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Ashtead Community Vision Planning for Future Development residential use of some sites. It is planned to complete the adoption of our NDP by mid-2017, at which point our policies will become part of Mole Valley planning policy.


ost Ashtead residents will by now have seen the Ashtead Village News, which has a front-page article about the revision of their Local Plan by Mole Valley District Council. The article mentions the conflict between the protection of the Green Belt and the need for more housing in the South -east. The impact of this on our Neighbourhood Development Plan and vice-versa deserves some explanation.

It is inevitable that the results of the council’s assessment of housing needs will increase the current housing target for Mole Valley. What is not yet known is whether those needs can be met without affecting the Green Belt, or whether there is sufficient evidence to support a cap on the development targets in order to protect it. Ashtead Community Vision (ACV) has contributed to this issue in our assessment of the Green Belt land surrounding Ashtead, which was published in 2014 after public consultation.

Over the next six months MVDC will be calling for sites throughout the District to be put forward for future development. This was last done in 2014 and as part of that process, ACV was asked by MVDC to comment on all fourteen proposals affecting Ashtead. This assessment was published in 2014 after public consultation. At that time, all but the site at Murreys Court A Neighbourhood Development Plan (NDP) must on Agates Lane were deemed by MVDC to be support the strategic development needs set out inappropriate for development and have not in the Local Plan and plan positively to support been progressed. local development. NDPs are tools for sustainable development and cannot be used to At this point, we do not expect that the prevent development in an area - they can only creation of this new Local Plan will alter our views on the policies that we have proposed in include proposals for an equal (or greater) the NDP. However, both ACV and the Resident’s amount of growth than is set out in the local Association will be keeping a close eye on the authority's development plan. progress of the new MVDC Local Plan and will Our NDP is based on the current Mole Valley respond to any issues affecting Ashtead. Core Strategy, with its attendant housing Next month we will begin a series of articles targets and existing Green Belt boundaries which safeguard the countryside around Ashtead looking at the comments arising from the from development. As a consequence, our NDP consultation run by MVDC on our NDP during the recognises that other than a single possible site, summer. Murreys Court on Agates Lane, any further development within Ashtead will be a result of in-fill development or changes from business to Tony Tuley

You can find out more about the Forum’s work at: www.ashteadcommunityvision.org.uk/ https://www.facebook.com/pages/Ashtead-Community-Vision/ https://twitter.com/AcvComms 14

Profile for Ashtead Leatherhead

Ashtead & Leatherhead November 2016.  

Never Underestimate the importance of community Issue 133.

Ashtead & Leatherhead November 2016.  

Never Underestimate the importance of community Issue 133.