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Ashtead Community Vision At last we’ve finished - or have we? is a continuing issue and there are a number of things that we need to keep an eye on:

• Now that we have these policies, we

need to monitor the results to ensure that they deliver what we intended.

• Mole Valley District Council is in the

process of developing a new Local Plan. At this point in time, we do not expect that anything in that plan will affect what we have agreed. However, we still need to review elements of that plan as they are published. The next element will be the Strategic Issues and Options for Consultation, planned for June this year.


big thank-you to all of the four thousand seven hundred of you who voted in the referendum on May 4th for the Ashtead Neighbourhood Development Plan (NDP). The NDP was approved by a massive 92%, with almost all those voting in the SCC election also giving us their views on our plan.

• The government is consulting on future

house-building with the publication of a White Paper titled “Fixing Our Broken Housing Market”. This discusses the options for encouraging local councils to be more ambitious in their development plans and for streamlining the planning process for developers.

A special meeting of Mole me Valley District Council will be held before the th end of May to formally adopt our policies as part of their planning policy and plan make them the a first point of reference when considering future planning applications in Ashtead.

We will certainly be having a bit of a rest, so these articles will become more sporadic. When something significant crops up, we will let you know through these pages.

Does this mean that the work of the Neighbourhood Forum is complete? After such a long period developing the plan, it is very tempting to file all the paperwork and have a rest. However housing

Our thanks go to Zen for providing this platform to communicate our news and views to you all. Finally thanks again for all of those who voted on the plan, both for and against. Tony Tuley

You can read or download the Ashtead Neighbourhood Development Plan on the Ashtead Community Vision (ACV) website at: www.ashteadcommunityvision.org.uk/ or read a printed copy at Ashtead Library 14

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Ashtead & leatherhead June 2017  

Never Underestimate the importance of community Issue 140.

Ashtead & leatherhead June 2017  

Never Underestimate the importance of community Issue 140.