead Institute or local libraries, or visit our website


Education & Tuition

Downsend School Downsend is a friendly school in which relationships between staff and pupils are excellent. We provide each child with a broad education, through experiencing a vibrant school life that extends beyond the classroom, and provides outstanding academic development. The diversity and excellence of our results this year is most impressive. 90 of our current pupils have been offered 13+ places at senior schools for September 2013, subject to passing Common Entrance. These include St John’s, Epsom College, City of London Freemen’s School, the Royal Grammar School and Tonbridge. Our final year pupils (13+) have secured no less than ten Academic Awards, six All-Rounder Awards, five Sport Awards, four Art Awards and one Music Award, with a further seven pupils excused Common Entrance on the strength of their papers. The only two academic scholarships awarded by Epsom College both went to Downsend pupils and the top academic scholarship at the Royal Grammar School in Guildford was also awarded to a Downsend boy. These pupils follow in the Downsend tradition of gaining a wide range of scholarships to some of the top senior schools. The Common Entrance results have also been exceptional, with a 100% pass rate yet again and our highest ever percentage of A & B grades at 85%. Your children may take their first steps in education with us and, by the time they leave, will have developed into confident teenagers prepared socially and academically for their senior school; ready to take full advantage of the opportunities that await them.



Freeing your Photos....

This guide was written by Les Beer from TecRes, who have been providing computer sulutions since 1989, how can we help you?. For further information please call 01372-370300 or email

It appears that everyone has a digital camera or a phone with an inbuilt camera these days, they offer loads of advantages over the old film equivalents. But how often have you returned from your trip or holiday, copied your photos onto the PC and done nothing more with them? Go on, let them free, share them with others..... If you are feeling upto it, you can put your photos onto websites like Flickr, Snapfish, Photobucket as well as the social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter, but what if you want a real traditional style photo? Printer manufacturers have been providing very cheap versatile printers for a long time, they also provide excellent photo printers where you don’t even need a PC to get fantastic quality photos. Many offer the basic edition ability like cropping, redeye removal and so on. The Epson RX720, for example will show your pictures on the inbuilt display, so that you can adjust the picture prior to printing. If you are feeling more confident (and have a PC) you can buy a program like Serif Digital Picture Suite or Adobe Photoshop Elements from only £35.00 to edit and merge pictures to change your mediocre snaps into studio masterpieces. Should disaster strike and your camera memory card becomes corrupt or unreadable, in most cases we are able to save your images, so don’t panic, just call in to the shop with the faulty memory card and we can get to work. It is very possible that you can connect your PC or laptop up to your TV to show your photos (and videos) to a wider audience. Often this is a very simple procedure all you need to ensure is that you have the correct connection leads and you are on your way. We stock a wide variety of cables and connections just for this please ask. 64


~Surreys favourite Computer Store~

14 North Street, Leatherhead tel: 01372-370300 Monday - Saturday 9:00-5.30pm

Back to School Offer... Toshiba Satellite Pro C660 Notebook

with Intel Core 2 Duo Processor, 4 Gb Ram, 320Gb hard drive, DVDRW, 15.6” display, Wireless, Webcam, Windows 7 Home Premium with 3 years extended warranty

Epson SX130 Printer copier scanner with USB Cable

Microsoft Office 2010

Home and Student edition consisting of Word, Excel, Powerpoint and OneNote

Bullguard Internet Security with 12 months protection

Kingston 4Gb USB Memory stick

All of this including the 3 year warranty for

just £595.00 Saving £90.00


14 North Street | Leatherhead Surrey | KT22 7AW | Retail store open Monday to Friday 9:00 to 5:30pm







Food & Drink

Home Cooked Indian Food Food In-ho Inhome me cate catering ring service service

Do you wish to host host a dinner party but but don't want to cook?  Enjoy the real taste of Punjabi (north Indian)



food in the comfort of your home without the hassle Spend time with your friends and family I always use finest spices and fresh ingredients to prepare a delicious Punjabi meal Guest numbers from as few as ten to a large party catered for I bring my own utensils and tools and always leave your kitchen clean and tidy

I will help you select the menu and the food is spiced to your preference

Cookery lessons lessons availa available ble

Satnam Talwar Talwar

01372 273494 | 07799 07799 333921 skt ktalwar@o


A sweet warm spice used in drinks, desserts and curries. True cinnamon comes from a small evergreen tree, Cinnamon zeylanicum, which grows in Sri Lanka. Thin strips of the inner bark are peeled off the tree, rolled into thin sticks and dried ready for sale in this form or ground into powder. Cinnamon is used to flavour milk puddings, fruit dishes, cakes and biscuits. It also works well with Mediterranean and Mexican meat dishes and is one of the ingredients in curry powder. Often added to drinks such as hot chocolate, coffee and mulled wine, the sweet, warm scent is enjoyed on cold days. As well as its uses as a flavouring, cinnamon has several medicinal properties. It is one of the few spices that can be eaten in its pure form and is said to help fight colds and coughs. Cinnamon’s warming properties help with cold 67

hands and feet, chilblains and other chills. It’s also helpful in preventing nausea and the essential oil is a good antibacterial and antifungal. Other uses are currently being tested and it is hoped that cinnamon will provide assistance to lower cholesterol and stabilise insulin levels in Type II diabetes patients. Products from the Cassia tree, a close relative to cinnamon, are also sold as “cinnamon” but don’t have the same medical properties.

Food & Drink


Food & Drink



Leatherhead Community Garden - Woodwork Workshop. 10am-3pm, West Hill School, Kingston Rd, Leatherhead, KT22 7PW. Carving, sign making, wood treatment, clay sculpting, turn old sleepers into carved seating. Under 16s accompanied by an adult. Tools provided. Wear sensible outdoor clothing and sturdy footwear. Hot drinks provided, but bring packed lunch if you intend to stay all day. More info on

Sunday 4th

10am onwards. Motor Neurone Disease Association, East Surrey Branch, ‘Walk to d’feet MND’. Sponsored walk around Box Hill, different walks for different ages and abilities. Child and dog friendly. For more info, call Simon Edmands 07753 821964 or email

Saturday 10th

Leatherhead Horticultural Society’s Annual Flower Show, Leatherhead Parish Church Hall, Church Rd. 2pm-5pm, free entry.

Saturday 10th

Quiz night in support of Amnesty International, celebrating the first 50 years. Christian Centre, St Martin’s Church, Dorking, 7pm for 7.30pm. Fish and chips, raffle and prizes! Teams of up to six. Tickets £10 per person from 01306 740332

Saturday 10th

It's a Knockout, Leatherhead Leisure Centre, Guildford Rd, KT22 9BL. 11am. £15 registration fee pp, and minimum of £50 sponsorship pp. Lots of fun and laughter with giant inflatables, lots of water and foam. Family and company teams of 6-10 people are welcome. Contact: 07966 028863

Sunday 11th

Collectors Fair, The Ashcombe School, Ashcombe Road, Dorking. 10.30am-2.30pm. Entry £3. 75+ stalls selling antique bottles, early advertising items, stoneware, Royal Doulton and small collectables, raffle (proceeds to the school), refreshments, easy parking. E-mail:, 01306 882278

Wednesday 14th

Try Dive - Mole Valley Sub Aqua Club. 7:30pm for 8pm. L/Head Leisure Centre, £5 plus pool entry. Min age 16. The opportunity to experience the weightlessness and exhilaration of being able to breathe underwater. Just bring a t- shirt to wear over swimwear, and mask, snorkel & fins if you have them but these are provided. Finishes around 9.30pm-10pm. Further information Sharon Pavey 07552498558.

Saturday 24th

Fetcham Village Fair, Fetcham Village Hall, The Street, Fetcham. 10am - 12noon. Free entry. Bric-a-Brac & Nearly-New, Books & Toys, Cakes & Refreshments, Sewing items & Gifts, Raffle, Tombola, Children's Games & Activities and info on hiring the halls, with ‘behind the scenes tours’ of the facilities …plus, local clubs and organisations you can join. Come and help raise funds for the upkeep of the Hall.


Saturday 1st October - Arts Alive Street Party - Leatherhead High Street - 10am-4pm

Saturday 1st OCT

Music for Everyone, Epsom Playhouse, 7.30pm. In aid of The Soldiers’ Charity, supporting soldiers after serious injuries. Contact details - see right.

Friday 7th OCT

Leatherhead Community Association, Letherhead Institute, 67 High Street, Leatherhead, KT22 8AH. 7.30pm Nick Danziger world renowned photojournalist and award winning travel writer. Photographing Presidents and Prime Ministers to forbidden frontiers in Asia. Free admission by ticket. Please apply to 'LCA Lecture', at the address above and include a sae.

Saturday 8th OCT

Concerts in Church present the Bridgend Male Choir, for the third time, in the Leatherhead Parish Church as part of the Mole Valley Arts Alive Festival. Their programme will include classical and folk pieces, traditional Welsh anthems, spirituals and popular songs from the shows. £14 (conc: £12) available from 12th Sept from Barton's Book Shop, the Parish Office, and 01372 372049; 3.30pm 70

What’s On?



Leatherhead Barn Dance Club. 8pm-10.15pm 1st Thurs of month. Abraham Dixon Hall, Letherhead Institute, £2.50. Ruth & Jim Gwilliam. 01403 750844

Thursday 1st (weekly)

GO50 L/d Health Walk. 10.15am for 10.30am. L/head Leisure Centre, KT22 9BL. 1½ hours / 2-3 miles. Richard Jeffries, 01483 534706,

Thurs 1st Sat 10th Tues 13th Sat 17th Sat 24th

September walks with Ian and Flip Cargill, Sats 1½-2 hours, 4-5 miles; eves 1+ hrs 2-4 miles. Donation to charities. Phone first if very wet weather. 01372 363589 Thurs 1st 7pm Meet at Ranmore Common West NT CP Sat 10th 10am Holmwood Common CP cnr Inholms Lane Tues 13th 7pm Meet Gomshall station off A25 Sat 17th 10am Epsom Downs meet Tattenham Corner CP Sat 24th 10am Margery Wood NT CP end of lane by M25 exit 8

Fri 2nd & Tues 6th

Fri 2nd & Tues 6th: Victorian Style in Art & Architecture: Where did they get their inspiration? Want to know more about The 19th C Gothic Revival: Tel 01372 272235, email; for details.

Friday 2nd (weekly)

Morning coffee and scones served in the Ralli Room, Ashtead Peace Memorial Hall. Prepared and served by volunteers to raise money to help run the Hall.

Friday 2nd (weekly)

Leatherhead Country Market, Leatherhead Parish Church Hall, Church Rd. 10.30am11.30am. Cakes, plants, meat, pies, eggs and crafts together with coffee or tea.

Friday 2nd (weekly)

10am-12noon The Sewing Room, Leatherhead Parish Church Hall. Now stocking a range of haberdashery, beading supplies, papercraft and greetings cards.

Tuesday 6th (monthly)

Ashtead Evening Townswomen’s Guild talks ‘Wildlife Aid’ Mike Berwick. 7.45pm. Ashtead Peace Memorial Hall. Visitors welcome £2. Julia Mitchell 01372 276511

Wed 7th (weekly)

Rotary Club of Leatherhead, Police Federation Headquarters, Highbury Drive, Leatherhead. 7pm-9pm. Visitors always welcome. Further information from Simon Edmands on 07753 821964.

Wed 7th (monthly)

Ashtead Flower Arrangement Group, 56th AGM, followed by Bunty Stannard - ‘Designs Galore’. Ashtead Peace Memorial Hall, 1.45pm-4.30pm. Visitors welcome. Di Stirling 01372 279501

Wed 7th (monthly)

Ashtead WI, talk. Still Getting Stitched Up - Norman Willis. 7.15pm. Ashtead Peace Memorial Hall. Visitors welcome. Details Sandra Brown 01372 276736

Friday 9th (monthly)

Ashtead Friday Market, 9am-12.30pm. Ashtead Peace Memorial Hall. Supporting the RNLI - free. Cakes, collectables, plants, cards, jewellery, gifts, wool, bric-a-brac

Wed 14th

Tylney Luncheon Club, Leatherhead Leisure Centre, 12.30pm. Different speaker each month, visitors always welcome. More info from Iris Heims 01932 864 822

(2nd Wed

Wed 14th (weekly termtime)

Parish Church Parent & Toddler Group, Leatherhead Parish Church Hall, Church Road. 10am - 12noon. The Group welcomes all under 5's with a carer. Come along for a chance to meet other parents and childminders over a cup of coffee while the children play happily and make new friends of their own.

Thursday 15th (mthly)

Leatherhead & District Friends Group (50+), 2pm-4pm, North Leatherhead Community Centre, Kingston Rd (other side of the bridge). Tea/coffee/biscuits, bingo. £1 p.mth.

Friday 16th Wed 28th

NHS Blood donor session: Fri 16th: Ashtead Peace Memorial Hall. Wed 28th: St Mary & St Nicholas Church Hall, Church Rd, L/head. Two sessions at each venue: 1.30pm4pm and 5pm-7.30pm. If there’s an event in October you’d like mentioned, please contact me (details p.6) before Monday 12th September. All entries appear on a first come, first served basis. Details correct at time 72 of going to print.

What’s On? GO50 at Age UK Surrey offers guided Walks, Cycle Rides & Nordic Walks for the 50+ age group. This is just a taste of what’s on offer. Contact Richard Jeffries 01483 534706, email: website:

September Guided Walks (Walking boots or other suitable footwear recommended) Mon 5th Wed 7th Fri 16th Tues 20th Wed 21st Thurs 22nd

Mon 5th: Epsom Common : 4m Explore Epsom & Ashtead Commons. 10am. Epsom Common Stew Ponds CP. B280 between Epsom & Malden Rushett. TQ184612 / KT18 7TR Wed 7th: Garsons Farm & Esher Common : 4½m Woodland/Common walk with two short, steep climbs. 10:30am start in the CP at Garsons Farm, Winterdown Rd, Esher. TQ124638 / KT10 8LR / Bus 515 to West End Ln Fri 16th: Chertsey : 4m Walk around Chertsey Meads and along the river. Return along the same tow path. 10:30am start in the second car park on Chertsey Meads. Take B387, turn into Mead Lane, pass first car park, then take second on left. TQ059664/KT16 8LN Tue 20th: Scearn Bank : 4½m Enjoy a circular walk around Limpsfield Chart. 10:15am start in the Scearn Bank car park on Limpsfield Chart off the B269. TQ426518/RH8 0TB Wed 21st: Bocketts Farm & Fetcham Downs : 4½m Walk through Norbury Park and by River Mole. 10:30am start at Bocketts Farm CP. Off roundabout on A246, SW of Leatherhead. TQ155550 / KT22 9BS Thurs 22nd: Cobham : 4m (new walk) Sixteen stiles to encounter, but lovely views make the effort worthwhile. 11am start on the corner of Tilt Road, Cobham, outside the graveyard. TQ120592

September Guided Cycle Rides (Please bring a bike suitable for off-road cycling )

Tues 6th Wed 14th Fri 16th Tues 20th Wed 21st Wed 28th

Tue 6th: Reigate : 15m To Gatton, Tye Lane, Headley Heath and back. 10.15am at the Skimmington Castle pub, Bonny’s Road off Flanchford Road, Reigate. Please park in the car park behind the pub. TQ238497 / RH2 8RL Wed 14th: Bocketts Farm : 16m Leisurely climbing up good tracks to Ranmore and Norbury Park, rewarded by lovely views and fast, easy descents. 10.15am start at Bocketts Farm. TQ152549 / KT22 9BS Fri 16th: Reigate : 15m Exploring some quiet lanes and bridleways to the south and west of the Skim. 10.15am start at the Skimmington Castle pub, Bonny’s Road off Flanchford Road, Reigate. Please park in the car park behind the pub. TQ238497 / RH2 8RL Tue 20th: Box Hill : 16m Challenging ride through Norbury Park and onto Ranmore Common. Meet Geoff at Rykas car park off the A24 near the Burford Bridge Hotel. TQ171521 / RH5 6BX Wed 21st: Bletchingley : 14m A ride across the Weald towards Outwood. 10.15am start at the Plough, High St, Bletchingley. TQ330507 / RH1 4PE Wed 28th: Bookham Common : 13m Gentle ride through Bookham Common, with some tracks and quiet roads. 10.15am start at the Cricketers, Downside, Cobham. TQ108582 / KT11 3NX

September Guided Nordic Walks (Please bring your own poles)

Fri 2nd Wed 14th

Fri 2nd: Garsons Farm : 4½m Mainly undulating walk through woodland/ heathland, a few steep parts. 10:30am start at Garsons Farm overflow CP, Winterdown Rd off West End Green, Esher. TQ124638 / KT10 8LR / Bus 515 to end of West End Lane Wed 14th: Denbies Vineyard : 5m Walk through fields and woodland, some steep slopes. 10:30am start in the car park at Denbies. On the A24 near Dorking. TQ166511 / RH5 6AA / Bus 465, Dorking or Westhumble stations 73

Start Planting Now

for a Great Display of Spring Flowering Bulbs I love this month, not least because it gives me carte blanche for thinking about something I adore: spring flowering bulbs such as daffodils and other narcissus. Why? Because for best results the bulbs for these spring delights need to be planted in the autumn. Planted from now onwards, they have a good chance to grow roots and start to build up energy for making a great display next spring. Choose your daffodils carefully and you can have a display starting in late winter (from varieties such as ‘February Gold’) right through until mid-spring. When looking through the selection in catalogues or on garden centre shelves, just check flowering times which will be clearly indicated on the pack. Sometimes this will be as numerals rather than actual dates. For example, February to March could be indicated as 2-3 or sometimes even II-III. Spring flowering bulbs are generally completely hardy in our climate so unless hit by serious extremes of weather (such as prolonged flooding), they will keep coming year after year. There should be planting depths written on the packs of bulbs you buy or order, but if not it is generally better to plant slightly too deep rather than too shallowly. As a guide, I would advise planting at roughly three times the height of the bulb. Buying larger quantities of bulbs usually makes them significantly cheaper per bulb and there are always multi-pack offers to be found, so shop around and choose carefully. If you’re looking to plant a large expanse, perhaps a bank or the area along the sides of the drive, go for daffodils by the sack rather than by the bag. I’m a real fan of crocus – choose from purple, lilac, striped, cream, yellow, orange or white. They’re very good value, but here’s a word of warning – I always find that the super-bargain priced mega-bags of crocus contain a lot of yellow and orange crocus which the sparrows love to shred. It’s better value to pay a little more for smaller single colour bags and avoid the yellows and oranges. Once established, spring bulbs multiply quite rapidly, so you should end up with more than you started with – this means it’s important to plant at the suggested distances apart, even if it may feel a little sparse for the first year or two. If you want a highimpact look from the start, then you can plant a little closer than suggested, but bear in mind the bulbs will become congested and need lifting and replanting all the sooner. Where to grow them:

Try simple daffodils like ‘Carlton’, ‘King Alfred’ or English bluebells grown in random plantings, scattered and then planted where they fall, beneath trees in your garden. They’ll look great and often produce a really good display beneath the outer spread of trees where it may otherwise be difficult to encourage much else to grow. Shrubs and even climbers can also be used for naturalised bulb plantings, but because they’re smaller, grow the more diminutive bulbs such as miniature Narcissus ‘Tete a Tete’, ‘Hawera’, ‘Peeping Tom’, rich blue grape hyacinths or delicate Chinodoxa. On steep banks where gardening is difficult, why not grow masses of bulbs? Planting on the near vertical may be tricky, but once there you can enjoy the display for years to come. Larger planters including tubs and window boxes are brilliant for bulbs – try a host of golden daffodils in a smart blue pot, some delicate dwarf iris or Iris reticulata in a window box or pot on the front steps where you’ll be able to enjoy their good looks and their subtle perfume. Whichever type of spring bulb you have in mind, and wherever you intend to grow them, start planning and buying now so that they can be in the ground promptly.

by Pippa Greenwood

You can get great Grow Your Own Veg results with Pippa’s unique ‘Grow Your Own with Pippa Greenwood’. Order your veg plants from and your garden-ready plants are delivered in May at a great time for planting. What makes it unique is that Pippa will email you every week about what you’re growing – lots of tips and help, ensuring great results. It’s great value with various pack sizes available, eg up to 66 plants plus 6 packets of seed for just £39.00, plus that weekly advice.


House & Garden

Answers page 78


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August Crossword Solutions

Simple Crossword Solution Across: 1 Shaggy, 4 Sensor, 9 Explain, 10 Tramp, 11 Dread, 12 Enabled, 13 Departments, 18 Copying, 20 Rifle, 22 Irons, 23 Theatre, 24 Needed, 25 Stayed.

Across: 1 Panicked, 5 Redone, 10 Nigel, 11 Anarchist, 12 Matricide, 13 Aorta, 14 Malign, 15 Transit, 18Eleanor, 20 Crisis, 22 Largo, 24 Greengage, 25 Contralti, 26 Aphid, 27 Sieved, 28 Shakes up.

Down: 1 Steady, 2 Apple, 3 Grandma, 5 Extra, 6 Shallot, 7 Rapids, 8 Investigate, 14 Explode, 15 Earnest, 16 Action, 17 Depend, 19 Issue, 21 Fatty.

Down: 1 Panama, 2 Negotiate, 3 Collision course, 4 Elation, 6 Exclamation mark, 7 Osier, 8 Extracts, 9Latent, 16 Spinaches, 17 Replaces, 19 Regale, 20 Cherish, 21 Send up, 23 Rinse.


Across: 3 Tsetse fly, 8 Roan, 9 Aromatic, 10 Hornet, 13 Screw, 14 Keyhole, 15 Pip, 16 Redhead, 17 Chile, 21 Addict, 22 Cavalier, 23 Rome, 24 Generator.

1. Positive Feedback 2. Back To Square One 3. No End In Sight

Down: 1 Orchestra, 2 Fair trade, 4 Skate, 5 Two-step, 6 Edam, 7 Lair, 11 Solicitor, 12 Seventeen, 14 Kid, 15 Paprika, 18 Garbo, 19 Pane, 20 Sake.

Drop Down (answers from left to right) Aykroyd / Blessed McQueen / Poitier Selleck

TV Bars And Coffee Shops Quiz 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10.

Moe’s Tavern: The Simpsons The Dog In The Pond: Hollyoaks The Woolpack: Emmerdale The Espresso Pump: Buffy The Vampire Slayer Aidensfield Arms: Heartbeat The Jockey: Shameless Central Perk: Friends Charlie's: Neighbours Café Nervosa: Frasier The Nag’s Head: Only Fools And Horses

1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10.

Beer & Wine Quiz Answers

Amstel California Heineken Bacchus Stella Artois See, swirl and sniff Belgium Australia Munich "Red Red Wine" (by UB40) and "Mistletoe And Wine" (by Cliff Richard) 78

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Ashtead Handyman


No Job Too Small Free Estimates, Fully Insured Decorating, Gardening, General Maintenance


07734 005741 / 01372 851002

The Old Sawmill Norwood Farm Elveden Road Cobham KT11 1BS

Call Terry @ M & T Services

Contact Steve Jenkins In need of help?


Tel: 07944 026856 or: 01372 373409

Your local, friendly handyman Property maintenance Gardening / Garden Clearance Painting & Decorating

01372 602207 07970 035472


Leatherhead & District Local History Society Potted Histories No 31

Street Farm - The Street - Ashtead Street Farm, (also known as Village or Ashtead Farm: The fields extended north of the Street from Forest Lodge in the east towards Woodfield Lane to the west

covering the area now occupied by shops and car parks and the residential districts of Woodfield Lane, Bramley Way and Meadow Road. Within the 60 acres of Great Meadow stood the two acres of oak trees known as Carter’s Grove, shown on the tithe map of 1839 as Great Meadow Shaw. Today this area along Epsom Road is known as Bowyers and Crispin Close respectively. A housing development built mostly on part of the former Rendick Rose Nursery. However, a few of the oak trees still survive in Hillside Road. The farmhouse stood on the site of 31-57 The Street (site of the old Esso Garage now awaiting redevelopment) and it had a fine porch and front garden. The stone wall forming part of the present passage into the Peace Memorial car park marked the western edge of the former Outwell Pond, marked on ordnance survey maps up to the 1920s. Until the 1880s the only other buildings in this area were the two Fountain Cottages (pictured right) just north of the Howard Memorial fountain; a pair of brick and thatch semi-detached cottages at what is now the junction of Meadow Road and Woodfield Lane; and a cottage near the farmhouse in the Street. Goff Powell - Adapted extract from ASHTEAD a village transformed L&DLHS 1977

For information regarding Membership, Lectures and Museum opening hours contact: Leatherhead & District Local History Society, Leatherhead Museum, Hampton Cottage, 64 Church Street, Leatherhead, KT22 8DP Tel: 01372 386348 mail to: Website: 80

Vi As sit ht ou e r Be ad sh 24 d K ow T ro itc r As he om he oom KT ht St s a ns 21 ea ree t & 2A d, t, H

House & Garden


MOLE VALLEY POLICE COLUMN Violent Disorder around the UK & The new ‘non-emergency’ telephone number We can only hope that that, by the time you read this, we will all have seen an end to the incidents of violent disorder perpetrated by some people across areas in London and in other parts of the UK.

On a totally different subject, we would like to advise and remind everyone that, from the 1st September, Surrey Police is adopting a new “non-emergency” number for people to call our contact centre. This is in line with what has already been implemented or is due to happen across other police forces.

At the time of writing, Surrey Police’s main role has been to balance the need to maintain “business as usual” on behalf of Surrey residents, whilst providing pre-agreed support to our colleagues in neighbouring forces. This is a long-standing mutual agreement which all officers willingly acknowledge as being “part of the job”. A significant number of Surrey officers have supported the work of colleagues in the “Met”, whilst other officers, police staff and volunteers have all shown commitment and willingness to do whatever is asked of them to safeguard the local community.

As most of you know, previously all callers to our “non-emergency” number were asked to call 0845 125 2222. The new number is simply 101 and calls to this new number will cost 15 pence, regardless of the day, time or length of the call. The purpose of this change is to simplify and standardise the numbers that are used by the public to contact the police. In an emergency, if you see a crime actually taking place or if you are in any way fearful for your own safety then always call 999. For any other reason, call 101.

Neil Clarke, 13363 Neighbourhood Team Co-ordinator

In the event of a non-emergency contact Surrey Police on 101. In the event of a crime in progress or an emergency, telephone 999

Officers and PCSOs have changed their shifts or rest days at short notice to work when they are most needed and the Special Constabulary in Surrey have provided additional support to their “regular” colleagues by working extra shifts to police their local communities.

Your local team can also be contacted by email to


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Decorators & Carpenters

All Internal and external painting, decorating and wallpaper hanging. Internal and external carpentry and stonemasonry, structural and fine finishing.

• •

Fully Insured Free Estimate

ALL plumbing work carried out, including bathrooms All work compliant with water regulations Certified to install, service & repair boilers & un-vented hot water systems. Call us for FREE advice

• Tel: 01372 802803 (24hr voicemail) Mob: 07976 814032 E:

Jay Saunders 07762 646380 Dan Matthews 07824 817993

Steve Hinchey Professional, approved and locally recommended electrician offering a wide range of services including: •

Family Safety Improvements

Security/Timed Lighting

New Additional Sockets

Home Extensions

Great Design Ideas

01372 376750 / 07748 741926 e:


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Your Local Handyman Service Dorking • Leatherhead, and surrounding areas

ODD JOBS, REPAIRS, DECORATING, GENERAL MAINTENANCE SORTED OUT - NOW Thinking of moving house? List of jobs that never get done? Rooms looking tired?

Would your home benefit from a little TLC?

Help@Hand is here for you! Call Graham Sheargold on 07890 358408 Free advice • Reasonable rates • Trusworthy Clean & Reliable


Help@Hand is your local handyman service based around the Dorking, Leatherhead and surrounding areas. The Principal, Graham Sheargold sees there’s a desperate need for someone to offer a service that tackles odd jobs, small repairs, decorating and general maintenance. Hubby is busy; relatives and friends don’t have the time. The result - NOTHING GETS DONE! “Don’t worry, Help@Hand is here for you. I don’t tackle specialise trade work, but if you need furniture assembling, doors or mirrors hanging, painting or decorating then I can help. I also fit grab and hand rails, clean patios, renovate sheds, fit shelving, pictures etc, etc. All those little jobs that never get done. Thinking of moving? Rooms looking tired? Would your home benefit from a little TLC? Ask about my special makeover - a lot can be achieved in just a few days.

Call me if I can help. Advice is FREE and all work is fully guaranteed and insured. Help@Hand is here for you - Call

Graham on 07890 358408 now!!


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Here at TSD we cater for almost every building service

Please contact our dedicated friendly team for a free estimate or any advice you may need Domestic and Commercial work welcome Renovations & Alterations Painting, Decorating & Wallpapering ● Porches, Conservatories & Windows ● All Aspects of Roofing, Guttering, Fascias & Soffits ● Kitchen/Bathroom Installations ● Driveways ● Fencing, Patio’s & Landscaping ● All Aspects Of Plastering & Pebble Dashing ● All Bespoke Building Works Carried Out ● Loft Conversions ● Plumbing & Heating, New Boiler Installations, Service & Repairs ● All Aspects of Electrical Work ● Extensions ● Carpentry & Flooring ● All Aspects of Tree Work & Stump Grinding ● Complete Rubbish Removal & Site Clearances ● Curtain and Blind design and installation service ● Tiling/Stonework ● Bespokely made Wardrobes, Chest of drawers and more ● Emergency call out for Plumbing, Gas and Electrics ● Swimming Pool and Hot Tub design and build ● Brick and Block work carried out ● Garage door replacements in a large variety of designs and colours ● Misted/broken sealed double glazed units replaced ●

Dear Tom


I would like to start by sayi ng a big thank you. Myself & Margaret are incredibly happy with the outcome of our new kitch en. From the very beginning of the job to the very end your help, advice and knowledge I believe made all the difference to a perfect finis h. We can’t believe the tran sformation from how it looked before to how it looks now. I can honestly say I have never met a builder who takes such pride in his work. I also didn’t think I would ever meet a builder who is mor e fussy than the custome r themselves. Thank you to al your team who were always polite, thoughtful & professional. I will of course always be using TSD to carry out all our future work & will alwa ys with great pleasure recommend you to frien ds, family & potential customers. Best Regards

Peter Krause 86


House & Garden Bathroom Fitting Kitchen Fitting Painting & Decorating


(Interior & Exterior)

Plastering Tiling Fencing Small Extensions


Tiling, Coving & Small Plastering Works Undertaken Reliable & Friendly Service

Fully insured. Prompt Service. Family business est. 20 yrs.

Established 12 Years

Howard Davies on 07967 199343 Wayne Davies on 07969 981662 OR 01293 430187 (evenings)

Excellent References Available Ashtead Based

For a free estimate, please contact Simon on:

01372 276729 07947 673174

EAN: 962265

Mark Cooper

Painter and Decorator All Interior and Exterior work undertaken Fully Insured For a free estimate contact

Mark Cooper

07840 294217 19 Pound Crescent, Fetcham, KT22 9JW

“I have been advertising in the A&L Local magazine for over five years and I can categorically state that for me it has worked continuously and has provided work on a regular monthly basis. Presently, I have more work than I can handle.� Graham Sheargold, Help@Hand 87

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House & Garden

Council Reviews Polling Districts, Places and Stations Mole Valley District Council (MVDC) is carrying out a review of all polling districts, polling places and polling stations in the District. Polling districts are the electoral areas which make up a district ward; polling places are buildings or areas designated by the Council where electors in a polling district go to vote; and polling stations are the rooms or areas within the polling place where voting takes place. Any registered elector in Mole Valley can make comments on the existing and proposed arrangements. MVDC also welcomes comments and suggestions from residents who have expertise in access for people with disabilities. Representations and views must be made in writing to the Democratic Services Team at Pippbrook by 30 September 2011. Any person or bodies making representations should, if possible, give alternative places that may be used as the locations of polling stations. Details of the current arrangements and proposed changes can be viewed on MVDC’s website, or at the Council’s offices in Pippbrook, Reigate Road, Dorking, RH4 1SJ. MVDC is not proposing any changes to polling districts. Comments received will be published on MVDC’s website at the end of the review, prior to consideration of this matter at the Council meeting on 22 November 2011. 90

House & Garden

208 Barnett Wood Lane, Ashtead, KT21 2DB

◊ Local, well-kno well-known wn building building and roof oofing ing company company ◊ Exten Extensions sions & Loft Conversio Conversions ns ◊ Refurb Refurbis ishm hments ents & Structu Structural ral Works ◊ Internal & External Deco Decora ration tion ◊ Patios Patios & Decking Decking ◊ Property Property Maint Maintenance enance ◊ Plumb Plumbing ing & Electrical Electrical Se Services rvices ◊ All Works Certified Certified ◊ Excelle Excellent nt References Ava Availab ilable le ◊ New Roofs & Repairs Repairs ◊ Flat Roo Rooff Felt Felt Systems Systems ◊ Sealoflex Sealoflex ® Waterpr Waterproofing oofing Roof System Sys tem ◊ Fully insured, incl including uding heat applica appl ication tion for for flat roofs roofs ◊ UPVC Fasci Fascia, a, Soffits Soffits & Gutter Guttering ing ◊ Velux Window Window Installatio Installations ns

01372 278884 / 07762 120576 email: 91

Transition Ashtead

Working towards a sustainable Ashtead “Water, water, everywhere, nor any drop to drink” You may wonder why saving water is necessary as it appears to rain rather a lot. Wet summers and even wetter winters seem to keep the garden nice and green and our rivers flowing. Yet despite having an apparently wet climate, some parts of the UK are experiencing water shortages. London is drier than Istanbul, and the South East of England has less water available per person than the Sudan and Syria. The average rainfall measured at Wisley is just under 650mm/year. Each person in the UK uses about 150 litres of water a day. This takes into account cooking, cleaning, washing and flushing. This has been rising by 1% a year since 1930 and this consumption behaviour is not sustainable in the longterm. (And it is not cheap either - in this bit of Surrey it costs just over £2 per 1000 litres of water used – including the sewage charge). However, the average Briton actually consumes a total of over 3400 litres every day! This amount is the water we use daily in our homes plus the amount embedded in all that we consume. (“Embedded water” is water used to Rainfall in Surrey (line is the long term average) produce food and non-food products). Burgers, clothing, our cars and homes, and electricity all have water use embedded in them. About 65% of the embedded water consumption is in our food. A tomato has about 13 litres of water embedded in it; an apple has about 70 litres; a pint of beer about 170 litres; a glass of milk about 200 litres; and a hamburger about 2400 litres. It takes about 136 drops of water to produce one drop of tea, and about 1100 drops of water to produce one drop of coffee! Much of the embedded water that we consume, about 70% of our “water footprint”, comes from other nations, as we import goods and services into our country. We must start thinking about how much we really rely on this finite and shared resource. Water stress is becoming a big topic here in the UK and abroad. Climate change is set to affect our water resources as well, making dry places even drier and wet ones too wet. It is time for us all to act! We can install water meters (which can reduce household consumption by 10%), we can buy water-efficient white goods, turn off the tap while we brush our teeth, fix leaks, and make many other easy efforts. We can start asking shops to provide information on how much water is embedded in their products. And we can ask our leaders to make water use efficiency across all sectors of society a priority. (Data and examples used from Waterwise and Sutton & East Surrey Water ).

Barrie Mould For more information about Transition Ashtead or to join any of our Action Groups, see our website at Contact our Secretary Caroline on 07768 806201 or email

House & Garden

M D Edwards & Son Kitchen Specialists

Friendly Family run local business established over 25 years. Kitchens supplied and installed to a very high standard. Excellent Portfolio and local references. We also have a complete team of qualified tradesmen: Builder, Plasterer, Electrician, Heating Engineer, Tiling and Flooring Specialists Fu Fullllyy Insured Insured for for your your peace peace of of mind Proje Pro ject ct managed managed by us from desig design n to completion Kitchen facelifts also undertaken, Choose from large range of door styles, Granite, Engineered Stone, Corian, laminate and wood worktops, sinks, taps and integrated appliances. We also undertake remedial jobs new hinges, drawer runners, etc. No job too small.

Telephone Beverley Edwards for a free estimate

M D Edwards & Son Cressida House, 10 Humphrey Close, Fetcham, Surrey KT22 9PZ e-mail:

Tel: 01372 450677 450677 93

USEFUL NUMBERS Age UK 01372 386911 Ashtead Art Group 01372 272987 (Jan Cheeseman - Mem Sec) Ashtead Bowling Club 01372 274690 (Jenny Williams) Ashtead Chess Club 01372 813487 (Richard Jones) Ashtead Choral Society 01372 272835 / 278359 Ashtead Cricket Club 01372 276286 (Sarah Culhane) Ashtead Flower Arrangement Group 01372 279501 (Di Stirling) Ashtead Friendship Centre 01372 274288 (Don Butt) Ashtead Good Neighbours 01372 277350 (Marian Guess) Ashtead Horticultural Society 01372 274708 (Sue Jones) Ashtead Library 08456 009009 Ashtead Peace Memorial Hall 01372 272921 Ashtead Players/Young Players 01372 279614 Ashtead Residents’ Association 07733 621614 (Jim Malynn) Ashtead Squash & Tennis Club 01372 272215 Ashtead Townswomen’s Guild 01372 276511 (Julia Mitchell) Ashtead Women’s Institute 01372 276736 (Sandra Brown) Childline 0800 1111 Citizens Advice Bureau 01372 375522 Cruse Bereavement Care 020 8393 7238 Electricity (EDF) 0800 783 8866 Epsom General Hospital 01372 735735 Fetcham Singers (ladies choir) 020 8393 7153(Barbara Bruce) Gas (Transco) 0800 111999 (minicom/textphone for deaf/hard of hearing 0800 371787) Leatherhead Choral Society 01372 277742 (Vivien Redman) Leatherhead & District Angling Society 01372 377654 Leatherhead Community Association 01372 360508

Leatherhead Helpshop 01372 363385 Leatherhead Horticultural Society 01372 375605 (Len Skilton) Leatherhead Leisure Centre 01372 377674 Leatherhead Library 08456 009009 Leatherhead Lions Club 020 8224 5356 (David Careswell) Leatherhead Museum 01372 386348 Leatherhead Orchestra 01372 376871 (Membership Secretary) Leatherhead Police Station 0845 1252222 Leatherhead Residents’ Association 07986 430935 Mid Surrey Community Mediation 07513 524241 Mole Valley Carers Support 01306 640020 Mole Valley District Council 01306 885001 Probus Club of Ashtead 01372 276742 (Brian Light) Probus Club of Leatherhead 01372 450930 (Andrew Crawford) Rotary Club of Ashtead 01372 727573 (Keith Allardyce) Rotary Club of Leatherhead 07753 821964 (Simon Edmands) Royal Association for the Deaf 01306 881958 Royal British Legion Leatherhead/Fetcham Branch 01372 811422 Ashtead Branch 01372 817492 Samaritans 01372 375555 Shopmobility Leatherhead 01372 362400 St Helier Hospital Main switchboard 020 8296 2000 Surrey County Council 08456 009009 Surrey Trading Standards 01372 371717 Volunteering Centre, Leatherhead 01372 383456 Water (Sutton & E Surrey Water) Emergencies/general 01737 772000 Wildlife Aid 09061 800132 (24 hr helpline)


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7 ways to maximise your property value Local award winning independent estate agent reveals her 7 strategies for maximising your property value Most of us consider our property to be our biggest asset and when it comes to selling or letting this asset we all want to achieve the maximum value. I've been an estate agent for 28 years and have run my own business for 20 of those. Over those years, I have seen the property market go up and go down. However our clients have always achieved the maximum value for their property because they have adopted my simple 7 point plan which virtually guarantees the best possible price for any property. I've written a guide, which you can have FREE of charge because you, or a friend or relative, might appreciate knowing these 7 strategic points before you accept an offer that is below what your property is truly worth. There is absolutely no obligation for you to place your property with Jackie Quinn Estate Agents. However, if after reading my guide, you feel that we can give you the high level of service that you require then myself or my friendly and knowledgeable team will be more than pleased to assist you further. Please call or email us with your details and we shall send you a copy of the guide straight away.


01372 271504

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