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Ladie adiess - ddon’t on’t ssuffer uffer in ssilenc ilencee iit’s t’s more common than you tthink hink Incontin continence ence is a pr prob oblem lem suffere suffered d by many women, just just look at these statistics statistics:: • One in 14 women aged aged 1515-44 44 • One in seven women aged 45-65 45-65 ve women aged aged over 65 • One in fifive There are lots of tre treatm atments ents ope open n to you ranging fro from m simple mple physiot physiothe herapy rapy,, pelvic pelvic floor floor exercises, exercises, medication and, si furt fu rther her down down the the lin line, e, si simple mple and straightf straightforward orward surgi su rgica call procedures w whic hich h could help you you..

The Clockhouse, Epsom

Mr Roger Roger Walk Walker, er, Consulta Consultant nt Urologist Urologist and Urogyn gynaec aecologist ologist,, has had had ov over er 20 yyears ears’’ ex experie perienc ncee in Uro thee fiel th field d and and works out of th thee Clockhous Clockhousee Med Medical ical PPra ractice ctice in Epsom, Epsom, Asht Ashtead ead Hospital Hospital an and d St Antho nthony’s ny’s Hosp Hospital ital in in North Cheam. Cheam. If you woul would d lik likee a completely confi confidentia dentiall consulta onsultation tion with with him to disc discuss uss how he he can help help you you,, pl pleas easee conta contact ct his of offic fice, e, deta details ils below: below:

Contact Mr Walker’ Contact Walker’ss PA, PA, Michèle Michèle Burton on 01372 27516 275161 1 (option 6) or via email email on on mi michele@su chele@surre rreymedi ymedicalg calgro roup.c o.ukk Forr mo more re informa information tion visit visit www.roger ger-wa -walke Fo

We llook ook for forward ward to he hearing aring from from you You no longer have have to suffer suffer in in silence silence - we we ca can n hel help p 51

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