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43 Skinne Skinners rs Lane, Lane, Asht Ashtea ead, d, Sur Surre rey, y, KT KT21 21 2NN




Marketing image not actual kitchen

A stunning new and individually

Ashtead POA

designed property in the beautiful setting of Rookery Hill, Ashtead.

A delightful

victorian vicarage with views to Norbury Park set in a half acre plot and just a short walk to town centre. Ashtead 01372 271880

Bookham 01372 452207

Dorking 01306 877775

Leatherhead ÂŁ1,550,000

Leatherhead 01372 360078

Mayfair 020 7467 5330

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What’s in here this month? Ashtead Residents’ Association


Transition Ashtead



Wildlife Aid and the badger cull


Charity Xmas card shop opens


Inner Wheel of Ashtead Appeal


New President for Commerce Chamber


GO50 activities


MV Police & Crime Commissioner


Become a Mid Surrey Mediator


Andy’s Blog


Recipe - Autumn Pudding


Brigitte Trust


Rianna’s Fund Bike Ride


Quiz - One to Ten


What’s on in November? Pages 66-72


NSPCC’s Send a letter to Santa


Firework displays


Quiz - Cocktails


Council Tax support consultation


Save Ashtead Kidsclub


November’s crosswords


The Great British Bake In - a story


Ashtead Rotary


Ashtead almshouses


MV Police column


Local history article


Rye Meadows planting project


Book reviews


Teazle Wood tidy


Simple crossword


Gardening - Leaves


Give a cat a home


Useful numbers


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Leatherhead Residents’ Association



From the Publisher


few weeks ago I was invited by the ladies of the Inner Wheel of Ashtead to give a talk about what it’s like to run a magazine. To be honest I very often find these days that I have to stop myself mid sentence because I’m boring myself, so not entirely sure how interesting it was for the good ladies of the IW to listen to me wittering on about the magazine. Still, I managed to talk for 15-20 minutes and, bless them, they did look interested in what I had to say. We also discussed one of their overseas charities, Mary’s Meals in conjunction with their Backpack Project. It is a worthwhile charity and I’m sure we can all help in some way to help those who are not as fortunate as ourselves, more can be found on page 56. I should like to congratulate Jackie Quinn on her appointment as the new President of the Leatherhead & District Chamber of Commerce (page 14). I’m sure that Jackie will do a great job for the Chamber and, having been a director of the Chamber myself for a few years, I do think that their networking events are a great place for local businesses to get together and find some synergy with each other. The events are usually relaxed and informal and if you are running a local business, it is worth becoming a member. It seems that in their wisdom Surrey County Council have given Ashtead Kidsclub notice to terminate the contract to use Ashtead Youth Centre by end of March 2013. Ashtead Kidsclub provides a very useful service, providing childcare before and after school and also during school holidays, enabling working parents to do just that. Details of the online petition can be found on page 32. The Mid-Surrey Mediation Service is asking whether you’d like to become a Mediator, for which full training will be given and you could find yourself working with disputing neighbours to find a solution to their differences and working towards a mutually acceptable agreement. Satisfying and rewarding work I would say. Advertising The Ashtead & Leatherhead Local provides local businesses with affordable, quality advertising. Ads cost from £53 +VAT per month, per quarter page for a 10,000 distribution (yes, really!) and can be designed where required.

I met up with Joy Wemms, Brian Griffin and Len Wood of the Ashtead Rotary a few days ago. Joy this year is chairing the Community and Voluntary Committee, and Joy talks about three new initiatives by the committee in the Ashtead Rotary’s article on page 80.

After years spent slaving over a hot computer I realised that my back was out of kilter and, certainly in the last four or five months, getting out of bed was agony and I couldn’t find any comfort on any of our chairs or sofa, so I made an appointment with Reena Technical & Legal stuff Joshi, of RJ Osteopath Clinic in Fetcham (see page 55). Reena has Whilst every care has been taken to ensure that the data in this magazine been advertising with me for years and has become a good friend over that time, we very often bump into each other at networking is accurate, the Publisher cannot events and her effervescent personality makes her a joy to be with. accept, and hereby disclaims, any liability to any party for loss or Reena gave me an examination and could even work out on which damage caused by errors or omissions side I preferred to sleep (usually the one without the cats on!) and resulting from negligence, accident said I definitely needed to be straightened out! I have to tell you or any other cause. that within 30-45 minutes the agonising pain between my shoulder blades and around my ribs (is this too much information?) had No part of this magazine may be disappeared and all within my hour’s appointment. In all honesty I reproduced, stored in any retrieval system, or transmitted in any form - wasn’t expecting the treatment be so successful from day one. I cannot tell you how well I’ve been sleeping since then. I would electronic, mechanical, recording, photocopying, or otherwise - without urge anyone who has any back, neck or shoulder pain, restricted mobility, pins and needles, headaches and migraines etc., to at prior permission of the Publisher. least make an initial appointment with Reena, it may be the most All in-house artwork and editorial beneficial hour you’ve ever spent. presented in this magazine remains Cheerio. the copyright of Zen George. © Zen George All rights reserved 2012. 01372 376420

Zen George Publisher 01372 376420

© Cover design/photography by Andy Newbold 01372 383018 6

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Transforming your vision into creative architectural solutions to maximise the potential of your home. Over 20 years' experience Based in Leatherhead

Contact Matthew Jefferys for an initial, no obligation, discussion on:

01372 375854


ASHTEAD RESIDENTS’ ASSOCIATION Founded 1945 Do you remember that film “Support Your Local Sheriff”? The recent furore over Tesco’s planning application has brought forth some interesting facts. Over the space of four years there have been hundreds of local (and not local) residents writing to Mole Valley District Council to object about the various planning applications. In addition we have had a Petition signed by thousands of residents (and non-residents) objecting Tesco’s proposals. Articles have been written in local magazines and newspapers, including our own Ashtead Village News, and we have even featured on the BBC’s local news at one stage. Such a lot of effort by so many local people. And much has been achieved by these residents, whether they be individual citizens, or organised groups like SAVE or the Residents’ Association. From where this all began 4 years ago, residents of Ashtead have reduced the proposed store size, prevented a large back entrance being included, prevented trolleys travelling outside the store, prevented the raising and extension of the APMH Car Park and finally prevented the destruction of 60 trees! Much then to be proud of. Where do all these concerned citizens go though for their shopping? Do we see the same “hundreds” flocking into The Street, or the same “thousands” crowding out our local shops? If as many “concerned” citizens actually used the local shops instead of just being armchair protesters, The Street would be a thriving business community. Instead we have seen all but one clearing bank branch leave the village, the Lloyds pharmacy close its doors and Raynors the Opticians close whilst seeing Charity Shops take over empty premises.

Many bemoaned the potential fate of the butcher, baker, fishmonger and convenience store, but how many of those actually use these traders? How many moaned about the coming of the supermarket (whether it be Tesco, Waitrose or any other behemoth) but presently drive away from our local traders to these supermarkets where they pick up their Sunday joint, their ‘fresh’ vegetables and their fish. We are in danger of becoming a nation of hypocrites. We moan and complain from the comfort of computer screens but when it comes down to it we just give in to convenience. It’s too much effort to pay for parking and walk – yes actually use those legs – to the local shops because we can park out of town in a free car park and wheel those trolleys right up to the car’s boot! When the building work starts for the Tesco store there will be inevitable disruption for many months. This might even encourage those souls who do use the local shops to go elsewhere “Just while the building work is on.” If this happens local traders may find trading an even greater struggle. So those hundreds and thousands of you who made the effort to object to Tesco’s plans, make the same effort to support your local shopkeeper. Because if you don’t – as the saying goes – “If you don’t use it, you’ll lose it!” David Baker

 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Yes, I would like to join the Ashtead Residents’ Association

Name: ________________________________________________________________________ Address:

________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________



Enclose a cheque for £2.50 payable to Ashtead Residents’ Association Please send to: Mrs C Ansett, 28 Grove Road, Ashtead, KT21 1BE Tel: 07733 621614 | Web: If you would like to receive information from the Residents’ Association via email, please visit 8 the Contact Us page on the web site.

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YesYes, I'll get round to it after Christmas It may be a bit early for spring cleaning and getting everything sorted for Christmas is the next big job. This may mean you are one of the many people who have been intending to sort your mortgage out for ages, but haven’t get round to it! Since the financial collapse in 2008 many mortgages have plummeted and it just hasn't seemed to be worthwhile as you are paying less than you were four years ago. However for those who've been sitting on your lender’s ordinary variable rate it may now be time to have a serious look as anyone with a Halifax mortgage will know that they have raised their ordinary variable to 3.99% and Santander have raised theirs last month to 4.74%. The government are currently pumping money into the mortgage market by lending under their “Funding for Lending” plan which allows the lenders to borrow at extremely cheap rates on the condition that they increase their lending into the mortgage market, the only way they can do this is to compete with each other so we are at last seeing some rates drop. Depending on your loan to value the difference between at 4.74% and the best in the market can now be more than 2%! That might not sound too much but on a £200,000 mortgage it is more than £300 per month, so sitting on the sofa till after Christmas could be costing you a lot of money. We can have a look at your current mortgage for you, you will get an honest opinion from us about the best alternatives, this will include staying where you are and even recommending lenders that are not available through brokers we think the best advice should mean exactly that. So just pick up the phone to book an appointment, we even work Saturdays if that suits you better. And don’t forget the risk warning “Your home may be repossessed if you do not keep up repayments on a mortgage or other loans secured on it”.

For these and a host of other questions we are happy to talk through them with you on 01372 277271. Bailey Financial Ltd are Independent Financial Advisers authorised and regulated by the Financial Services Authority (FSA)


Tel: 01372 277271 17 The Street, Ashtead, KT21 1AA 9


THE LEATHERHEAD RESIDENTS’ ASSOCIATION Can closure of essential services be prevented? We are concerned that our council is being forced to close essential services. Loss of the Help Shop from a convenient central location, (which must be relocated by March 2013), will mean not only loss of foot fall, but also loss of quick & easy access to publicity for Council and Community events, and tourist information. People, who have only a small window of opportunity time wise, may not have the time to walk a much greater distance. Notice to quit has been given to a vital service in Ashtead - the Ashtead Kidsclub (AKC). AKC leases the Ashtead Youth Centre from SCC. Ofsted approved AKC provides before, after and holiday childcare for Leatherhead and Ashtead Schools. Over 200 families use this service. Hopefully newspaper coverage and the efforts of Councillor Chris Townsend will have raised the profile of this issue sufficiently to find a solution. However at the end of the day, more community participation is clearly needed . A petition to prevent the possible closure is available online. Visit to sign. With support from all sectors of the community, we can take advantage of the offer of a voice through Localism (residents involved in preparing their own local development plan). However this needs more participants involved in discussion. Funding was withdrawn by MVDC from the Leatherhead and District Forum and therefore, some of our Councillors and the Town Centre Manager no longer attend. These meetings are an

opportunity for the public to express concerns, obtain information about, or suggest future plans for the north of Mole Valley, and with input from other R As and the Leatherhead Area Partnership. If a strong community, its safety and services are important to you, please take a few minutes to think about your skills and concerns and how you could contribute to community discussion, and or encourage and interest a friend, young or old. Other local issues There has been an excellent response to the financial needs of the Theatre, and to the major effort to save Teazle Wood, but more is needed in time and money. The High Street consultation? To park or not ? Or where to park? Plans for changes to our High St are being made. It is important that they get it right to help our town thrive. Keep an eye out for a future consultation. Tap your feet at Fish or Chicken & Chip Supper On a lighter note, why not come and join us for a pleasant social evening at the Institute on Saturday 17th November, when you can enjoy the music of the Band ”Inside Out” and a fish or chicken and chip supper. This will contribute to our fund raising on behalf of the Town’s Christmas Festivities, the Community Garden and Teazle Wood. Tickets - £10 at Barton’s Bookshop. You are welcome to join our next meeting on Monday Nov 5th with guest speaker, the Headmaster of St John's. For further information e-mail:


Yes I would like to join the Leatherhead Residents’ Association Name



_______________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________



Enc. £2 for one year / £5 for three years payable to the Leatherhead Residents’ Association. Please send to:

LRA, Letherhead Institute, 67 High Street, Leatherhead, KT22 8AH Tel: 07986 430935

If you would like to receive information from the Leatherhead Residents’ Association via email, then please contact us by going to our website. 10

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Shops & Services


Shops & Services

Do you have any unwanted jewellery?

WE BUY GOLD and SILVER JEWELLERY In Any Condition, SOVEREIGNS, COINS, PAINTINGS, and SILVER TEA SERVICES Free Valuations and Advice Jewellery Restyled by Award Winning Designer At


Saturday 17th NOVEMBER 9.30-5.30 LOCAL PARKING CAN’T GET OUT? Our Surrey representative can visit you. For an appointment tel: 07860 793 844

R ep u t ab l e E s t a b li s h e d Wes t E n d Jew e lle r

ROWLANDSONS Ltd, 84 Brook Street, Mayfair, London W1K 5EH

07860 793 844 | 020 7866 6006 www.row l a nd son s.c o m


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New President for Leatherhead & District Chamber of Commerce

Jackie Quinn receives the Chain of Office from Andy Newbold (pic by Dick Jones)

Ashtead Estate Agent Jackie Quinn became the latest President of the Leatherhead & District Chamber of Commerce last Thursday at the AGM and reception at Fetcham Park. The Chamber has been growing steadily, both in membership and in its activities. Recent years have seen regular Networking events hosted throughout the region, the introduction of the Leatherhead & District Business Awards in association with Prowse & Co, new branding and website and a host of new initiatives in the pipeline which are designed to benefit traders and businesses locally. One such benefit is a Conference to be held in November which will feature business speakers and play host to the Launch of next years Business Awards.

On stepping down as President, local photographer Andy said, "I have enjoyed a busy couple of years as President during a difficult time for Businesses, if it were not for the team effort put in by the Board Members and the support of our members we would not have achieved half of what we have managed to. I know Jackie will steer the Chamber through the next couple of years with Style and I congratulate her in her new role." The new President added "I am really looking forward to rising to the challenge of continuing the excellent work of the Chamber and I look forward to welcoming new members to our ever growing organisation.�

For more information and to become a member of the Chamber go to 14

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First Choice Cleaners: Friendly, Local, Reliable

• • • • •

Leatherhead based, reliable, experienced, bookkeeper

Regular Domestic Cleaning End of Tenancy Cleans Spring / ‘Blitz’ Cleans Carpet Cleaning Deep / Steam Cleaning

Call Tracey Bates

01372 200583

First Choice Cleaners Ltd is a family run cleaning business serving the local area since 2005. All work fully insured. We take pride in all work undertaken and believe that our strength lies in offering a friendly, flexible and totally reliable service.

01372 200492


Sage Accounting Used

Accounts Preparation

CIS Preparation & Returns

VAT Preparation & Returns

Shops & Services

Financial Planning and Wealth Management Charlwood Leigh has been based in Leatherhead for over 40 years advising a wide range of personal and corporate clients on how to manage their assets, save tax and protect their families. We would welcome the opportunity to meet you and discuss your affairs in confidence. Our first meeting will, of course, be at our expense.

Contact us for information on Personal Financial Planning

Inheritance Tax Planning, Pensions, Income Protection Mortgages


ISAs, Unit Trusts, Annuities, Trust Fund Management

Corporate Financial Planning

Stakeholder Pensions, Medical Insurance, Group Risk Insurance Cameron House, Church Street, Leatherhead, KT22 8EQ Tel: 01372 374444 Email: Charlwood Leigh is authorised and regulated by the Financial Services Authority (FSA) 16

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Cruise into 2013 with Style Surrey’s Leading Cruise Agent

& Fred. Olsen Cruise Lines Madeira & the Canaries Braemar 22 April ‘13 - 14 nights From £1479pp Sail from Dover & visit the gardens of Madeira

Norway - No Flying Balmoral 14 May ‘13 - 10 nights From £1159pp Experience Norway’s Na onal Day Celebra ons

Around Britain & Ireland Braemar 24 May ‘13 - 10 nights From £1109pp Sail from Dover & discover the Bri sh Isles

Trolls & Fjords Braemar 8 July ‘13—10 nights From £1159pp Sail from Dover to magnificent Norway

Highlands & Islands Balmoral 16 July ‘13—10 nights From £1099pp Sail from Southampton to Dublin, Guernsey & Mull

Bonus £100 onboard spend

Bal c Capitals Balmoral 27 May ‘13 - 14 nights From £1629pp Sail from Southampton overnight in St Petersburg

Book by 5th November 2012:

∗ ∗

Upgrade to an all inclusive drinks package for just £5pp per night £50 high street voucher per booking

Your Local Cruise Specialist

01372 271754 5 Craddocks Parade, Ashtead KT21 1QL Prices based on two people sharing a twin bedded cabin subject to availability. Onboard spend is per cabin. Terms & condi ons apply.


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TAXli line ne

Tax self assessment and accountancy services

• • • • •

Local business Free initial home or office visit Affordable fixed fee Personal and friendly service Over 12 years’ experience in filing self assessment returns • Bookkeeping/Accounts preparation • Sole traders, taxi drivers, sub-contractors welcome • No late or inaccurate returns due to electronic filing

IRONING SERVICE Prompt & Reliable Service Collected & Delivered £10 per hour


- NO VAT CHARGE 8 Mulberry Court, Ashtead, KT21 2LN

Call Tracey 01372 200583

01372 277685 / 07773 523 350


Mole Valley Prepares for Police & Crime Commissioner Election on 15 November On 15 November all registered voters will be able to cast their vote for their choice of Police and Crime Commissioner for Surrey. Mole Valley’s Chief Executive and Local Returning Officer, Yvonne Rees said: “Being registered is even more important this year as, for the first time ever, residents will elect a Police and Crime Commissioner who will be accountable for how crime is tackled in Surrey. Please return your completed form as soon as possible." On 15 November, polling stations in Mole Valley will be open as usual from 7am to 10pm. Polling cards will be sent out to all registered voters closer to the time. The count will take place on Friday 16 November and the final result will be announced by the Police Area Returning Officer (PARO) in Guildford. The Surrey PARO is responsible for the PCC elections in the Surrey police force area. He will manage the overall verification and count process across the county, supported by Guildford Borough Council. To ensure your right to vote in the elections on 15th November, you must return your individual registration form by 31st October.

For more information about the Police and Crime Commissioner election, log on to the Home Office website or contact the Surrey Police Authority by calling 01483 630 200 or log on to 18

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Extending the life of your carpets

Your carpets act like a filter, trapping all the contaminants in the air. Regular vacuuming helps but cannot compare to Professional Carpet Cleaning. Carpets are an expensive purchase, so ongoing maintenance is vital in order to extend its life. An effective barrier mat should be a priority in any home. Grit, silt and salt, together with acidic soils are walked onto your home everyday. However, all too often there is just a small mat inside the door. Ideally you should install a heavy duty coir mat, at least four feet long, in order to wipe the worst off your shoes before you walk onto the carpet. Some homeowners have a “no shoes indoors” policy, which is fine in theory but in practice can present more problems. Changing into house slippers is OK, walking around in your socks is not. Sock dye can transfer onto the carpet and fibres from your socks can wrap themselves around the tufts of your carpet. Over time these fibres can be difficult to remove. The grit that sits deep in the pile of your carpet acts like sandpaper, wearing away at the fibres of the carpet. Regular vacuuming is important to remove as much of this as possible, make sure that you change the bags and filters in your vacuum cleaner as required. If you drop food or drips from your drink fall on the carpet, wipe them immediately. If left, the mark will dry to a sticky residue and attract airborne soils. Always blot the mark or stain, never rub it. If you have area rugs, periodically turn the rug over and vacuum the back of it. You will be amazed what you will remove. Finally, annual deep cleaning of the carpet by a professional carpet cleaning company will remove the contaminants that normal vacuuming cannot. Regular maintenance of your carpet makes sense.

Have one carpet carpet cleaned cleaned get get the seco second nd FR FREE EE (same (s ame size size or or ssmaller maller))

PLUS 50% off stain stain pro protect tection ion when ttwo wo or more carpets carp ets are cleane cleaned d • • • • •

Fully insured Free quotations Work guaranteed References available

01372 37947 379475 5 07957 07957 20970 209708 8

nick@c nick@cleanea leaneasy .bizz www.c www.cleanea leaneasy .bizz

27 Boley Boleyn n Walk Walk,, Leatherhe Leatherhead ad,, KT22 KT22 7HU 7HU

• • • • •

Local Local family run run busine business ss Non toxic and deter detergent gent fr free ee No bleaching bleaching agent agentss No brightener brightenerss No enzy enzyme mess Non hazardou hazardouss Spot & sstain tain removal removal

Pleasee quote this advert when booking Pleas *Winter specials run from 1st November 2012 to 31st January 2013


Andys Blog Nov 12.indd 1

15/10/2012 08:05

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Take part in our studies and get paid! Leatherhead Food Research is always looking for paid volunteers from Leatherhead and the surrounding area to assist us with taste testing and nutrition studies. Studies range from eating and giving feedback on various food and drink products to assessing the impact of certain foods on appetite. To learn more about the different types of studies you can participate in, please visit If you are interested in taking part, simply register for our Nutrition Studies at Or, to register for SenseReach™ Consumer Testing, go to

Follow SenseReach™ Consumer Testing on Facebook – simply type sensereach into the search field or go to

We are situated a 5 minutes’ walk from Leatherhead Railway Station Randalls Road Leatherhead Surrey KT22 7RY UK T +44 (0)1372 376761 F +44 (0)1372 386228 W Leatherhead Food Research is a trading name of Leatherhead Food International Limited. Registered in England No. 3420548.


Volunteers needed to support people with life-threatening illness A diagnosis of cancer or Motor Neurone disease can be a terrible shock to the whole family, and it can sometimes be hard to share feelings even with closest relatives.

Working in partnership with Macmillan Cancer Support we need more volunteers in order to reach out to families facing a life-threatening illness

Volunteers from the boroughs of Elmbridge, Guildford and Mole Valley are invited to join our next free training course in Guildford starting in January 2013.

For nearly 30 years, Please visit or call the Brigitte Trust, the office today on 01306 881816 an independent registered Surrey charity, has been offering help to people suffering the effects of cancer and other life-threatening illness , with a free service of emotional support and help with practical needs at home. Volunteers offer 3 hours per week initially and referrals come from District Nurses, Hospice personnel, via Social Care Teams, local Macmillan teams or by self-referral. Average length of involvement is 4 – 6 months and our volunteers, visiting locally throughout a wide area of Surrey, can offer up to 6 months of bereavement support as well as short-term involvement during periods of treatment or after surgery when carers may be under extra strain. Brigitte Trust volunteers offer emotional support, respite time and practical help at home, to individuals and families facing the effects of cancer and other life-threatening illnesses. During the past year we have supported almost 200 Surrey families and we urgently need new volunteers to continue and expand this vital service in partnership with Macmillan Cancer Support. Make 2013 the year you join the volunteer team at The Brigitte Trust. You will be joining a Surrey charity offering valuable help at a time of real need. Brigitte Trust volunteers offer support to the wider family too, by listening to carers and supporting them as they share feelings of sadness, regret, anger and fear for the future. The most important part of their work is often to listen, without judgment. 22

Shops & Services


Shops & Services


Answers on page 88

Shops & Services

Do you lov lovee dogs dogs? ?

Dog Lovers Lovers Wante Wanted d as carers for award winning home dog boarding company. Must be home during the day, max two dogs of your own, private secure home and garden.

01372 276665

01483 592612


76 The Street, Ashtead, KT21 1AW

Shops & Services


Shops & Services


Shops & Services Are you looking for some extra money or just a new challenge? Sarah Stanley (Independent Phoenix Trader 7181) is looking for traders to join her local team.

Phoenix Trading is a direct selling business and sells a range of quality greeting cards and stationery products through a network of Independent Phoenix Traders. Its 9,000 Traders are self-employed, work from home and typically fit their business around work, family and other commitments. Sarah says "When we are all facing an expensive Christmas, particularly in the current economic climate, it's great to be able to earn a few extra ÂŁs! Phoenix Trading is an exciting business to be involved in. It is very flexible and I am able to work it around my two boys and other commitments. However I also have the opportunity to build up a growing business with great potential. I've also been able to raise ÂŁ100's for charities and local good causes. We have a fabulous new Christmas range out and lots of fundraising opportunities coming up. It would be great to hear from anyone who may like to get involved!"

Agility (Dorking) Classes in Epsom & Effingham Puppy Playgroup Training in the Park Everyday Obedience

Contact Sarah for a free information pack or details about how she may be able to assist in fundraising for your charity/good cause via tel 01372 270454 or email Phoenix Trading products can also be ordered direct via her website sarahstanley.

Only reward based methods used Kennel Club Listed For more information, please phone: Sally Thorn

01372 386637 07740 580311


Shops & Services


Shops & Services


We’re on our way way!!

013 1372 72 74827 482755 29 Waterloo Road, Epsom, KT19 8EX

email: website:


Answers on page 88

Shops & Services


Shops & Services

Sign online petition and save Ashtead Kidsclub Surrey County Council have written to Ashtead Kidsclub to terminate their contract to use the Ashtead Youth Centre by the end of March 2013. An online petition has been set up by Lisa Laguarda and other concerned parents on Mole Valley’s website (see link below) which requests the Council to renew the contract. This club covers all local schools caring for children from 7.45am before school, and to 6pm after and provides childcare in the holidays enabling parents to work. A necessary service that works perfectly in the existing premises due to location, size, layout, facilities, proximity to the train station, security and safety. It is unique, reliable and affordable childcare used by over 200 families in the area. Other school clubs do not cater for the early start or later finish and none cater for full working days covering all term time and school holidays. Parents, commuters and employers in and near Ashtead see this facility as an essential service for the area. If Kidsclub were to close (likely without suitable premises) users will have to reconsider childcare options possibly resulting in enforced decisions to stop working without adequate childcare. Please sign the online petition to urge the council to take into consideration working families, the children and the wishes of the community and renew the contract.


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Your local domestic/commercial cleaning and ironing specialists

Quality and reliability assured. All types of cleaning undertaken no task too big or too small!

Our specialist services include:

All types of domestic and commercial cleaning Ironing service – at home or taken away Flat or house move cleaning New build/builders’ cleaning Office and shop cleaning Oven/Aga/hob cleaning Patio and paving cleaning Fully insured

One-off | daily | weekly | fortnightly | monthly | ‘contract cleans’ All at very competitive prices

Special offer on Spring Cleans + 10% discount on first clean with this ad For a free no obligation quote telephone:

01737 851280 or 07591 696466


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Personal 24 hour service from a privately funded family business SERVING LEATHERHEAD, ASHTEAD, BOOKHAM AND SURROUNDING AREAS


Leatherhead Cricket Club – Venue Hire Leatherhead cricket club was formed in 1850 and has seen many changes since then. The club is in great shape with the 1st team being nominated as one of Mole Valley’s ‘Teams of the Year’ in 2012. As with all organisations such as Leatherhead cricket club they need to sustain themselves and this has become increasingly difficult with costs increasing each year. With the cricket season being short it means we have a fantastic venue to use throughout the summer and the rest of the year. We host lots of business meeting, seminars and family celebrations. With plenty of parking and excellent transport links. If you are hosting an event or have a family occasion coming up, please do get in touch.

01372 275276

Leatherhead Cricket Club, Fetcham Grove, Guildford Road, Leatherhead, KT22 9AJ 34

Shops & Services ADVERTISEMENT

Time to change your mattress?

Most people sleep on it and pay the price. A tired mattress can leave you feeling just as tired too

By Sandra Haynes


s your mattress over 7 years old, saggy or just not as comfortable as it used to be? Putting off replacing it can lead to disturbed sleep, morning tiredness, stiff neck and back ache. In fact, it’s the main reason for lack of sleep for most people – they just don’t realize it. Buying a new mattress might seem like an expense you can manage without but it’s one of the most valuable things you can do to improve your health and general well being.

What happens to your old mattress over time?

The main problem is deteriorating support. Over time, the springs inside your mattress lose their firmness so they start to sag under

your weight. Eventually they become so weakened they retain your shape creating dips and hollows across the surface of the mattress. It’s this unevenness and lack of support that causes the body to toss and turn during the night. The lumpier it gets the more disturbed sleep you’re likely to get.

The benefits of a new mattress to you ● You’ll sleep much better for longer ● Fall asleep quicker and far easier ● Wake up feeling far more refreshed ● Aches and pains will simply fade away ● Well rested you’ll feel happier in yourself ● You’ll find you have that much more energy ● Handle the stresses of the day much more easily

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Mattress for example. The very latest in mattress design, it uses a combination of pressure relieving memory foam and the finest pocket springs for the most comfortable and restful night’s sleep of your life. Not only that as you can see from the table below, you could SAVE UP TO £200!









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Extra discount voucher WORTH up to £200

This voucher entitles the holder to £50 off a Single Mattress, £100 off a Double or King and £200 off a Super King.



421 Croydon Road Beckenham, Kent BR3 3PP 020 8658 2242


30 Balcombe Road Horley, West Sussex RH6 9AA 01293 825901



22 – 30 North Street Leatherhead, Surrey KT22 7AT 01372 388223

1 – 3 London Road Morden, Surrey SM4 5HX 020 3044 0008

All store opening times: 9am - 6pm Mon - Sat, 11am - 5pm Sun


New Malden (B&Q) Unit 2, 175 Burlington Road New Malden, Surrey KT3 4LU 020 3441 1105


59 Stafford Road Wallington, Surrey SM6 9AP 020 8669 0273

The Great British Bake In It was Sarah's birthday and Ruth had invited some of the family over for a tea party to celebrate her daughter's big day. Sam's mother was joining them which always made Ruth nervous. She was a formidable lady and notoriously difficult to please. Most years, Ruth bought a birthday cake. However, inspired by her favourite television programme, she decided to be adventurous and create a baking masterpiece herself. After consulting all her recipe books, she settled on a strawberry Genoese sponge cake. She gathered her ingredients together, found two matching spring form cake tins, put on her 'World's Best Cook' apron and got to work. Cracking the eggs presented the first challenge and was followed by a fishing exercise with her finger to extract the broken bits of shell from the bowl. The recipe called for seven eggs and she only had six. Fortunately she managed to find another one in the fridge's neglected egg compartment, under packets of cheese, a piece of half used fresh ginger and a wilted bunch of dill.

Sadly the base of the first spring form tin hadn't been properly clicked into place and an immediate leakage occurred. To Ruth's dismay, a delicate oozing of beautiful pale yellow cake batter started to spread over the worktop but she quickly pressed the metal spring clip on the side of the tin and sealed up the gap before too much mixture was lost. After twenty minutes, the cakes were looking magnificent through the somewhat grubby glass oven door. She nervously paced the room, summoning up the courage to take them out. Timing was crucial. Her mother in law would be sure to comment on a sunken cake. Eventually she couldn't bear the tension any longer. Fortunately, the sponge was cooked perfectly and she managed to open the metal clip, release the cake and slide the warm, deliciously smelling disc onto a wire rack.

The second tin to come out of the oven was the one with the leakage and extricating the sponge from its base was far more problematic. Ruth finally resorted to a violent shake. This was so effective that the sponge was propelled onto the wire cooling tray with such a force that it She beat the eggs and sugar together with a large promptly ricocheted onto the kitchen floor. Following the widely accepted 'five second slurp of vanilla essence and whisked it for a few minutes. According to the recipe, it was supposed rule' (i.e. if something hits the floor, it takes five seconds for any germs or dirt to contaminate it), to 'double in volume' but nothing seemed to be Ruth quickly scooped it up and put it back on the happening. After turning up the whisking speed, some of the 'volume' then whisked itself out of the cooling tray. bowl and over the surrounding area, including the After decorating with strawberries and whipped toaster and the kitchen tiles. Ruth ignored the cream the cake looked fantastic. Ruth was mess and within a couple of minutes the mixture enormously proud of her efforts and confident of had thickened considerably. the admiration it would receive that afternoon. She carefully sifted the flour and then carefully Sam was impressed; Ben was impressed and then sifted more flour when she realised that the first picked off a carefully placed strawberry, batch had been self raising and not plain. She completely spoiling the symmetry. Daniel moaned then sifted again after reading the same line that he didn't like cream and Sam's mother said "It twice in her recipe book. looks wonderful dear. Of course the Genoese sponge is so easy to make, isn't it?" Ruth proceeded to 'fold' the mixture together, just as she'd seen on the television. Her The birthday girl blew out her candles, thanked confidence began to grow until the time came to her mother for the beautiful cake and put in a 'Trickle a steady stream of cooled melted butter request for her next birthday. "It's a brilliant down the side of the mixing bowl, not in the cake, Mum, but next year, can I have the centre, and fold through with a light hand, until chocolate one from the supermarket, with well mixed.' She melted the butter in the Smarties on the top?" microwave but it was then too hot. When she tried running it under the cold tap, she spilled Copyright Sarah Lott half of it down the sink. However, after a second October 2012 attempt she managed the 'trickling' process and ended up with a very respectable looking cake Website: batter which she poured into one of the baking Email: sarah@ tins. Twitter: @thememorybook Facebook: The Memory Book 36

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Calling all schools, clubs and businesses!

Nearly new (two months) Superking size Zip & Link Mattresses (2 x 3’) by Handmade Bed Company (Millbrook) 2500 pocket springs in firm tension. Price in Furniture Village £2569, will sell for £1000 ono. Buyer to collect.

We can embroider your logo onto all types of garments and caps - for less than you think • Locally based business

established 1991

• Access to Europe’s largest

Call 01372 375854

• •

• •

stock of ethically sourced garments Sweatshirts, polo shirts, fleece, caps etc Clients include: The National Lottery, Sainsbury's, Barclays, Wentworth Golf Club, Sun Mountain Golf State of the art machinery No minimum order

E Logos

m. 07788 412118 t. 01483 281463

e. w.


A new lease of life

The Duchess with the tree and a group of guests


n under-used corner of Ashtead has been transformed into thirteen spacious new dwellings, at Sydney Simmons Homes, an Almshouse on Dene Road. HRH The Duchess of Gloucester GCVO officially opened the new flats and bungalows on 27 September, by planting a commemorative tree. The ceremony celebrated the culmination of nine years’ hard work and planning. The high specification almshouses have been designed to fit in with the architecture of Ashtead and also achieve excellent environmental standards. Given a four-star rating in the Code for Sustainable Homes, the properties utilise solar panels for heating hot water, and air source heat pumps for the underfloor heating. They are very energy efficient. The sympathetic and restful gardens provide an ideal environment for retired people, just a stone’s throw from the High Street and all its amenities. One of the new residents, Adrian Caine said: “I feel so lucky to live in this modern flat and it’s a great little community. We are very grateful for the hard work of everyone involved to ensure we have a space of our own in such a lovely village.” John Cadge, Chairman of the trustees said: “It’s been a long process and a lot of hard work but I feel really proud to have taken part in such an amazing project and given so many people a new home.”

A view of the new buildings 38

Shops & Services

Established 1991

Quality Home Care

To assist elderly and/or disabled persons to remain independent in their own home. We can provide highly trained care staff to help with:-

Bathing & showering • Meal & snack preparation Getting up in the morning • Going to bed at night Supporting with day to day activities Assisting with taking medication

01372 272240

41 The Street • Ashtead • KT21 1AA


Shops & Services

Alan Greenwood & Sons Funeral Directors & Memorials

The Funeral Service that Caters for Everyone’s Needs

We are your local Independent Family Funeral Directors And are personally involved in the arrangements of All our funerals, 365 days a year. Arrangements can be made either at your Home or at our Premises Prepaid Funeral Plans & Monumental Masonry Personal, discreet 24 Hour Service

25 The Street, Ashtead, KT21 1AA

01372 277444


also at Ewell and Bookham

Shops & Services



Windows 8...

By the time you read this, the very latest version of Windows (Windows 8) will be available for upgrade or to purchase with a new PC. Windows 8 is built on the very well established Windows 7 platform, so its durability and pedigree are impeccable. The greatest change is in its look and behaviour. Windows 8 displays different ‘tiles’ for you activities or apps, allowing you to group all your social media feeds together for example.

This can change the way you file, store and organise your data. Existing PC users may find the transition abit alien to start with, but once you’ve put the differences to one side you can really get on with the software. If you are a new user it is reported to be more intuitive therefore your learning curve should be reduced. Windows 8 is reported to be faster and more efficient than Windows 7 and will run on much lower specification hardware than before. The minimum system specifications are 1Ghz CPU, 1Gb Ram, 16Gb hard drive and DirectX9 graphics. Should you have a Windows phone or tablet, then all your data and customisation would be reflected across all devices. If you’re considering a new PC or laptop and were waiting for Windows 8 to be supplied, we would advise you to buy the Windows 7 machine now and apply for the Windows 8 upgrade for just £15.00- this will enable you to select when you go through the upgrade. This guide was written by Les Beer from TecRes, who have been providing computer sulutions since 1989, how can we help you?. For further information please call 01372-370300 or email 42

Technology ~Surreys favourite Computer Store~ 14 North Street, Leatherhead tel: 01372-370300 Monday - Saturday 9:00-5.30pm

Special Offers in November Record your action while it happens...

MiniDV Action Cam, Weather resistant, Built-in Microphone, Supplied with 2Gb Memory card, Supplied with bracket for Bike or car mounting

Only £40.00

End your charging nightmare with this simultaneous charger: Charge upto 3 items at the same time, Iphone, Mini and Micro USB tips included, Tablet and camera charging via usb connector

Only £25.00

Samsung Core i5 Notebook

15.6” LED display, 6Gb Ram, 750Gb Hard drive, DVDRW, Windows 7 Home Premium

Only £465.00

Artic Cooling Rechargeable Wireless Bluetooth Stereo Headset

Connects to smart phones and iPads in seconds, Fantastic crisp sound, Up 20 hours playback on one charge, 100 meter range, Perfect for Skype and sports use. Supplied with carry case

Only £35.00

HP Core i7 Entertainment notebook

Intel Core i7 Quadcore CPU, 8Gb Ram, 1Tb Hard drive, Radeon HD 7690 with 2Gb onboard, 15.6” LED Crystal view display, Win 7 HP

Only £695.00

Acer All in One Touchscreen

6Gb Ram, 1TB hard drive, DVD RW, WiFi, wireless keyboard and Mouse, Touch screen- Perfect for Windows 8

Only £730.00

Onsite & Workshop Repairs, Upgrades, Virus removal, Data recovery


14 North Street | Leatherhead Surrey | KT22 7AW | Retail store open Monday to Saturday 9:00am to 5:30pm 43

Leatherhead & District Local History Society Potted Histories No 45

Leatherhead Bridge

Leatherhead Bridge 1832 A watercolour by John Varley (1778-1842) Post Card copies of the painting can be purchased from the Museum when open

The Bridge over the Mole and the parish church are probably the two oldest structures in Leatherhead. A bridge mentioned in a deed of 1286 is more than likely the forerunner of the present bridge. In the 17th and 18th century there were so many complaints about the bridge that from 1760 it was kept locked and keys were only issued to those who paid. When the bridge came under the county authorities in 1782, it was rebuilt by the County Surveyor, George Gwilt. He reconstructed and widened it using the medieval stone piers and old bricks from Ashtead Park. It is a long low red brick structure of 14 arches on low piers and a high brick parapet with 4 semicircular refuges; and a central stone plaque saying "Built 1784". When Surrey County Council refurbished the bridge in the late 1980s they left its appearance unchanged, but replaced the modern lamp standards erected in 1963 with reproduction Windsor lighting. There was once a mill and tannery beside the river near where the foot of Minchin Close is now".

Leatherhead Bridge c.1970s

Goff Powell Extracted from History of Leatherhead by Edwina Vardey with additions

For information regarding Membership, Lectures and Museum opening hours contact: Leatherhead & District Local History Society, Leatherhead Museum, Hampton Cottage, 64 Church Street, Leatherhead, KT22 8DP Tel: 01372 386348 mail to: Website: 44



Blast from the past The clocks have gone back and it’s time to turn thrifty. Let’s go back to the past and rediscover retro. We’ve selected some of the craftiest craft books that will have you feeling all warm and nostalgic in no time. With the holiday season just around the corner, it’s perfect timing. Remember: homemade gifts are for life, not just for Christmas. Make Do and Mend: Keeping Family and Home Afloat on War Rations

Duck the double-dip recession and take a leaf out of this reproduction 1940s instruction manual. If you’re planning a trip to Primark, think again; there may be some lost treasure in your wardrobe that can be transformed. This book is a lovely stroll down memory lane, with design ideas and simple instructions on making do with the homemade. You’ll certainly give more careful consideration to what pattern curtains you buy in the future.

Kirstie’s Vintage Home

When does shabby become chic? Kirstie Allsopp knows. As we continue to embrace vintage pieces, she’s helping us to find inspiration in fabric, crafts and techniques. With tips and hints on how to find, restore and rejuvenate furniture and everyday objects, you’ll have everything you need to make sure you end up with a piece to treasure. The buzz-word of the day is ‘upcycling’, and we’re not talking the Tour de France.

The Complete Book of Retro Crafts: Collecting, Displaying & Making Crafts of the Past By Suzie Millions

This book is like eating a FAB lolly while bouncing on a space hopper in a puff-ball skirt. It’s so retro it should be illegal. There are 40 projects with hints and tips on collecting and creating, ‘junking’ and hunting. Every charity shop and flea market will become a veritable treasure-trove. If quirky and old-school is your thing, then this book’s for you.

Country Cottage Quilting: 15 Quilt Projects Combining Stitchery with Patchwork By Lynette Anderson

Remember the movie ‘How to Make an American Quilt’? Well, our pick is more Antipodean than American. Australian designer Lynette Anderson has some beautiful ‘country cottage’ designs and shows you all the sewing and appliqué you’ll need to complete your own project. Just snuggling-up with the book and a cuppa will envelope you like…well, a big, fluffy quilt. 46

Crochet For Children By Claire Montgomerie

The craft that modernity forgot is making a comeback and this book will hook your children. All the basics are covered and there are 35 mini projects for them to tackle, everything from scarves to teddy bears. It’s fun for all the family when you’re drying off in front of the fire on ‘bath night’. If you’re going seventies, then you may as well go the whole hog. Scrapbook Secrets By Kimber McGray Publisher: F and W The art of scrapbooking should not be restricted to French exchange trips and Brownies badge projects. In this digital age we’ve loosened our grip on the tangible. In ‘Scrapbook Secrets’, Kimber McGray shares her tips on how to turn your memories into a masterpiece by rediscovering the art of decoupage, collage and collecting. With step-bystep instructions, you’ll be able to preserve your most cherished memories and family history, incorporated into your own work of art. Throw out the digital camera and buy a glue stick and some glitter. Then…go nuts!





Art, Jewellery & Gifts

Simple Crossword 1







8 9







16 18



17 19





Across 1 Ten years (6) 4 Pictures (6) 9 Level high land (7) 10 Tag (5) 11 Poem (5) 12 Selections (7) 13 Demolition (11) 18 Pharmacist (7) 20 Perfect (5) 22 Spoils (5) 23 Against (7) 24 Scale (6) 25 Grown ups (6) Down 1 Leave (6) 2 Absurd (5) 3 Lowest (7) 5 Greeting (5) 6 Used for smoking (7) 7 Spatter (6) 8 Commas, colons. (11) 14 Dusk (7) 15 Stumbled (7) 16 Afraid (6) 17 Play equipment (6) 19 Edition (5) 21 Artists frame (5) 48

Solution on page 88

Art, Jewellery & Gifts


∗ Besp espoke oke Fram Framin ingg ∗ Framed Framed Originals Originals & Limited Limit ed Edition Edition Print Printss

Box Hill, Surrey

 Original Paintings of the Mole

∗ Gifts & Jeweller Jewelleryy

Valley & surrounding areas

 Commissions are welcome  Buy direct from the Artist's

∗ Ca Card rdss ∗ Ready Made Fram Frames es & Mount Mountss

Leatherhead Studio, prices from £40

To view call 0777 2876370 or e:

22 Bridge Bridge Stree Street, t, Leath Lea therhea erhead, d, KT22 KT22 8BZ 8BZ

View my gallery on

Tel: Tel: 01372 01372 377363

Shop early for Christmas, new stock arriving daily. Exciting new ideas. New Fashion Jewellery, Toys, Christmas Decorations, Scarves, Purses, Wallets, Plenty of Gift Ideas. Don't forget our special birthday cards. Come and take a look ‘Stocking Filler’ card from a selection of Christmas cards sold in aid of Chase Hospice Care for Children

90 The Street, Ashtead, KT21 1AW Tel: 01372 276219 email: 49

Health & Beauty

Come and and see our our newly newly refurbi re furbish shed ed denta dentall centre! centre! • Welcoming new patients patients • New dental surgeries surgeries now on th the e ground gr ound floo floorr • FR FREE EE child che heck-u ck-ups ps with every every adultt tha adul thatt registers registers • Denture repairs repairs whi while le you you wait wait • Teeth whitening whitening for £150 (bring (bring a friend - 2 for £280! £280!)) • Implan Implantt sp speci ecialist alistss Astek Dental Dental Centre, Centre, 19 Cannon Cannon Grove, Grove, Fetc Fetcham, ham, KT22 KT22 9LG 9LG

01372 377678 377678

Eddie -

a very friendly boy

Eddie is a handsome black and white, neutered, seven year old boy who came into care several months ago because his owner was moving into a flat and couldn’t take him. He is very affectionate and would be fine with older children. Eddie has no experience of traffic however - he is used to a large rural area in which to roam so ideally he needs a quiet location. If you feel that you could give Eddie a forever loving home please ring Rosemary on 01737 350307 Epsom, Ewell & District Branch

As we have around 7,000 cats and kittens in our care at any one time, we will find you the perfect feline friend.

Reg Charity 203644 (England and Wales) and SC037711 (Scotland) 50

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Autumn Detox and Colon Cleansing Many people think of spring as the archetypal season for cleansing—spring cleaning, spring detox, but autumn is the more appropriate season to think about removing the old wastes from our body. Just like the trees, we must shed our leaves and cleanse before the winter. An autumn detox cleanse will help to stave off seasonal colds, keep your immune system healthy, and prepare your organs for the colder months ahead. The Chinese believe that autumn is a time for purification of the lungs and large intestine (colon) in preparation for the long cold winter ahead. These organs are linked to skin and breathing problems like asthma, eczema, dry skin and rashes. Why don’t you try Colon Hydrotherapy to eliminate old waste from the large intestine, cleanse the liver and kidneys remove toxins from your body and help to strengthen your immune system,many people feel lighter, refreshed less sluggish and have more energy following their treatment. It is also a fabulous way to rehydrate the entire body and improves the appearance of your eyes, skin and strengthens nails and hair. I understand that before Christmas our money is needed for presents and new clothes so I am offering a special price to help you improve your health and look your best over the festive season. I believe that 1 colonic is not enough especially if it is your first time. My autumn offer is 2 Colonic Hydrotherapy Treatments for £99(normally £70 each) treatments to be taken during November or December 2012.

Please visit my website for more information about the benefits of colonics or call me 01372 279755 for more details. 51

Transition Ashtead

Working towards sustainable consumption Our golden opportunity


ou may have heard by now about the recent Localism Act and how this will enable communities to have a say in shaping the future development of their area. Because we do not have a Parish or Community Council a new group called Ashtead Community Vision has been started to recruit people across the village to help. One thing that we will need is a Neighbourhood Forum which must be a minimum of 21 people who are representative of the community at large. The Forum will be empowered by the Mole Valley District Council to produce a Neighbour Development Plan (NDP).

A major issue for Ashtead in the future will be the provision of new homes. The NDP can indicate what houses and flats should look like, how many new homes are needed and where they can be built, as well as setting out sustainable building targets and the number of affordable houses likely to be needed for younger people and key workers. All these things can help maintain the character of the village. The NDP would also cover commercial developments. With a Neighbourhood Development Plan in place, the community can indicate the size and type of developments it would like to see in the village. Disagreements about the size, style, sustainability, potential parking problems, traffic and impact on the other traders or residents can be pre-empted if not avoided altogether. Identifying such issues and laying out preferences in the NDP would encourage applicants to submit planning applications consistent with local wishes which could save years of local campaigning, plus saving MVDC a lot of money. The Neighbourhood Forum will have some powers to grant planning permission for new buildings, and to protect buildings of historic interest. What it cannot do is to stop building or development, and it’s worth remembering that if we do not have a NDP, development will go ahead anyway but it will be decided by MVDC. The NDP can help ensure that the local infrastructure relating to education, health, transport, leisure and the environment is appropriate and meets the needs of the village and how best to sustain and enhance the vitality and viability of local retailers and businesses. To me this is a golden opportunity for the community to have real say in what we want our village to be like in the future. Groups in Bookham, Ockley and Westcott are working on their plans so let’s not let Ashtead miss out. Yes it will involve some work, but if you care about where you live please get involved. Contact Andy Ellis, chairman of Ashtead Community Vision, email: Our next meeting will be a presentation given by Ashtead Community Vision. Thursday 8th November, at Ashtead Peace Memorial Hall, 7:30pm. Caroline Cardew-Smith For more information about Transition Ashtead or to join any of our Action Groups, see our website at Contact our Secretary Caroline on 07768 806201 or email 52

Health & Beauty

• Well-Established Modern Practice • Fully Air Conditioned • Same Day Emergency Service • Cosmetic Dentistry including Tooth • • • •

Whitening & Advanced Facial Aesthetics Full Disabled Access Hygienist Service NHS For Children Easy Parking

Dr Sue Taylor Taylor

Dr R Woodriffe

Dr M Tal Talbot bot

Dr T Tha Thann

Phone Now for an Appointment 01372 363670 135 Cobham Road, Fetcham, KT22 9HX 53

Badger cull: Wildlife Aid Foundation in plea for ‘rational debate’ badgers there are to start with?!” Shooting and trapping licences have been issued to farmers without any direction as to how many badgers can or should be killed. There is also considerable doubt about the security precautions that those carrying out the culling are expected to take, and whether these are The Wildlife Aid Foundation (WAF) has called for being properly policed to ensure public safety. “Everything is too vague,” says Simon. “There is “a more rational debate” about the current a very frank admission in the Defra document on badger culls, “free from prejudices, politics, the cull that: ‘the exact incidence of Bovine TB and unscientific theories”. WAF founderdirector Simon Cowell MBE said: “Since the first in cattle caused by badgers is not known’. Yes the whole strategy is based on not even knowing cull licences were issued, there has been a lot whether badgers are a major cause of Bovine TB of anger from people on both sides of the or not! And they won’t find out from the cull debate, and it’s not getting us very far. It is high time we sat down and looked at the facts.” because there are no plans to test the dead badgers afterwards.” Simon says that WAF is against the cull and has taken this position not just because of its concern for wildlife welfare and conservation but also because “the science doesn’t support the need for a cull”. He explained: “The ‘evidence base’ that the Government is using is very flimsy indeed. If we can have a sensible debate about this, the weaknesses of the case for a cull will be shown up.” The key questions that need to be asked, says Simon, are: “whether or not the cull will have a big and measurable impact in terms of reducing TB, and whether England’s badger population can withstand the effects of large-scale slaughter. I don’t think the evidence supports the Government’s position on either question.” Simon points out that Defra (the Government’s Dept for the Environment, Farming and Rural Affairs) has already admitted that it could take nine years to achieve any meaningful reduction in Bovine TB through the badger cull. “It will take four years of culling and then a further five years with the much-reduced badger populations, and only after that might a 16% reduction in Bovine TB be achieved.

Simon said: “Over the border in Wales they have a more sensible policy of vaccinating badgers instead of killing them. If the Welsh can deal with these things in a humane way, why can’t we?” For further information please contact Simon Cowell on 07836 635269, or Tel 01372 377332

Defra is very reluctant to admit this, but it’s in the small print of their report for those of us who have taken the trouble to read it,” says Simon. There are some “frightening admissions by the Government” in the official documentation about the cull. One, explains Simon, is “the statement by Defra that there is ’considerable uncertainty about the badger populations’ in the target areas for the culls. How then can Defra expect the cull to take out between 70 and 80 per cent of the badgers in the cull areas if they don’t know how many


Margaret Mar garet Spic Spicee

MA, BA BA (Hons (Hons.), .), MBACP, MBACP, BICA BICA • • • •

Abuse Abuse Anxiet Anx ietyy Depressio Depre ssion n Bereavemen Ber eavementt

• • •

Loss of of Co Conf nfidence idence Relationsh elationship ipss All aspects aspects of of Infert nfertilit ilityy

Ashtead As htead Practi Practice ce Tel: 01372 01372 277 27780 802 2

www.surreycou www.s urreycounse uk 54

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Osteopathic Clinic Don’t suffer - Get it sorted!   


Registered Osteopath


Recognised by all insurers including Bupa and Axa PPP Clinics based in Fetcham and Uxbridge Male Osteopath ‘Kaps’, specialising in sports injuries (see left) Getting to the ‘root of the problem’ FAST 70% better in 3-5 sessions Convenient location with free parking Established since 2001 All major debit and credit cards now taken

15% off your first visit 2 Shamrock Close, Fetcham, KT22 9JG

01372 363721


Reena Joshi Registered Osteopath

Health & Beauty

Introducing the fabulous new Sienna X Spray Tan Look as though you’ve spent two weeks in the Caribbean!

Massage - Facials - Tanning Eye Lash Extensions Eye Lash & Eyebrow Tinting Exfoliation - Waxing Nails - Acrylic - Gellux Make-up - Gift Vouchers Mary Kay Beauty Consultants

Situated in Curves 70A Kingston Road Leatherhead, KT22 7BW (free parking outside) Charlotte: 07772 030334 Holly: 07825 688090

A family-run beauty treatment salon located in a beautiful, peaceful and stylish room. A treatment with Charlotte Pealling Beauty is the ultimate in relaxation and luxury.


Charlotte Pealling Beauty

Inner Wheel Club of Ashtead: Appeal for Mary’s Meals and Backpack Project This year we are supporting Mary’s Meals as our main overseas charity. Started in 2003, Mary’s Meals helps children in countries such as Liberia and Malawi to get to school, by providing a daily meal to attract the children into the classroom. A basic education can help them to escape from poverty when they grow up. Mary’s Meals also has a Backpack Project providing school and other essentials for the poorest families, which our Club is also supporting. So we are asking if you can help us by collecting new or good condition backpacks or school bags. We know these items become outgrown or just out of fashion with our children but to Mary’s Meals they would be most useful. As we need to fill the bags, any items from the list below, new or in good condition or any monetary contributions, would also be most welcome. Wanted items: (for children 4-12 years old.) • • • • •

Backpack/school bag Towel Exercise book/notebook Shorts /skirt/T-shirt/dress Pencils/pens/crayons

• • • • •

Flip flops/sandals Rubber/ruler/sharpener/pencil case Small ball Soap/toothbrush/toothpaste Spoon

Further details If you can help us, please contact: Ann Goulder on 01372 813994 56

Health & Beauty

Leatherhead Podiatry Love your feet! Lesley Pennington S.R.Ch., D.Pod.M., B.Sc.Hons., HPC reg 25 years experience

10% off your first appointment on production of this ad (offer ends 30th November 2012) • • • • •

Corns Calluses Orthotics Ingrowing Toe Nails Verrucae

• • • • •

Problematic Nails Athlete’s Foot Bunions Sports Injuries Heel Pain

01372 374125 63b High Street, Leatherhead 57

Clubs & Activities GO50 at Age UK Surrey offers guided Walks and Cycle Rides for the 50+ age group.

This is just a taste of what’s on offer. Contact Richard Jeffries 01483 534706, email:


November Guided Walks (Walking boots or other suitable footwear recommended)

Wednesday 7th Saturday 10th Friday 16th Monday 19th Wednesday 21st Friday 23rd

Wed 7 : Painshill Park : 3m See beautiful autumn colours. Cafe open/ entrance free on Weds in November! 10:15am in free car park in “Between Streets”, Cobham, 200m east of A245/A307 roundabout. TQ103603 / KT11 1EJ Bus 515 | Sat 10 : Epsom Common (Epsom/Ewell) : 4m Explore Epsom & Ashtead Commons. Visit Roman brick works. Mainly flat, can be muddy. 9:45am at Epsom Common Stew Ponds car park. B280 between Epsom & Malden Rushett. TQ184612/KT18 7TR | Fri 16 : Dormansland : 7½8m Via Starborough Castle on to Dry Hill Fort, return through Greathed Manor Estate. 10am in Ford Manor Rd, Dormansland, off the B2028 LingfieldEdenbridge road near Plough Inn. TQ406428 / RH7 6PR Metrobus 409 | Mon 19 : Reigate Heath & Priory : 4½m Heathland, views of Priory Park and South Downs. Pub lunch. 10am start in Flanchford Road CP Reigate. Left off A25 travelling west from Reigate towards Buckland. TQ238503/RH2 8AB Bus 32 | Wed 21 : Copthorne : 6m Circular walk round Copthorne. 10am near Haskins Garden Centre, Snowhill Lane, Copthorne. Park in adjacent road. TQ339400 / RH10 3EL | Fri 23 : Balcombe : 9m Walk to West Hoathly via Phillpotts. Return alongside reservoir. 10am in Balcombe. Park in layby next to church. TQ309307 / RH17 6PA

November Guided Cycle Rides - All meet 10am (Please bring a bike suitable for off-road cycling )

Friday 9th Wednesday 21st Tuesday 27th Thursday 29th

Fri 9 : Mogador: Moderate ride across Banstead Heath to the top of Box Hill for a tea stop and return via Headley Heath. Meet at the Sportsman, Mogador. TQ239532 / KT20 7ES | Wed 21 : Leigh : Easy ride around the area south of Leigh. Meet at the Seven Stars, Bunce Common Rd, Leigh. TQ217472/RH2 8NP | Tue 27 : Reigate : Challenging ride - Reigate Heath to Box Hill and back. Meet at Skimmington Castle pub, Bonny’s Road off Flanchford Rd, Reigate. Use car park behind pub. TQ238497 / RH2 8RL | Thu 29 : Walton on Thames : Leisurely ride up River Thames & Wey. Meet at The Weir, Walton on Thames. TQ106681 / KT12 2JB

November Nordic Walk (walking boots/suitable footwear recommended, bring Nordic poles) Friday 23rd

Fri 23 : Wotton Hatch : 5m Varied countryside walk with some easy hills/ stiles. Pub refreshments afterwards. 10:15am in CP behind Wotton Hatch pub nr Westcott, west of Dorking on A25. TQ126476 / RH5 6QQ Bus 21, 32

"Having our concert information in The Ashtead & Leatherhead Local is the single most effective way open to us to generate awareness of our concerts in the local community. Thank you, Zen" John Weiss, Administrator, Dorking Chamber Orchestra

"Having GO50 activities listed in the Ashtead & Leatherhead Local each month has been a real help in spreading the word about healthy activities for older people in Surrey." Richard Jeffries, Age UK Surrey 58

Clubs & Activities

Epsom Literary Society

LeRoc Surrey

‘Epsom Talks!’ is the name given by longestablished Epsom Literary Society to its 114th season of talks in early October with a highly informative and topical lecture by a team of speakers from W S Atkins, the engineering company which led the project to design and build the 2012 Olympic venues.

Exciting Modern Jive Fusion Dance 14 years in Dorking

Have a free trial lesson on us for non members (bring this ad with you)

No term times, any week free 7.45-9.30pm

A further seven lectures follow on a monthly basis on the first Wednesday of each month at 7.30pm at Epsom Playhouse.

Mondays - Friends Life Hall Tuesdays - Dorking Halls

On 7 November, Malcolm Kenwood, a former specialist police detective who investigated art and antiques crime, will give a talk entitled ‘The Fine Art of Crime – Art Theft and Repatriation’ which will also look at fakes and forgeries in the art world. This will be an illustrated lecture which promises to be a fascinating insight into the work of the Metropolitan Police Art and Antiques Units at New Scotland Yard.

(Normally £7/8 per night)

Partner not essential, any age from 16+

07944 971195

Future talks will look at the origins of the musical genre of ragtime in ‘The Age of Ragtime’, and at musical comedy in ‘London Omnibus’ (both featuring live music); and will also consider the important issue of ‘Our Energy Future’; as well as taking a look at some of the extraordinary correspondence received by the Antiques Roadshow in ‘Dear Producer, I wish to protest …’ and hearing about journalist, radio presenter, author and musician Michael Pointon’s friendships with many well-known stars of stage, screen and music in ‘P G Wodehouse, James Stewart, Norman Wisdom and Bob Hope, to name just a few’.

“I just wanted to send you a huge THANK YOU from Wallace & Gromit's Children's Foundation for all the support you have shown us over the years. Your support has helped us raise thousands for sick children in hospitals and hospices across the UK and we really wouldn't have been able to do this without you!” Ellen Camillin, Corporate & Events Fundraiser, Wallace & Gromit's Children's Foundation

Membership costs £32 for the season, with tickets for individual lectures being available at £10. New members and visitors will be warmly welcomed. Further information is available on the Society’s website, or by telephoning Jane Malden, Membership Secretary, on 01372 727918. 59

Clubs & Activities

Dorking Quilters The Dorking Quilters and their visitors had a real treat at the September meeting when Jean Hammond, an artist, quilter and tutor came to talk about the Quilts that were sent over by the Red Cross in Canada, to England, to those whose homes had been flattened in WWII. She told amazing stories of ladies in Canada who were not able to work in the war effort, because of age, or childcare and were asked to make literally thousands of quilts for this purpose. The quilts had to be anonymous, but one enterprising Canadian wrote a letter and tucked it inside the quilt – the start of a life long friendship between her and the recipient in England. Clothing materials, from clothes manufacturers or from the women’s own cupboards were used. The Red Cross delivered some materials direct to women working on their own, or to groups of women, who used huge quilt frames to complete the quilts together. Jean had many anecdotes about those ladies she met on a visit to Canada, some of whom had been involved in helping with the quilts, and others who knew about them. When she gives talks in England people often say that they know of a quilt that was given to a relative when their house was bombed in the Blitz, and often she has been given the quilts. She showed us her collection, and also slides of many others. At an evening Workshop, on Tuesday 13th November, Jo Baddeley of Puddleducks Quilting Shop will show us how to make a Christmas Table Runner, at the Friends Meeting House, Butterhill, South St, Dorking at 7.30pm. Visitors are always welcome, info from Lesley on 05601 534169.

Would you like to become a mediator? Mid-Surrey Mediation Service (MSMS) is pleased to announce that it has been awarded a grant of £2,400 by the National Lottery from the Big Lottery Fund to be used for training and is therefore seeking 6 new recruits to train as part time volunteer mediators in Mole Valley and Epsom & Ewell. Our mediators help to resolve neighbourhood disputes. To be a mediator, you need to be a good listener, like working with people and have some time to spare, preferably in the daytime as well as evenings. You also need to have the use of a car. The free training course, which takes place over 6 days at weekends, gives participants plenty of opportunities to practise their new skills through role play. On completing the course, each new mediator will work with a more experienced one on live cases. Mediators are non-judgemental, non-discriminatory, and independent. The service is free and confidential.With the mediators’ support, neighbours are often able to come to a workable solution that everyone is happy with.

The next course takes place on 3rd, 4th, 24th and 25th November and 1st and 2nd December, and a further one is planned for spring next year. Interested new volunteers, or anyone who would like to talk to a mediator, should call 07513 524241 or email for more information. 60

Four Gables November 12.indd 1

15/10/2012 08:03

Seasonal Recipe Try this variation on summer pudding making the most of Autumn fruits, such as plums, blackberries and delicious English apples. Serve with softly whipped double cream flavoured with a splash of Calvados for a really indulgent dessert.






Place the sugar and 200ml of cold water in a large pan and heat gently until the sugar has dissolved. Add the sliced apples and simmer for 5-10 minutes until just tender. Add the rest of the fruit and simmer for a further 2-3 minutes. Leave to cool.

Autumn Pudding • 175g caster sugar • 3 small English eating apples, peeled, cored and sliced

Remove the crusts from the bread slices. Use a round cookie cutter to stamp out a circle from one slice of bread to fit the base of a 1.2 litre pudding basin. Cut the remaining slices of bread in half.

• 4 red plums, halved, stones removed and sliced • 100g raspberries

Carefully strain half of the fruit syrup from the cooled fruit into a shallow dish. Lightly dip most of the slices of bread into the syrup and arrange around the side of the pudding basin, overlapping them slightly to completely line the basin. Dip the bread circle into the syrup and press into the bottom of the basin.

• 100g strawberries, hulled and sliced • 100g blackcurrants or blueberries • 100g blackberries

Spoon the fruit into the lined basin, pressing down gently with the back of a spoon. Use the remaining slices of bread to cover the fruit filling completely and spoon over any remaining syrup.

• 10 slices thick-sliced white bread • Extra fruit, to decorate

Place a saucer on top of the basin and weigh it down with 2-3 food cans. Chill in the fridge overnight. To serve, carefully turn the pudding out onto a plate and decorate with extra sliced fruit.

Serves 6 Ready in 1 hour (plus overnight chilling)


Food & Drink

Chaba Thai Fine Authentic Thai Cuisine at

The Plough

Chaba Thai is an authentic experience, serving flavourful, traditional dishes using ingredients sourced from the finest suppliers. We also offer a Take Away service and alternative English lunch menu

10% OFF* your evening meal on production of this advert (ends Friday 30th November 2012)

01372 363307

Restaurant open: Mon–Sat 12-3pm & 6-10pm The Plough | Kingston Road | Leatherhead | KT22 7SP

Rianna’s Fund Bike Ride - Ashtead to Paris

Seventeen Ashtead residents successfully completed the 300 mile bike ride from Ashtead to Paris for Rianna’s Fund. The group ranged in age from 18 – 68 and all managed to complete the 100 miles per day and raised over £17,000 for Rianna’s Fund. Some of the group were regular cyclists and others were complete beginners. Jamie at Bike Beans Cafe in Ashtead gave us a wonderful send off breakfast on the morning of Thursday 13th September. It was an amazing three days and an experience that will stay with us all for a long time. Jo Sherring


Education & Tuition / Local Taxis & Motor Services


French and Spanish Tuition and Translation

Airports Long distance London theatres

All Levels Welcome

Shelagh Linford BA (Hons)

Very reliable Your local company Fully licensed and Insured

For further information please contact:

Tel: 01372 373954

01372 378670


“Thank you so much for printing the article about the Ashtead Friday Market in your magazine. We had lots of new people in the hall and several wanting to take a table for next time. It certainly made a difference to our numbers and it highlighted the event, which was fantastic! Many thanks again.” Chris Townsend, Ashtead Friday Market, APMH.

Remember Remember...The Fifth of November and all those guys in the hot seat ...but at Surrey Hills Onward Learning we are fired up for the new half term and some cracking courses. On that Monday we start a 5-week class on the Brontë’s (1.30pm-3pm) and what more appropriate to start with, in the season of mists, than Wuthering Heights . Alas, Emily Brontë only produced one book. Unlike our resident author and Writers’ Circle tutor Elisabeth Kay who is now publishing her 11th novel - Beware of Men with Moustaches, on Kindle, i-pad or to download. (Did Guy Fawkes have a moustache? Or was it a beard?) Liz is taking a Creative Writing Workshop on Saturday 10th November at her house in Leatherhead, fee £20. Could be a good investment! Autumn is also the season of mellow fruitfulness, which is why we need our horticultural guru John Clachan, to advise us on increasing the productivity of our gardens. We have two 4-week classes on Tuesdays beginning on November 13 - Composting at 9.30am-11.15am and Late Autumn Gardening 11.30am–1pm. On Wednesday evenings John takes you through Complete Pruning starting on 7th November (7.15pm-8.45pm - 5 weeks for £60). Another good investment! It is possible to join some classes which are already running, for a reduced fee (discounted by half a term), provided that there are spaces, and that it is possible to catch up at this stage. There are a few vacancies in some language courses, English as a Second Language, Introduction to Geology, The Glory that was Greece and Genealogy. For further information on our classes, please phone 01372 363708, collect a brochure from the Leatherhead Institute or local libraries, or visit our website


Local Taxis & Motor Services



Only on production of this ad (*Offer ends 30th November 2012)

198 Barnett Wood Lane Ashtead Tel: 01372 276334


Audi VW Specialists • • • • •

Established 1990 Small, local, friendly garage between Leatherhead and Guildford Servicing and repairs (ABS brakes, clutches, tyres, exhausts, diagnostics, air conditioning) Free loan car We are also Seat and Skoda specialists, but we can also accommodate other manufacturers, just call us Open View Farm Epsom Road West Horsley KT24 6AP

Why use a generalist when you can use a specialist? Email: Web:

Tel: 01483 285792 65

WHAT’S ON IN NOVEMBER? Friday 26th OCT to Sun 4th NOV

Leatherhead Art Club's Autumn Exhibition, 40-44 Church Street, Leatherhead, Mon-Fri 10am-5.30pm, Sundays 12-5pm.

Thurs 1st/ Fri 2nd/ Thurs 8th/ Fri 9th NOV

Winkworth Arboretum (see this month’s front cover), Hascombe Rd, Hascombe, GU8 4AD. 11am-12.30pm. Autumn Colour Walk & Talk, guided tours by their experienced gardeners. Normal admission prices apply. Booking essential on 01483 208936 or email

Sat 3rd

Model Railway Exhibition, in aid of the Motor Neurone Disease Association, Eastwick Road Church, Bookham. 10am-5pm, adults £2, concessions £1.50.

Friday 9th

Christmas Gift & Food Fair, 10am-3.30pm. Garsons, Winterdown Rd, Esher, KT10 8LS. £1 entrance. Over 20 stalls inc handmade jewellery, Christmas craft gifts, homemade cakes and food stalls, in aid of The Princess Alice Hospice.

Friday 9th

‘Night at the Dogs’ in aid of the Motor Neurone Disease Association, Wimbledon Greyhound Stadium, Plough Lane. £35 pp, which includes admission, rate card, welcome drink, three course meal with tea or coffee and a £2 tote bet. Info and tickets from Simon Edmands before end October, 07753 821964

Sat 10th

Leatherhead and District NCT Nearly New Sale, Downsend School. Leatherhead Road, Leatherhead, KT22 8TJ. 1.45pm for members 2pm-3.30pm £1.50 entrance fee. Sale of nearly new toys, books, clothing equipment, maternity clothes.

Sat 10th & Sun 11th

Polesden Lacey Sneek Peak House Tours, weekends throughout November and throughout the day starting at 11am finishing 3.30pm. Join knowledgable guides to discover the secrets behind life at PL, Mrs Greville’s important collections and the work that goes into conservation. Children can dress up in Edwardian costume. Tours can only be booked on the day, normal admission prices apply and tours last approx 45 mins. 01372 452048

Tues 13th

Bookham Craft Club Exhibition & Sale of Gifts. Harrison Room, Old Barn Hall, Church Rd, Bookham, 10am-12pm, free entry. Hand made gifts, cards, Christmas decorations, cakes, jewellery. Raffle and coffee.

Sat 17th

Fish or Chicken & Chip Supper and concert, Letherhead Institute, organised by the Leatherhead Residents’ Association. Enjoy the music of the Band ”Inside Out” and help contribute to the Town’s Christmas Festivities, the Community Garden and Teazle Wood. Tickets - £10 at Barton’s Bookshop.

Wed 21st -

Ashtead Players present ‘Tons of Money’ by Alan Ayckbourn, see opposite for details.

Friday 23rd

Christmas lights switch on, 5pm, St Martin’s Walk Shopping Centre, Dorking. Celebrations start at 4pm with family entertainment from Mr Crimbo, along with the cast of Dorking’s panto, Peter Pan. Spot the well-known faces from children’s tv, sing along to their songs and watch the lights being switched on.

Sat 24th

The Children’s Trust Christmas Fair, Tadworth Court, Tadworth, KT20 5RU, 12pm-4pm. Adults £2.50, children free. Visit Santa in his grotto, skate the ice rink, visit the Christmas Market, go on an Elf hunt, get art and crafty. More info 01737 365000

Sat 24th

Fashion show with brands from high street stores and designer labels, United Church of St Marks, Gt Tattenhams, in aid of Cats Protection League, see opposite for details.

Sat 24th

Christmas Market, in aid of Mid Surrey Mencap and Fortyfoot Playgroup, Fortyfoot Hall, Fortyfoot Rd, Leatherhead, 11am-1pm, free admission. Christmas gifts, toys, cards, bric-a -brac etc, light refreshments as well. We look forward to seeing you! If there’s an event in December that you’d like mentioned, please contact Zen (details p.6) before Monday 12th November. All entries appear on a first come, first served basis. 66 of going to print. Details correct at time

What’s On?

Saturday 24th November 7pm for 7.30pm

United Church of St Marks Gt Tattenhams, Epsom, KT18 5RD

Reg Charity 203644 (England and Wales) and SC037711 (Scotland)



GO50 L/d Health Walk. 10.15am for 10.30am. L/head Leisure Centre, KT22 9BL. 1½ hours/2-3 miles. Richard Jeffries, 01483 534706,

Thurs 1st (monthly)

Leatherhead Barn Dance Club. 8pm-10.15pm 1st Thurs of month. Abraham Dixon Hall, Letherhead Institute, £2.50. Ruth & Jim Gwilliam. 01403 750844

Thurs 1st (weekly)

Music on Thursdays - St Mary & St Nicholas Church, Leatherhead. 12.30pm-1.20pm Admission to these lunchtime concerts is free. More details on each concert can be found on:

Friday 2nd (weekly)

10.30am-11.30am Leatherhead Community Market, Leatherhead Parish Church Hall, Church Rd. Cakes, plants, meat, pies, eggs and crafts together with coffee or tea. Be early or miss out!

Friday 2nd (weekly)

10.30am-12noon The Sewing Shop, Leatherhead Parish Church Hall (Main Hall). Everything you need for those Christmas crafts! (Or by phoning 01372 374914)

Friday 2nd & Tuesday 6th

Art as Propaganda. A talk on how Hitler & Stalin used art as a weapon of war! £10 inc refreshments. T: 01372 272235: E: to book.

Sat 3rd Sat 10th Sat 24th

November walks around the beautiful Mole Valley, with Ian & Flip Cargill 01372 383468 / 07766 166794 ,, Donation to charities, car share suggested, all walks start at 10.30am. Sat 3rd Wisley Lane (off A3) first CP on right Sat 10th Langley Vale, top of Grosvenor Road Sat 24th Burford Bridge, Ryka’s CP

Sunday 4th

(most weeks)

Leatherhead Parish Church welcomes everyone to our services. 10.30am Parish Communion with Choir, children's Sunday Club and coffee. Also 6.30pm Informal Service with Band. Weekly updates (11th at 9.45am Remembrance Service)

Tuesday 6th

Ashtead Evening Townswomen’s Guild talks, ‘A journey to India’ Mr Ray Gynne. Ashtead Peace Memorial Hall, 7.45pm, visitors welcome £2. Contact Margery Curtis 01372 272588

Tuesday 6th

All Aloud, Leatherhead Community Choir. 6.30pm – 8.00 pm at Kings Croft Chapel, Kingscroft Road, Leatherhead. (By kind permission of the Chapel) Just come along or see or ring Ann Baldwin on 01372 374 404 for more information.

Wed 7th (monthly)

Ashtead Flower Arrangement Group, Club Afternoon ‘See how it is done’. Ashtead Peace Memorial Hall, 1.30-4.30pm, visitors £4. Di Stirling 01372 279501

Wed 7th

Ashtead WI, AGM, Ashtead Peace Memorial Hall, 7.15pm for 7.30pm. More info from Sandra Brown 01372 276736

Thurs 8th (mthly)

Transition Ashtead meeting, a presentation given by Ashtead Community Vision, at Ashtead Peace Memorial Hall, 7:30pm.

Thurs 8th (weekly)

Sequence dancing, Leatherhead Parish Church Hall, Church Rd. 7.45pm-10.15pm. £3. More info from Mrs Gibson, 01372 374160

Friday 9th (weekly)

Morning coffee and scones served in the Ralli Room, Ashtead Peace Memorial Hall. Prepared and served by volunteers to raise money to help run the Hall.

Friday 9th (monthly)

Soup Lunch held in St. Michael's Church Hall, the Marld, between noon and 2pm. Homemade soup, bread and pudding with tea/coffee for £5. All money goes to Save The Children and CAtholic Fund for Overseas Development. A welcoming venue to meet friends and neighbours, enjoy a good meal and raise funds for two worthy charities. 68

What’s On?

Ashtead Friday Market - Christmas Special Friday 9th November 9am-2.30pm

Ashtead Peace Memorial Hall, Woodfield Lane, KT21 2BE It is that time of year again and the Ashtead Friday Market gets off to an early start with a ‘Christmas Special’ as we have in previous years. Last year we gave nearly £2000 to the RNLI and we hope to beat that amount this year. At our ‘Christmas Special’ we have 30 stalls all packed with Christmas ideas. You will find cards, decorations, gifts, handbags, plants, cakes, toys, books, glass, china, antique and contemporary jewellery, collectables and brica-brac, as well as stalls supporting local charities and Epsom Hospital. Entry is free and tea and coffee are available so do come along to support us. We would love to have as big a crowd as last year so, if you haven't been to the monthly market before, please come. You don't know what you are missing! For more information ring Chris on 01372 272076

REGULAR EVENTS Continued Friday 9th

Ashtead Friday Market ‘Christmas Special’, free entry, see above for more details.

Wed 14th

Tylney Luncheon Club, Leatherhead Leisure Centre, 12.30pm. Different speaker each month, visitors always welcome. More info from Iris Heims 01932 864 822

Thurs 15th (monthly)

Leatherhead & District Friends Group, now moved to Leatherhead Royal British Legion, 2pm-4pm. If you are over 50 and would like to join us you would be made most welcome. For more info, please contact Jane on 01372 811422.

Friday 16th

Lecture 'Local Railways' by Peter Tarplee Letherhead Institute (top of the High Street). Coffee 7.30pm lecture 8.00pm All Welcome admission £1 Leatherhead and District Local History Society

Sat 24th

Leatherhead Men’s Breakfasts - 8am at the Catholic church, Leatherhead, discussion meeting. More info can be found from or go to

Friday 30th

Friends of the former Stoneleigh Dancing Club, Christmas Dance at APMH 7.30pm. Ballroom and latin dancing to Andrew Varley's Keyboard music., Tickets £15 available October, includes refreshments - Details: Sylvia 01737 352894 or Sue 01372 277938

Sunday 2nd DEC

ADVANCE NOTICE 4pm - Children's Society Christingle Service at Leatherhead Parish Church

(2nd Wed mthly)


What’s On? To make a booking, please contact the box office on 01372 365 141 or go to Reluctant Dragon

Thursday 1st November 1:30pm £8.50 A story of a boy who meets a dragon that isn't your average fire-breathing monster. The terrifying reptile he expects to meet is instead a charming artistic lizard who has a love of amateur dramatics. He reads poetry, gives his best Hamlet impression and certainly makes a lovely afternoon tea.

Defining Dawn/ Playing to the Gallery

Monday 5th November - Friday 9th November at 7:30pm in the Casson Room Monday: Standard, £10. Students and Under 18's, £5. Tuesday-Friday, all tickets £10 Defining Dawn - Written by Colin Pink, Directed by Trevor Danby In an exciting new venture Leatherhead theatre is proud to present the UK premier of a vibrant new play. Defining Dawn is a powerful drama about family relationships. By turns very funny and deeply moving the play follows the journey troubled adolescent Dawn takes in her obsession with the BaaderMeinhof terrorist group, with an explosive climax.

The second part of the evening will be filled with another performance by our Repertory Company. ‘Playing to the Gallery’ is a short comic piece showing a group of amateur actors in a workshop session. When real life invades their theatrical games, they are alarmed to find that they have to define ‘improvisation’ in a new light.

Magic of the Beatles, Love Me Do- Golden Anniversary Tour

Saturday 10th, 7:30pm £18, Concession/Friends £16 Fifty years on, this show superbly recreates these legendary live performances, and more. Taking you from their Mop Top roots to the psychedelia of Sgt Pepper and beyond, from Love Me Do to Let It Be. Fantastic costumes, brilliant vocals and incredible musicianship, come together in a lavish Magical Musical trip back to Yesterday.

The Virginia Monologues, Growing Old Disgracefully - Virginia Ironside

Friday 16th, 7:30pm £15 Virginia Ironside explains that unlimited free drugs, fun funerals, grandchildren and sex or, even better, no sex - make the sixties the best - and funniest - time of your life... "Virginia's become, effectively, a stand-up comedian. Her show is really funny.... I urge you to see it." - Arthur Smith 'Loose Ends' BBC Radio 4. "This is a witty show for all ages, providing and oasis of grown-up calm and wisdom..." - The Independent.


Wednesday 21st & Friday 22nd November at 7:30pm; Thursday 22nd & Saturday 24th November at 2:30pm & 7:30pm. £18. Concessions, £15 (not available for Friday & Saturday evening performances) Children, £10. Groups, book 15 and get the 16th one free. Lionel Bart had the inspiration to adapt this wonderful story with its colourful characters to the musical Oliver! which premiered in 1960. Don't miss out on this wonderful performance by Leatherhead Operatic Society.

The Little Shop of Horrors - by St John’s School

Thursday 29th 2pm & 7:30pm; Friday 30th 7:30pm £10, Concessions £5 Following the success of Guys and Dolls in 2010 and their award for Best Actor in the 2012 Leatherhead Drama Festival, St John's School are returning to The Leatherhead Theatre The Little Shop of Horrors (subject to licence approval). 70

What’s On?


What’s On? ACS opens its season with a concert at Dorking Halls, on Saturday 17th November 2012 at 7.30pm and will be singing Rossini’s Petite Messe Solennelle. Gioacchino Rossini wrote over 40 operas by the age of 37. In 1855, after suffering long bouts of ill health, Rossini returned to Paris from Italy, where his health and humour returned. He subsequently wrote over 150 piano pieces, songs, small ensembles and in 1863 he wrote the graceful Petite Messe Solennelle. These works were only performed at his salon, for private audiences which included most of the great artistic and public figures in Paris. Rossini refused to have them published at that time.

Tickets priced at £16.00 and £18.00 with half-price tickets for those up to the age of 25. Tickets can be obtained from the ACS Box Office Manager on 07504 332354 or by email at

Russian State Ballet and Opera House® presents

Swan Lake

Dorking Halls, Sunday 11th November Composed between 1875 and 1876 Tchaikovsky’s Swan Lake remains one of the most well-known and loved ballets of all time. The ballet tells the story of Odette, a young princess who is turned into a swan by an evil sorcerer and can only be saved by her prince’s everlasting love and eternal devotion. Today Swan Lake continues to capture the imagination of its audience and inspires all with its beautiful love story. Alexej Ignatow, the producer for Amande Concerts comments, “When you see the Russian State Ballet and Opera House logo, you can be sure of the quality of our productions; and although you may have seen Swan Lake one year, our performance the following year will contain different sets, costumes and choreography. It will feel like a different show altogether.”

To book your tickets call Dorking Halls box office on 01306 881717 or visit 72

House & Garden

M D Edw Edwards ards & Son Kitchen Specialists

Friendly Family run local business established over 25 years. Kitchens supplied and installed to a very high standard. Excellent Portfolio and local references. We also have a complete team of qualified tradesmen: Builder, Plasterer, Electrician, Heating Engineer, Tiling and Flooring Specialists Fully Insu Insured red for for your your peace peace of mi mind nd Project mana managed ged by by us us from from design design tto o completion completion Kitchen facelifts also undertaken, Choose from large range of bespoke door styles, Granite, Engineered Stone, Corian, laminate and wood worktops, sinks, taps and integrated appliances. We also undertake remedial jobs - new hinges, drawer runners, etc.

Telephone Beverley Edwards for a free estimate M D Edwards & Son Cressida House, 10 Humphrey Close, Fetcham, Surrey KT22 9PZ web: e:

Tel: 01372 01372 45067 450677 7 73

Fireworks Displays

(Details correct at time of going to press, please check with organisers)

Saturday 27th October

the Hill.

Gates open 6pm, bonfire 7.15pm, fireworks 7.45pm. £5 on the gate.

Ripley Bonfire, Fireworks and Funfair Ripley Village Green, GU23 6AF

Free entry but voluntary donations welcome Torchlit procession 7.10pm, lighting of bonfire 7.30pm, fireworks 8pm.

Epsom Fireworks Display & Funfair Hook Rd Arena, Epsom

7th Epsom (Methodist) Scout Group hosts the display with the help of local charities from the area from which donations out of the proceeds are made. Free park & ride available from Chessington World of Adventures from 5pm9.45pm. Tickets £5 in advance from various retailers in Ashtead and Leatherhead or £7.50 on the door.

Friday 2nd November Kingston Fireworks Display Kingsmeadow Athletics & Fitness Centre Stadium

Adults £6, children £4 on the gate. Gates open 6.30pm, funfair rides available, fireworks 8pm.

Godalming Town Bonfire & Fireworks The Lammas Lands, Bridge Rd, Godalming

Organised by the Godalming & Villages Lions Club. Torchlit procession from The Pepperpot, Godalming High St, 6pm, bonfire 6.30pm and fireworks 7pm on The Lammas Lands, behind the United Church, Bridge Rd, Godalming. Wear suitable footwear for muddy field.

Saturday 3rd November Banstead Firework Display Banstead Cricket Club, Avenue Road, SM7 2PP

Entrance by voluntary donation. Gates open 6pm, display 7.30pm.

Tulleys Farm Fireworks Festival, Tulleys Farm, Turners Hill, Crawley

Fireworks display ends the Shocktober Fest. Gates open 5pm, Fire Art Display (shapes, animals, patterns from fire) 7pm, fireworks 7.15pm. Tickets sell out quickly, more information and to book online go to:, 01342 718472.

Brockham Bonfire & Fireworks, Brockham Village Green

Brockham Bonfire, is a traditional ‘family’ night of fun and celebration to raise funds for local societies, worthy causes and local charities. Traffic excluded from village 5.30pm-10.30pm. Procession 6.15pm, fireworks 8.10pm Voluntary donation to support the various local charities and societies.

Carshalton Park Fireworks Display Ruskin Rd, SM5 3DD

Sunday 4th November I CAN Centre Bonfire & Fireworks I CAN Centre with Meath School, Brox Rd, Ottershaw, KT16 0LF

Organised by Wallington & Carshalton Round table for 55 years. Tickets on the gate £7.50, children under 5 free. Gates open 5pm, fireworks 7pm, bonfire 7.30pm.

Cranleigh Lions Bonfire & Fireworks The Common, Cranleigh, GU6 8LU

Voluntary donations welcome. Funfair from 1pm, torchlit procession 6.30pm, bonfire 7.20pm, fireworks 8pm

Meath School is a special needs school run by the charity I CAN. Hot and cold refreshments and food available. Gates open 5pm, bonfire 6pm followed by professional fireworks set to music. Adults £6, children/OAPs £4, Family tickets £16. All profits go towards equipment for our children.

Monday 5th November Guildford Firework Fiesta Stoke Park, Guildford

Caterham & District Round Table Organised by Guildford Lions, voluntary Firework Display donation welcome. Torchlit procession 7.45pm, fireworks 8.30pm. Dene Field, Church Hill (between Dene Hospital & St Mary’s Church) Caterham on 74

Dream Doors Kingston A5_Directory 16/04/2012 11:46 Page 1


For a beautiful new kitchen...

just change the doors

Have you always wanted the kitchen of your dreams, but can’t quite justify paying the expensive price tag that comes with it? Now you can by just swapping the doors and worktops.

Less cost, less time, less mess...

• Huge choice of Doors, Worktops, Appliances, Sinks & Taps • Free Estimating and planning • 50% deposit with balance on completion

For a FREE NO OBLIGATION home visit telephone 020 8399 1226

Or visit our showroom: 406 Ewell Road, Tolworth, Surrey KT6 7HF Email

View our credentials at

House & Garden Bathroom Fitting Kitchen Fitting Painting & Decorating


(Interior & Exterior)

Plastering Tiling Fencing Small Extensions Roofing

FURNITURE RESTORER & FRENCH POLISHER The Old Sawmill Norwood Farm Elveden Road Cobham KT11 1BS

Fully insured. Prompt Service. Family business est. 20 yrs.

Howard Davies on 07967 199343 Wayne Davies on 07969 981662 OR 01293 430187 (evenings)

Tel: 07944 026856 or: 01372 373409

EAN: 962265

Council Tax Support Consultation In April 2013, the Government will withdraw the current national Council Tax Benefit scheme and all local Councils have to develop their own scheme to replace it. Mole Valley District Council is running a 12 week consultation from Friday 7 September to Friday 30 November, inviting views from residents on its proposals for the new scheme. Currently, Council Tax Benefit is fully funded by the Government. Under the new arrangements, Councils will be given 10% less funding to run a replacement scheme. For Mole Valley, this means around £400,000 less funding from central government to support people to pay their Council Tax. Councillor Vivienne Michael, Portfolio Holder for Customer Services and Wellbeing, said “We have worked hard to come up with proposals that will help to close the gap in funding whilst being mindful that claimants are already facing difficult circumstances as it is. We have had to make some difficult decisions about how to change the rules around who qualifies for Council Tax Support and how much support they will receive. We really want to hear our residents’ views and are open to other options that would work to make the savings, so I very much hope that people will respond to this consultation.”

The consultation will be available to complete online by visiting and residents will be able to download a hardcopy from the website too. In addition, paper copies will be made available from the Council’s Pippbrook offices in Dorking and HelpShop in Leatherhead. 76

House & Garden



T: M: E:

ALL plumbing work carried out, including bathrooms ALL work compliant with water regulations Certified to install, service & repair boilers & un-vented hot water systems Five year parts and labour warranty on all gas boilers that we fit Call us for FREE advice

01372 802803 (24hr voicemail) 07976 814032


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Solutions in next month’s edition

House & Garden

Bathrooms with a difference Plumbing Heating Boiler Repair/Replacement Full bathroom installation

Central heating installation/repair Gas Safe engineer All work fully insured & guaranteed

01372 800154 | 07802 956939 79

New Rotary Year in Ashtead Ashtead Rotary Club launched the new Rotary Year by inducting Ian Cornwall as their new President. Ian’s background is in the City with a career in stockbroking, then holding posts in Regulation and now with the trade association of Investment Managers Photo: Immediate past president Len Wood (left) who inducted the new Ashtead Rotary President Ian Cornwall who is pictured with his wife Katherine

A key Committee of the Club is Community and Voluntary Service - chaired this year by Joy Wemms – and it has got off to a flying start with three initiatives: 1.

Loosely termed ‘Silver Lining Grants’ aimed at folks who are seeking to make a change of career direction including for example unemployed people or those with a disability. A grant of typically £250 would be available for selected candidates to part fund the purchase of a key piece of equipment or to access some training (for applications contact Joy - see below)


Rotary Young Leadership Awards (RYLA): targeted at releasing leadership qualities in young people which may be latent at present, perhaps someone who has received a setback in life but who wants to reverse their fortunes. This involves a residential week at Easter 2013 which is a mix of ‘Outward Bound’ style activities, Team Building and Performance skills. Participants make a presentation to the Club afterwards. Applications to Joy by 16 November (see below).


Events for Ashtead people in retirement and living on their own who would like to get out and about and meet others in a friendly environment: • •

14 NOVEMBER – showing of the film “The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel” with afternoon tea at St Michael’s Church Hall 21 DECEMBER – Christmas Entertainment and afternoon tea at St Michael’s Church Hall

Invitations are being sent out to past attendees but other retired Ashtead people living on their own can contact Joy Wemms

Applications for these initiatives should be made to Joy Wemms, Principal, Wemms Maths, The Street Ashtead KT21 tel. no. (01372) 276499 during office hours.


Vi As sit ht ou e r Be ad sh 24 d K ow T ro itc r As he om he oom KT ht St s a ns 21 ea ree t & 2A d, t, H

House & Garden


MOLE VALLEY POLICE COLUMN Halloween and Bonfire Night are fast approaching and your Neighbourhood Policing Team will be out visiting shops and licensed premises to ask for co-operation in minimising the risks of under-age people buying fireworks or alcohol, as well as other items such as flour and eggs which may not be intended for cooking purposes! For most people these festivities are pleasant and friendly occasions. Unfortunately, some people take the opportunity to target vulnerable residents and cause criminal damage. Please speak to your children to ensure that they do not throw anything at other people's houses or, for their own safety, knock on doors of people they do not know. As in previous years your local officers will be out in force on the evening of Halloween and will take action if anyone is deemed to be causing damage or intimidating residents. If you know someone you consider to be vulnerable please visit them and if you think it is necessary please let us know of your concerns. Only allow your children to go 'trick or treating' with friends or family - never alone. Give them a torch, tell them never to knock on a stranger's door or go into a stranger's house. Warn them to avoid dark, lonely places and advise them to respect 'no trick or treat' notices. It is illegal to set off or throw fireworks in public, to possess fireworks in public if under 18 and to set off fireworks after 11pm (midnight on Bonfire Night and 1am on New Year's Eve, Diwali and Chinese New Year). Let’s make sure it’s another fantastic and safe period.


Surrey Police have introduced a new approach to interact with members of the public. Neighbourhood Specialist Officers and Police Community Support Officers in Mole Valley have been issued with smart phones that allow them to post messages on Twitter. This can be used to update residents and businesses as to what your local team are doing, or to appeal for witnesses/information of crimes that have occurred. It is hoped that you will log on to see that we are about! There is a Surrey Police App available for users of smart phones/tablets that provides a quick link to Mole Valley Local Officers. Not only does it show you what we are up to, but soon you will also be able to vote on any Neighbourhood Issues you feel need police attention and access times and dates of local police and street meets. So please log on and download our new interactive app. Also please log on to our recently re-vamped Surrey police Website!

Counterfeit Money

In Leatherhead in the last month we have received a few reports from traders that counterfeit notes have been found in circulation. Please be vigilant and report any suspicions to Police using the 101 number.

Anti-Social Behaviour

Local officers in Leatherhead North have recently received an increase in calls from concerned members of the public about young children and youths playing in and around the residential roads and recreation ground with no adult supervision. Please be mindful of other residents and know where your children are and what time they should be home.

Street Meets

Local officers in Leatherhead continue to hold regular street meetings area please support these and come along and see the officers. These are advertised on the Surrey Police Webpage, Twitter and also via a letter drop to the road the street meet will be in during the days leading up to it. If you feel that your street would benefit from a surgery then please feel free to contact us

Neighbourhood Issue

Police in Leatherhead North are currently focusing on Anti Social Behaviour in and around Kingston Road Recreation Ground and the parade of shops opposite. If you have any information or concerns in relation to this area please contact us and let us know.


In the last month we have been working jointly with Mole Valley Casualty Reduction Officers and Mole Valley Parking Attendants and have been out in the local area issuing tickets and words of advice. If any area is highlighted by residents as a problem regarding parking we pass this on to Highways to review. If there is a full parking obstruction or a vehicle parked in a dangerous position please call police on 101. Neil Clarke, 13363 Neighbourhood Team Co-ordinator - Mole Valley PO Box 101, Guildford, GU1 9PE Call independent charity Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111 if you have information about a crime and don't want to leave your name. Your local team can also be contacted by email to Please use the 101 number when reporting any nonemergency matters to us by telephone. The old 0845 number is now permanently out of service. 01483 571212 can still be used if preferred. In an emergency always 82 dial 999.

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Here for you!

Your Local Handyman Service Dorking • Leatherhead, and surrounding areas

ODD JOBS, REPAIRS, DECORATING, GENERAL MAINTENANCE SORTED OUT - NOW Thinking of moving house? List of jobs that never get done? Rooms looking tired?

Would your home benefit from a little TLC?

Help@Hand is here for you! Call Graham Sheargold on 07890 358408 Free advice • Reasonable rates • Trusworthy Clean & Reliable


Help@Hand is your local handyman service based around the Dorking, Leatherhead and surrounding areas. The Principal, Graham Sheargold sees there’s a desperate need for someone to offer a service that tackles odd jobs, small repairs, decorating and general maintenance. Hubby is busy; relatives and friends don’t have the time. The result - NOTHING GETS DONE! “Don’t worry, Help@Hand is here for you. I don’t tackle specialise trade work, but if you need furniture assembling, doors or mirrors hanging, painting or decorating then I can help. I also fit grab and hand rails, clean patios, renovate sheds, fit shelving, pictures etc, etc. All those little jobs that never get done. Thinking of moving? Rooms looking tired? Would your home benefit from a little TLC? Ask about my special makeover - a lot can be achieved in just a few days.

Call me if I can help. Advice is FREE and all work is fully guaranteed and insured. Help@Hand is here for you - Call

Graham on 07890 358408 now!!

Painter & Decorator

(Interior & Exterior) Wallpapering All aspects of decorating

• Registered Underfloor Heating Installer

Ashtead based

07899 921843 01372 202545

• System updates • Unvented hot water

• All heating work undertaken In need of help?

• Fully insured

Call Terry @ M & T Services    


• Gas Safe Registered • Member of Institute of

Your local, friendly handyman Property maintenance Gardening / Garden Clearance Painting & Decorating


Sam Wheeler 01372 807222 / 07808 923435

01372 602207 07970 035472

email: Website:


Rye Meadows Planting Project Daphne Burnett and her husband acquired an area of approximately 48 acres of land adjacent to Ashtead Woods Road from the estate of the late Lord Barnby, who had expressed the strong desire that the land be retained in single ownership to preserve the character of an area of land which has remained little changed for many centuries. The land is bisected by the Rye Brook which is designated a "main river" and is a tributary of the River Mole. In this Jubilee year, Daphne has a vision to enhance this wildlife corridor, called Rye Meadows, for the long term benefit of the environment and the village of Ashtead. With the assistance of various countryside bodies the vision is to reshape the river banks and develop ponds and scrapes, generally creating new habitats for important species. In addition there will be significant planting of hedging and trees to enhance nesting sites for birds, plus light grazing of cattle to encourage wild flower meadows.

Planting preparation days have been earmarked for Tuesday and Wednesday 6th and 7th November from 10am. The planting day is Saturday 24th November, also staring at 10am. The meeting point for both sessions is at the footpath entrance in Preston Grove. Volunteers would be very welcome. They would need to wear old clothes, stout footwear and have an up to date tetanus vaccination. Waterproofs are recommended if the weather is wet. Bring a garden spade with you!! H&S information is available via the above website. If driving to the site, please park considerately.

In order for the team to have an idea of numbers arriving to help please email your name and contact telephone number to or contact us via the web site. Families are very welcome. The trees are very young small saplings and should be easy to plant. Expert help will be on hand to provide advice and guidance.

At the present time surveys are being undertaken to fully understand the biodiversity of the acreage. These include bird surveys, bat surveys, reptile and amphibians surveys and grass surveys. As these are produced they will be published on the new web site Whilst many tasks will be undertaken by professional bodies, there will be ample opportunity for local residents to volunteer their services and contribute to this project. The first of these is to plant hundreds of young trees. Initially these will be planted at the western end of the acreage. 84

House & Garden

Teazle Wood Tidy On Friday 21st September, volunteers from the Wates Group in Leatherhead helped to improve the entrance to Teazle Wood. As part of their ongoing Community Day commitment, Wates staff worked closely with experts from the Lower Mole Countryside Management Project and members of the Friends of Teazle Wood to achieve a more pleasant and cared for approach to the woodland. (Pic left shows Wates staff with John & Owen in dark t-shirts far left, from the Lower Mole Countryside Mgt Project, photo by Caroline CardewSmith).

Tasks for the day included collecting litter, repairing a vandalised brick path, painting out graffiti, cutting back branches and installing a new bench. The bench was donated by the Lower Mole Countryside Management Project and made at Horton Country Park. B&Q, a close neighbour of Teazle Wood, donated paint and brushes, and Tesco, immediately adjacent to the woodland, enabled access for vehicles collecting litter and cuttings. Wates Family Enterprise Trust donated ÂŁ5000 to the original campaign to secure Teazle Wood, and the volunteer day was organised by James Webb, Grants Officer at Wates Family Charities.

For more information, contact Lucy Quinnell on or James Webb on 85


By Pippa Greenwood Are you surrounded, engulfed and swamped with huge quantities of fallen leaves? The deluge that falls at this time of year is often enough to make even the most level headed, tree-loving gardener eye up a chainsaw. So what can you do? Turn them in to gardeners’ gold: leafmould. If you want an environmentally friendly and very effective soil conditioner or mulching material, leafmould is the answer. If you have the space, make yourself a leafmould cage. Simply drive four treated softwood stakes into the ground, each stake marking out one corner of the ‘cage’. The stakes need to be about 1.5m (5ft) long so that they can be driven in really well, to a depth of 1-2ft, leaving 3-4ft above ground. Then attach some galvanized chicken wire to the stakes to create the sides of the cage and cram the cage full of leaves. If they aren’t moist, add a watering can of water to the heap of leaves, pouring some in after each six inches of leaves.

speedily as they have been chopped up quite finely. Mixed with the lush, highnitrogen grass clippings, the whole process is sped up. If space, time or money are short then you can also make leafmould in a bin liner or bin bag. Choose a good quality bin liner and cram it full of leaves, again adding water and/or activator if you wish. Then stab a few holes in the bag with a garden fork, loosely fold over the top of the bag and weigh it down with a brick. You should have a useable product in 12-18 months, but the longer you leave it the better. Leafmould will help to improve the moisture-retaining capacity of a light, sandy soil and increase the aeration and drainage of a heavy clay soil. It also makes wonderful mulch that can be used on flower beds and borders, the vegetable plot, around trees and shrubs and on your fruit as well. It’s not often you get something for nothing, is it? So take advantage of all those leaves while you can.

You can also speed up the process by using a leafmould activator (available from garden centres, mail order catalogues and websites). Most deciduous leaves rot down well, especially oak and beech trees. Leaves from fruit trees, garden shrubs and climbers work well too. Try to avoid including too many twigs or evergreen leaves as these take much longer to rot, as do tough, leathery leaves such as those from sycamore, horse chestnut and plane. Most of us collect leaves using a spring-tined rake and although slower, it helps you avoid some materials more easily. A leaf sucker or a leaf blower is quicker but will often mean you end up with more twigs and stones.

Visit Pippa’s website for some great gift ideas and items for your garden including: signed copies of Pippa’s books, hand-made terracotta herb planters and wall plaques, cloches, pop-up plant cloches, raised bed kits, ‘Grow Your Own with Pippa Greenwood’ Gift Cards, heated propagators, Nemaslug and other natural pest controls and lots more. You can also sign up for Pippa’s newsletter and receive a free ebook on organic gardening.

If your leaves are a wide-ranging assortment, then a good idea is to use the lawn mower – just mow the lawn with the leaves on it. The collection bag on the mower will then be full of a brilliant mix of chopped leaves and even the slower-to-rot-down types will rot 86

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JB Landscapes

Garden design and outdoor improvements you can trust

At Fetcham based JB Landscapes we offer a local, affordable and reliable service for all those projects from the simplest to the most complicated. We specialise in: • • • •

Patios Driveways Decking Brickwork

• • • •

Fencing Tree Surgery Garden Design & Planting Garden maintenance

Fully qualified & insured for your peace of mind Please call James for a free quotation on:

07786 938029 or 01372 373185 E: 87

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Ashtead Handyman No Job Too Small Free Estimates, Fully Insured Decorating, Gardening, General Maintenance

Contact Steve Jenkins

07734 005741 / 01372 273832

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Quiz - One to Ten 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10.

October’s Crossword solutions

Eric Idle Romeo And Juliet Aramis She can make herself (and other people) invisible The Spice Girls Murder Water Polo Five past eight John Lowe Jason Donovan

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Quiz - Cocktails 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10.

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Mark Cooper

Painter and Decorator All Interior and Exterior work undertaken Fully Insured For a free estimate contact

Mark Cooper

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The Ashtead and Leatherhead Local was the natural way for the Chernobyl Children's Lifeline Mid Surrey Link to reach out to a really local audience and Zen's help in laying out the article led to really impressive results. Thank you Zen! Simon Cooke, Mid Surrey Link 89

USEFUL NUMBERS Ashtead Art Group 01372 272987 (Jan Cheeseman - Mem Sec) Ashtead Bowling Club 01372 274690 (Jenny Williams) Ashtead Chess Club 01372 813487 (Richard Jones) Ashtead Choral Society 01372 272835 / 278359 Ashtead Cricket Club 01372 276286 (Sarah Culhane) Ashtead Day Centre Over 60s Lunch Club 01372 276042 Ashtead Flower Arrangement Group 01372 279501 (Di Stirling) Ashtead Friendship Centre 01372 274288 (Don Butt) Ashtead Good Neighbours 01372 277350 (Marian Guess) Ashtead Horticultural Society 01372 274708 (Sue Jones) Ashtead Library 0300 200 1001 Ashtead Peace Memorial Hall 01372 272921 Ashtead Players/Young Players 01372 279614 Ashtead Residents’ Association 07733 621614 (Jim Malynn) Ashtead Squash & Tennis Club 01372 272215 Ashtead Townswomen’s Guild 01372 272588 (Margery Curtis) Ashtead Women’s Institute 01372 276736 (Sandra Brown) Childline 0800 1111 Citizens Advice Bureau 08444 111444 Cruse Bereavement Care 020 8393 7238 Electricity (EDF) 0800 783 8866 Epsom General Hospital 01372 735735 Fetcham Singers (ladies choir) 01372 276736 (Sandra Brown) Gas (Transco) 0800 111999 (minicom/textphone for deaf/hard of hearing 0800 371787) Leatherhead Choral Society 01372 277742 (Vivien Redman) Leatherhead & District Angling Society 01372 377654 Leatherhead Helpshop 01372 363385

Leatherhead Community Association 01372 360508 Leatherhead Horticultural Society 01372 375605 (Len Skilton) Leatherhead Leisure Centre 01372 377674 Leatherhead Library 0300 200 1001 Leatherhead Lions Club 020 8224 5356 (David Careswell) Leatherhead Museum 01372 386348 Leatherhead Orchestra 01372 376871 (Membership Secretary) Leatherhead Police Station 0845 1252222 Leatherhead Residents’ Association 07986 430935 Mid Surrey Community Mediation 07513 524241 Mole Valley Carers Support 01306 640020 Mole Valley District Council 01306 885001 Probus Club of Ashtead 01372 276742 (Brian Light) Probus Club of Leatherhead 01372 450930 (Andrew Crawford) Rotary Club of Ashtead 01372 727573 (Keith Allardyce) Rotary Club of Leatherhead 07753 821964 (Simon Edmands) Royal Association for the Deaf 01306 881958 Royal British Legion Leatherhead/Fetcham Branch 01372 811422 Ashtead Branch 01372 817492 Samaritans 01372 375555 Shopmobility Leatherhead 01372 362400 St Helier Hospital Main switchboard 020 8296 2000 Surrey County Council 08456 009009 Surrey Trading Standards 01372 371717 Volunteering Centre, Leatherhead 01372 383456 Water (Sutton & E Surrey Water) Emergencies/general 01737 772000 Wildlife Aid 09061 800132 (24 hr helpline)


Tree Surgery Stump Grinding Hedgecutting Fencing Regular Garden Maintenance Garden Tidy Up Grasscutting Soft and Hard Landscaping Hardwood Logs Woodchip Supplied

Established 1985

Logs and woodchip supplied QualiďŹ ed Tree Surgeons We are fully insured and approved by Surrey Trading Standards

Call David for your complete garden service and receive a free no obligation quote.

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The Ashtead & Leatherhead Local  

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