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What’s in here this month? Ashtead Residents’ Association


Dancing Queen comes to Epsom





The Camping Trip - a story


Rotary golfers’ charity day results


Home wanted for five kittens


What’s going on in August


Quiz - TV Occupations


August regular events


Royal Marines Band Sells Out


Summer Holiday Fun in Mole Valley


Quiz - Kings and Queens


Book reviews


Local woman guilty of benefit fraud


MV Police - have your say


Roll out of weekly food collections


Songtime Theatre Arts at Epsom


Get composting this summer


Gardening - Hedging


Summer Holiday Fun in Epsom


Meredith’s Memories


Rules for life


Local history article


Invitation to charity golf day


Local cultural champions


St John Ambulance Abseil


August Crosswords


Recipe - Garlic Roasted Peppers


Transition Ashtead


Andy’s Blog


Useful numbers


Solutions, page 30

Leatherhead Residents’ Association



From the Publisher


couple of weeks ago I was very kindly invited by the team at Polesden Lacey to attend a press evening at the house. We had Pimms on the lawn whilst enjoying the beautiful views over the Surrey Hills and the weather was stunning, a perfect, balmy English summer evening. I was invited to play crocquet, but not being into bloodsports, I declined. It was easy to imagine what the wonderful parties held by Mrs Greville would have been like whilst she was in residence between 1906 and 1942. I am amazed to hear that so many people in our area are yet to visit, and I would really urge you to do so. One can visit the restaurant and do a little shopping in their unique farm shop - full of locally grown and sourced produce, as well as visit the house itself. There are several walks around the 1400 acre estate, to suit all abilities, and these and all other information about the estate can be found on the Polesden Lacey website: After such a long winter it is wonderful to finally see the sun and enjoy the outdoors. My two favourite pastimes - eating and the outdoors - finally meet, when I can enjoy eating al fresco in the garden, or just driving to the coast with my little cool box sitting on the beach looking out to sea, sandwich in hand! Advertising The Ashtead & Leatherhead Local provides local businesses with affordable, quality advertising. Ads cost from £47 +VAT per month, per quarter page for a 10,000 distribution (yes, really!) and can be designed where required. Technical & Legal stuff Whilst every care has been taken to ensure that the data in this magazine is accurate, the Publisher cannot accept, and hereby disclaims, any liability to any party for loss or damage caused by errors or omissions resulting from negligence, accident or any other cause.

I am delighted that some of the retailers in Ashtead are continuing with the scheme which I set up with them last summer, and have come up with a great idea for a monthly prize draw whereby visitors to the participating shops can submit a slip with their details and at the beginning of the month the winners will be drawn and given cash vouchers to spend in the local participating shops. Mark Adams, the owner of Ashtead Fireplaces, came up with the idea and I hope the scheme goes from strength to strength. I know I keep harping on about this, but the alternative to our friendly, local independent shops is a high street full of chains. When our independents are gone, they’re gone.

No part of this magazine may be reproduced, stored in any retrieval system, or transmitted in any form electronic, mechanical, recording, photocopying, or otherwise - without prior permission of the Publisher.

Have a lovely August, and if you are away, enjoy yourselves, if you are not, make the most of the summer here, even going on the odd day out makes all the difference.

All in-house artwork and editorial presented in this magazine remains the copyright of Zen George.


© Zen George All rights reserved 2010. Zen George 01372 376420

Zen George Publisher 01372 376420 © Cover design/photography by Andy Newbold 01372 383018 6

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Help. There is a revolution going on! How do we communicate? Is it effective? How could we do it better?

reach people whose relationship with technology varies so greatly.

These are questions we have sought to address during recent years. We have made improvements but we realise that we could do more and that we could use new technology more effectively.

One specific challenge for us, in common with many other organisations, is that we find it increasingly difficult to attract people to attend meetings. There seem to be several reasons for this but effective communication is one. Should we consider discontinuing them and simply accept changed priorities? Or is there some change to the format, frequency or method of publicising which would make a significant difference?

We have been largely reliant upon printed material and physical meetings. During recent years however technology has had a major impact and for an increasing number of people it has radically changed behaviours. We therefore need to change what we do and how we do it if we are to communicate effectively.

We all have views on these subjects and perhaps only time will tell which aspects of these changes are passing fads and which aspects are permanent changes. The danger for the Association is that we get stuck in the past and we do not respond to changing behaviours and expectations. I am no expert in this subject and I am not naturally attracted to technology but it is clear that we are going through a period of rapid change to which we must respond.

But how? There are great variations in how and why people use new technologies which seem largely to be a function of age and employment status. A few examples based upon my experience: • I am a reluctant and infrequent mobile phone user. My children consider them to be an essential part of everyday life - thus causing domestic friction! • I try to limit the time I spend in front of a screen, as I consider that I already spend too long on emails and other internet-based activity. Many people now however seem bereft if they cannot access their Blackberry to remain up to date with emails and to have constant access to the net. • Everyone under 30 now seems to inhabit cyberworld via websites such as Facebook and Twitter. Will this change as they grow older, or is this a permanent behavioural change? I could go on…

We are exploring ideas to update the ways in which we communicate with our members. If you have a view or a suggestion upon what we might do better, please contact us on: Paul Le Versha Chairman

There does not therefore seem to be a simple answer. Various and evolving means of communication now seem necessary to 8

Are you a member of the ARA? If not, why not join and help us to become an even stronger voice for Ashtead? Membership currently costs £2.50 a year per household. If you would like to join or have a general query, please contact our Membership Secretary, Judith Weller on 279944 or by email on She will be delighted to hear from you.

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Local, independent, independent, fam famil ily-run y-run busi business ness COOKING






Call in in or telephone telephone us for exce excellent llent service service and advice advice

29 Waterloo Road, Epsom, KT19 8EX

08455 230 2190 084 2190

Are you retired or at home during the day? We are now looking for dog lovers who can provide one to one care for friendly dogs whilst their owners are away. Call Vicky or Pete on

01932 863147 9


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Leatherhead Residents’ Association At a well attended open meeting on 5th July, the Association was addressed by Andrew Bircher, Head of Planning for Mole Valley District Council. A lively discussion ensued, during which many opinions were expressed. This subject concerns the future of Leatherhead, not just for the immediate residents, but also for all the environs which consider the Town to be their urban centre. In the past we have not been very good at relating our plans to our professed vision for the Town. Hopefully we can now set out a series of logical steps, or framework through which each proposed plan or project can be seen as a step towards our vision.

residents of the Town, but we hope that responses can be obtained from a far wider area. The population of Leatherhead’s hinterland is of the order of 40,000. That includes Ashtead, Bookham and Fetcham, so it is suggested that we should endeavour to get at least 5,000 responses (12.5%). Clearly if we can get more than this it would be better, and carry more weight. However we are seeking more than a tick-box response. This area contains a large proportion of intelligent people, there must be many good and imaginative ideas within the community – as well as a few daft ones! So please help us define the future.

The Council are preparing a questionnaire which they hope will rationalise the issues and allow respondents to state their preferences in terms of the way forward. The Association’s committee will endeavour to ensure that the questionnaire is well balanced and constructive, as well as being reasoned and logically related to the vision. We shall be assisting the Council in the distribution and collection of the questionnaires, at least to the

It is very encouraging to us that every month our form below, draws in few more members. The last month’s increase in membership was also boosted by our stand in Town on the Leatherhead Safety Day. So if you live in North or South Leatherhead wards, do come and join us. Hubert Carr Chairman

--------------------------------------------------------------------------Yes I would like to join the Leatherhead Residents’ Association Name



_______________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________



Enc. £2 for one year / £5 for three years payable to the Leatherhead Residents’ Association. Please send to:

LRA, Letherhead Institute, 67 High Street, Leatherhead, KT22 8AH Tel No: 07986 430935

If you would like to receive information from the Leatherhead Residents’ Association via email, then please contact us by going to our website. 12

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At j. Hutchinson (fuels) ltd

Trading Since 1813

GAS / ELECTRIC ELECTRIC / SOLID FUEL FUEL FIRE FIRE AND AND WOODBURNING STOVES STOVES All types of fireplaces fireplaces avai availabl lable. e. Woodburning & Multifuel Multifuel Stoves Gas & Electric Fires & Stoves—A large range range of fireside fireside equipment Including coal coal buck buckets, ets, guards, companion companion sets and fire grates grates Coal—Logs— Co al—Logs—Cha Charco rcoal al

74 Church St, Leatherhead, KT22 8EN

(Next to the Library) Parking in Dawson’s Yard by shop

01372 372084 / 372835 TAXli line ne


Local business Free initial home or office visit Affordable fixed fee Personal and friendly service Over 12 years’ experience in filing self assessment returns • Bookkeeping/Accounts preparation • Sole traders, taxi drivers, sub-contractors welcome • No late or inaccurate returns due to electronic filing

The Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning Specialists

Tax self assessment and accountancy services

• • • • •

• • • • • •

Carpet Cleaning Upholstery Cleaning Residential & Commercial Free advice & estimates Spot stain & odour removal Whole house discounts Friendly and reliable service


- NO VAT CHARGE 8 Mulberry Court, Ashtead, KT21 2LN

01372 277685 / 07773 523 350

01372 229148 or 07748 114695

E: 13

The Camping Trip The last time they attempted camping, their expedition was dramatically curtailed due to missing tent poles. They hadn't managed a single night under canvas. However, after a recession hit year, they decided it was time to give outdoor life another go. This time they checked all the equipment properly. The tent had been festering at the back of the garage and apart from a couple of mouse nibbled corners, seemed to be in reasonably good condition. After much searching, the missing poles were retrieved from behind the deep freeze. Ruth was ambivalent. She knew that camping wasn’t going to be much of a holiday for her but it would be nice to spend time together as a family and she was determined to make the most of it. Sam was full of positivity and the children were looking forward to the adventure. Ruth packed clothes neatly into soft bags and as much food as possible was frozen and stored in a cool box. They were surprisingly organised and ready to leave on time. The children had to be wedged tightly into the car between all the bits of equipment and luggage, but plugged themselves happily into their games consoles before Sam drove off. Five minutes later they were back on the driveway. Ruth had forgotten to lock the back door after she put the rubbish out. They set off again. Three minutes later they returned once more. Sam had forgotten his baseball cap. He then got to the end of the road before realising that he had put his sunglasses down on the kitchen table. Unfortunately this time, Sarah decided that she needed to go to the loo. As she was sitting in the middle seat, everyone had to get out and several bags had to be removed. Eventually they wedged themselves in again and finally started their journey. Sam didn't stop until they got to the campsite in Devon. He didn't want to risk getting out of the car and not being able to fit everything back in again. When they arrived, the children exploded out of the doors and charged off. "We're going to check out the felicities!" Sarah called behind her and Ruth smiled as she watched her young daughter scuttling after her brothers in her new pair of flip flops. Ruth and Sam found the campsite owners and drove the car over to their designated pitch. It was nicely shaded under a tree and away from the toilet block. Ruth wasn't sure if this

was a good thing or not. There would be no smells or people walking past but it was certainly going to be quite a trek in the middle of the night. They managed to get themselves set up and by the time the children returned, the only job left was to inflate the airbeds, which Ben did surprisingly easily with a pump that worked from the cigarette lighter in the car. Ruth had planned a lovely first meal of fried chicken and pasta. However, she had packed the cool box so well that everything was still completely frozen. The children were sent to the small camp shop and returned with sausages and plastic water pistols. The bangers were soon sizzling away on the ancient camping gaz stove and the children were quickly soaked to the skin but everyone seemed happy. They had a really good week. The children were each given jobs and a daily routine was quickly established. Daniel's responsibility was to put out the rubbish. He was very conscientious about this, especially as Sam thought it would be funny to tell him that rubbish attracted wolves. Those black bin bags disappeared the moment they were full. At the end of their stay the children were grubby but happy, and Ruth felt melancholic as she started to pack up. Everything was filthy and nothing seemed to fit back in their original bags. She crammed sand gritted clothing into bin bags, ready to tip straight into the washing machine when they got home. Sam and Ben took down the tent and started to load the car. The children were wedged between pieces of luggage and immediately turned on their games consoles. Sam returned from paying the campsite owner. "Have you got the car keys darling? They were in the pocket of the shorts I was wearing." "Your shorts were filthy so I put them in the black bags with the dirty washing. They're in the boot." Sam opened the back of the car but there wasn't a black bin bag to be seen... They'd had a good week. Each child had been given a job. Daniel was simply bemused when he glanced up from his Nintendo to see his father glowering in his direction. Copyright Sarah Lott July 2010 Website: Email: 14

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What the clients say… Unsure of what you have to offer a prospective employer? Lacking in confidence? Awful at interviews? Read below about how coaching has helped two individuals with exactly those concerns and fears. ‘Louise, Working on my interview technique with you has made a huge amount of difference to how I prepare for interviews and how I conduct myself during the interview. Before, I was unsure of my key skills and the relevance of my previous work experience and didn’t know how to communicate these to a potential employer. As a result, I had a tendency to waffle on in interviews. Your training has helped me to identify the key points that I need to get across in an interview and how to do this in a clear and concise manner. With this knowledge I now feel much more confident going into interviews. Life coaching has proved to be a very positive and useful tool in my life. As a recent graduate, like many, I was struggling to get onto the job ladder and was starting to lose faith that I would ever get any job, let alone one that interested me. I had no idea what road I wanted to go down. The process has helped me to identify my skills and narrow down where my interests lie. It has given me the confidence to see that I do have the necessary experience required by employers. It has also enabled me to see that with small steps my long term ambitions are achievable. Louise has been very patient and encouraging during the process and it has been especially reassuring to have the constant ongoing support throughout. Thank you Louise!’

‘Louise, thank you for having confidence in me. I was out of work for six months. I didn’t know what I had to offer any employer. I had no self confidence. You showed me how to identify my good points and how to successfully put them across on paper and in an interview. This has also helped me to communicate better socially, as I used to sit back and not say anything and now I actually feel I have something of value to add. Thanks!’ Simple, Successful Strategies achieve amazing results T. 01372 801951 M.07946 564556 E. 18

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24 hour hour nursing nursing care care • Long Lo ng Term and Respite Respite Stay Stay • Full prog program ramme me of activities activities • Day Care • Care Qua Quality lity Commission Commission - Excellent 3* Rati Rating ng •

For further deta details ils plea please se contact Mrs Helen Lockyer, the Man Manager, ager, on 01372 01372 274 274552 552 Email: Website:

43 Sk Skinne inners rs Lane, Ashtea Ashtead, d, Surre Surrey, y, KT21 KT21 2NN


Swan takes off!




Advertisement feature

Swan Residential, incorporating Swan Lettings, are delighted to announce the official opening of their new sales department in Leatherhead. Director Sharon Felton, who has extensive knowledge having lived and worked in the area for over 20 years, commented ‘we have recently had many requests from current Landlords asking us to sell their properties, so it seemed a logical progression to offer this new service. We have been providing a friendly and personal service for 14 years in Leatherhead and have built up an enviable reputation. We take great pride in treating our clients as individuals and will tailor our service to each client’s particular requirements. We can now offer expertise in sales, lettings and management’. LETTINGS • We offer three different levels of service, let only, rent collection and full management • Members of ARLA (Association of Residential Letting Agents) and the Government approved Tenancy Deposit Scheme. SALES Sales Manager, Andrew Dronfield has worked in residential sales for 35 years, 8 of which were as an associate at Bairstow Eves in Leatherhead (since re-branded to Gascoigne Pees). Andrew will be delighted to discuss any aspect of sales and has already renewed many acquaintances with previous clients. Our sole agency fees are 1% +VAT and there is no sole agency tie-in. Giving good service is our daily objective and the following quote illustrates this;



“I have been a client of Swan Lettings for more than two years whilst abroad and have to commend them on the professional way in which they have been executing our letting management services agreement during this time. In addition to timely statements, the execution of periodic inspections and the submission of reports, it is their ‘free flow’ of information and attention to detail that stands out. As an overseas landlord, I find the regular updates I receive from them on maintenance, tenant and related issues to be extremely conducive to my peace of mind. Even though I am myself a lawyer, their assistance with contractual and related legal issues are also most helpful and much appreciated”. (Mr S.) ...and finally, Sharon says “I’m passionate about giving our profession a good reputation and as an independent agent, feel we can offer a unique professional service. We have a great team and ‘going the extra mile’ is the norm for us”.

We’re good. Because we care


Tel: 01372 377755 Email: 8 North Street, Leatherhead, KT22 7AW 20

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HOME WANTED! Five Kittens

Two tabby, one white/ black and two white/ tortie. The kittens are only a few days’ old so are not ready for homing yet but can be reserved.

Please ring Yvonne on 01372 379155 if you wish to know more about the five kittens, or our other cats. Epsom, Ewell & District branch 22

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Hunt Scott

Chartered Surveyors

• RICS Homebuyer Reports • Property Valuations • Rent Reviews • Business Rating Have your new home inspected before you buy the RICS Homebuyer Report Tel: 01306 886536

Email: Website: 296 High Street, Dorking, RH4 1DZ Regulated by RICS


Personal 24 hour service from a privately funded family business SERVING LEATHERHEAD, ASHTEAD, BOOKHAM AND SURROUNDING AREAS



Shops & Services Unit 17 Kiln Lane Epsom KT17 1DH

(3rd left , past car showrooms, after Sainsbury’s turning) Conservatory Blinds


Vertical Blinds

Plantation Shutters

Measure and Fitting by Experts Local Company in Epsom for 15 years





Offers available until 31st August 2010 T&C Apply

Roller Blinds - 20% off Splash fabrics

Showroom open: Mon - Fri 9-5 Sat 10-3

For free advice and a huge range of samples

01372 747177


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Answers on page 52

Shops & Services

Emma Scissorhands

Word processing & colour laser printing services, established in Ashtead since 1993 letters | mailshots | leaflets | flyers newsletters | envelopes/labels | reports tables/charts | presentations | spreadsheets

Quality hairdressing in the comfort of your home

Please contact Melodie Hunt for an Information & Pricing Folder

 01372 277808

Cut & blow dry from £20

London trained

Specialising in cut, colour & hair extensions

Call Emma 07894 269189


Royal Marines Band sells out Leatherhead Theatre for second year running!

On Friday 18th June 2010, for the second year running, The Leatherhead Theatre was packed for a sell-out concert by the Band of Her Majesty's Royal Marines organised by the Rotary Club of Leatherhead in aid of Help for Heroes and The Royal Naval Benevolent Trust. Over 500 people present enjoyed a twohour rousing programme of music, including several marches from the band's Corps of Drums, as well as traditional items such as 'Rule Britannia' and 'Land of Hope and Glory', which had the entire audience on their feet, waving union flags and singing along at full voice! There was also a standing ovation for around half a dozen members of the 40strong band when Captain Richard Long, the band's Director of Music, announced that they had only recently returned from six months active service in Afghanistan.

Concert organiser, Chris Pelley, from the Rotary Club of Leatherhead, said the evening had far exceeded the club's expectations, adding "The main aims of this concert were to bring quality entertainment to the people of Leatherhead and to raise funds for Help for Heroes and The Royal Naval Benevolent Trust, both of which were met in full, with over ÂŁ5,000 being raised, including over ÂŁ750 from a bucket collection at the end of the evening!" The Rotary Club of Leatherhead would like to thank everyone involved in the concert, including the Royal Marine Band, the Theatre Staff, members of the local Army Cadet Force (who helped to sell programmes and collect money at the end of the evening) and especially the audience, who were so generous with both their applause and their money. 28

Shops & Services


Your Friendly, Reliable, Local Cleaning Service

• Domestic Cleaning • Spring Cleans • End of Tenancy Cleans • Drive & Patio Cleaning


• Person-centred 24 hour care • Unrestricted visiting • Integrated social activities

• Ashtead based family run cleaning business serving the local area since 2005 • All work is covered by both Employers’ and Public Liability Insurance • At First Choice we take great pride in all work undertaken and believe that our strength lies in offering a friendly, flexible and totally reliable service


• Excellent cuisine • Deferred Payment Plan

01372 200492

41 Skinners Lane, Ashtead, KT21 2NN

Tel: 01372 276052

Staying independent in later life might be easier than you think If you're looking for a little assistance... then look no further

Whatever the circumstances, ill health, frailty, mental or physical disability… we are here to help. We believe that arranging care shouldn’t be complicated, in fact it just takes 4 easy steps from your first call to right through to us formulating a written care plan for you or your loved one.

• • • •

1 to 24 hour care Holiday or respite care ‘Sleep in’ or night care Weekend care

• • • •

Shopping Domestic help Meal preparation Companionship

Freephone: 0800 542 0808 Tel: 01372 230757 E: W: Ryebrook Studios, Woodcote Side, Epsom, KT18 7HD 29

CQC Registered

Health & Beauty


Answers page 52

Health & Beauty

Ashtead Reflexology Reflexology helps to reduce stress and achieve natural balance in the body Beneficial for specific health conditions and promotes general health and well-being Relaxing, Rebalancing and Restorative Qualified with the International Institute of Reflexology Judith Richardson

01372 279406 : 07773 284211

No More Waxing!

IPL/Laser Hair Removal £49 per Area/Session

This Month’s Special Offer

Three IPL Underarms Hair Removal Treatments

£100*(Normal Price £147) * Offer available until 31st August 2010

Nurse Led Clinic

01372 377744

Leatherhead Town Centre 31

Bookham Woman Guilty of Benefit Fraud On Friday 9th July 2010 at Redhill Magistrates Court Mrs Heather Pickett was sentenced for the offence of benefit fraud after pleading guilty. The prosecution was brought by Mole Valley District Council (MVDC). Pickett, a 47 year old woman of Middlemead Road, Bookham, had been claiming housing benefit and council tax benefit for her and her husband since 2004. She had declared to Council officers that neither of them worked. She claimed that they were living on a low income. However, she failed to tell the Council that her husband had started self-employed work in February 2009. She also failed to mention that she had started to receive working tax credits from the Inland Revenue. It was not until 11 months later that the Council became aware that Pickett’s circumstances had changed. In January 2010 she was visited by a benefit officer. Her circumstances were reviewed. Pickett told the officer that nothing had changed. She said that neither of them were working. However, later that day, she phoned the officer and admitted that she had lied. She confessed that her husband had started work. She also admitted that she was receiving Working Tax Credit. Pickett’s benefit entitlement was then reassessed. It was identified that between February 2009 and January 2010 she fraudulently received £5,152 in housing benefit and council tax benefit to which she was not entitled.

repaying the overpaid amount directly to MVDC. Rob Boxall, MVDC Benefits Manager, said: “Hiding or failing to declare changes in your circumstances when in receipt of benefits is a criminal offence. It deprives benefits from those in most need. If you receive benefit from MVDC and your income, savings, household composition or residency change, you must tell the Council immediately. Failure to do so could result in an investigation and legal action being taken against you. If you suspect someone of committing benefit fraud in Mole Valley, please phone the Fraud Hotline on 01306 879284. Here you can speak to a trained investigator. All calls will be treated in a strictly confidential manner; your identity will remain anonymous."

The court ordered Mrs Pickett to a 12 month community order. She must do 100 hours unpaid work in the community. She was also ordered to pay a contribution towards the Council's costs of £250. The Court made a collection order for this. Pickett is now 32

Health & Beauty

Mr N. Patel B.D.S., U.Lond., L.D.S., R.C.S. Mr N. Stretch B.D.S., U.Lond., L.D.S., R.C.S.

Body Control Pilates  Classes


Margaret Mar garet Spice

• • • •

· improved posture · increased flexibility · · strengthening · relaxing · energising ·

MA, BA BA (Hons (Hons.), .), MBACP, MBACP, BICA Abuse • Loss of Co Conf nfidence idence Anxiety Anx iety • Relationsh elationships ips Depression Depre ssion • All aspects aspects of Bereavement Ber eavement Infert nfertility ility

Dr Caroline Litman

Ashtead Practi Practice ce Tel: 01372 01372 277 277802 802

01372 374520 07870 423966

www.surreycou www.s urreycounse uk

All trademarks used under license


For a small business, it's essential that advertising is carefully targeted to potential customers only. We therefore only advertise locally, which is why we are happy to support The Ashtead and Leatherhead Local. There couldn't be a more friendly and enthusiastic editor than Zen. David Donner, Optometrist

Ashtead, Leatherhead & Epsom

All levels welcome Amanda Skelly

Phone: 07507 550672 Email: Web:


The Roll Out of Weekly Food Waste Collections Local residents should have received a letter from the Council telling them about the new weekly food waste collection service. It will explain how the new caddy and bin can be used. During July and August, residents across the District will receive two new containers designed specifically for food waste. They will get a small silver caddy for the kitchen, which can sit on a window sill or work surface, and a green outdoor collection bin, which is about the size of a small pedal bin. They will also receive a roll of compostable caddy liners to get them started. When the caddy is filled, the contents can be transferred to the outdoor bin, which will be collected weekly, at the same time as refuse or recycling. Residents can start using the bins as soon as they arrive. This District-wide roll out is the result of the hugely successful trial in Bookham and Fetcham, in which the area’s recycling rate increased by 10%. At just over 50%, Mole Valley’s recycling rate is currently very high. Providing a weekly food waste collection for all households in the District should put us among the top recyclers in the UK. Absolutely all food waste can be recycled, including: raw and cooked meat and fish (including bones); dairy products; vegetables and fruit; baked goods; tea and coffee grounds; plate scrapings. Collecting food waste separately will have significant environmental benefits. When food waste is not collected separately, it goes to landfill with other household waste. There it rots to produce methane, a greenhouse gas that is 21 times more powerful than carbon dioxide. By collecting food waste separately, the production of methane can be avoided. Once the food waste has been collected, it will be taken to an enclosed composting plant in the south east of England and turned into agricultural fertiliser. A new type of collection vehicle will be used. It has a split body with two compartments. This will allow refuse or recycling to be collected at the same time as food waste. Frequently asked questions about the new food waste collection service can be found at:


Health & Beauty

Mon 9-6, Tues 9-6, Weds 10-8, Thurs 9-6, Fri 9-6, Sat 9-5 80a The Street, Ashtead, KT21 1AW

01372 274343

For August - Ear Piercing £22.50

Osteopathic Clinic Don’t suffer - Get it sorted!   


Registered Osteopath


Recognised by all insurers including Bupa and Axa PPP Clinics based in Fetcham and Uxbridge NEW male Osteopath ‘Kaps’, specialising in sports injuries (see left) Getting to the ‘root of the problem’ FAST 70% better in 3-5 sessions Convenient location with free parking Established since 2001 All major debit and credit cards now taken

Reena Joshi Registered Osteopath


2 Shamrock Close, Fetcham, KT22 9JG

01372 363721 35

Get composting this summer …and make free food for your garden Composting is a natural process that transforms your kitchen and garden waste into valuable and nutrient rich food for your garden, for free. Your garden doesn’t have to be big to start composting at home - simply provide the right ingredients and let nature do the rest.

Once you start, you’ll be surprised to see just how much waste in your kitchen bin and garden bin reduces by – simply by putting suitable waste items into the compost bin instead.

Summer composting tips • If you haven't actually got any compost to apply to your garden in summer, then this is Did you know 1/3 of your household waste could the perfect time to begin, with the warm be used for composting? weather adding to ideal composting conditions. Compost recipe: • Summer is an important time for gardens. You Kitchen waste includes: have to make sure the grass doesn't get too • Cereal packets and dry, your plants and flowers aren't wilting and egg boxes your garden is well looked after. • Fruit scraps, • Repairing grass - In order to repair summer's vegetable peelings dry grass effect, cut it and feed it regularly. and salad leaves Your homegrown compost is ideal as a light • Tea bags and and organic top dressing. The compost will coffee grounds sift down into the soil, improving its structure and providing nutrients. • Vacuum bag • Mid summer perennials contents Continue to pinch back all mid• Vegetarian pet bedding summer perennials to keep Garden waste includes: them bushy and healthy and to • Old flowers and nettles stagger blooming times. If some of your perennials have • Wood chippings and straw turned brown or become • Twigs and dried leaves tattered, cut them back and Mix both kitchen and garden waste together, then give them some water to and over a 9-12 month period, you will have encourage new growth. Don't forget to pop compost. the waste into your compost bin! • Holding a BBQ - If you're inviting Benefits: friends around for a barbeque or Saves you money: having a summer Sunday lunch with • By not having to buy compost. the family, then make sure you put • Because it is organic and reduces the need all your compostable kitchen waste for other garden products. into your bin afterwards, along with your grass cuttings and prunings. Boost your garden by: The Surrey Waste Partnership • Keep plants healthy. (Surrey County Council working together • Feeding your lawn and enriching borders. • Nourishing flowerbeds and vegetable patches with the 11 district and borough Helps our environment: Because home made compost produces ‘peatfree’ compost. This eradicates the need to buy peat products, which have been commercially sourced and extracted from peat bogs, resulting in the release of stored carbon from the bogs. By putting less household waste out for collection, less energy is required as there are fewer waste pick-up trucks, waste handling processes involved, and also less waste going to landfill.

councils in the county) is offering home composting bins at fantastic prices, starting from £14.00 (RRP £39.00).

To buy a bin or to dig up more advice on how to turn your table scraps and garden waste into compost, visit or call 0844 571 4444.


Health & Beauty

• Well-Established Modern Practice • Fully Air Conditioned • Same Day Emergency Service • Cosmetic Dentistry including Tooth • • • •

Whitening & Advanced Facial Aesthetics Full Disabled Access Hygienist Service NHS For Children Easy Parking

Dr Sue Taylor Taylor

Dr R Woodriffe

Dr M Talbot Talbot

Dr T Than

Phone Now for an Appointment 01372 363670 135 Cobham Road, Fetcham, KT22 9HX 37

Summer Holiday Fun in Epsom Something for nothing? It is not often something is given free, but this August there is free fun for children in The Ashley Centre with Cool Crafts, Blast from the Past and Harry Potter Magical Maths!

Tuesday 24th, Wednesday 25th & Thursday 26th HARRY POTTER MAGICAL MATHS with Explore Learning who will be running some fantastically wizardly fun maths games for all ages and abilities.

Every Wednesday in August Children who love licking, sticking, glittering and gluing won’t want to miss COOL CRAFTS every Wednesday throughout August between 10am - 4pm. Each week there is a different theme:

For more information please visit:

Wednesday 4th August Starting with Wacky Waterworld when participants will make treasure chests with crafty pirates, and take part in a table top treasure hunt. Wednesday 11th August The following week we have Jungle Fever Day, the children can make jungle masks with feisty cats and visitors can take part in a zoo colouring competition Wednesday 18th August Fairytale Fun making fun frames with royal princesses and taking part in a fairytale character dressing up competition. Wednesday 25th August It is Party Time on Wednesday 25 August and a chance to decorate delicious cookies with crazy clowns and take part in a party popper fun quiz. Every Thursday in August is BLAST FROM THE PAST with Bourne Hall Museum between 11am and 4pm

We want you to have peace of mind when you leave your children with us, knowing that they will be loved and cared for in a friendly, safe and cheerful environment. • Ch Children ildren from 3 months-5 months-5 years years • Le Lear arning ning environment environment of the highest highest ca calibre libre • Fa Family mily va values lues and atmos atmosphere phere You are very welcome to visit us; us; please telephone tele phone to arrange an appointme appointment. nt. We look look forward to giving you and and your your child the support support you you deserve and and may need when combining com bining work and and parenting. parenting. Liz Chambers, Managing Director BEd. (Hons), Cert. Ed., Dip. SLD, P.P.A., O.U. (The First Years of Life)

Thursday 5th August Coin rubbing and Roman pot making Thursday 12 August children will be able to meet a Roman Centurion and a Celtic Warrior Thursday 19 August There will be a chance to try your hand at being an archaeologist with mini excavation digs.

01372 276825 / 279935

Thursday 26 August There will be a chance to try your hand at brass rubbing. Discover how images of the past can be brought to life with nothing more sophisticated than crayons.

Barnesmead Woodfield Lane Ashtead Moorlands The Marld Ashtead


Education & Tuition

Fortyfoot Playgroup in Leatherhead is celebrating its 35th Anniversary of providing quality care and education while promoting learning through play in a happy and relaxed atmosphere. Our sessions run Monday to Friday from 9.15am to 12.15pm for children aged 2-4. NEG funding for children over 3

“Thank you so much for printing the article about the Ashtead Friday Market in your magazine. We had lots of new people in the hall and several wanting to take a table for next time. It certainly made a difference to our numbers and it highlighted the event, which was fantastic! Many thanks again.� Chris Townsend, Ashtead Friday Market, APMH.

Please call 01372 374769 or email to arrange a visit

BIG STEPS FOR LITTLE PEOPLE OFSTED Registered Registered Charity No. 1044300


Contact Joseph

01372 373844 References available on request


p40 NEW.pdf











Education & Tuition


Let us teach your teenager all they need to know about cooking, kitchen hygiene, food storage and other essential life skills. “I just wanted to thank you for your wonderful course. Having been pretty sceptical (and a little reluctant) he was buzzing when he came home.” Karen, W. Horsley 9/10th and 16/17th Sept £175 inc all food, lunches and first aid certificate Telephone, or view our website, for details and bookings Book online at:

Or phone Sue and Sara on

07775 769818 / 07979 502645

Maki Sumitomo-Wyatt - FETCHAM STUDY CENTRE

01372 370164 2 WEEK FREE TRIAL BETWEEN 21st AUG - 20th OCT 2010 Book now to avoid disappointment


Clubs & Activities Is the stress of everyday life getting you down? How about spending a few hours on the riverbank?

We have some of the most beautiful stretches of the Mole River, various ponds around the area and concessionary rates to commercial fisheries within Surrey and Sussex. For more info, call the Leatherhead & District Angling Soc Membership Secretary (Eric) on 01372 377654, or visit:

Leatherhe atherhead ad Friends Group Group Would you like somewhere to meet new friends over a cup of tea or coffee and a slice of cake? The ‘LFG’ for older people, meets on the last Thursday of the month at

Bfr Bfree ee Cafe, Cafe, All Saints Churc Church, h, Kingst Ki ngston on Road Road,, Leatherhead Leatherhead Our next meeti meetings ngs are at 1pm, Thursday 29th July & Thursday 26th Augus August. t. For info call

Michelle Miche lle McSorley McSorley on

07917 053524

We are also looking for volunteers


Clubs & Activities


Modern Jive Dancing • • • • • • • •

All ages from 16+ Learn to dance in just a few weeks Exciting, fun social activity No partner required Evening classes Modern Jive with a touch of Salsa Dorking - Mon & Tues Leatherhead Leisure Centre every Thursday (closed 14 Aug - 9 Sept inc for summer, reopens 16th Sept) Bring this ad for ½ price entry on your first Leatherhead visit on Thurs

07944 971195


Rules for life •

If it’s important to you then you’ll do it, if it’s not, then you won’t

Things that most people think are important really aren’t

Worrying uses up energy that could be used on enjoyable pursuits such as drinking wine, spending time with friends and family, or reading a good book.

There is no correlation between being thin and being happy (this is a myth).

You can achieve any task in 30 minutes when your back is up against the wall

If you love people then show them that you do

Don’t take yourself too seriously and definitely don’t take other people more seriously than they merit

Enjoy yourself whatever you’re doing. If you don't enjoy it or gain some sort of satisfaction from it, then don’t do it

Accept yourself whatever your foibles because if you don’t, then sure as hell no-one else will

It doesn’t matter what people think. The only opinion regarding yourself that you should pay any attention to is your own!

Don’t focus on what it is you want to do but instead clarify what it is that you don’t want to do. You’ll be amazed at how brilliantly this works when making ‘difficult’ decisions

Develop a gut instinct and listen to it

Learn from your mistakes

Dance like on-one is watching!

A job is just a job, it’s not your life... is it?

No-one, on their deathbed, ever said ‘I wish I’d spent more time at the office.’

INVITATION TO JOIN CHARITY GOLF DAY Tyrrells Wood Golf Club 30th September 2010

An invitation is extended to all golf enthusiasts to take part in the annual Charity Golf Day at Tyrrells Wood Golf Club, Leatherhead, Surrey, on Thursday, 30th September 2010, in aid of The Children’s Trust, Tadworth. The annual golf day, sponsored by Linden Homes, is now in its seventh year and organisers are hoping that local residents and companies will take part in the event. Team entry is £380 for a four-ball, or £95 per person, which includes an 18-hole four-ball, halfway refreshments and a three-course dinner in the evening at the Grade II listed Clubhouse. A live auction, with some exciting prizes, will be conducted by former Spurs footballer Gary Stevens. Tickets are available to book online at, or, for further information, please telephone the Events Team on 01737 364324. The Children’s Trust is a national charity, which provides care, education and therapy for children with multiple disabilities and complex health needs, and rehabilitation services to children with an acquired brain injury. For further information visit:


Clubs & Activities

Do you have a head for heights? Are you up for a challenge? St John Ambulance Surrey Community First Responders are offering people the opportunity to abseil off the top of Guildford Cathedral. Come and take the plunge it will be an unforgettable experience. The sponsored abseil is on Saturday 25th September. The aim is to raise money to equip and expand the Community First Responder service across Surrey. Responders are trained first aiders equipped with defibrillators, who are on call within their local area.

Ideal for:

• Parties

South East Coast Ambulance Service Control alerts them to an emergency in their local patch at the same time as dispatching an ambulance, and the responder can be on the spot in the first crucial minutes, dispensing life saving first aid while the ambulance is still on its way.

• Weddings • Anniversaries • Meetings • Functions

There are only 60 places available for the abseil so please book early to claim a place. Volunteers aged 16 and over are asked to pay £25 as a deposit and raise minimum sponsorship of £150. There will be prizes for the highest sponsorship.

Available daytime or evening. Weekdays or weekends Licensed bar & Fully staffed Please call

01372 360151 07973 346965 or email

For more information call Zoe Figueiredo on 01483 567163 or email:

The Grove at Leatherhead Football Club Fetcham Grove Leatherhead KT22 9AS 45

Local Taxis & Motor Services


Audi VW Specialists • • • • •

Established 1990 Small, local, friendly garage between Leatherhead and Guildford Servicing and repairs (ABS brakes, clutches, tyres, exhausts, diagnostics, airconditioning) Free loan car We are also Seat and Skoda specialists, but we can also accommodate other manufacturers, just call us Open View Farm Epsom Road West Horsley KT24 6AP

Why use a generalist when you can use a specialist? Email: Web:

Tel: 01483 285792 July’s crossword answers

“Apart from still getting good service from a Roofer, Handyman, Gardener and Cleaning Services found through your magazine, we would also like to mention our appreciation of the "Ashtead Good Neighbours" who have rescued us from being housebound all this year. Without their help we would have felt like prisoners in our own home and would not have been able to keep various medical appointments. They certainly do sterling work and are a credit to the community.

Across: 8 Camera, 9 Rational, 10 Remarked, 11 Record, 12 Cinema, 13 Audience, 14 Already, 16 Attempt, 20 Forehead, 23 Masked, 25 Result, 26 Arriving, 27 Majestic, 28 Oceans. Down: 1 Material, 2 Debate, 3 Backward, 4 Gradual, 5 Stored, 6 Concrete, 7 Fabric, 15 Executed, 17 Tomorrow, 18 Pregnant, 19 Advance, 21 Operas, 22 Estate, 24 Soviet. Across: 1 Corpus Christi, 7 Edged, 8 Dracula, 9 Humerus, 10 Hyena, 11 Acreage, 17 Imago, 18 Trapeze, 20 Katydid, 21 Lille, 22 Demerara sugar.

Another joy, of course, is your magazine. Keep up the good work and best wishes always from Audrey and Jack Bewsey”

Down: 1 Crèche, 2 Regime, 3 Udder, 4 Road hog, 5 Saucer, 6 Isaiah, 8 Dissected, 12 Chowder, 13 Winked, 14 Bantam, 15 Jet-lag, 16 Meteor, 19 Atlas. 46

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Recipe of the month Garlic Roasted Peppers These colourful roasted peppers are full of Mediterranean flavours. They make a great simple starter for a dinner party or served as part of a summer buffet. To serve chilled, allow the peppers to cool completely then cover and leave in the fridge for a couple of hours.

Serves 4 Ready in 45 mins 4 large red peppers

4 tbsp olive oil

3 garlic cloves, peeled and thinly sliced

2 tbsp pesto sauce

115g (4oz) cherry tomatoes, halved

75g (3oz) feta cheese, thinly sliced or crumbled

55g (2oz) pitted black olives

Fresh basil leaves, to garnish

1. Preheat the oven to 200C, 400F, Gas 6. Slice each pepper in half, cutting though the stalks and remove the seeds. Place the pepper halves, cut side up, in a shallow roasting tin. Top with the garlic, tomatoes and olives.

Established for 22 successful years We serve an authentic choice of meat, fish and vegetarian dishes freshly cooked to order by our renowned Bangladeshi chef

2. Drizzle over half the oil and season with salt and freshly ground black pepper. Roast for 25-30 mins until the peppers are just tender and lightly charred in places. Leave to cool for 10 mins.

House specials served daily Takeaway service available, with 10% discount on all orders over ÂŁ15 Outside catering available for large parties. We are open 7 days a week, inc Bank Holidays 12pm-2.30pm and 5.30pm-11pm

3. Blend the pesto sauce with the rest of the olive oil. Serve the warm peppers topped with the feta cheese and basil dressing. Garnish with fresh basil leaves.

1 Craddocks Parade, Ashtead, KT21 1QL

01372 274810 / 273627 Why not try our new branch The Mogul - 66 Terrace Road, Walton on Thames.

01932 223319


Food & Drink


Saturday Night 3 Course Fixed Price Gourmet Meal £20 A La Carte Dining also available


Free Bottle of Wine for bookings of 4 made in advance for Thursday and Friday evenings

(offer ends 30th Sept 2010)


Free Dessert with any meal of £10+ Mon - Wed Lunch or Dinner • Voted as a ‘Top Summer Pub’ in Surrey Life magazine, July 2010 • Situated on one of the foothills surrounding Box Hill just below Mickleham Downs, The King William IV boasts glorious views of the Mole Valley from its sun terraces • Great local ales including Alton’s Pride (CAMRA Supreme Champion); Shere Drop and TEA • Sun terraces have shelters and heating to allow al fresco dining in all weather and are beautifully lit in the evening • Recommended in many good food guides including the prestigious Michelin Guide for three years in a row • On the route of public footpaths and ancient bridleways with breathtaking views • Close to peaceful woodland glades which provide habitats for wildlife, flora and fauna. • River Mole runs opposite the pub • Free car park at the foot of Byttom Hill

BYTTOM HILL | MICKLEHAM | RH5 6EL Michelin Guide 2008/09/10

01372 372590 49

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Dancing Queen comes to Epsom Playhouse Monday 16th August - 6pm & 8.45pm

Calling all Super Troupers and Dancing Queens! The Epsom Playhouse is hosting the ultimate Abba celebration on Monday 16 August with the live show DANCING QUEEN, the biggest ‘70s party ever. Featuring a dynamic cast of singers and dancers, beautiful costumes and dazzling choreography, this high octane, musical extravaganza features fabulous Broadway-style production pieces, performed to wall-to-wall mega Abba hits, including Money Money Money, Fernando, Voulez Vous, Take a Chance and many more. The show features a medley of fabulous party classics from the 70’s, and a dazzling compilation of highlights from the iconic film Saturday Night Fever. Guaranteed to have everyone dancing, singing and swinging in the aisles. So dig out those flares, put on your dancing shoes and get ready for the biggest party ever!

Tickets are on sale now, available from the Box Office on 01372 742555. Further details are on the website:

Ashtead Art Group Annual Summer Exhibition

TV Occupations 1. Policeman 2. Baker 3. Museum manager 4. Road sweeper 5. Masseuse 6. Postman 7. Secretary 8. School teacher 9. Art dealer 10. Dentist

1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10.

2nd-7th August

Ashtea Asht ead d Art Group has

been nurturing local artistic talent for over forty years, and with a current membership of nearly 100, it is still a flourishing concern. With weekly Monday evening meetings at St. Giles Church Hall , throughout October to mid-July the group enjoys a mixture of painting evenings, demonstrations, and workshop evenings. for further information on the group contact Audrey Mitchell on 01372 741169 or look at the Ashtead Residents’ Association website.

Kings & Queens

Idi Amin Dumfries William I (William The Conqueror) Stepmother King William V Tina Turner Albania Roger Taylor A moustache April (21st)

The grand opening evening on Monday 2nd August from 7.30pm-9.30pm is always a lively and popular affair with a preview of the exhibition and free refreshments for the visitors. 52

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Art, Jewellery & Gifts

Crossword 1











10 11 12













Across 1 School principal (10) 6 Weapons (4) 9 Punctuation mark (10) 10 Skewer (4) 12 Military base (12) 15 From the centre (7) 16 Disaster (7) 17 Trading surplus (7) 19 Scripted (7) 20 In the order of the letters (12) 23 Requirement (4) 24 Extra (10) 25 Expires (4) 26 Started from (10) Down 1 Form of energy (4) 2 Smallest unit of chemical element (4) 3 Involving numbers (12) 4 Reprimanded (7) 5 Wear out completely (7) 7 Takes the place of (10) 8 Fulfilling (10) 11 Business association (12) 13 Expressed displeasure (10) 14 Mix of gases around the Earth (10) 18 Slim (7) 19 Serving at table (7) 21 Single thing or person (4) 22 Travelled on ice (4) Solution on page 56


Art, Jewellery & Gifts

DOG PORTRAITS ∗ Besp espoke oke Framing Framing ∗ Framed Framed Originals Originals & Limited Limit ed Edition Edition Prints Prints ∗ Gifts & Jewellery Jewellery ∗ Ca Cards rds ∗ Ready Made Frames Frames & Mounts Mounts

PASTEL, APPROX APPROX SIZE 12” X 18” FOR MORE INFORMATION INFORMATION CALL KEN DODGE ON 01372 375184 375184 or 07951 093106 or e-mail me at kendodge kendodge@sk @sky.c om

22 Bridge Bridge Stree Street, t, Leath Lea therhea erhead, d, KT22 KT22 8BZ

Tel: 01372 01372 377363 55

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Rotary golfers 'club' together for local charities just two points, with 'Hope' coming third just one more point behind on 129. The prize for the highest individual score went to Mike Forster, with a very impressive score of 45! After the golf day presentations, Peter Matthews from the Rotary Club drew the winning tickets in the club's Annual Summer Draw and, between them, the two events raised over £4,000 for the Leatherhead Night Hostel and The Alzheimer's Research Trust, the two charities chosen for support by this year's Club President, Richard Lewis.

On Friday 25th June 2010, fifteen teams of four took part in the Rotary Club of Leatherhead's 19th Annual Charity Golf Day at Effingham Golf Club.

For further information about The Rotary Club of Leatherhead, and its activities, please contact Simon Edmands on 07753 821964.

As in previous years, the Effingham course proved particularly challenging for everyone taking part, with the British Open Regional Qualifying Round having been played there earlier that week. After lunch and a full round of golf, the day was rounded off with a buffet supper and presentation of prizes, with the British Gas trophy for the winning team being presented to Adam Page, Captain of the PIRA team, who had won the competition once before in 2001. In a very closely fought competition, the PIRA team finished the day with a very commendable Stableford team score of 132, narrowly beating last year's winners, 'The Nightingales', into second place by 58

“The Rotary Club of Leatherhead is very grateful to the Ashtead & Leatherhead Local for its ongoing support and promotion of the club's community and fundraising activities, which has generated a great response from across the area." Simon Edmands, Rotary Club of Leatherhead

“We’ve had a better response to our advertisements in The Ashtead & Leatherhead Local magazine than we had in many of the papers”. Aimee Matthews, Leatherhead Food International

~Surreys favourite Computer Store~

14 North Street, Leatherhead t: 01372-37030 Monday– Saturday 9:00-5:30pm Providing solutions since 1989

TecRes is a Leatherhead based computer retailer, we have been providing, repairing and upgrading computers, laptops, printers, home and business networks since 1989. • Vast array of items in stock always at the very best prices. • The cheapest printer consumables. • Fluent in techno babble and plain English • Virus and malware removal • Workshop and home engineering provided Below we have a small selection of some of our current offers:

Notebooks and netbooks from just £250.00 Ideal machines for students and home users Acer Mini tower PC, with Dual core processor, 3Gb Ram, DVD RW drive Windows 7 Professional

only £375.00 Computer running slow? Not behaving correctly? Let us give it a Healthcheck and return the machine to its former glory

Lenovo A70Z all in one PC, Save desk space and money High spec home or business PC

from £635.00

Epson SX215 Printer, copier, scanner Save £40.00 Now only


TecRes, 14 North Street, Leatherhead, KT22 7AW, Monday to Saturday 9.00 to 5.30 t: 01372-370300 59


Fuchsia Group Annual Show 8pm-9.30pm. St Michael’s Church Hall, The Marld, Ashtead. £1 entrance. Call Mrs Gardener for info, 01372 276996

Saturday 7th

Butterflies of Box Hill, 11am-1pm. £4 per adult, £2 per child. The flight of the butterfly conjures up images of summer. Come and enjoy a lovely walk amongst the butterflies on Box Hill. Hopefully we might catch a glimpse of some of our resident rarer species such as the Adonis Blue. Please bring water, binoculars, sunscreen and hats. Assistance dogs only. 2 miles - challenging. Booking essential by 5 August. Meeting arrangements will be given on booking. This is a National Trust event, contact details below.

Saturday 7th & Sunday 8th

Surrey Mini Bluegrass Festival (Saturday 12pm-11.15pm, Sunday 12pm-7.15pm) Mickleham Village Hall, Dell Close, Mickleham, Dorking RH5 6EE. Day Tickets £10, £14 Full Weekend. Jamming from 12 noon, Concert 7pm to 11.15pm. Bands playing A Band Like Alice, Chris Moreton, Wood Wire and Words, High Weald Ridge, Buffalo and Ghost Town Showdown.;

Sunday 8th

Fire and Fodder, Leith Hill. 11am-2pm. £4 per adult, £2 per child. Clever firelighting and campfire cookery for families. Cook up some pancakes and popcorn in a woodland kitchen! Suitable for children over 6 years old and they must be accompanied by an adult. Assistance dogs only. Booking essential by 5 August. Meeting arrangements will be given on booking. This is a National Trust event, contact details below.

Tuesday 10th & Thursday 19th

Teddy bears picnic, Box Hill. 11am-1pm. £6 per child. Come along for a teddy bears picnic on Box Hill. A little walk through the woods to a picnic spot, with stories, songs and games. Children?s picnic provided, just bring your teddy. Suitable for children aged 3 - 6 years old and they must be accompanied by an adult. Assistance dogs only. ½ mile - easy walking Booking essential by 5 August. Meeting arrangements will be given on booking. This is a National Trust event, contact details below.

Thursday 12th

Minibeast Madness, Box Hill. 1.30pm-3.30pm. £3.50 per child. An afternoon of bug, beastie and butterfly hunting in our varied bug-rich habitats. Suitable for children aged 4 - 12 years old and they must be accompanied by an adult. Assistance dogs only. ½ mile - easy walking Booking essential by 9 August. Meeting arrangements will be given on booking. This is a National Trust event, contact details below.

Sunday 15th

Wildlife on your Doorstep, Headley Heath main car park, off Headley Common Road. 10am-4pm. Free. A day of free guided walks celebrating the wildlife and plants on the heath, including bugs, butterflies, reptiles and wild flowers. Plus information, games and activities for all ages. No need to book, activities between 10am and 4pm behind the main car park. Booking not essential. This is a National Trust event, contact details below

Tuesday 17th

Let's go fly a kite! Box Hill. 1.30pm=3.30pm. £5 per child. Come along to design and make your own kite. Learn to fly your kite and compete to be Box Hill's kite champion 2010. This is a National Trust event, contact details below

Thursday 19th

Bat Detectives, Holmwood Common. 7.30pm-9.30pm. £4 per adult, £2 per child. Come along for an evening on Holmwood with Sarah, the warden, in search of this amazing flying mammal. We will be using bat detectors to reveal the otherwise secretive hunting pattern of bats as they search for moths and insects. Please bring a torch. (2 miles - easy walking) Booking essential by 18 August. Meeting arrangements will be given on booking. This is a National Trust event, contact details below

National Trust Events, details: E:; Tel: 01372 220644; Web: If there’s an event in September you’d like mentioned, please contact me before Thursday 12th August All entries appear on a first come, first served basis. Details correct at time of going to print. 60

What’s On

The Café

at St George’s, Ashtead

Visit our Café at St George’s Christian Centre, Barnett Wood Lane, Ashtead. Open to all from 10am-2pm, Wed-Fri,

for a coffee break, delicious snacks and hot lunches. A warm and friendly welcome awaits you from Rosie and the team



Thursday 19th

NCTea Party! Downsend School, Leatherhead Lodge, 13 Epsom Road, Leatherhead KT22 8ST, 2:30pm-4:30pm. Great facilities for children – climbing frames, face painter, mini makeovers, professional photographer, stallholders inc cake stall, kiddies slide and much more. Bring a picnic and let the kids run free - Free tea and coffee for adults! £3.00 per child in advance, or £3.50 on the door. Siblings under 1yr free of charge (all proceeds to NCT) for the booking form

Friday 20th

Crafty Kites, Leith Hill Tower. 1pm-4pm. £3.50 per child. Come on up to make and decorate a paper kite and fly it at Leith Hill Tower, the biggest hill in the South East! (Wind not guaranteed!) Suitable for children aged 8 and over and they must be accompanied by an adult. Assistance dogs only. ½ mile- slightly challenging Booking essential by 19 August. Meeting arrangements will be given on booking. This is a National Trust event, contact details previous page.

Sunday 22nd

Capel Music Festival, Capel Recreation Ground, RH5 5LD. 12pm-7.30pm. £5. Same weekend as Capel Classic Car and Horticultural shows. Bands, funfair, bar, teas, stalls, food. A community/family event. Proceeds to Surrey Air Ambulance. E-mail:, web:

Sunday 29th

Name of Event: Den Building for Dads - Mums and Kids allowed too! Leith Hill. 10am1pm. £4 per adult, £2 per child. Make a mallet, sharpen sticks, put them together and build a family den in the woods. Suitable for children over 7 years old and they must be accompanied by an adult. Assistance dogs only. Booking essential by 26 August. Meeting arrangements will be given on booking. This is a National Trust event, contact details previous page.

REGULAR EVENTS Friday 2nd (weekly)

10.30am -11.30am Leatherhead Country Market, Leatherhead Parish Church Hall. From homemade cakes to homegrown plants and lots more. Refreshments served.

Tuesday 3rd & Friday 6th

John Singer Sargent 1856 - 1925. A talk providing background information for those planning to visit the exhibition Sargent and the Sea at the RA. We will examine Sargent's life, influences and subject matter. £10 inc refreshments: Tel: 01372 272235; email;

Thursday 5th (weekly)

Come sequence dancing, Leatherhead Parish Church Hall. 7.45pm-10.15pm. £2.50, Doris Gibson 01372 374160.

Thursday 5th (monthly)

Leatherhead Barn Dance Club. 8pm-10.15pm, first Thurs of the month. Abraham Dixon Hall, Letherhead Institute. £2. Ruth & Jim Gwilliam, 01403 750844

Friday 6th (weekly)

10am - 12noon The Sewing Room, Leatherhead Parish Church Hall. Drop in for a full range of haberdashery and beautiful greetings cards.

Saturday & evening walks Saturday 7th Monday 9th Saturday 21st Tuesday 24th

Spring walks in and around the beautiful Mole Valley with Ian and Flip Cargill, Moderate pace and fitness. Donation to charities. Saturdays 1½-2 hrs, eves 1-1½ hrs. More info 01372 363589, Sat 7 Junction Soul Farm Rd & Little Bookham St 9am Mon 9 Ranmore East NT CP (Bring NT card) 7.15pm Sat 21 Top of Woodlands Rd Effingham 10 am Tues 24 Langley Vale Top of Grosvenor Rd (Full Moon) 7.15pm

Friday 13th

Ashtead Friday Market. 9am-12.30pm. Ashtead Peace Memorial Hall. Supporting the RNLI. Cakes, haberdashery, bric-a-brac, plants, cards, jewellery, etc. Free entry.

If there’s an event in September you’d like mentioned, please contact me before Thursday 12th August All entries appear on a first come, first served basis. Details correct at time of going to print. 62

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To find out more call 01306 742002 or email DENBIES WINE ESTATE LONDON ROAD DORKING SURREY RH5 6AA Designed by

Summer Holiday Fun in Mole Valley Fun Van is a mobile playscheme that brings activities to children between the ages of 5 and 10 from 9am to 12noon. Activities include free play, structured sport activities, coaching, parachute games and the opportunity to enjoy supervised outdoor activities. Sessions will be held on the following dates: Monday 26 July - Chart Downs Community Centre, Chart Downs, Dorking. Tuesday 27 July - St John's C of E Community Primary School, Goodwyns Road, Dorking. Monday 2 and Tuesday 3 August - Leigh Village Hall, Bunce Common Road, Leigh. Tuesday 10 August - Beare Green Village Hall, Merebank, Beare Green, Dorking. Tuesday 17 August - Boxhill Village Hall, Boxhill Road, Tadworth, Surrey. Monday 23 and Tuesday 24 August - Charlwood Village Hall, The Street, Charlwood. Thursday 26 August - Newdigate Village Hall, Kingsland, Newdigate, Dorking. The cost is £7.50 per child per session. If you would like a booking form or further information please call 01306 885001. Mole Valley’s Play Ranger will also be out and about in the area’s parks and open spaces, engaging children in a wide range of activities. For full details call 01306 885 001 Tuesday 27 July Cheerleading Workshop A fun and energetic workshop based on the popular cheerleading style seen at US sports events. You will dance and perform simple gymnastic moves whilst chanting and 'cheering' on your team. This workshop will be a fun introduction to this enjoyable sport. No experience necessary. Pom-poms provided but bring your own smiles. 10am to 12noon - 7 to 12 years of age. Admission: £5 Wednesday 28 to Friday 30 July Circus Skills Workshops Lead by professional performers, you will learn skills like acrobalance, trapeze, unicycling, juggling and develop a short presentation for invited audiences at the end of the last day. 10am to 4pm - 11 to 18 years of age To book for this workshop or for more information please contact Surrey Arts Drama on 01483 519285 or email Monday 2 August Beginners Photography Workshop St John's C of E Community Primary School, Goodwyns Road, Dorking RH4 3JA A beginners photography workshop for children. Learn the basic functions of your cameras through educational fun and games. We will experiment with unusual compositions and perspective. Please bring your camera. 10am to 12.30pm - 7 to 11 years of age. Admission: £5 For information and to book your place on the Photography and Cheerleading workshops call Dorking Halls box office on 01306 881717. Other events around the area: Ashtead Kids Club 26th July - 31st August Ashtead Youth Centre, Barnett Wood Lane. A mixture of sport, art, cookery, farm trips, outdoor play, competitions, games, toys, TV, DVD and Playstation. Contact: Louise DiTrana; Tel: 07956 185167; Email:; £18 per day/£2.10 per hour; Age Group: 4-11 years. Run Jump Throw Athletic Fun - Running throughout summer holiday Therfield School, Dilston Road, Leatherhead Learn how to run, jump and throw with rubber and plastic implements in a fun environment. The programme is scientifically written and aimed at encouraging children to enjoy and benefit from exercise. Improving their co-ordination, skills, cardio vascular fitness and self confidence. Small groups, coached by qualified and enthusiastic coaches. Competition to find Champion Girl and Boy. Many other prizes, certificate and result card for every child. Contact: Maureen Jones; Tel: 07956 807689; Email: £20 for two days; Age Group: 7-12 years 64

Englishman‘s C

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9-15 Church Street, Leatherhead (next door to the theatre)

Opening Hours: Monday - Saturday 9am-5pm

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Book Reviews by Peter Snell Never Eat Shredded Wheat Christopher Somerville £12.99 Bognor Regis... Aberystwyth...Glasgow...Can you place them on a map? What kind of countryside do you pass through on your way to the Cairngorms, or the Fens, or Northumberland? What’s north of the Pennines? What is it like when you get there? Most folk wouldn’t have a clue. Now Christopher Somerville, bestselling author of Coast presents the basics of what belongs where, which counties border one another, and what lies beyond the Watford Gap. He reminds us of the watery bits, the lumpy bits and the flat bits, and gets to grips with the smaller islands surrounding Britain – and much more. How the Girl Guides Won the War Janie Hampton £20.00 A completely original history of one of the most extraordinary movements in the world – the Girl Guides – and how they helped win the war: millions of women have been members. But what have the Guides actually achieved, since they began 100 years ago? Do they do more than sell biscuits, sing around campfires, and tie knots? In this constantly surprising book, Janie Hampton shows that Girl Guides have been at the heart of women's equality since the early twentieth century - when they were garnering badges like Electrician and Telegraphist. When the Blitz broke out, they dug bomb shelters, grew vegetables and helped millions of evacuated children adjust to new lives in the country. Many were taken as prisoners of war and survived concentration camps.

companion of Reynolds, Goldsmith and Garrick. Nokes looks at his troubled relationship with his first wife, whom he married for money but felt guilty about for the rest of his life; at his family, who haunted his dreams for years; and at his difficult, intimate relationship with Mrs Thrale. I Never Knew There Was A Word For It Adam Jacot de Boinod £12.99 From 'shotclog', a Yorkshire term for a companion only tolerated because he is paying for the drinks, to Albanian having 29 words to describe different kinds of eyebrows, the languages of the world are full of amazing, amusing and illuminating words and expressions that will improve absolutely everybody's quality of life. All they need is this book! This bumper volume gathers all three of Adam Jacot de Boinod's acclaimed books about language - The Wonder of Whiffling, The Meaning of Tingo and Toujours Tingo into one highly entertaining, keenly priced compendium. As Mariella Frostup said 'You'll never be lost for words again!' Started Early, Took My Dog Kate Atkinson £18.99 A day like any other for security chief Tracy Waterhouse, until she makes a purchase she hadn't bargained for. Witnesses to Tracy's Faustian exchange in the Merrion Centre in Leeds are Tilly, an elderly actress teetering on the brink of her own disaster, and Jackson Brodie who has returned to his home county in search of someone else's roots. All three characters learn that the past is never history and that no good deed goes unpunished. Kate Atkinson dovetails and counterpoints her plots with Dickensian brilliance in a tale peopled with unlikely heroes and villains. "Started Early, Took My Dog" is freighted with wit, wisdom and a fierce moral intelligence.

Samuel Johnson A Life David Nokes £9.99 From leading biographer David Nokes, an original and hugely rewarding portrait of Samuel Johnson, one of the great figures of English Literature. Johnson, born weak and half-blind, shambolic and poverty-stricken, became the most admired and quoted man in the eighteenth century. Thrown out of Oxford for a lack of funds, he rose to celebrity: author of the Dictionary, a friend to the king,

Peter Snell, Barton’s Bookshop, 2 Bridge St, Leatherhead 01372 362988 Email: 66

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◊ Local, well-kno well-known wn building building and roof oofing ing company company ◊ Exten Extensions sions & Loft Conversio Conversions ns ◊ Refurb Refurbis ishm hments ents & Structu Structural ral Works ◊ Internal & External Decora Decoration tion ◊ Patios Patios & Deck Decking ing ◊ Property Property Maint Maintenance enance ◊ Plumb Plumbing ing & Electrical Electrical Services Services ◊ All Works Certified Certified ◊ Excelle Excellent nt References Ava Availab ilable le ◊ New Roofs & Repairs Repairs ◊ Flat Roo Rooff Felt Felt Systems Systems ◊ Sealoflex Sealoflex ® Waterpr Waterproofing oofing Roof System Sys tem ◊ Fully insured, incl including uding heat applica appl ication tion for for flat roofs roofs ◊ UPVC Fascia, Fascia, Soffits Soffits & Guttering Guttering ◊ Velux Window Window Installatio Installations ns

01372 278884 / 07762 120576 email: 67

MOLE VALLEY POLICE COLUMN Have your say Surrey Police is asking Mole Valley residents to have their say and come up with new and innovative ways of meeting their neighbourhood officers.

includes moving the police front counter service to this site. Co-locating neighbourhood teams with local authorities has already been piloted in other areas, reaping rewards in providing a one-stop-shop for local services.

Until Sunday, 12 September the force will be asking residents to fill in a questionnaire at panel meetings and consultation events, or to submit ideas online at

Mole Valley Neighbourhood Inspector Terri Poulton said: “Surrey Police faces an enormous challenge in these financially uncertain times as a result of well publicised funding difficulties. If we are able to share premises and replace certain under-used and expensive-to-run police stations with more convenient locations, we can then put more of our money into the frontline police officers the public clearly wants to see more of.

The aim is to provide a greater range of more accessible places for the public to meet their local team. This may include libraries, shopping centres and any other busy focal points in the community. As part of our commitment to putting the Surrey public first, we are planning to recruit up to 200 extra police constables, many of whom will support neighbourhood policing teams in tackling issues such as anti-social behaviour.

“We are keen to know from residents where they would find it easiest to meet with their local officers and I would encourage everyone to come along to a consultation event or go online to the Surrey Police website and give us their ideas.

To help achieve this and in response to continuing financial challenges, a review of certain expensive, outdated and largely under-used police buildings is now underway. These buildings currently cost £2.4 million a year to retain.

“I would also like to reassure people that regardless of any possible changes to police buildings, our neighbourhood teams will continue patrolling the same areas as before and there will be no impact on emergency response or custody provision.”

In Mole Valley we are looking at both Leatherhead and Dorking police stations to see how often they are used by the public, assess the condition of the buildings, and decide whether alternative provisions could offer a better, more cost-effective service.

Feedback from the consultation process will be presented to the Surrey Police Authority in November and we will keep the public updated of any decisions on changes to police buildings.

Rest assured your neighbourhood policing team will continue to patrol your local area and no police station will close until a suitable alternative has been found and the Surrey Police Authority has agreed any changes.

For more information please visit or speak to your local officer. To contact Surrey Police, telephone 0845 125 2222. In the event of a crime in progress or an emergency, telephone 999

Surrey Police is currently in talks with Mole Valley District Council to move the Safer Neighbourhood teams currently based at Dorking Police Station into the nearby town hall. The proposal, still under negotiation,

Your local team can also be contacted by email to 68

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Steve Hinchey Professional, approved and locally recommended electrician offering a wide range of services including: •

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• High efficiency combination boiler

changes from £1600 +VAT, inc five year parts and labour guarantee

• System updates • Unvented hot water

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• All heating work undertaken

• Fully insured • New Gas Safe Registered • Member of Institute of Plumbing

Sam Wheeler 01372 807222 / 07808 923435

Full range of services All work compliant with water regulations Certified to service & install unvented hot water systems Call us for FREE advice

Tel: 01372 802803 (24hr voicemail) Mob: 07976 814032 E:

email: Website:


Songtime Theatre Arts

Celebrating 21 years of Excellence! Songtime Theatre Arts join forces with the Epsom Playhouse once again to launch the Songtime Summer School from 2nd-12th August. A two week professional theatre training course culminated in four performances of Disney’s Alice in Wonderland at the Epsom Playhouse on 13th and 14th August.

an unrivalled reputation in theatre training, equalled only by full-time London based training academies.

Open to children from 5 to 14 years of age, the Songtime Summer School will rehearse from Monday 2 August to Thursday 12 August (from 10am to 4pm). Summer School students make friends, have fun and develop their talents under the watchful tutorship of highly respected West End directors, choreographers and performers. They will also get the rare opportunity to experience the thrill of performing live on stage at Epsom Playhouse. Songtime Theatre Arts currently have 14 schools across the South East with over 600 pupils. Songtime have produced a host of high profile graduates include EastEnders’ stars Charlie Brooks (‘Janine Butcher’) and Preeya Kalidas (‘Amira Shah’). With other recent students and current members starring in a host of West End shows including the hit musicals “Hairspray”, “Billy Elliot” and “Oliver”, Songtime has gained

Theatres at which Songtime currently perform include; Windsor Theatre Royal, Richmond Theatre, Wimbledon Theatre, The New Victoria Theatre in Woking, The Churchill Theatre Bromley and The Epsom Playhouse.

Summer School Students can register online at For further press information, please contact Katherine Camps Kilgour at Bright Media on 07958 649502 or email PERFORMANCE TIMES & PRICES Friday 13 & Saturday 14 August Friday 13th at 4pm & 7pm Saturday 14th at 11am & 3pm Adults & Children £12.50, £10.00 pass card holders

‘Billy Elliot’ 70

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M D Edwards & Son Kitchen & Bathroom Specialists

Friendly Family run local business established over 25 years. Kitchens and Bathrooms supplied and installed to a very high standard. Excellent Portfolio and local references. We also have a complete team of qualified tradesmen: Builder, Plasterer, Electrician, Heating Engineer, Tiling and Flooring Specialists

Fully Insured for your your peac peace e of mind Project managed managed by us from design to completion Kitchen facelifts also undertaken, Choose from large range of door styles, Granite, Engineered Stone, Corian, laminate and wood worktops, sinks, taps and integrated appliances. We also undertake remedial jobs new hinges, drawer runners, etc. No job too small.

Telephone Beverley Edwards for a free estimate M D Edwards & Son Cressida House, 10 Humphrey Close, Fetcham, Surrey KT22 9PZ e-mail:

Tel: 01372 450677 450677 71

until the autumn rains come. For heavy clay soils, hornbeam (Carpinus betulus) is hard to beat, since it is hardy, has fresh green leaves in the spring and, if clipped in late summer, will retain its russetbrown dead leaves right through the winter. In some years, a second trim may be necessary. Beech (Fagus sylvatica) is the first choice for a lighter, more freedraining soil, and looks similar to hornbeam except that it has the bonus of lovely, thinly-pointed, russet leaf buds. It can be treated in exactly the same way as hornbeam. Both beech and hornbeam are less impermeable to wind than evergreen hedges, so there is less ‘swirl’ in confined spaces. The shrubby honeysuckle (Lonicera nitida) is strangely out of fashion for hedging, yet it produces a neat, dense, rounded, evergreen hedge, up to about 1.5 metres tall, if trimmed in April and September. You sometimes see little fragrant flowers in the spring. It will grow in shade, and tolerates chalk, but doesn’t like cold winds. Hawthorn (Crataegus monogyna) is often used as a constituent of an informal, native hedge, planted in a mixture with field maple, blackthorn and hazel, for example. It trims up surprisingly cleanly (even if the thorns call for thick gloves) and is thus an excellent choice for a country garden, where a hedge of 2 metres or less is desired. It is truly deciduous, losing all its leaves in winter. Hedges, evergreen or deciduous, benefit from a sprinkling of blood, fish and bone fertiliser in early spring, which should be hoed lightly into the soil on both sides of the hedge. This will enhance growth rates in the early years, and is especially helpful for yew, whose reputation for slow growth is often justified.

Choosing hedging plants for the garden – either to create distinct spaces or as boundaries – is a major decision for gardeners. Hedges are long-term features whose presence and appearance affect the atmosphere of the garden. They also require consistent maintenance. Plants clipped neatly in a geometric shape - formal hedging - need particularly careful selection. There are few circumstances where the planting of the evergreen Leyland cypress (x Cupressocyparis leylandii) is justified in the private garden. This tree’s speed of growth and eventual height guarantee problems for your successors. Indeed, local authorities have the power to deal with complaints by neighbours whose gardens are overshadowed by this monster, or bereft of nutrients and water because of it. Best avoid it completely. The best hedging plants are much slower growing, but once they have reached the desired height require only one or two trims a year. Yew (Taxus baccata) is the king of evergreen hedging, where there is room for it to be used as an internal garden hedge. It should never be planted adjoining grazing land, since the foliage and seeds are toxic to livestock. You need to buy plants that have been propagated by cutting rather than raised from seed, or there will be a lack of uniformity in leaf colour and shape that will always displease. Ask the nursery or garden centre about the origins of the plants before you buy. Yew do badly on waterlogged soils, so make sure that the ground is well-drained. Like other evergreen hedges, it is best planted in early September, and watered 72

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All levels of Gar Garden den Design from complete compl ete makeovers to planting schemes for small small or difficult areas areas of the gar garden den * Seasonal Se asonal pruning, pruning, division, moving moving and replanting of existing herbaceous herbaceous plants and shrubs * All plants supplied supplied at competitive com petitive prices * (Free Initial consultation) consultation)

General Handyman Home improvements Gardening / Outdoor Decorating Electrical Plumbing Design & ‘work with you’

Get all those odd jobs done by an experienced and fully insured handyman. No job is too small. All work guaranteed.

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Meredith’s Memories Those Blue Remembered Hills There are many people who have experienced the feeling of exhilaration on arriving at the summit of a hill by their own effort. You can board a railway train that will deliver you to the top of Snowdon, a wonderful opportunity for those folk who could never otherwise be there, but for fulfilment you must have arrived by your own effort.


It is not surprising that an Ashtead boy’s first acquaintance with a hill should be Box Hill. It can be approached by road via Headley when are not fully aware of your ascendance until you catch the first glimpse through the trees on the left of sudden spectacular views to the south. However, my first encounter with Box Hill was ascending by the chalk path which begins beside the Burford Bridge hotel, an exciting scramble for a small boy. As you climbed higher so the view opened up across the road, river and railway in the Mole Valley and beyond, the Denbies Estate, then of course before the days of the fabulous vineyard we know today. The gradient eased towards the top and then the wonderful panorama with Dorking town, Reigate Road and the great stretch of rolling countryside right down to the coast, all being helpfully indicated by arrows chiselled into the surface of the viewpoint monument.

Back to civvy street, a wedding, a new home and family and working on a new career in the family business - a busy life. When the children were young ou holidays were focused on them with venues like the south coast seaside or Huntingdon and the Fens which was Joyce’s home ground and was always a big attraction to the children. Here in the south east corner of Britain we are farthest from any mountain region. In 1966 when Robin was in his teens we decided to be adventurous and go for a two week holiday to Abergele on the north Wales coast. In retrospect I think there were mysterious subconscious thoughts about mountains going on in my mind about that destination.

Came the years of school and adolescence and the magic of the mountains was obscured by the shadow of the imminent war. For me, in my later service years in the RAF there came a period when the emotions were given a gentle stir. It was customary for service personnel to be given a few weeks’ respite from the blistering heat of the central plains of India and spend a refreshing period in the foothills of the Himalayas. It was wonderful to see for the first time that distant view of the snowcapped mountains of the Western Himalayas from Chakrata, our hill station, and from our viewpoint Nanda Devi dominated the range.

Upon our arrival Robin was thrilled to find that our chalet was a few yards away from the LMS Cambrian Coast Line railway line to Holyhead on Anglesey with steam trains frequently passing and we had to cross the line to get to the beach which was just across on the other side. The other exciting sight was two small mountains which dominated the view looking inland and not far away. Well, of course we were on the edge of Snowdonia.

Mr Meredith Worsfold was born in 1922, and still lives in the village of Ashtead and has written a book on the village entitled ‘Ashtead The Street in the 1920’s’ 74

Meredith Worsfold in 1930

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Ashtead Handyman No Job Too Small Free Estimates, Fully Insured Decorating, Gardening, General Maintenance

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“I have been advertising in the A&L Local magazine for over four years and I can categorically state that for me it has worked continuously and has provided work on a regular monthly basis. Presently, I have more work than I can handle.� Graham Sheargold, Help@Hand 75

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Local Kitchen & Bedroom Manufacturer Opens New Branch in Ashtead Renowned local kitchen and bedroom supplier, Heart of the Home, opened a new branch called ’Ashtead Kitchens & Bedrooms’ in Ashtead village at 24 The Street (opposite the Shell garage). Chris Grayling MP and dignitaries from local charity, Rianna’s Fund were all at the opening of the showroom on 3rd July. Run by Mike and Pauline Moran for over 25 years, and since the beginning of the year, Peter their son joined the team. Mike believes that the time is now right to expand in a market dominated by national kitchen and bedroom companies that don’t always understand the ethos of meeting the needs of the local community. Heart of the Home’s main showroom in Kingston Road, Leatherhead is slightly off the beaten track but its distinctive red antique van does turn a few heads. For the past 25 years Heart of the Home has been planning and installing kitchens and bedrooms and much of its business comes from recommendations, in fact having traded for so long Mike Moran has been to known to have repeat business, which is hard to imagine given the average life of a kitchen is over 15 years! Heart of the Home is actually rather different from the majority of kitchen and bedroom companies seen on the high street- they don’t sell expensive German kitchens, nor stocks pre-fabricated ‘standard’ units,- they actually manufacturer all of their products in Leatherhead; from real wood, to painted finishes (in any colour) their range of door styles surpasses those of the high street kitchen specialists, and their prices are more than competitive than some of the major players in the market today. Asked why he opened a new branch in Ashtead, Mike grins – ‘well it’s my home village, I have always had a fondness to people who live in Ashtead, they are so friendly. As a village it represents much of what I have always strived to be as a business, friendly and local… and I am sure the villagers would agree, as they are such vehement supporters of independent traders in their neighbourhood.’ As well as giving excellent service and supplying superb kitchens and bedrooms, Heart of the Home has teamed up with local charity, Rianna’s Fund’ by making a donation from all kitchens and bedrooms sold to the end of the year. Mike is very keen to support the good work they do, saying, ‘it is important that we do not turn away from suffering, just because it is not on our doorstep.’ Mike, Pauline and Peter Moran are very much looking forward to meeting their new customers at Ashtead Kitchens & Bedrooms.

Ashtead Kitchens & Bathrooms 24 The Street Ashtead KT21 2AH

01372 360502 76

sit As ou ht r n Ba ead ew 24 th K sh T ro itc ow As he om he ro KT ht St s a ns om 21 ea ree t & 2A d, t, H


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The Bull Inn – The Gas Showrooms

Red House – Fairmount House, Bull Hill

Leatherhead & District Local History Society Potted Histories No: 19

Fairmount House The Bull Inn - The Red House - Leatherhead Fairmount House on Bull Hill stands not only the site of the old Bull Inn, but also of the Red House which was behind the inn. The Inn was earlier called the Black Bull. The first known innkeeper was Thomas Williamson in 1798. Following this, the occupancy changed many times until finally at the turn 19th century the Thayer’s family ran it. It started with William Thayers and finally in 1925 by Mrs Alice Louisa Thayers. The forecourt of the Inn became a meeting place for the town and developed into a form of ‘Speakers Corner’. Latterly the Friary Brewery, Guildford, owned the Bull Inn. The inn was demolished in 1925 and the Leatherhead Gas & Lighting Company showrooms were built on the site. The Red House, formally Belmont Lodge, was originally the home of George Fish Richardson and was part of a large estate he sold in 1873. From 1915 to 1919 it was a WWI Red Cross hospital. For many years it was a residential hotel. In 1949 it was purchased by the Leatherhead Urban District Council as additional offices. It was also home to the local library. It was sold in 1985 for redevelopment as a commercial property. Fairmount House provides fully serviced accommodation for approximately 200 staff.

For information regarding Membership, Lectures and Museum opening hours contact: Leatherhead & District Local History Society, Leatherhead Museum Hampton Cottage, 64 Church Street, Leatherhead, KT22 8DP Tel: 01372 386348 mail to: Website: 78

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Celebrating Local Cultural Champions Mole Valley was well represented at the 2010 Arts & Business Cultural Champions reception held in Chatham, Kent. Hard-working Surrey residents Viv Colvill and Dick Jones were acknowledged for their support of arts and cultural organisations in the District. Mole Valley District

Pic L to R: Jonathan Shaw MP, Dick Jones, and Council nominated Viv Arts & Business Director Jane Chambers

and Dick as Cultural Champions. Viv was recognised for her work with the Leatherheadbased Freewheelers Theatre Company. Dick was recognised for his work with the Mole Valley Arts Alive Festival Committee.

The event, which took place at The Historic Dockyard in Chatham, was held to celebrate the work of those who are playing a vital role in supporting the arts at a local level. It publicly acknowledged their efforts and encouraged others to get involved. Viv Colvill is the director and volunteer general manager of The Freewheelers. The Leatherhead-based theatre group brings disabled and non-disabled actors, supporters and production teams together. Viv works tirelessly as a volunteer to fundraise for the company. She also helps to keep it up and running. Dick Jones is acting secretary of the Mole Valley Arts Alive Festival. He is also a local businessman. Arts Alive is a community arts festival. It takes place every October at venues across Mole Valley. The festival is now in its fourteenth year. Dick’s support has been invaluable. He has provided marketing advice and helped to raise the festival’s profile among local businesses. Mole Valley District Council also supports the event. The reception took place on 19 March 2010. It was hosted by Jonathan Shaw. At the time he was the Minister for the South East and MP for Chatham and Aylesford. Councillor Clare Curran, Portfolio Holder for Customer Services and Partnerships, said: “Events such as these are very important; the tireless work of local volunteers who are making a significant contribution to the local arts community should be acknowledged and celebrated.’

For more information visit or 80

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For A Clearer View Est. 1975

Glass cut to size Sealed Units Safety Glass Mirrors Glazing Table Tops & Shelves Local Delivery

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Across 7 Request company of (6) 8 Music bands (6) 9 Car storage space (4) 10 Scare (8) 11 Land workers (7) 13 Waste pipe (5) 15 Operating (5) 17 Adjoins (7) 20 Vital (8) 21 At end of finger (4) 23 Take away (6) 24 Tracked down (6) Down 1 Unfasten (4) 2 Target of crime (6) 3 Act on stage (7) 4 Repeat (5) 5 Female parent (6) 6 Desire for food (8)








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12 Soaked up (8) 14 Conveniences (7) 16 Country (6)

18 Tent fabric (6) 19 Spiral fixer (5) 22 Brainwave (4)

GENERAL KNOWLEDGE CROSSWORD Across 3. Pre-decimal coin worth two shillings and sixpence (4,5) 8. British county dissolved in 1996 (4) 9. Natives or inhabitants of Greece (8) 10. Breakfast food of untoasted dry cereals and fruits (6) 13. Country on the Iberian Peninsula (5) 14. Swiss cheese with small holes (7) 15. Nocturnal mammal (3) 16. London-based international news agency (7) 17. Same again (5) 21. Expensive white fur (6)

22. Line of longitude (8) 23. Bird symbolising peace (4) 24. Personification of icy or wintry weather (4,5) Down 1. Telling fortunes by the lines on the hand (9) 2. French part of the Riviera (4,5) 4. Small plant-sucking insect (5) 5. Hazelnut (7) 6. Lively Scottish dance (4) 7. Tiny, common UK bird (4) 11. Aviator hired to fly experimental aeroplanes in designed manoeuvres (4,5) 12. Instrument for recording the

number of steps taken (9) 14. Nitrogen, for example (3) 15. Metal container in which coal or charcoal is burned (7) 82

18. Roman goddess of love (5) 19. Salty Greek cheese (4) 20. Mammal having partially webbed feet; valued for its fur (4)

Solutions in next month’s edition

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Transition Ashtead How things change! At a party in the 1970’s (giving my age away now!), I remember discussing environmental issues with friends – they were very “green” way back then, when green was a very unfashionable colour. I recall thinking they were naïve and idealistic and that, lovely people as they were, they weren’t in the real world. I thought the real world was governed by economic growth, consumer demand, human greed (I wasn’t entirely wrong…) and that “greenery” would never catch on against the powerful established economy. Thirty-odd years on, their views, which were Local honey for sale pretty marginal then, are now mainstream and my at Ashtead Village Day views as a twenty–something seem rather dated. The vast majority of the scientific community is now agreed that human activity is almost certainly affecting CO2 levels and causing global climate change and that we must act now to reduce emissions. The government is convinced the issue needs tackling – we now have the Climate Change Act of 2008 on the statute books, with a legal requirement to reduce carbon emissions by 34% by 2020 and 80% by 2050 from a 1990 baseline. Urban greening, biodiversity and the environment are all major concerns of our new government. “The Coalition; our programme for government”, says that we need to encourage sustainable food production. There is now a legal requirement for new commercial buildings to have zero carbon emissions. We now have public companies, understanding the importance of this issue, vying to outdo each others green credentials. Gas guzzling cars are less popular now. More people are cycling to work. Re-cycling and re-using is becoming automatic. We are building wind farms, part of a strategy to both shield us from energy uncertainty and reduce carbon emissions. At a local level, we have a Sustainability Officer on MVDC. In fact, everywhere you look, we are being encouraged to tread more lightly on our planet. At a very local level, Transition Ashtead is promoting sustainable living in our village, with action groups concerned with reducing ‘food miles’ by growing and obtaining local food, and home energy conservation. Transition Ashtead’s aim is to help with the “transition” to a lower carbon lifestyle. We all have energy-hungry habits that with a little thought and practice we can change, to be more earth-friendly. As our name implies, it’s a transition rather than a sudden change that we are encouraging. Small steps in the right direction begin to alter your mind-set and before you know it, you are being greener than you ever thought possible. How things change! Have you caught up with the mainstream yet? Chris Ellis Get involved locally – join one of our Action Groups; the Food Group or the Home Energy Group would welcome new members. Or tell us what groups you’d like to see started! For more information about Transition Ashtead or to join any of our Action Groups, see our website at Contact our Secretary Derek Smith on 01372 378914or email 84

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ODD JOBS, REPAIRS, DECORATING, GENERAL MAINTENANCE SORTED OUT - NOW Thinking of moving house? List of jobs that never get done? Rooms looking tired?

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Help@Hand is your local handyman service based around the Dorking, Leatherhead and surrounding areas. The Principal, Graham Sheargold sees there’s a desperate need for someone to offer a service that tackles odd jobs, small repairs, decorating and general maintenance. Hubby is busy; relatives and friends don’t have the time. The result - NOTHING GETS DONE! “Don’t worry, Help@Hand is here for you. I don’t tackle specialise trade work, but if you need furniture assembling, doors or mirrors hanging, painting or decorating then I can help. I also fit grab and hand rails, clean patios, renovate sheds, fit shelving, pictures etc, etc. All those little jobs that never get done. Thinking of moving? Rooms looking tired? Would your home benefit from a little TLC? Ask about my special makeover - a lot can be achieved in just a few days.

Call me if I can help. Advice is FREE and all work is fully guaranteed and insured. Help@Hand is here for you - Call

Graham on 07890 358408 now!!


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Battery……………………….....£80 Rear Silencer………………...£135 Centre Silencer………...…....£145 Timing Belt…………………...£275


Front Brake Pads…………………...£95 Rear Brake Pads/Shoes………..….£95 Front Brake Pads & Discs………..£245 Front Wipers……………………......£25


Ashtead £1650pcm

Ashtead £1950pcm

Ashtead £1995pcm


Leatherhead £225,000

Leatherhead £237,950

Leatherhead £349,950

Ashtead £484,950

Ashtead £499,999

Ashtead £560,000

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