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ASHTEAD RESIDENTS’ ASSOCIATION Founded 1945 AGM and Spring Meeting

The Annual General Meeting of the Ashtead Residents’ Association is to be held on Tuesday 24th April commencing at 7.30pm in the Ashtead Peace Memorial Hall. At 8pm we will have members of the Watch on duty from Leatherhead Fire Station talking to us about safety in the home and in the car after which they will answer any questions you might have on Fire Safety. Please come along to the Hall to find out how to make sure your homes and cars are safe.

Ashtead Station

For the observant amongst you, residents will have seen that work has started on clearing the site to extend the station car park. Once completed this will add many more spaces to the existing car park and make it easier to park once the commuters have used their spaces. However having more spaces available is all well and good, but if Meteor continues to increase ticket prices, more and more commuters will leave their cars in residential roads around the station. Already residents are complaining about inconsiderate parking in Oakfield Road, Woodfield and Woodfield Close, not to mention the Berg Estate. It makes little business sense to continually increase prices just to drive existing customers away to find alternative sites in residential roads near to the station. Surely it is more economic to keep prices at a reasonable level thus attracting more customers to use both the existing and the enlarged facility. Similarly affected are Albert Road and Grove Road but this is more from people working in The Street or nearby offices. In addition those roads close to schools in Ashtead become very congested at school

drop-off and collection times. Driveways are often blocked and verges ruined by inconsiderate parking leading to occasional confrontations. Residents should be aware that the Police and Mole Valley Parking Wardens are patrolling these areas and warning drivers, and persistent offenders will receive a Fixed Penalty Fine. If your street is affected either by commuter parking or long term parking for other reasons let us know. Email us at Whilst the current round of parking reviews is already underway we can ensure those roads affected are brought to the attention of Surrey Highways when the next review is undertaken.


Whilst on the subject of parking, Tesco have now submitted their plans for the Metro store in The Street. They will be employing numerous people to staff the new store and they hope to recruit many of these locally via a Jobs Fair to be held at the APMH. We believe Tesco have made provision for 6 off-site staff parking spaces, but despite this the Residents’ Association believe that many staff will drive to Ashtead and will park in local streets adding further to the congestion and the inconvenience of local residents. In addition it is believed the capacity of the APMH Car Park will be exceeded on occasion when an event is being held and this will either force people to not attend the event, or make prospective shoppers drive on to Leatherhead or Epsom. SAVE are organising a count to verify Tesco’s assertions and could do with help. Email them to offer assistance on

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Enclose a cheque for £2.50 payable to Ashtead Residents’ Association Please send to: Mrs C Ansett, 28 Grove Road, Ashtead, KT21 1BE Tel: 07733 621614 | Web: If you would like to receive information from the Residents’ Association via email, please visit the Contact Us page on the web site. 8

The Ashtead & Leatherhead Local  

Issue 78, Febuary 2012. Never underestimate the importance of community.

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