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Ashtead Community Vision No room for you in Ashtead? We would like to hear from you and, as a consequence, there is not likely to be huge sums of money coming our way for large community projects. However, there will be some and so we need to get answers from those groups or individuals who could benefit.

You may recall that Ashtead community Vision (ACV), on behalf of the Ashtead Neighbourhood Forum, was calling the various sporting, church and other social groups around the village to find out how they might benefit from planning policies being inserted into our very own Neighbourhood Development Plan. And when I say “calling” I mean that ACV members Glynis Peterkin and Jean Bradley were picking up the phone and calling the various chair people, heads, managers and various other leaders, who represent the large number of organisations that provide huge support for members, of all ages, in our community. So what did they find? Is the community aching to see new sporting, community, environmental or other facilities which could come their way if ‘planning gain’ enables the Forum to spend on community projects?

So we decided to look at the issue another way, thanks primarily to one comment from one of our vibrant church groups who suggested that their church hall was so booked up that a number of groups had to be turned away. Further discussion suggested that many of those groups turn away were involved in ‘keep-fit’ and “wasn’t it a shame they could not be accommodated.” A couple of further calls to some other ‘space organisers’ suggested that they too were having some capacity issues. So we speculated, that if our very small sample was having ‘capacity issues’ and having to turn away those who want to set up something of use to the local community then there might well be others. And if there are others, what is the extent of that demand for such facilities and how many folk are being disappointed?

So, through this article and the good offices of The Local, we’re looking to hear from anyone who organises recreational spaces in Ashtead and who is having such demand that others are having to be turned away. And we would really really like to hear from Well actually, there was almost a deafening those who would like to set up something, but can’t find appropriate accommodation – silence which seemed to indicate that Ashtead is the village which has everything do get in touch through the website at:www.ashteadcommunityvision.org.uk/ and no-one wished for anything. That outcome was a bit of a surprise to us ACV You can also find us on social media:members who are charged with communicating to Ashtead residents the https://www.facebook.com/pages/ whole Neighbourhood forum Process and its Ashtead-Community-Vision/; and on benefits for the local community. twitter at: https://twitter.com/ True, there are not likely to be any huge developments taking place in Ashtead – we don’t have the spare land to build them



John Morgan ACV member

Profile for Ashtead Leatherhead

Ashtead & leatherhead May 2015.  

Issue 115. Never underestimate the importance of community.

Ashtead & leatherhead May 2015.  

Issue 115. Never underestimate the importance of community.