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Ashtead Community Vision Consultation exercise for possible housing development under way Ashtead Neighbourhood Forum and its working group Ashtead Community Vision (ACV) have been busy plying Village streets with copies of the latest newsletter as part of the site assessment consultation process.

residents have had their say on the assessments, ACV will review all comments, amend the assessments where necessary and present the revisions to the Forum. The Forum will review, amend as necessary and agree the assessments before their submission to Mole Valley District Council by 23rd May 2014. Mole Valley councillors will have the final say in deciding which, if any, Ashtead sites are included in their draft Housing and Traveller Sites Plan, to be issued towards the end of 2014. However, this is our opportunity to Together with the website and emailing our ensure that they do so in full knowledge of the contacts, the consultation exercise is picking up pace. So, if you haven’t seen the newsletter views of Ashtead residents. then please take a look at the ACV website and check your letter box to see if you’ve had a Site Name Location copy. You can also find copies in Ashtead library if you’re passing down Woodfield lane. Lime Tree Lodge Farm Lane An open morning at Ashtead Peace Memorial th Hall (APMH) will be held on the 29 March. Ashtead Park Garden Centre Pleasure Pit Road (see below). The need is, of course, for the community to take note and comment on the site assessment work that has been undertaken by ACV. In total ten sites in Ashtead have been put forward for possible housing development. Each of these sites (see list below) has been put forward by their owner and has been assessed by ACV. A number of residents have incorrectly suggested that ACV is putting forward development sites, but that is not the case. ACV’s role is merely to assess any sites where the landowner wishes to develop. For each site, ACV have prepared a document describing the issues that need to be considered by Mole Valley, including access, travel, landscape, biodiversity, heritage and local infrastructure. As with the Green Belt Boundary Review, we need feedback from local residents to ensure that we have identified all the points that should be considered and to gauge local opinion. All the documents are on the website as is a survey where comments can be made. This consultation will run from 24th February until 6th April 2014 with a two hour open morning being held at Ashtead Peace Memorial Hall at 10am on Saturday 29th March. Once

Murreys Court

Agates Lane

Old Chalk Pit

Pleasure Pit Road

Land at Rookery Hill and Farm Lane

Farm Lane

Sylvacote and Avenue Cottage

Park Lane

Land South of Ermyn Way

Ermyn Way

Chace Farm

The Warren

Land South of Sandpipers

The Warren

Land at The Pines

Farm Lane

For further information go to the website at: www.ashteadcommunityvision.org.uk You can also find us on Facebook and Twitter @AshteadCV John Morgan ACV member


Profile for Ashtead Leatherhead

Ashtead & leatherhead april 14  

Issue 102, April 2014. Never underestimate the importance of community.

Ashtead & leatherhead april 14  

Issue 102, April 2014. Never underestimate the importance of community.