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October 2015 Never underestimate the importance of community

Arts Alive 2015 Fly tippers exposed! Dog fouling and the law Surrey Hubs now mobile Wallace & Gromit’s Big Bake Join the ‘Stand up to Cancer’ campaign Halloween fun in Leatherhead - 31st October

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What’s in here this month? Ashtead Residents’ Association


Join the ‘Stand up to cancer’ campaign


Leatherhead Residents’ Association


Arts Alive 2015, pages 46 & 48


Fetcham Residents’ Association


From darkness to light


Ashtead Community Vision


Give a cat a home


Quiz - Fancy Dress


Mole Valley WI


MV Police Column


Refuse & Recycling calendar


A new doorstep scam...


Leatherhead lions’ bladder scanned!


New venue for Epsom Rotaract


Surrey Hubs are now mobile!


Quiz - Country Houses


Ashtead WI


‘Anyone for Zumba’? - a story


Challengers clubs in our area


Book reviews


What’s on in October? Pages 65-71


Halloween fun in Leatherhead town


Cryptic crossword


Wallace & Gromit’s Big Bake (Dec ‘15)


General knowledge crossword




Local history article


Recipe - Shallot tarte tartin w cheese


Dog fouling and the law


Simple crossword


Transition Ashtead




Fly tippers exposed


Use your food waste caddy


Gardening - Leaf Litter



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From the Publisher


appy 10th Birthday to The Ashtead & Leatherhead Local - ooh get me, I’ve been going for 10 years and it’s just been a wonderful journey, I’ve met some great people and some of my advertisers have become good friends. I’m so pleased I left the corporate world behind to fashion such a fulfilling career out of sourcing community information for our area, raising awareness for our clubs, charities and local organisations and ensuring that our local businesses are kept busy! Well, I have to say we’ve had dad’s funeral and it wasn’t nearly as harrowing as I thought it would be. The church was full, with people standing at the back. There were quite a few amusing things which made me chuckle on the day and still do. Like the ‘chanter’ during the Greek Orthodox church service who constantly missed his cue and was being nudged by Father Michael to ‘keep up’, on top of that he was completely out of tune! Or my cousin taking a shine to the young buck of a funeral director I had appointed and flirted outrageously with him, or, during the interment when, unbeknown to my sister, a china plate is smashed onto the coffin to release the soul and ward off evil, she screamed, ‘that’ll wake him!’, to stunned silence, then a ripple of chuckles broke out around the burial plot. Poor dad, he would have been laughing his socks off looking down at us. We had a lovely ‘get-together’ afterwards made up of my family (commonly known as the Greek Mafia) and lots of friends and neighbours, and by the time we all made tracks for home a couple of hours later, everyone had told a funny story about dad. One of my uncles told us that dad, aged 11, used to make wheelbarrows for their farm in Cyprus and took his brothers out for rides in them; one of my other uncles said that to this day, everything his brother had made could not be unscrewed that was how strong he was. (I didn’t have the heart to Advertising tell him that one of dad’s tricks was to apply a small The Ashtead & Leatherhead Local amount of glue to the screw tip to secure it for good!) provides local businesses with affordable, quality advertising. Ads We miss him terribly but his legacy to us was the ability to cost from £53 +VAT per month, per see the funny side even in our darkest moments. I should quarter page for a 10,000 residential distribution (yes, really!) and can be like to thank everyone who was kind enough to send me messages of support, I am overwhelmed by your kindness. designed where required. October sees the annual Arts Alive Festival and there’s a Technical & Legal stuff small taste of what’s going on can be found on pages 46 Whilst every care has been taken to ensure that the data in this magazine and 48. is accurate, the Publisher cannot October also sees the annual Cancer Research ‘Stand up to accept, and hereby disclaims, any cancer’ campaign, go to page 45 for details. liability to any party for loss or damage caused by errors or omissions Halloween is upon us again and Lucy Hanson and the team have organised another fun afternoon in the town on resulting from negligence, accident Saturday 31st October - page 32. or any other cause. No part of this magazine may be reproduced, stored in any retrieval system, or transmitted in any form electronic, mechanical, recording, photocopying, or otherwise - without prior permission of the Publisher. All in-house artwork and editorial presented in this magazine remains the copyright of Zen George.

© Zen George

All rights reserved 2015. 01372 376420

I have again decided to run the ‘Dog fouling and the law’ article that I ran some years’ ago, because I’m not convinced that irresponsible dog owners actually ‘get it’, page 80 sets out what can happen if you fall foul of the law. It’s that time of year again, and, before you go to bed on Saturday 24th October, don’t forget to put your clocks back an hour. Cheerio,

Zen George Publisher 01372 376420 6

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ASHTEAD RESIDENTS’ ASSOCIATION 70th Anniversary Year Working for Ashtead since 1945 Woodfield Lane Road Widening Scheme

of the railway (£57,000, specifically ear-marked for works in the area of the level crossing) and from the Parsons Mead development (£18,000). A further £82,000 is scheduled, as part of highway maintenance, to be spent on resurfacing the road, which residents will know is very badly pot-holed and in dire need of resurfacing before the winter conditions bring even more disintegration. The sticking point for Councillors was the £18,000 from the Parsons Mead development (a small proportion of the developer funds generated by this housing), which had gone into an Ashtead-wide pot. Use of these funds for this stretch of road was considered inappropriate as it was not in the immediate area of Parsons Mead, despite the fact that many residents from the area regularly use the station approach and experience the same delays and frustrations.

The proposed plan for the widening of Woodfield Lane between Craddocks Avenue and Ashtead Station was tabled for discussion at the MVDC Local Committee Meeting held at Pippbrook on 9th September. In advance of the meeting, Surrey Highways produced a very detailed report explaining every stage of the process involved in developing the scheme, including the public consultation and vote that had resulted in a majority choice for the creation of a lay-by that would provide short-term parking for people visiting the local shops and services or simply taking their dog for a walk on the Common, something the frequent queues at Craddocks Parade show is necessary.

The whole experience of listening to the Council discussion was surreal. For example, on the one hand, there was the Surrey Highways’ report, which clearly stated that the parking restrictions in the lay-by would be: one-hour stay and no return within one hour. On the other hand, a number of Councillors held the view that the lay-by would provide all day free parking for commuters who were avoiding the parking fees in the station car park. This despite the success of the parking restrictions by the pond where similar restrictions have removed all commuter parking.

The whole discussion was not helped by the fact that many of the Councillors, by their own admission, had either not read Surrey Highways’ report or were unfamiliar with the area under discussion and their views came across almost as though they had been scripted for them. Sadly, their lack of knowledge did not prevent them having opinions on the road-widening scheme that were at odds with Ashtead residents’ democratically chosen option. A motion to refuse the scheme went to the vote, which was tied and Parking Enforcement was not, it seems, considered the decision was taken to defer discussion to the to be possible and so commuters would be able to next Local Committee meeting in December, park without penalty, despite clear evidence that unless an Extraordinary Meeting can be convened Wardens already patrol the area and regularly in the interim. To be hoped for! ticket offending vehicles. This amounted to a vote of No Confidence by Councillors in Mole Come to the Autumn Meeting Valley's own parking warden staff. The Association’s Autumn Meeting is being held on Tuesday, 13th October at 7.30 pm at the APMH. Councillors were also concerned about potential damage to the trees, a legitimate concern that had Doors open at 7pm. Shaun Waddell will be been clearly addressed in the report and also by a speaking about a year in the life of Ashtead Common, National Nature Reserve. All Ashtead Council Executive Officer who spoke at the Councillors have been invited to attend a Q&A Meeting. However, a number of Councillors, selfsession that will follow the interval, giving proclaiming their own lack of expertise in such residents the chance to raise the above issue plus matters, were disinclined to accept the experts’ advice and required further vague consultations. other concerns with them. Please do join us for the evening. Where was the money to come from and should so much be spent on this project? Well, it is actually Glynis Peterkin David Baker the case that the money for the creation of the lay Chairman Highways and Webmaster -by (£75,000) is coming from developments north 8

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E n g l i s h m a n ’s

C a s t l e

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Leatherhead Station

but we persevere. We are optimistic that in the fullness of time this gateway to the Surrey Hills will be transformed as our town is to be transformed.

In spite of a new entrance and waiting room being planned for the station which should help with the problems of access and queuing, surprisingly, there seems to be little concern among passengers or staff about the littered condition of some of the areas surrounding the station. Some LRA members and Cllr Hall have written to Southern Rail reporting the condition of the station to be deplorable. The April litter pick resulted in an attempt to clean up behind some of the fenced area which protects the rail track. This was a futile effort because the high fences restrict access to the site.

Moving from improving the general presentation of our station, to our town, to its general morale and cohesion, we are delighted to learn that a new Councillor is aiming to create a “Regeneration Forum” to be based particularly in N. Leatherhead which, because of sheer distance and the splicing effect of the railway, tends to see itself as being quite cut off from anything going on at the Institute in the High Street.

For a while there was some confusion among all the employees that we spoke to about WHO was responsible for the area behind the fences. On making a complaint to Network Rail, the organisation which had been responsible in the past, we found out why Leatherhead Station is no longer their responsibility. Southern Railway now has a Train Operator Lease Contract with Network Rail. This makes them responsible for the areas behind the fences. Even if they do not have access they are responsible for paying Network Rail to carry out the work. With this knowledge, the Environment Subcommittee has filed a complaint in four parts. These are litter accumulating behind the fences, fence panels discarded behind the fences, tree branches tossed over the fences and overhanging branches dangerous to pedestrians.

Councillor Santi Mondejar (for N. Leatherhead) would like to see some of the effort (and cash!) likely to go into the “Transform Leatherhead” project also finding its way into development in this area. He fears that spending money in the south and in the centre will simply increase feelings of isolation and neglect elsewhere. With the same end in view, N. Leatherhead Cllr., Howard Jones, (with particular responsibility for town centres) would like to see a cycle way connecting the north with the centre of our town. As reported in the Advertiser on 27th August, the new Forum has now had its first meeting with interested local residents and business people in attendance. Although the group is actively seeking representatives from all sections of the community, it is anticipated that it will be run as a business and not just as a benevolent social gathering.

Thus far, SR has unsuccessfully dealt with one part of a four part complaint. Yes, we are disappointed

Cheryl Allen and Caroline Brown

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Yes I would like to join the Leatherhead Residents’ Association Name



_______________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________


___________________ Email _____________________________________

Enc. £2 for one year / £5 for three years payable to the Leatherhead Residents’ Association. Please send to:

LRA, Letherhead Institute, 67 High Street, Leatherhead, KT22 8AH Tel: 07986 430935

If you would like to receive information from the Leatherhead Residents’ Association via email, then please contact us by going to our website. 10

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In conjunction with several concerns we have now received from Fetcham residents on the increase of road parking in and around Fetcham and in order to establish an understanding and clear foundation of what the current issues we are seeking to compile a list of roads and their issues to local councillors that cause the most amount of concern.

Refuse & Recycling

The Environmental Services at Mole Valley District Council have recently updated the recycling service guide and collection calendar showing dates from July 2015 to June 2016. However unfortunately due to budgetary restraints they are unable to distribute the guides to every household as they have done in the past.

With Parking also being a issue that is looking to You can however obtain a copy of the service be addressed within the Transform Leatherhead guide and calendar by visiting http:// and Scheme and a Parking Review we are keen to clarify what issues the village may have. If road downloading a copy directly, or go to page 58 of this magazine. parking effects you please email us with your concerns on Mrs Susanne Taylor Editor Fetcham Residents’ Association

WHAT WE DO... COMMUNICATE with our residents aiming to keep them fully informed. INVEST in the future, the FRA provides two annual bursaries. ROADS & TRANSPORTATION we liaise with SCC & MVDC on road repairs, bus, railways and transport issues. ENVIRONMENT represent Fetcham in regard to local issues, watch over Fetcham’s community areas and pay for and maintain all the flowers in the village planters.


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Ashtead Community Vision Does Ashtead have Assets of Community Value? initiative which was set up under the Localism Act – the very same act which launched the idea of the NDP. The key point of concern that the government has sought to address was that local communities were losing important assets – such as pubs and recreational spaces – because they were unable to organise themselves to make a bid for such assets when they came up for sale. So the idea was to give local communities a six month breathing space to raise funds to bid for such assets. The nation’s favourite advertising rag - better known as the Saturday edition of the Daily Telegraph - had an interesting article recently which highlighted ‘ACVs.’

In the context of Ashtead one can see such local facilities as the Ashtead Peace Memorial Hall, the library or playing fields being seen by the community as potential assets which it wishes to retain in the face of potential loss through redevelopment.

Not our own Ashtead Community Vision (ACV) who are currently stitching together a Neighbourhood Development Plan (NDP) - but another ACV – ‘Assets of Community Value’.

The process of designating such assets involves local community groups (not individuals), including Neighbourhood Development Forums. They have to approach the local planning authority (in our case at Mole Valley District Council) who then take representations and then make a decision on whether such assets should be designated.

The Telegraph told the story of the Anglers Rest pub in Bamford in the Peak District where the local community bought their much loved watering hole. The ‘Anglers’ is one of more than 36 community pubs around the UK that have been bought by local residents as a result of them being designated an ‘Asset of Community Value.’ So what is an ‘Asset of Community Value’ and how is it relevant to Ashtead? Currently Ashtead Community Vision – the working group of our Neighbourhood Forum – is considering the role that ‘Assets of Community Value’ may or may not play in the development of our NDP. ACV is therefore considering whether they should seek to have certain local ‘assets’ - be they buildings or open areas - designated ‘Assets of Community Value’ by Mole Valley District Council. Already, I hear, that some of our neighbours in Leatherhead have received ACV status for the Barnett Wood Lane allotments which are situated on the Leatherhead side of the M25 motorway. It is this ability to raise money from the local community to buy an ‘Asset of Community Value’ that is at the heart of the Government’s

Whether the Ashtead Forum decides that designations are necessary, is not certain as members have yet had chance to consider the issue. However, ACV has it on its radar. So watch this space. Of course, all this designation malarkey could prove to be academic if the market value of the ‘asset’ is beyond the pockets of the local community - let’s see what happens in Leatherhead.

You can find out more about ACV and the Forum’s work at: Ashtead-Community-Vision/ https:// John Morgan ACV member


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Family Wills Surrey is an appointed representative of New Leaf (WWF) Ltd., Head Office: Princess Caroline House, 1 High Street, Southend on Sea, SS1 1JE Co. Reg. No. 7891401


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Answers on page 88

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Mole Valley Police Column Halloween and Bonfire Night or building society. When this first came to our notice, we tried to spread the word about this type of fraud via many methods, including handing out information in local banks and shopping centres. This may have had some impact on its decline?

As Halloween and Bonfire Night approach, local officers will be out, as usual, visiting shops and licensed premises to ask for their co-operation in minimising the risks of people buying fireworks or alcohol underage, as well as other items such as flour and eggs which may not be intended for cooking!! Although the majority of people enjoy these festivities in a pleasant and friendly atmosphere, some people use the opportunity to target vulnerable residents and cause criminal damage. Please speak to your children to ensure that they do not throw anything at other people’s houses or, for their own safety, knock on doors of people they do not know. As in previous years, police will be out in force on the evening of Halloween and will take a very dim view of anyone causing any damage or intimidating residents. If you live near someone you consider may be vulnerable to this type of targeting, please visit them and if you think it is necessary then let your local officers know of your concerns. You can contact your local team on 01483 639886 or by email to

Sadly, however, it appears to have started up again and we would like to reinforce the message that genuine callers from the police or other organisations, such as banks, building societies etc. will NEVER ask you to disclose personal account details. Please help us to spread the word to anyone you may believe could be vulnerable to this type of fraud? If you have any concerns yourself or feel that someone could benefit from being contacted by their local policing team (or by me as the Crime Reduction Advisor for the District), then please call us on 101. This time of year also tends to see an increase in the number of rogue traders going door-to-door, offering to do “work” for inflated prices. If you have any concerns about this, or have been targeted yourself, please let us know by calling us on 101. Neil Clarke, 13363 Crime Reduction Advisor - Eastern Division PO Box 101, Guildford, Surrey GU1 9PE To contact Neil Clarke direct, please call: Tel: 101 Extension 30809 or 01483 630809 / 07467 3367783 or email: Call 101 for all non-emergency policing matters.

Call 999 if you have a genuine emergency requiring the attendance of the police (e.g. a crime is in progress or someone is in On a totally different matter, we had been immediate danger). very pleased to note a significant decline Call Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111 if you over the summer in the number of reports have information about crime and don't want to leave your name. we received about telephone scams –

where people had been tricked into giving For more crime prevention advice visit money or their bank details to people pretending to be from the police, the bank18

Coping with the realisation of divorce or seperation The realisation of divorce or separation can be intimidating. When a relationship breaks down there are so many different things to consider, it is hard to know the best place to start. In my experience, clients can find it helpful to digest the concept of divorce in bite size chunks. Below are a few thoughts about where you may wish to start: 1. Accept support from friends, family and professionals. All play important, although different roles, throughout the process. The main person who you previously approached for support in difficult times is no longer available, so try to accept other options. It can be tricky when your friends and family have been involved with you and your partner in the past, so professional support from solicitors to family therapists may also be of benefit. 2. Try not to be taken in too much by other people’s divorce or separation stories; everyone is different. Approaches to separation are flexible, intentionally so, to meet the needs of individual families. What Joe Bloggs had to pay to his wife, is not necessarily a likely outcome for John Smith – even in similar circumstances. 3. Divorce or Separation is a process. It is normal to have feelings of anger, upset, denial, depression, second thoughts and then finally acceptance. Both partners are not likely to be in the same emotional state as the other. That makes matters more difficult, particularly when one partner has bee considering the issue of separation longer than the other.

4. Wherever possible, remain amicable. Easy to say, harder to achieve. Remaining amicable reduces the need for third party intervention and avoids spiralling costs. Futhermore, a negotiated settlement, will be reached more quickly (rather than via a court timetable) and is more likely to be adhered to as both parties are likely to have compromised to achieve an acceptable outcome. 5. Empower yourself with knowledge, it will allow you to feel in control. 6. Be considerate of costs, there are often moral arguments you want to raise, but find out whether they will have any financial/legal merit. If not, it is a life lesson, better to accept and move on, rather than waste money arguing over the same. Choose your battles. 7. Try not to dwell on the past, focus on your future. It may not look the same as it has done previously, but new beginnings can be very bright once you are ready to accept the same. 8. Use freely available resources. There is an excellent Government website that is user friendly which highlights some of the important considerations on divorce. The Citizen’s Advice Bureau is often a good starting point for financial help and emotional support. 9. Seek professional help early on to ensure you know what considerations you may need to give rise to. Knowledge is empowering and avoids you fearing the worst – every situation can be resolved in one way or another. 10. Keep smiling and stay positive. Sometimes it is the last thing you want to do – but even trying, can make you feel much better.

For further information contact Lindsey Alexander on 01372 729555 or email

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British Summertime ends on Sunday 25th October

Don’t forget to turn back your clocks by one hour Another doorstep scam... Surrey Police is warning elderly residents to be on their guard after a number of people have been duped into handing over money to a conman in the borough claiming to need to borrow money to pay for a locksmith. The most recent incident took place in West Hill on 31 August when a man claimed to be the victim’s neighbour and asked to borrow £80 for a locksmith, making off once the money had been handed over. The suspect is described as white, aged 18-20 years, around 5ft 9 tall, of slim build, with mousey brown hair. He was clean-shaven and wearing jeans and a light-coloured T-shirt. Detective Sergeant Ruth Atkins, who is investigating the incident, said: “We are urging residents to be vigilant and never hand over any money to people who just show up on their doorstep or even approach them in the street or a car park, no matter how plausible or heart-wrenching the story is. “We are also urging Epsom residents to keep an eye out for anyone spotted acting suspiciously in the area and to report any sighting to us as soon as possible. “The suspect has targeted an elderly resident, which makes this crime all the more despicable, and we are determined to do all we can to trace the offender responsible and ensure he is brought to justice.” If you believe you have been a victim of a similar or any scam, or you have any information which could assist police with their enquiries, please contact Surrey Police on 101, quoting crime reference number 45150064167 or by using the online reporting system found at https:// Alternatively the independent charity Crimestoppers can be contacted anonymously on 0800 555 111. -


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Thank you for publishing the information about our trueCall Care initiative, Zen. We have already had enquiries from local people who have read about the project in The Ashtead & Leatherhead Local. Thanks and regards. Katherine Preston, Senior Trading Standards Specialist, Buckinghamshire & Surrey Trading Standards

New venue for Epsom Rotaract Last August, over a dozen members of Epsom

Epsom Rotaract at their Rotaract attended the club's first meeting at their new meeting venue new venue, The Faraday public house at 2 Church Street, Epsom, KT17 4NY.

Sponsored by Rotary International, Rotaract is a fun, dynamic and unique international organisation for people aged 18–30, offering a wide range of activities that enable members to try something new whilst having a great time and making new friends. Epsom Rotaract actively supports its local community, as well as raising money for a wide range of local, national and international charities. All of the club’s activities are decided by its members. If you're interested in joining us, why not come along and chat with our members. We hope you'll find us a friendly and approachable bunch and we are very happy to answer any questions. Epsom Rotaract meet at 8.15pm on the first and third Tuesday of each month at The Faraday public house in Epsom.

For further information about the club and its wide range of community, fundraising and social activities, please visit or contact or 07768 372085. 22

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Answers on page 88

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Anyone for ‘Zumba’?


uth and Sam felt sluggish. The summer had disappeared and warm weekends pottering in the garden seemed a distant memory. They were halfway through their Friday night bottle of wine, feeling like two sloths on a sofa, when Sam made a suggestion that shocked his wife.

wiping the sweat off his brow with his towel. Sam was in agony but tried very hard not to show it. He politely took his wife’s hand and said, “I think she’s had enough for her first session. I’ll just take her outside to get some more water.” Ruth glared at him but, at that moment, her legs were hurting far more than her pride. They shuffled past the other riders and escaped.

“Let’s do an exercise class!” “I beg your pardon?”

Sam and Ruth decided to take things easy and try yoga the following week. Sam quickly realised he was neither bendy nor coordinated and after embarrassing himself when in the ‘downward dog’ position, he refused to even consider returning.

“It’d be fun. We never do anything fun. We’ll have an evening out together and get fit at the same time. What do you think?” Ruth put her glass of wine down on the coffee table and gave her husband a quizzical look.

If they were going to exercise together, they had to find something they’d both enjoy. Sam dismissed the ‘Legs Bums and Tums’ class and Ruth rejected any form of martial arts.

“Are you telling me that you’d seriously commit to going to a class, every single week, no excuses, no working late…”

On their third visit to the Leisure Centre, Sam discovered Zumba… They were supposed to be going to a Pilates class but it was cancelled and Zumba was the only other option. Sam spotted the stunning teacher and somehow felt compelled to follow a group of very attractive young women into the room. Ruth had always wanted to try Zumba but never imagined she would be doing it with her husband.

“I can be committed! I can be disciplined…” “Like you were when you started playing football again, or went to that photography class?” “That was different! I’d be doing this with you. You can make me go…” “Oh Sam, you sound like one of the children… Ok, let’s do it! Let’s look at the Leisure Centre website and pick something.”

Sam maintained his ‘concentration’ face throughout the session and didn’t take his eyes off the teacher. He was mesmerised by her swaying hips and enthusiastic smile. Sam really tried his hardest but gangly limbs and a total lack of rhythm resulted in his own brand of Zumba choreography, which had to be seen to be believed. At the end of the session everyone in the class, including the teacher, gave him a spontaneous round of applause and begged him to return the following week.

The following Tuesday, they tried a spinning class. Sam enjoyed cycling and thought it would be a doddle. Ruth had used exercise bikes at the gym and wasn’t too worried either. When they arrived, most of the bikes were already occupied by Lycra clad fitness fanatics, with drive and focus etched on their faces. Sam and Ruth tried to look nonchalant as they climbed on the last two bikes at the back of the room. A wiry, older gentleman in a singlet gave them a nod of acknowledgement before wrapping a small towel around his neck and starting to ‘warm up’ slowly.

They still had other classes to try. There was Aqua Aerobics, Body Pump and Pilates. There was even table tennis or badminton but Sam had found his niche. Zumba was definitely the class for him. He hadn’t seen his wife laugh so much for years…

Sam and Ruth felt reassured by his presence, at least until the class started. Bass driven music vibrated the room and Sam felt a headache brewing. However, he smiled confidently at his wife and started to pedal. After twenty minutes, Ruth was in agony. Her calves were burning and her heart was pounding. She caught a glimpse of herself in the mirror and barely recognized her own sweaty, scarlet face.

Copyright Sarah Lott September 2015 Website: Email: Tel: 01372 373844 Twitter: @thememorybook

After half an hour, the room was the only thing spinning for Sam and Ruth. The wiry man was still going at full tilt and gave them a smug smile before 26

Shops & Services

ALEXANDER LODGE RESIDENTIAL CARE HOME Caring for those you care about

• Respite care • Integrated social , outings and

• • • •

Person-centred 24 hour care Unrestricted visiting Excellent cuisine Newly refurbished rooms with en-suite toilets • Registered with Quality Care Commission

activities programme • Deferred Payment Plan • Visiting professionals: - Chiropodist - Physiotherapist - ‘Pets as Therapy’ scheme

41 Skinners Lane, Ashtead, KT21 2NN

Tel: 01372 276052 Tailor Made

Curtains, Blinds & Accessories Free Design, Measuring & Fitting Quality Hand Finished Alterations undertaken  Curtains  Pelmets  Swags & Tails

Volunteers needed for annual Charity Christmas Card Shops

 Blinds  Cushions  Tracks & Poles

Please call for a friendly, no obligation chat

Justine Evans 01372 272387 / 07533 793705


Volunteers sought for both Leatherhead & Dorking shops

Prompt & Reliable Service Collected & Delivered Competitive Rates

Please contact

Call Tracey 01372 200583

Kathy Hill 07802 851884 27

Shops & Services


Shops & Services


Personal 24 hour service from a privately funded family business SERVING LEATHERHEAD, ASHTEAD, BOOKHAM AND SURROUNDING AREAS



Autumn In October, nature puts on a magnificent show for us to wonder at, as the trees shed their leaves in glorious Technicolor. As the nights draw in and the ‘Fall’ is upon us, snuggle up with a good book about those silent giants standing guard in the garden. Eucalyptus Murray Bail

Written by an Australian author this is a modern fairy tale about the widower Holland and his beautiful daughter, Ellen. She, along with his vast collection of eucalyptus trees are his two most prized possessions and when Ellen turns nineteen, Holland reveals that he will permit her to marry the man who can successfully identify all the varieties of gum trees on his property. Of course, Ellen’s not too pleased with the plan, and doesn’t think much of all the suitors who show up at the estate. That is, until a mysterious stranger appears and her curiosity suddenly gets the better of her.

Snow Falling on Cedars David Guterson

Set in the remote and isolated Puget Sound in America’s Pacific Northwest, Snow Falling on Cedars is the story of a remote community rocked by the murder of a local fisherman. San Piedro Island is not the sort of place you want to make enemies, and when Japanese- American, Kabuo Miyamoto is accused, it becomes clear that among the beautiful and dense cedars lies a painful history. It’s a wonderfully atmospheric book that’s full of suspense and tragedy. A great read for a wet autumnal day.

Eats, Shoots and Leaves: The Zero Tolerance Approach to Punctuation Lynne Truss

This might be cheating a little, and it’s not strictly about trees or leaves, but it is about branches of English grammar and the panda of the title that’s getting a bad rap because of some dodgy punctuation. Never again will we be afraid to use colons and semicolons but thanks to Truss, we will embrace them. This book is a must-read for anyone who has ever felt frustrated by unnecessary commas on menus; for anyone who has shuddered when the incorrect ‘your’ is used by a friend or colleague in an email; for anyone for whom standing in the queue at the ‘ten items or less’ (FEWER!) checkout in the supermarket is simply torture. Read, digest and enjoy.

The Faraway Tree Enid Blyton

The Magic Faraway Tree is actually the second story in Enid Blyton’s series, coming after The Enchanted Wood, and is muchloved by children and adults the world over. Joe, Beth and Frannie have moved into to a new house and they discover this fantastic place that is right on their doorstep. They quickly make friends with Moonface, Saucepan Man and Silky the fairy and are transported to different lands and


places. The series is a cult classic and it’s like a big bear hug on a chilly October evening.

The Lie Tree Frances Hardinge

Faith’s father is found dead, and under mysterious circumstances, leaving Faith determined to get to the bottom of what happened. What she finds is a set of drawings that lead her to a strange tree that seems to flourish and grow when lies are whispered to it, and there are plenty of mistruths to go around in this tiny island community. The Lie Tree’s fruits bear hidden secrets and Faith will have her work cut out to try and separate the truth from the poisonous fiction. Just don’t believe everything you read.

The Giving Tree Shel Silverstein

A boy grows up and the Giving Tree gives all that she has to help raise him. At first he climbs and plays on her trunk. When he, known only as ‘Boy’ turns into a teenager he needs some money and so the tree suggests that he pick and sell her apples. And so this relationship between the two of them continues, right into the old man’s dotage. Each time the tree helps Boy we are told, “And the tree was happy”. It’s an enchanting story to read to children, or simply to treasure for yourself.

Shops & Services


Spooky goings on in Leatherhead town centre Saturday 31st October 3pm-6pm

Leatherhead town centre will be awash with all things that go bump in the night on Saturday 31st October when the town will once again be hosting an afternoon of Halloween fun for all the family from 3pm until 6pm. For those brave enough there will be an opportunity to get up close with some seriously creepy crawlies, whilst those keen to show off their frightful dress sense will battle it out to win one of three prizes up for grabs in a fancy dress competition at the Swan Centre from 5pm. There will be a prize for the best homemade outfit, so get your thinking caps on and start getting creative during half term. The competition is open to all so expect a few ‘mummies’ – and daddies – too! Those up for a challenge can take part in the delightfully disgusting ‘Yucky Dip’ game or see if they have what it takes to be a grave digger. Meanwhile, youngsters can enter the ‘Pumpkin Pursuit’ competition, taking place in the town’s shops. New for this year we have a pumpkin carving competition. Bring your carved pumpkins along to the event to be judged and you could win a prize. So get thinking and carving (under supervision from an adult) during half term and bring your finished jack-o-lanterns along on the 31st. The Surrey Society of Model Engineers will offer rides on their miniature steam train throughout the day. This costs 50p per ride. You may be excused for thinking that Leatherhead has been invaded from outer space with aliens lurking in giant tubes! Watch out for Vooboo, scary skeletons that will tower above you and the friendly Mr Pumpkin Head. Why not come along and have a ‘spooktacular’ time! We look forward to scaring you….I mean seeing you!

Please note: There will be a small charge for some of the competitions and games. The barrier to the High Street will remain closed until 7pm to allow for greater safety of residents and visitors during the event.


Shops & Services

High quality 80/20 wool twist 50oz, LIMITED STOCK only £17.49m² 100% Wool Loop absolute bargain £14.99m²




re th che r p an ap et er rig ht !

Many more bargains available


Shops & Services Established 1991

Quality Home Care

To assist elderly and/or disabled persons to remain independent in their own home. We can provide highly trained care staff to help with:-

Bathing & showering • Meal & snack preparation Getting up in the morning • Going to bed at night Supporting with day to day activities Assisting with taking medication

01372 272240

41 The Street • Ashtead • KT21 1AA


Shops & Services


Taxis & Motor Services


Audi VW Specialists • • • • •

Established 1990 Small, local, friendly garage between Leatherhead and Guildford Servicing and repairs (ABS brakes, clutches, tyres, exhausts, diagnostics, air conditioning) Free loan car We are also Seat and Skoda specialists, but we can also accommodate other manufacturers, just call us Open View Farm Epsom Road West Horsley KT24 6AP

Why use a generalist when you can use a specialist? Email: Web:

Tel: 01483 285792


Using only the letters in the Wordwheel, you have ten minutes to find as many words as possible, none of which may be plurals, foreign words or proper nouns. Each word must be of three letters or more, all must contain the central letter and letters can only be used once in every word. There is at least one word that uses all of the letters in the wheel.


Excellent: 30 or more words Good: 24 words Fair: 19 words


The Celia Cross Greyhound Trust is grateful to your magazine for featuring our recent annual fundraising sale. We had hundreds of visitors and a lot of interest in our dogs who paraded to find a home. Thanks to your coverage, we had many attend from our local area. We wish you continued success with your super ‘newsy’ magazine which keeps us all so well informed. Margaret Freshwater, Trustee, Celia Cross Greyhound Trust

S E 36



Wordwheel single word on page 40

Education & Tuition

French and Spanish Tuition and Translation All Levels Welcome

Shelagh Linford BA (Hons) For further information please contact:

Tel: 01372 373954


THE DRAWING STUDIO COURSE STARTS SEPTEMBER Unique in Surrey Tuition based on traditional techniques of representational drawing All levels welcome Find out more on mob. 077 968 978 46


The Ashtead & Leatherhead Local is eagerly read and the perfect place to ask for charity volunteers – we have always had an excellent response - including a call half an hour after the magazine was delivered! Vanessa Smith, Promotions Manager, The Brigitte Trust

Daytime classes at the Letherhead Institute 67 High St, Leatherhead, KT22 8AH

starting Autumn 2015 Contact Anne Lock for more info:

E: Tel: 07703 460683 37

Food & Drink


Food & Drink


Art, Jewellery & Gifts


‘Watch out for our special offers - we are full of surprises. Many new designs in our Autumn/Winter ranges, especially from Bewitched (see left).

90 The Street, Ashtead, KT21 1AW Tel/Fax 01372 276219 1



Simple Crossword Across 1 Used for drinking (6) 4 Warmed (6) 9 Impartial (7) 10 Sleepy (5) 11 Used for chewing (5) 12 Oblivious (7) 13 Contest (11) 18 Female grandparent (7) 20 Terrible (5) 22 Musical instrument (5) 23 Remove (7) 24 Simpler (6) 25 Windy (6) Down 1 Sound mental health (6) 2 Course (5) 3 Adore (7) 5 Additional (5) 6 Whirlwind (7) 7 Avoided (6) 8 Added pictures (11)





8 9

















14 15 16 17 19 21 40

Citrus fruits (7) Farm vehicle (7) Disregard (6) Showy (6) Dimwit (5) Distress signal (5)

Solution on page 88

Art, Jewellery & Gifts

∗ Bespoke Framing ∗ Framed Originals & Limited Edition Prints ∗ Gifts & Jewellery ∗ Cards ∗ Ready Made Frames & Mounts

22 Bridge Street, Leatherhead, KT22 8BZ

Wordwheel single word: Traverse

Tel: 01372 377363

Answers on page 43 41

Technology ~Surreys favourite Computer Store~

14 North Street, Leatherhead tel: 01372 - 370300 Monday - Saturday 9:00 - 5.30pm



Nearly new Lenovo Carbon X1 Ultra Book

New Generation Core i7, 512Gb SSD, 8Gb Ram, 14” display, Windows 10, 4G enabled, 8 hour battery life

ONLY £1,750.00 SAVE £750.00 OFF NEW PRICE

Used notebooks

assorted specifications, all running Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 10 eligible.

PRICES RANDING FROM £150.00 Ideal for home, school or college use

Affordable A4 Printing..

With the Epson Workforce WF-2510WF Wifi Printer, Copier, Scanner, very low running costs due to individual ink cartridges


Swann DVR8-3620

CCTV recording system comprising of 8 Channel 1Tb recorder, 4 Pro grade cameras, all cabling. Easy installation, monitor your system from a smart phone or tablet

ONLY £300.00 Total Care- Protection for your computer & data


Our Unique Total Care Package offers: • Industry leading Internet Security • Unlimited remote support • Unlimited remote support • Unlimited remote support • Unlimited cloud back up for all your data • Unlimited Workshop labour • Total peace of mind ONLY £100 per PC per year + VAT

LOADS MORE SALE REDUCTIONS IN STORE Onsite & workshop repairs, upgrades, virus removal, data recovery

01372-370300 | | Retail store open Monday to Saturday 9:00am to 5:30pm




Pictograms: 1. Feeling Under The Weather

2. Many Happy Returns

3. Talk Of The Town



All food waste can go in your caddy Visit

Surrey is called upon to STAND UP TO CANCER Ashtead and Leatherhead’s men, women and children are being asked to join forces and Stand Up To Cancer. Launched in the UK in 2012, Stand Up To Cancer has already raised over £23.8million. This year’s campaign is up and running now, and will culminate with an evening of special programming on Channel 4 on Friday 9 October. Around five people are diagnosed with cancer every hour in the South East. By joining Stand Up To Cancer, supporters in the region will be uniting with doctors, nurses, scientists and celebrities to generate funds, raise awareness and bring forward the day when all cancers are cured. This year, there are many ways to get involved and help save lives. They could follow the example of TV presenter Kirstie Allsopp (pic below), by clearing out their clutter and hosting a Stand Up To Cancer yard sale. Kirstie said: “Having lost my mum and other family members to this dreadful disease, I wanted to do something special to support Stand Up To Cancer. Over the years I have accumulated a lot of things that I love but really don’t need, so it was great to find new homes for it all while raising money for a cause that’s very dear to me. It was also a lot of fun! I'm asking everyone in the South East and across the UK to join me and make a stand. There are so many ways you can get involved, with friends, family and workmates.” Emily Attwood, Cancer Research UK’s spokesperson for the South East, said: “One in two people in the UK will develop cancer at some point in their lives and with cancer incidence set to rise steeply by 2030, there’s still much more to do to ensure no-one’s life is cut short.” People across Surrey can also show their support for the campaign in style as a fun range of clothing and accessories is available online at The range includes T-shirts; onesies in sizes for adults and children; watches in bold bright colours; pin badges; travel mugs; festival wristbands and a must-have dog T-shirt with the words ‘Sit, Stay and Stand Up To Cancer’. Stand on the frontline in the fight against cancer by joining in the fundraising:

CHALLENGE - Whether it’s a long distance run, a 12 hour dance-a-thon in the office or a sponsored silence, supporters can challenge themselves and get friends and family to dig deep to support the cause!

CRAZY LEGS - Schools, offices, friends and family are encouraged to wear a ridiculous bottom half for a day and dress their legs to Stand Up To Cancer.

COOK - Host a dinner party or put on a bake sale. Get creative in the kitchen to raise money.

#CRINGEFEST - Suffer public humiliation for a good cause. Read your teenage diary to your mates, wax the local rugby team’s legs, wear your undies on the outside, anything that will get a giggle and encourage your friends to help you raise money to beat cancer sooner.

STAND UP - Get sponsored to stand - for hours, on a mountain or all day at work - that’s got to be worth some serious sponsorship!

YARD SALE - Hold a yard sale, whether it be setting up a swap shop, auctioning your antiques on the street or selling your stuff on eBay and donating what you make. Whatever the way, make it pay!

For more info, and to get a free fundraising kit, visit 45


Health & Beauty


Arts Alive Continued

Excerpt from Arts Alive Event Guide reproduced by kind permission of Jones Creative Services 48

Health & Beauty

• Well-Established Modern Practice • Fully Air Conditioned • Same Day Emergency Service • Cosmetic Dentistry including Tooth • • • •

Whitening & Advanced Facial Aesthetics Full Disabled Access Hygienist Service NHS For Children Easy Parking

Dr Sue Taylor

Dr R Woodriffe

Dr M Talbot

Dr T Than

Phone Now for an Appointment 01372 363670 135 Cobham Road, Fetcham, KT22 9HX 49

Health & Beauty


From Darkness to Light Sunday 11th October - 4pm

Scott is 20 years old. At an early age he suffered abuse among relatives, school, and a boys club. The guilt and shame led him to drugs, porn, and alcohol. Often homeless and without friends he wondered what life was all about. He had no Church background but in April of this year felt he should find a Church to get help. This ended with him visiting Pioneer Engage Church in Leatherhead with his mother. One of the leaders spoke to him explaining that he would 'go around the world' with a message of hope. Since that day Scott has found a job, and is living with new friends in the Church. Scott's story is to be told on Sunday 11th October in the Parish Church Hall, Church Road, Leatherhead, KT22 8AY. The event will simply consist of Scott's story and an opportunity to ask questions. Free pizza and drinks will then be available. 50

Health & Beauty


Health & Beauty

A friendly, family-run beauty service in the heart of Bookham Massage - Facials - Tanning Eye Lash Extensions Eye Lash & Eyebrow Tinting Exfoliation -Waxing - Gellux Nails Gift Vouchers also available

‘Portelet’, Leatherhead Road, Gt Bookham, KT23 4RR (opposite Chandlers Builders’ Yard - FREE off-road parking) | Charlotte: 07772 030334 | Holly: 07825 688090


Apealling Beauty

“Hello all – my name is Dinah & I am a small brindle female tortie. I am around 7 years old and I am microchipped and spayed. I came into the care of CP as I found myself in a terrible situation – I had got myself lost and was being fed by a very kind person but I was living in a cold garage in the middle of December and to be honest I was rescued just in time. I settled into the shelter very quickly and have come on in leaps and bounds. Understandably however after nearly 9 months in care I am getting really bored and I spend a lot of my time meowing for company and I really only stop when the lady looking after me comes in to see me! I absolutely love human company (but I don’t like small children, dogs or other cats – sorry!) and am desperate to get out of the pen and move to a loving forever home. I will make someone a lovely companion – could it be you?”

If you feel that you could give Dinah a much deserved forever loving home please call YVONNE on 01372 379155 Epsom Ewell & District Branch

If you cannot adopt a cat but would still like to help us please go to:

Reg Charity 203644 (England and Wales) and SC037711 (Scotland) 52

Health & Beauty

Newlife Fertility Clinic We can help.

01372 738 932 The Pines, 2 The Parade, Epsom KT18 5DH

Leatherhead Podiatry Love your feet! Lesley Pennington S.R.Ch., D.Pod.M., B.Sc.Hons., HPC reg

25 years experience

• Corns • Calluses • Orthotics • Ingrowing Toe Nails • Verrucae

• Problematic Nails • Athlete’s Foot • Bunions • Sports Injuries • Heel Pain

10% off your first appointment on production of this ad (offer ends 31st October 2015)

01372 374125

63b High Street, Leatherhead 53

Health & Beauty


Health & Beauty


Margaret Spice

MA, BA (Hons.), MBACP, BICA • • • •

Abuse Anxiety Depression Bereavement

• • •

Loss of Confidence Relationships All aspects of Infertility

Specialist foot and lower limb care, including:

Ashtead Practice Tel: 01372 277802

Corns & Callus • Cracked heels • Verrucae treatments • Flat feet • An amazing 74 people came to Leatherhead Methodist Church recently to hear Yehudi Menuhin School student Leyla Cemiloglu's superb piano recital. We can't expect those numbers every week but it is quite magical when it happens. Overall numbers are up this year. As few as four or five extra on the average attendance makes a big difference for this self-financing project. Thank you once again for the support you give by publicising our concerts. Best wishes, Peter Steadman, Music on Thursdays

Orthotics • Heel pain • Ball of foot pain • Ingrowing toenails •

Emma Ashdown

(BSc)Hons MChS HCPC Registered

01372 270571 62 West Farm Ave, Ashtead, KT21 2JY 55

Clubs & Activities

Literature, travel, music, science and diplomacy are all represented in the new series of talks planned by Epsom and Ewell Literary Society for its forthcoming season starting on Wednesday 7 October at 7.45 pm at Epsom Playhouse. The first of the monthly lectures will be given by Denise Heywood: ‘Laos – the Last Paradise’ takes a look at this fascinating country which in the 1970s was drawn into the war with Vietnam and became the most heavily bombed nation on earth. Membership represents great value at £32 for eight meetings, but it is also possible to purchase tickets for individual lectures at the door.

For further information about the exciting programme for 2015/16, please go to, telephone Elizabeth Mackie, Membership Secretary, on 01737 355300 or email

Mole Valley WI September Meeting Julie Alexander, our president, was delighted to welcome 4 visitors to our September meeting and hoped that they would enjoy the evening. They, along with the members, wished Jean Cave and Molly Bridge special birthday wishes, together with those also celebrating birthdays this month. Details were finalised for the Mickelham Priory outing and the theatre trip to Woking. 46 members have signed up for a visit to London in December. The ramblers are off walking, Scrabblers have their tiles ready, badminton players have their racquets poised but mah jong need more players! We have our quiz night to look forward to, along with the Autumn Federation meeting in Dorking, and the group cheese and wine evening. Belinda was thanked for organising the outing to Mottisfont and Meriel for hosting the garden party. Our speaker, Sarah Oldridge from Kew Gardens, gave a fascinating talk into the life of Victorian artist Marianne North who painted 832 paintings and travelled to 15 countries in 14 years in the late 1800’s. Marianne was a flower painter rather than a botanical illustrator and she added birds and animals to her paintings, too. We hope to visit her gallery in the grounds of Kew Gardens in the spring. We meet in Fetcham Village hall on the second Tuesday of the month at 7.45p.m. and at our next meeting on 13th October, Keike Laurenson will talk to us about ‘Afghan Village people and their embroidery’. More details can be found on our website ‘’. Liz White 56

Clubs & Activities


Ashtead Ashtead Baptist Church, Barnett Wood Lane, Ashtead, KT21 2LW 9.30AM, 5.30PM and 7.30PM Tel: Grรกinne 07912 112421


Leatherhead Fortyfoot Hall, Fortyfoot Road, Leatherhead, KT22 8RY 5.30PM and 7.30PM Tel: Dianne 07810 564609



Clubs & Activities

Hello Ashtead and Leatherhead, My name is Jo and I am the Principal of Joco Dance and Theatre Arts in Ashtead. Following a wonderful first year in our lovely dance studio within Ashtead Squash Club, we finished the summer term with an IDTA (International Dance Teachers' Association) examination session. Around ninety exams were taken and the results were outstanding!

Margaret Cooksey, Chairman of MVDC with Jo

To celebrate the children's fantastic achievements, we recently held an Awards Ceremony followed by a party (with a huge bouncy castle!) for all of those associated with Joco to enjoy. We were fortunate enough to be joined by Margaret Cooksey, the Chairman of Mole Valley District Council to present the awards and certificates- it was a very proud day for me, the children and their parents!

If you are considering dance classes for your child or for yourself, please take a look at our website, and Facebook page, for our timetable. We have dance lessons for babies through to adult (plus Pilates and Yoga) and our timetable is ever-expanding; new Saturday morning classes in Musical Theatre are starting on Saturday 26th September for children aged 4 and up. If you would like to book a free trial session, contact me on the details below. Hope to meet you soon! Jo 07425 162277

Presentation of awards 59

Tuesday Junior Ballet Class

Lions’ Bladder Scanned When Jim Malynn, former President of the Leatherhead Lions Club heard that Epsom Medical Equipment Fund were trying to raise money for a £7,500 Verathon Bladder Scanner for the Day Case Unit at Epsom General Hospital they came up trumps enabling this equipment to be purchased quickly. Jim Malynn said “We were delighted to be able to donate £3,500 towards the cost of the scanner. Our fundraising efforts to achieve this sum was from last year’s Donkey Derby and last Christmas’s street collection. We are a club of volunteers from this community whose aim is to help where we can, so it is natural that those who give to us should share in the common benefit of medical equipment at Epsom General Hospital”. The bladder scanner allows clinicians to quickly and accurately measure a patient’s bladder volume aiding in the diagnosis of common urological conditions. To assess urinary retention to help prevent unnecessary catheterization and to reduce rates of catheter-associated urinary tract infection. The Day Case Unit will mainly use this scanner to help assess urinary retention and post-operative urinary retention. This is carried out non-invasively and is easy for the nursing staff to use. Sister Lorna Belen thanked the Leatherhead Lions and Epsom Medical Equipment Fund for so generously making it possible for the Day Case Unit to have such a scanner which will play a vital and speedy role in the care they are able to give patients who need their help with urological problems of this type. It was a very excited group of Nurses who were present when Rory the Leatherhead Lions Mascot officially presented the Bladder Scanner to the Unit. The Verathon Scanner was demonstrated on Rory. Further information from: Bess Harding 020 8337 8181 L-R: Jim Malynn, Sister Lorna Belen, Tony Hudson as ‘Rory’, Bess Harding and Mike Hallam






URSE! We are enquirie now taking our Ne s for Classe w Autumn course s. This fun way to is a great friend meet new new sk s and develo call no ills. Please p w


GREAT NEWS for all our readers looking for something fun to do over the next few months! Our current class is full but we are now taking enquiries for our next part-time Art Class, which starts soon. This is a new 14 week part-time art class (once a week for 3 hours).

is fun, comprehensive and interesting. Over 14 weeks we will explore 4 different media; pencil drawing and sketching, Oil pastel painting and techniques, painting and blending with water colours and acrylics. Step by step tuition in the basic techniques and secrets needed to create beautiful pieces of art.

The course is designed to be fun for Absolute Beginners who have never picked up a brush before through to Improvers.

of 8 pieces of their very own original art they can enjoy forever, from simple still life and fl flower ower studies to beautiful countryside landscape scenes.

way of meeting new friends and to have a fun experience you will always remember and cherish! It is open to adults of all ages.


This part time course is over 3 months, so will give you plenty of time to master your new hobby.

STILL LIFE TO LANDSCAPES LIMITED PLACES ABSOLUTE BEGINNERS TO By the end of the course, To maintain a high standard to IMPROVERS - JUST LIKE YOU! students have created a minimum our classes and the tuition you will


We adapt to each student’s needs and give them all the guidance and help they need to develop their artistic skills. The curriculum



This course is a brilliant way to learn new skills you will be able to enjoy forever. It is also a great

receive, classes are kept to small numbers – so places available are limited! We recommend that if you are interested, you call now for a chat.

For information on dates, course fees and bookings, call now on

0203 669 6197

Bring out your inner artist • Beginners to Intermediates





0203 669 6197

The Surrey Hubs are now Mobile! The aim of the Hubs is to allow disabled people, older people, carers, families, professionals and other members of the community to access to a wide range of information and support regarding services in their community. The Hubs also provide access to advice such as advocacy, independent living, welfare benefits and many other services. Each Hub has a Volunteer Development Worker whose role is to oversee the smooth running of the Hub, ensure a high quality, professional service is provided to our customers and to support, train and develop a skilled team of volunteers. The Surrey Hubs East now has a Mobile Hub service. If you need information and support around advocacy, benefits, independent living, housing, employment, transport, etc, but can’t easily get to the nearest Hub (Redhill, Dorking, Epsom, or Walton on Thames), then look out for the Mobile Hub coming to a venue near you. Dates for Mobile sessions are being added all the time. Details can be found on the website address on the bottom of the page. In October we are pleased to be providing the following sessions: Thurs 8th

The Longmead Centre, Sefton Road, Epsom


The Meeting Place Community Hub, 42 Church Road, Bookham


Wed 14th

Mary Frances Trust, 23 The Crescent, Leatherhead



The Woodhatch Centre, Whitebeam Drive, Reigate


Whiteley Village Shop, Whiteley Village, Walton on Thames


Tues 13

Tues 20


Thurs 22nd

We are looking to bring our services to the wider community and would welcome any support to help us to reach people that may benefit from a free information service. We are looking for suitable venues and also looking for volunteers to assist with providing the service. The Mobile Hub East has previously visited The Wells Centre, Epsom; Regents House , Horley; The Fairfield Centre, Leatherhead; The Meeting Place Community Hub , Bookham; The Longmead Centre, Epsom; Whiteley Village, Walton on Thames; and Mary Frances Trust, Leatherhead. The Mobile Hub is looking forward to returning to each venue on a regular basis, and to expanding the service to other venues within Elmbridge, Epsom & Ewell, Reigate & Banstead and Mole Valley.

If you would like us to bring the service to your venue, or can support us by volunteering please contact Jo Mather, Volunteer Development Worker, on 07805 081204, or email 62

Clubs & Activities

Ashtead W.I. - September 2015 Meeting Again, we were pleased to welcome visitors and a new member this evening. After recalling our thoroughly enjoyable and full day trip to Salisbury in August, we went on to confirm details of our forthcoming Wildlife visit. Our knitters have continued to be busy and 18 more beautiful blankets have been given to the Rainbow Trust. The W.I’s own Denman College will be having a Surrey day in October, and the Emlyn Downs group of W.I.s will have an evening meeting at Fetcham in October with a member of the Garden Team at Kew as the speaker. Yet more – Ashtead WI will be having a coffee morning at a member’s home, and a session of Croquet at Polesden Lacey in October. We are also planning our Christmas Lunch in December. Yes, never a dull moment! Our speaker this evening was Det. Steve Roberts – who wondered whether he would recognise someone here from his past! Much of his Police Force service had been with the Flying Squad in London, a dangerous job needing firearms if necessary. We learned that the Flying Squad began in 1919 because of the increase in crime after the 1st World War. Firstly they were given 2 horsedrawn wagons, then later 2 military vehicles which could travel at 41 mph, from the Royal Flying Corps – hence the Flying Squad. The police often have to spend a considerable amount of time and use expensive surveillance, discreetly gathering resources, before they are able to act at an attempted crime scene. We were surprised to hear that handlers of stolen goods can get a longer sentence than the thieves, and heard stories about some of the regular miscreants. This was a most entertaining talk and took us behind many scenes of Police life and work. We finished our evening with our raffle, details of the many sub-groups, and information about our 7th October meeting when Ray Hampton will be telling us of the History of Playing Cards – with some magic tricks. Sandra Brown 63

Why do 86% of disabled young people not have regular access to play? We have the answer. Join Challengers in confronting this statistic head on with their vital play and leisure schemes for disabled children and young people in Surrey. Bookings are underway for the Autumn term, but there is just one this missing…we want you to come and join in the fun! Play is a crucial part of any child’s life. Children learn, socialise and express themselves through play which is vital to any child’s upbringing and development. Disabled children and young people need the opportunity to do all of these things, with the correct support provided. Take a second to imagine your life without play? This is where Challengers are making a huge difference by providing services that families in Surrey need. Along with the huge benefits that Challengers schemes offer young people, they also provide short breaks for families. Short breaks are essential to families who can often struggle with the demands of having a disabled relative. One Challengers parent said “Challengers for us is a Godsend, it is a safe, happy place for me to leave one of the most precious things in my life for a few hours, worry free, to look after the other precious things in my life.” By visiting a Challengers scheme, parents get a chance to re-charge, spend time with other family members and get that all important break from what can often be a constant cycle of care. Summer holidays saw Challengers deliver 34,000 hours of play to disabled children and young people across all of their schemes. They got up to loads of fun activities including; Chessington World of Adventures, chill-out days, mini golf, Thorpe Park, Harry Potter World, music workshops, messy art, petting zoos and so much more - you name it, Challengers has made it possible for thousands of young people to have these experiences, which must continue if that huge 86% figure is to be eradicated. Challengers have recently introduced a new policy at their play schemes which means that any child, disabled or otherwise are welcome to go, play and have fun. Not only are non-disabled siblings encouraged to attend schemes, but the doors are now open to non-disabled friends, or any child that wants to go and experience what Challengers have to offer. The schemes running in Surrey are: Leatherhead Play; Bookham Youth; Epsom Young Adult; Epsom Play; Epsom Youth; Farnham Pre School; Godstone Play; Guildford Play – Outstanding Ofsted ranking; Caterham Youth; Farnham Youth; Guildford Youth; Farnham Young Adult and Guildford Young Adult. So why not come and join Challengers in their fight to make vital play opportunities available for everyone. Find your closest scheme and get in touch with the Challengers team. For more information please contact Hannah Woollven at Challengers, 01483 230060 or email

Challengers, Stoke Park, Guildford, GU1 1TU. A Charitable Company limited by guarantee no. 4300724. Registered Charity no.1095134


What’s On?


What’s On?

Leatherhead Bridge Club

Open Evening

Friday 19th October 7pm-10.30pm

Come and try friendly Duplicate Bridge free of charge There will be plenty of experienced players to help with rules and scoring if required All bridge players welcome Coffee and cakes from 7 pm Bridge from 7.30pm-10.30pm when you can meet the members We are a friendly bridge club playing Duplicate every Monday and Friday evening at the Day Centre behind Sainsbury's

Contact Liz on 01372 372868

Ashtead Peace Memorial Hall Registered Charity 304968

Where Ashtead Meets

Beetle Drive

An Evening of Fun & Laughter

Friday 30th October 7.00 for 7.30 Raffle  Refreshments TICKETS £10.00

Available from : Hall Office Weds. Thurs. Sat. 10am-12pm Friday: Ralli Room Coffee Morning 10am-12pm or Graham Wood 01372 272077 Net Proceeds to Hall Funds


COMEDY NIGHT Friday 2 October 7.30pm LEATHERHEAD ART CLUB AUTUMN EXHIBITION Saturday 17 - Sunday 25 October 10.00am - 4.00pm NORTH DOWNS BOTANICAL ARTISTS’ EXHIBITION Friday 30 October - Sunday 1 November 10.30am - 5.00pm


For more information and for booking details, please visit the School Events page on our website. St John’s School Epsom Road Leatherhead Surrey KT22 8SP 01372 231 529

IN MEMORIAM A CONCERT FOR REMEMBRANCE-TIDE Tuesday 10 November 7.00pm ST JOHN’S CHRISTMAS MARKET Saturday 21 November 11.00am - 4.00pm MICHAELMAS CONCERT Thursday 26 November 7.00pm

What’s On?

WHAT’S ON IN OCTOBER? Taste of Wisley Harvest Festival. RHS Wisley. Autumn celebration of tasty food, fresh Monday 28th SEPT - Monday air and glorious garden colour. With over 670 cultivars of apple to try. Enter the carved pumpkin competition for Halloween. Visit for more information. 30th NOV Friday 2nd

APMH Friends three course dinner (6.30 for 7.00pm) followed by a talk by Geoff Hutchinson 'Spooky Tales'. Tickets £20.50 available at Friday coffee mornings in the Hall or from Committee Members

Saturday 3rd Friday 30th (not Sundays)

Maggie Martelli, textile artist, exhibition Leatherhead Theatre. 10am-5pm (not Sundays), Great variety piece, from free-flowing artworks to grace hallways, or smaller framed pieces, at reasonable prices, for your wall.

Saturday 10th

Leatherhead Parish Church Autumn Fayre, see opposite page

Saturday 10th

Mid-Surrey mencap will be holding their next Jumble Sale, 11am-1pm, at Fortyfoot Hall, Fortyfoot Road, Leatherhead. Admission is 50p and there will be light refreshments. Do come!

Saturday 10th

Meet Cratewell, Tudor Executioner. Bourne Hall Museum Kids Club, Spring St, Ewell, KT17 1UF. £5 per child. 'Cratewell', recounts the nature of crime and punishment during the Tudor period. In the reign of King Henry VIII, over 72,000 people were executed! Stories of hanging, mutilation, and decapitation – including two of King Henry’s wives. Come and see the 12’ gallows (complete with ‘body’!), a pillory, and an array of accurate items and equipment. Contact David Brooks on 020 8394 1734 or email:

Tuesday 13th

Ashtead Residents’ Association Autumn Meeting, 7.30pm, Ashtead Peace Memorial Hall, doors open at 7pm. All Councillors have been invited to attend a Q&A session where residents can raise concerns. Speaker - Shaun Waddell a year in the life of Ashtead Common.

Tuesday 13th

Dorking Quilters, a talk by Helen Taylor from Polesden Lacey: Textile Conservation - a practical look at textile conservative and how it can be used at home. 7.30pm, Friends Meeting House, Butterhill, South Street, Dorking. Visitors welcome £5. Contact Sheena 01306 885597.

Saturday 17th

RNLI Barn Dance and Fish Supper to live music at Manor Farm Tithe Barn, Bookham, 7-10.30pm. Entry by advance ticket only from or 01372 378812

Sat 24th Oct Sun 1st Nov

Halloween - Polesden Lacey through the looking glass, 10am-3.30pm. Follow Alice through the looking glass and meet wonderland characters in the wild woods as you try to warn her of impending danger. A back-to-front spooky trail where nothing is as it seems. Normal admission applies £2 per child

Tuesday 27th

Bookham Craft Club Exhibition of Work, also gifts and cakes for sale. Harrison Room, Old Barn Hall, Bookham. 10am-12pm, coffee and biscuits, free entry. We look forward to seeing you there.

Saturday 31st

Christ Church, Epsom Rd, Leatherhead, KT22 8ST, 7.30pm, Surrey Philharmonic Orchestra, conductor Mark Fitz-Gerald. Handel Water Music; Poulenc Organ Concerto, soloist Anthony Cairns; Bizet Symphony No.1. Tickets £14 from 01372 276949

Saturday 31st

Halloween fun in Leatherhead Town Centre, 3pm-6pm, see page 32 for more details.

If there’s an event in November that you’d like mentioned, please contact Zen (details p.6) before Monday 12th October. All entries appear on a first come, first served basis. Details of the above events are correct at time of print. 68

What’s On? Bocketts Farm Half Term 24th October – 1st November This October half term at Bocketts Farm, enjoy a full packed programme of fun and freaky activities including a Quiz Trail, Creepy Craft Corner and Reptile Roadshow, where you’ll get the chance to meet awesome creepy crawlies up close! Plus, they’ll be hundreds of pumpkins on sale! Daily activities include pony rides, tractor rides, animal handling and pig racing. The Animal Barns are also open, where you can meet and feed all of the friendly farm animals. With a large heated indoor play barn, trampolines, pedal go karts, young driver’s area and a jumping pillow, there's plenty to keep the whole family amused, whatever the weather!

PARISH AUTUMN FAYRE Saturday 10 October

12noon – 3pm raffle draw

Parish Church Hall, Church Rd, Leatherhead KT22 8BD Find treasures and bargains at all your favourite stalls including Auntie’s Attic ~ Books ~ Bake Sale ~ Jewellery ~ China and Glass Beading ~ Bottle Tombola ~ Beauty and Fragrance Promises ~ Raffle ~ Flowers ~ Toys New for this year ~ Accessories ~ Cards ~ Filled Mugs 12noon BBQ outside All Aloud Community Choir Tea and cake in the Café Contact Jane on 362544 to donate items or for queries 69

What’s On?


Sequence dancing, Leatherhead Parish Church Hall, Church Rd. 7.45pm-10.15pm. More info from Mrs Gibson, 01372 374160

Thurs 1st (weekly)

GO50 L/d Health Walk. 10.15am for 10.30am. L/head Leisure Centre, KT22 9BL. 1½ hours/2-3 miles. More info from: 01483 534706, or email:

Thurs 1st (weekly)

Ashtead over 60s Lunch Club meets every Thursday in the Ralli Room APMH, for a freshly prepared hot lunch and dessert. Doors open at 10.30am for a cup of tea or coffee. More information call Brenda (chairman) on 01372 813276.

Thurs 1st

Leatherhead Barn Dance Club. 8pm-10.15pm. First Thurs of month. Abraham Dixon Hall, Letherhead Institute, £2.50. Ruth & Jim Gwilliam. 01403 750844

Friday 2nd (weekly)

Morning coffee and scones served in the Ralli Room, Ashtead Peace Memorial Hall. Prepared and served by volunteers to raise money to help run the Hall.

Friday 2nd (monthly)

Soup Lunch held in St. Michael's Church Hall, the Marld, Ashtead. Homemade soup, bread and pudding served with tea/coffee, between 12pm and 1.30pm, all for £5. In aid of Princess Alice Hospice and CAFOD (CAtholic Fund for Overseas Development). Enjoy a good meal and raise funds for two charities.

Fridays 2nd, 9th, 16th, 23rd, 30th

10.30am-11.30am Leatherhead Weekly Community Market, Leatherhead Parish Church Hall, Church Rd. Come and join us for coffee and buy home-produced cakes, savouries, plants, veg, crafts and preserves along with Conisbee’s meat and Collaroy eggs. Limited availability so either come early or order in advance. Contact Liz 0797 726 8290 with any queries.

Friday 2nd (weekly)

10am - 12noon The Sewing Shop in the Committee Room of the Parish Church Hall can meet all your Haberdashery needs. Learning to sew ? Free technical advice available. Contact Janine 01372 374914

Sunday 4th (weekly)

Leatherhead Parish Church welcomes you to all its services. For full details of September services and events check out

Sunday 4th (weekly)

St Giles’ and St George’s Churches, Ashtead — 7 worship services held across our two churches every Sunday. From lively gospel songs to quiet, reflective Communion. All welcome. Details on .

Mondays 5th & 19th

(First & third Mondays), Bookham Folk Dance Club, Harrison Room, Rear of Old Barn Hall, Church Road, Bookham, 8pm–10pm, £3. Beginners welcome. Contact Jan on 01306 889329 for more info.

(1st Thurs mthly)

Tuesday 6th (1st Tues monthly)

Topic of Cancer is a support group for those with a cancer diagnosis and/or their supporters and meets every first Tuesday of the month at 7.30pm at its new venue at Thatcher’s Hotel, Guildford Road, East Horsley KT24 6TB. Contact details on the website or just come along to a meeting.

Wed 7th

Ashtead Flower Arrangement Group, Ashtead Peace Memorial Hall, 1.45pm-4.30pm. Demo by Gill Homer ‘Time Out’, visitors welcome. More info from Di Stirling 01372 279501

Wed 7th

Ashtead WI, Ashtead Peace Memorial Hall, 7.15pm for 7.30pm. ’History of Playing Cards (with magic tricks) Speaker Steve Roberts. More info from Sandra Brown 01372 276736


What’s On?

REGULAR EVENTS ctd Wed 7th (weekly)

Rotary Club of Leatherhead, Police Federation Headquarters, Highbury Drive, Leatherhead. 7pm-9pm. Further information from Simon Edmands on 07753 821964.

Thurs 8th

The Rotary Club of Ashtead meets 7.30 for 8.00 pm for dinner at The Cock Inn, Church Lane, Headley, KT18 6LE. Visitors welcome. Contact Brian 01372 275860

Friday 9th

Ashtead Friday Market, Ashtead Peace Memorial Hall, 9am-12.30pm, free entry. Lots of stalls, cakes, jewellery, plants, collectables, bric-a-brac and much more, for the RNLI

Sundays 11th & 25th

Charity Car Boot Sales in aid of Epsom Medical Equipment Fund held at Epsom General Hospital. Sellers 8am, Buyers 9am. Cars £10, MPV, 4WD and Small Vans £12. Larger vans from £15. Trailers £3 extra. Entrance: By donation. All profits for sellers to keep. No

Tuesday 13th Leatherhead branch, Royal British Legion, Women’s Section, Leatherhead Community Centre, Kingston Rd, 8pm, 2nd Tuesday of the month. Interesting speakers and events. (2nd Tues monthly) For more info and to book please contact Jane on 01372 811422 Tuesday 13th Leatherhead branch, Royal British Legion, Women’s Section, Leatherhead Community Centre, Kingston Rd, 8pm, 2nd Tuesday of the month. Interesting speakers and events. (2nd Tues monthly) For more info and to book please contact Jane on 01372 811422 Tuesday 13th Mole Valley WI, Fetcham Village Hall, The Street, KT22 9QS, 7.45pm. “Afghan Village People and their Embroidery” by Miss Keike Laurenson. Non members very welcome. (2nd Tues monthly) More details on Wed 14th

Leatherhead DFAS: a non-technical and not-too-serious lecture on Mozart’s comic opera “Cosi fan tutte”. 7:15 pm in Leatherhead Parish Church Hall, KT22 8BD. Guests welcome: please contact or John Andrews on 01372 373083.

Wed 14th

Tilney Lunch Club for ladies, meet at 1pm for 3 course meal and speaker, £14.50, Leatherhead Leisure Centre. Further info on 01372 454879

Thurs 15th

‘Stepping Stones’ Club, meets at Ashtead Baptist Church, Barnett Wood Lane at 2.15pm. Varied programme of events, £2, over 55’s welcome. Brian Chandler 01372 275206.

2nd Wed mthly

(3rd Thurs) mthly)

Friday 16th

Leatherhead & District Local History Society Lecture, ‘Jane Austen – A New Revelation’ by Nicholas Ennos. Letherhead Institute, High St, Leatherhead, 7.30pm coffee, lecture 8pm. £2, non-members welcome.

Wed 28th

Ashtead Bridge for Charity, Ashtead Peace Memorial Hall, £6. Doors open 7pm for 7.30pm, Refreshments included. Bridge prizes and raffle. For more info contact Maureen and Peter Cox, 01372 275855,

Wed 21st

Ashtead Friendship Centre, 2pm, Ashtead Peace Memorial Hall. Annual sub £10 + £1 per meeting. ‘Music Hall & Variety’ - speaker Alan Baker Info from Don Butt 01372 274288

Thurs 22nd

Leatherhead Morning WI, Leatherhead Parish Church Hall, Church Road. 10.15am. For info contact Betty on 01372 374570

Wed 28th

Ashtead Townswomen’s Guild, Ralli Room, Ashtead Peace Memorial Hall, 7.30pm. 70th Birthday Celebration, details tbc. For info contact Di James on 01372 273948

(4th Thurs

(4th Wed mthly)

Friday 30th

2.30pm & 7.30pm The 17th C Dutch Masters of the Everyday: Vermeer, Jan Steen & others painted Dutch dometic interiors. Why? What can we learn from these beautiful paintings. £10 inc refreshments. email: 01372 272235 to book. for more info. 71

Cryptic Crossword Across 8. Boatman I directed to a province (8) 9. Fe before 99? How mockingly humorous! (6) 10. Is the right size for seizures (4) 11. Star mooner, perhaps? (10) 12. How mince is cooked in a Chinese dish (4,4) 15. Cards suit vital organs (6) 18. Singer in Montreal to sing (4) 19. Evade a garment (5) 21. Instrument seen in hobo ensemble (4) 22. Capers about to scratch repeatedly (6) 24. Detain my form of explosive (8) 28. Oboist sure becomes noisy and exuberant (10) 30. Armed forces position having an offensive smell (4) 31. Got the change for a run-down district (6) 32. Len's trip leads to a fracture (8) Down 1. Church district where harp is played (6) 2. Fitting sort of puzzle (6) 3. Page to find recipe for soup (6) 4. Rodent returns to make leather for cloth (6) 5. Hectic or spinning rebound (8) 6. Thus twice, neither good nor bad (2-2) 7. Dreadful court conduct (6) 12. Charles shortly with nothing in complete confusion (5) 13. Swimmer, not terribly content (5) 14. Milkmaid holding similar type (3) 16. Jumper trimmed for a holy man (5) 17. Picture that's spotted, we hear (5) 19. Knot eels to form full set of bones (8)

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Solution in next month’s edition

House & Garden

Ashtead based building company offering: Loft conversions Extensions Renovations Planning Service Liaison with Building Control throughout Fixed price quotations Workmanship guaranteed Please contact us to discuss your project

01372 276328 73


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For a FREE NO OBLIGATION home visit telephone 020 8399 1226

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Locally established over 25 years From a complete bathroom, including tiling, decorating and finishing touches, to general plumbing repairs and alterations. Free estimates Friendly and dependable Bookham 01372 453325 Mobile 07812 607 071 75

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House & Garden

Tel/fax. 01372 200583, Mobile 0777 444 1991

Tel/fax. 01372 200583, Mobile 0777 444 1991


Leatherhead & District Local History Society Potted Histories No 80

Mark Oak Gate – Cobham Road - Fetcham

Mark Oak Gate now

Mark Oak Gate then Mark Oak Gate is on the Cobham Road between Fetcham and Stoke D’Abernon. It is on the parish boundary between Fetcham and Bookham and these views were taken from the Fetcham side. The road was once gated, and the remaining gate posts can be seen on the left and right hand side of the photograph. Beyond the house is the National Trust property of Bookham Common, and the track from the cottage is Mark Oak Lane which leads to The Glade and Commonside. In 1925 the cottage is listed as a private residence with a Mrs Reeves and a Miss Malleson living there. Behind the cottage there used to be a Tea Gardens running from one of the other houses in Cobham Road. There is a reference to it being called ‘Peacedene’ Tea Rooms. This would make sense for Peacedence is the house before Mark Oak Gate, so the tea rooms must have been quite extensive. The 1936 local street directory confirms this for it tells us that Mark Oak Gate is now a ‘Tea Garden’ with a Miss. D. Hicks being the proprietor. It must have made an ideal stopping place for passing cyclists or walkers making for the common. It seems that after this brief period as a tea room, the cottage retuned to private occupancy, and remains so to this very day. Goff Powell Extracted from– Then & Now Leatherhead & District by Linda Heath and Peter Tarplee Tempus Publishing Ltd 2005 with additions

For information regarding Membership, Lectures and Museum opening hours contact: Leatherhead & District Local History Society, Leatherhead Museum, Hampton Cottage, 64 Church Street, Leatherhead, KT22 8DP Tel: 01372 386348 mail to: Website: 78

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New Roofs - Repairs - Flat Roofs Including GRP Fibreglass & EPDM Rubber Roofing

All minor and major repairs undertaken uPVC Fascias, Soffits & Guttering The company you can rely on for all your roofing needs Free quotes and advice - Very competitive prices

Main office - Leatherhead: 01372 889698 Mobile: 07511 704 252 (24 hr emergency service) Email:


• ALL plumbing work carried out • ALL work compliant with water regulations • Certified to install, service & repair boilers & un-vented hot water systems • Five year parts and labour warranty on all gas boilers that we fit • Call us for FREE advice

T: 01372 802803 M: 07976 814032 E: 79



Dog Fouling and The Law Back in March 1999 the Mole Valley District Council Dogs (Fouling of Land) Order 1999 came into effect. This order means that it is an offence to allow your dog to foul public land. The maximum fine for failing to clear up after your dog is £1,000. Not only is it against the law and antisocial, but it can be a danger to public health. Dog waste can contain the roundworm Toxacora which can result in a serious infection lasting between six and 12 months. The infection, Toxocariasis, most commonly affects children between the ages of 18 months and five years.

nappy sacks with you to remove your dog's waste. Picking up dog waste is not dangerous to health if done correctly. Please see below for how to clear up dog waste properly. The council provides specialist dog waste bins across the district. Although you can also use a normal rubbish bin provided the waste is bagged. If there is no waste bin nearby then carry your dog's waste home and dispose of it in your own black bin.

Report it

You can report instances of dog fouling under the "Report It - Dog Fouling and Animal Complaints" section of the Mole Valley website, or email In order to investigate or prosecute the council would need the address of the person causing the fouling. If this is not possible then MVDC would need details such as; a description of dog and owner with a regular time and place where the fouling is committed.

Where does the Law Apply? •

• • • • • •

footpaths, grass verges, parking areas or hard surfaced areas alongside or on the carriage way of a road. You must pick up on the actual road if the speed limit is 40mph or less. all public footpaths all private roads and footpaths all recreation grounds and open spaces all roads and footpaths on housing estates provided by the local authority all pedestrianised areas in towns and village centres all public car parks

Reasons not to pick up such as "I've forgotten my poo bags" or "It’s natural fertiliser for the soil" are not valid excuses.

Be Prepared

As a dog owner it is your responsibility to clear up after your dog. You need to be prepared at all times and take poo bags or 80

House & Garden


House & Garden

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All work undertaken is fully guaranteed and insured Help@Hand Help at Hand

RNLI Barn Dance & Fish Supper Saturday 17 October 7–10.30 pm Live band The Knock-Kneed Bumblebees with their caller Manor Farm Tithe Barn Manor House Lane Bookham KT23 4EW Fish Supper included Cash bar

Entry by advance ticket only £20 available from

01372 378812


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Transition Ashtead Working towards a sustainable Ashtead

Woken by Silence... Ever heard the phrase "unintended consequences"? Actions taken with the best of intentions that have turned out to be disastrous. Take the 19th century introduction of rabbits into Australia for example. They were an important source of food during the depression of the 1890s, but their numbers in the wild increased hugely and their effect on the local ecology was devastating. They munched their way through the outback vegetation, causing the loss of many plant species and leaving topsoil vulnerable to erosion. It’s one of many examples of the introduction of alien species upsetting the balance of nature. That was never meant to happen! The infamous hole in the ozone layer was created by the action of CFCs on ozone in the stratosphere. These chemicals were largely used as refrigerants and aerosol propellants, they weren't meant to affect our protective ozone blanket, but they did, that wasn't meant to happen either...they have now been banned for these uses and the ozone hole is mending. One of the first books I read about the environment was 'Silent Spring' by Rachel Carson and it woke me up to how much humanity can affect the environment. It was written way back in 1962 and was on the reading list for biology when I was at school. The main theme of the book is the powerful - and often negative - effect we have on the natural world, in particular the effect of pesticides. Among other ecological problems, Carson had researched the effects of DDT on both the environment and people. It had been used in aerial spraying campaigns to eradicate the mosquitoes that were causing malaria and indeed many lives were saved by its use (the intended consequence...) But it was implicated in the decline of bird populations - hence the title of the book, alluding to a spring without birdsong. The chemical industry mounted a robust defense of their product and DDT, although not banned, is now used in a much more targeted way, maximising the control of disease-spreading mosquitoes and minimising environmental damage and the chance of insects becoming DDT-resistant. More recently, neonicotinoids have been used as a pesticide and there is now concern that they are involved in the collapse of bee colonies. Diesel was thought to be a better fuel for transport as it gives increased miles per gallon and hence less CO2 but that was before we realised the particulates it produces when burnt can be damaging to health... The ever-increasing concentration of CO2 in the atmosphere is the big environmental challenge we are facing now. This will potentially silence the birds as habitats get destroyed by disturbed weather patterns and mass human migrations. But we have collectively risen to major environmental challenges before and undone damage we didn't intend to happen. This is The Big One: if we remain silent, the birds will fall silent too... Chris Ellis

For more information about Transition Ashtead, see our website at or email 84

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#Clean MV – Fly-tippers Exposed in Mole Valley

Mole Valley District Council’s #cleanmv campaign hit a high note early in early September when a major sting operation to reduce fly-tipping took place at two locations within the district, stopping and searching vehicles. Mole Valley District Council joined forces with Reigate and Banstead Borough Council, Tandridge District Council and Surrey Police to mount the multi-agency operation. They were also joined by the Department for Work and Pensions, the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency, the Environment Agency, Trading Standards and the UK Visas and Immigrations service. Paul Newman, Executive Member for Environment said, “Yesterday’s events involved the stopping and searching of more than 50 vehicles, sending out a clear message to would-be fly-tippers that it will not be tolerated in Mole Valley. I’d like to thank all the partners involved. We are proud of our beautiful environment here in Mole Valley and as our current ‘Clean Mole Valley’ campaign demonstrates, we are committed to tackling this particular type of anti-social environmental crime.” Successful Flytipping Prosecution The end of August saw another example of a successful multi-agency partnership when a fly-tipping prosecution led by Elmbridge Borough Council resulted in a custodial sentence. Mr Eastwood from Claygate, had posed as a Landscape Contractor and answered to 8 offences of fly-tipping spanning a two and a half year period. Mr Eastwood pleaded guilty and was sentenced to a 44 weeks in prison. One of the incidents occurred in Fetcham and it was through the partnership between Mole Valley District Council, Elmbridge Borough Council and Surrey Police that evidence from the incident helped secure this result. Paul Newman, added, “This is a great example of partnership working with neighbouring authorities to secure prosecutions. It is important to us that offenders are prosecuted and receive an appropriate sentence, demonstrating our message that fly-tipping in Mole Valley will not be tolerated.”

Residents should be aware that they have a responsibility to dispose of waste legally and should check the credentials of anyone collecting their waste. Visit for details of reputable companies.

If you see fly-tipping in progress, please contact the police directly on 101 To report a fly-tip visit or call 01306 885 001 86

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M D Edwards & Son Kitchen Specialists

Friendly Family run local business established over 25 years. Kitchens supplied and installed to a very high standard. Excellent Portfolio and local references. We also have a complete team of qualified tradesmen: Builder, Plasterer, Electrician, Heating Engineer, Tiling and Flooring Specialists Fully Insured for your peace of mind Project managed by us from design to completion Kitchen facelifts also undertaken, Choose from large range of bespoke door styles, Granite, Engineered Stone, Corian, laminate and wood worktops, sinks, taps and integrated appliances. We also undertake remedial jobs - new hinges, drawer runners, etc.

Telephone Beverley Edwards for a free estimate M D Edwards & Son Cressida House, 10 Humphrey Close, Fetcham, Surrey KT22 9PZ web: e:

Tel: 01372 450677 87

Ashtead Handyman No Job Too Small Free Estimates, Fully Insured Decorating, Gardening, General Maintenance

Contact Steve Jenkins

07734 005741 / 01372 273832

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House & Garden

CHARITY CHRISTMAS CARD SHOP St Mary & St Nicholas Church Parish Hall, Church Road, Leatherhead

29 October – 12 December Mon – Fri 10am–4pm & Sat 10am–1pm

Cards sold on behalf of 27 national charities as well as many local charities; CRY (Cardiac Risk in the Young), Leatherhead Parish Church, Rainbow Trust Children’s Charity and White Lodge Christmas cards (including at least one religious design per charity), “real” Advent calendars, a wide a range of Christmas goods, Christmas wrapping paper and gift tags on sale So look out for the red triangular Santa for the best selection of cards and gifts! Visit our website at or telephone 01264 361555 Cards for Good Causes Ltd is the trading company of The 1959 Group of Charities (Registered Charity No. 249039) 90

If you haven’t found us yet - you don’t know what you’re missing...

Bring some colour to your garden with berried shrubs - this year they are looking amazing! We have these unusual purple berried Callicarpa in stock along with the traditional range of plants for a vivid Autumnal display. / 01372 273891 Ashtead Park Garden Centre, Pleasure Pit Road, Ashtead, Surrey, KT21 1HU 91

Leaf Litter By Pippa Greenwood Are you surrounded, engulfed and swamped with huge quantities of fallen leaves? Whether they come from trees in your own garden or from a neighbour, the deluge of leaves that falls in autumn is often enough to get level headed, tree-loving gardeners eyeing up chainsaws! Leaves that are allowed to build up can cause problems - on the lawn they smother the turf grasses, often causing patches of die back, largely due to lack of light and oxygen. If the crowns of the less tough herbaceous perennials or alpines are covered in leaves, they too start to deteriorate. So, like it or not, you need to do something - the sooner the better!

the lawnmower or ‘chop’ them with a sharp spade. Avoid very spiky leaves, and those that are very leathery and tough - mainly evergreens such as holly, laurel and camellia, or those from sycamore and plane. You can speed the process up by adding a leaf mould activator, which is available from garden centres. You can also make leaf mould in a bin liner or other bag. Choose a good quality bin liner and cram it full of leaves, again adding water and/ or activator if you wish. Then stab a few holes in the bag with a garden fork, loosely fold over the top and weigh it down with a brick. Bin liners full of leaves can be hidden anywhere that you have the space - perhaps behind the shed, garage or greenhouse. If you don’t like the idea of black plastic, then there are now some lovely jute mesh bags which can be crammed full of leaves and act as a perfect container whilst the leaf mould is forming, but will eventually rot down and add to the useful material you produce. You can see these on my website

A spring-tined rake is perfect for raking leaves off the lawn, and can even work quite well on a gravel drive. If you have a lot of lawn or a lot of leaves then the easiest way to deal with them is to mow the lawn. Provided you keep the hopper or grass-collector on the mower, when you empty it out you’ll have a fantastic mix of grass clippings and chopped leaves. On beds and borders you can pick by hand, or you could invest in a leaf vacuum or a leaf blower (and this can be used on most drives and paths, and lawns too). After collecting the leaves, make leaf mould. It is easy and makes a fantastic soil mulch or conditioner…for free! Leaves are best rotted down on their own (they take longer to decompose than the rest of the stuff in your compost heap and need less air and warmth), so make yourself a simple and inexpensive leaf mould bin. Just drive four stakes into the ground to make the corners of a square, and then attach chicken mesh around the outside to make a cage. Stack the leaves in, tread or firm them, add some water if they are dry, then more water if the weather remains dry…and then leave them be. Chop up larger or tougher leaves (like horse chestnut) first so they rot down much faster - either mow them with

Whichever method you use you should have a useable product in 12-18 months, but leave it a bit longer and it will be even better!

Visit Pippa’s website for gorgeous gardening things including the unique ‘Grow Your Own with Pippa Greenwood’ you choose the vegetables you’d like to grow and Pippa sends garden-ready plants as well as weekly advice and tips emails to you. Plus Nemaslug, signed books, jute composting bags and lots more besides. 92

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JB Landscapes

Over 10 years’ landscape construction experience, Fetcham based JB Landscapes offers a local, affordable and reliable service for all those projects from the simplest to the most complicated. We specialise in: • • •

Patios Driveways Decking

• • •

Brickwork Fencing Tree Surgery

Fully qualified & insured for your peace of mind Please call James for a free quotation on:

07786 938029

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USEFUL NUMBERS Ashtead Art Group 01372 272987 (Jan Cheeseman - Mem Sec) Ashtead Bowling Club 01372 278538 (Anne Wallace) Ashtead Chess Club 01372 813487 (Richard Jones) Ashtead Choral Society 01372 272835 / 278359 Ashtead Community Vision 07530 373975 (Andy Ellis) Ashtead Cricket Club 01372 276286 (Sarah Culhane) Ashtead Day Centre Over 60s Lunch Club 01372 813276 or 375640 Ashtead Decorative & Fine Arts Society 01372 813994 (Membership Secretary) Ashtead Flower Arrangement Group 01372 279501 (Di Stirling) Ashtead Friendship Centre 01372 274288 (Don Butt) Ashtead Good Neighbours 07752 665066 Ashtead Horticultural Society 01372 373348 (Jennie Pilfold) Ashtead Library 0300 200 1001 Ashtead Peace Memorial Hall 01372 272921 Ashtead Players/Young Players 01372 279614 Ashtead Residents’ Association 07733 621614 (Glynis Peterkin) Ashtead Squash & Tennis Club 01372 272215 Ashtead Townswomen’s Guild 01372 273948 (Di James) Ashtead Women’s Institute 01372 276736 (Sandra Brown) Carers’ Support Mole Valley 01306 640212 Childline 0800 1111 Citizens Advice Bureau 08444 111444 Cruse Bereavement Care 020 8393 7238 Electricity (UK Power Networks) 0800 783 8866 (powercut information line) Epsom General Hospital 01372 735735 Fetcham Residents’ Association 01372 375212 (Marion Doherty) Fetcham Singers (ladies choir) 01372 276736 (Sandra Brown) Gas (Transco) 0800 111999 (minicom/textphone for deaf/hard of hearing 0800 371787)

Leatherhead Choral Society 01372 372553 (Cathy Smith, Secretary) Leatherhead & District Angling Society 01372 377654 Leatherhead Helpshop 01372 363385 Leatherhead Community Association 01372 360508 Leatherhead Horticultural Society 01372 373493 (David Wells) Leatherhead Leisure Centre 01372 377674 Leatherhead Library 0300 200 1001 Leatherhead Lions Club 020 8224 5356 (David Careswell) Leatherhead Museum 01372 386348 Leatherhead Residents’ Association 01372 370091 Leatherhead Theatre 01372 365141 Mid Surrey Community Mediation 07513 524241 Mole Valley District Council 01306 885001 Police Non-emergency 101 Probus Club of Ashtead 01372 272595 (Peter Waterhouse) Probus Club of Leatherhead 01372 450930 (Andrew Crawford) Rotary Club of Ashtead 01372 727573 (Keith Allardyce) Rotary Club of Leatherhead 07753 821964 (Simon Edmands) Royal Association for the Deaf 01306 881958 Royal British Legion Leatherhead/Fetcham Branch 01372 811422 Ashtead Branch 01372 817492 Samaritans 01372 375555 Shopmobility Leatherhead 01372 362400 Surrey County Council 03456 009 009 (8am-6pm weekdays) Surrey Trading Standards 01372 371717 U3A: Leatherhead & District 01372 375756 Ashtead 01372 274388 Volunteer Centre Leatherhead 01372 740394 (based at L/head library weekly) Water (Sutton & E Surrey Water) Emergencies/general 01737 772000 Wildlife Aid 09061 800132 (24 hr helpline) 94

House & Garden Main agents for:

Established 1952

The Old Forge, Church Street Effingham, Surrey, KT24 5LY

• Large selection of new and second hand machines • Part exchange service offered • Comprehensive hire fleet • Manufacturer trained mechanics • Collection and delivery service • Large spares department

of fers... ur o ut o ab sk a d an w Tel: 01372 453411 Ca ll Ja m ie or A ndre


Tree Surgery STump grinding HeDgeCuTTing Fencing HarD anD SofT lanDSCaping garden Tidy up regular garDen mainTenanCe graSScuTTing HarDWooD logS anD WooDCHip SupplieD Established 1985

Call David for your complete garden service and receive a free no obligation quote.

t:01372 453333

Qualified Tree Surgeons We are fully insured and approved by Surrey Trading Standards 95

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