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CEL BRAND SOUND LEVEL METERS Octave & 1/3 Octave NOISE DOSIMETERS Miniature Shoulder-Worn




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WHO WE ARE With offices spanning the globe, Ashtead Technology is one of the world’s leading providers of specialty inspection, testing and monitoring instrumentation. Our customers are found in industries as diverse as construction, power, manufacturing, survey, geotechnical, oil and gas and telecommunications, which means that we are accustomed to meeting tight deadlines and providing unique solutions to daily challenges. As you will find in this Products and Services Guide, we specialize in Environmental Monitoring, NonDestructive Testing (NDT), Remote Visual Inspection (RVI) and CEMS and Specialty Gas. We dedicate all of our resources to staying ahead of the ever advancing technologies these fields require for testing, sampling, monitoring, detecting or analyzing. In June 2008 the management team, with backing from Phoenix Equity Partners (based London) successfully acquired the business in a management buyout from Ashtead Group plc., making Ashtead Technology a truly independent company. The Group is totally focused and committed to putting technical equipment into the hands of those who need it, either through short, medium or long term rental, as well as alternative financial offerings, including innovative programs such as our Rent To Own (RTO) and Perpetual Rental Program (PRP). Throughout our development, we have invested heavily in our equipment – keeping the fleet up-todate, in top condition and always ensuring that we have what you need available at short notice. Our commitment to the customer is simple – we provide technical advice on what to rent and how to use it; our availability of equipment is second to none and all our equipment is tested and ready for use.

THE ADVANTAGE OF RENTING Renting is the most cost-effective way to utilize a piece of equipment without incurring all of the expenses associated with ownership, allowing your financial resources to be dedicated to your company’s core activities. Projects, deadlines and your requirements change, so it’s important to have all of the required equipment at hand. More and more organizations are switching to renting because of the economical advantages and convenience.

ASHTEAD TECHNOLOGY’S PERPETUAL RENTAL PROGRAM Our Perpetual Rental Program takes the benefits of renting even further by completely eliminating the return process. What is even better, this plan comes at a fraction of our standard monthly rate and still gives you continued access to our 24/7 technical support. Our PRP allows you to have all of the benefits of ownership and all of the advantages of renting.

RENT-TO-OWN AND SALES Ashtead Technology now offers the option of rent-to-own as well as new and used equipment sales. Call us now to speak with a customer service representative about your equipment needs or visit our website for an updated list of instruments for sale.

REPAIR AND CALIBRATION SERVICE In order for your equipment to function properly it requires routine calibration and maintenance. This process often requires your instrument to be sent back to the manufacturer, which can be expensive and cause you to be without your equipment for extended periods of time. Time you may not have. Let Ashtead Technology perform this service for you! Our factory trained technicians can diagnose and repair your equipment at our ISO: 9001 certified facility.






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Ambient Air Monitoring Cleanroom Performance Testing Confined Space Entry Global Positioning Hazardous Waste Investigation HVAC Instruments Indoor Air Quality Industrial Hygiene Positive Material Identification (PMI) Sound, Noise & Vibration Monitoring

Coating Inspection/Ultrasonic Thickness Ultrasonic Flaw Detectors ACFM Eddy Current Ground Penetrating Radar Concrete Testing Positive Material Identification (PMI) Tank Inspection Hardness Testers Specialty Instruments

Toxic Gas Monitoring

43 Water Quality Instruments 44 Specialty Instruments

EPA Protocol Gases Ambient Air Analyzers EPA Source Analyzers NO/NO2/NOX EPA Source Analyzers NO/NO2/NOX/O2/CO EPA Source Analyzers NOX/SO2/CO/CO2/O2 EPA Source Analyzers O2/CO2 Total Hydrocarbon Analyzers (FID) Combustion Analyzers Probes, Conditioning Equipment & Accessories


Underground Location Water Monitoring Instruments



Videoprobes Thermal Cameras Pipe Inspection Cameras/Tractors High Speed Video Cameras & RVI Accessories

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Metric Conversions SapphIRe Library INNOV-X Library Niton Library Niton XLt 898 Library Glossary Category Index Product Index 800-242-3910



NON-DESTRUCTIVE TESTING Our stock of equipment for Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) features highly sophisticated and reliable technologies for flaw detection, crack depth and propagation measurements. Instruments from Ashtead Technology are used to inspect and test a wide array of components, including subsea welds and fabrications. Our NDT inventory encompasses thickness meters, ultrasonic scanning equipment and recording systems, hand held eddy current inspection devices, magnetic particle inspection, thermography and electrotechniques.


Cygnus Thickness Gauges

Holiday and Pinhole Detectors

• Cygnus 1 Intrinsically Safe Thickness Meter • Cygnus 1 Underwater Thickness Gauge

• Elcometer 236 DC Holiday Detector • Elcometer 270-4 Pinhole Detector • Tinker & Rasor AP/W Holiday Detector Porosity Pin Hole Detector • Tinker & Rasor Model M/1 Holiday Detector

Our hand-held Cygnus thickness gauges measure the thickness of metals to determine corrosion defects or wall loss without having to remove surface coatings. The Intrinsically Safe Thickness Meter can be used in a hazardous atmosphere. The Underwater Thickness Gauge is watertight and pressure tested to 984’ depth.


±0.0984 to 3.933” (2.5 to 99.9mm); with 2.25MHz probe


±0.0984 to 7.784” (2.5 to 200mm); with 2.25MHz probe

These instruments are ideal for locating holidays, pin holes and voids in an electrically resistant coating over an electrically conductive surface (such as painted metal). Our detectors supply various output voltages and include a wide range of accessories suitable for any of your inspection needs. The Elcometer 236 DC has a measurement range of 0 to 7.5mm (0 to 300mils). It can operate up to 12 hours and minimizes damage to surfaces and coatings sometimes common with other high voltage systems. The Elcometer 270 is a high quality, low voltage tester which utilizes the wet sponge technique. It has three voltage settings for measurements up to 300 to 500 microns (12 to 20mils). The AP/W by Tinker & Rasor is adaptable for use on both large and small diameter piping as well as flat surfaces. This detector is the only high voltage holiday detector proven to work in rainy conditions. The Tinker & Rasor Model M/1 is highly accurate at locating holidays in thin film protective coatings and uses the wet sponge method.



Cygnus 1 Intrinsically Safe Thickness Meter and Underwater Thickness Gauge

Elcometer 270-4 Pinhole Detector and Tinker & Rasor AP/W Holiday Detector Porosity Pin Hole Detector 800-242-3910



Olympus 37 DL Plus and 38DL Plus

DM4 Thickness Gauge and GE DMS2 Thickness Gauge


Olympus Thickness Gauges

GE Thickness Gauges


• DMS2 • DM4

Olympus thickness gages include a wide range of features available for enhanced gage performance. Ultrasonic thickness gauges listen for echoes and measure virtually any material such as plastics, metals, and internally corroded materials. Measurement of extruded plastics and rolled metals is possible as is measurement of individual coatings in multilayer materials.

GE Ultrasonic Thickness Gauges are designed to improve safety and ensure reliability of material subject to corrosion or erosion. Corrosion gauges with their dual-element transducers are the primary inspection tool used to measure the remaining walls of components such as pipelines, pressure vessels, storage tanks, and numerous other applications.


0.003 to 25” (0.080 to 635.00mm), depending on material, transducer surface condition, temperature and SETUP selected



0.003 to 25” (0.080 to 635.00mm), depending on material, transducer surface condition, temperature and SETUP selected

0.008” to 25.00” (0.2mm to 635mm) in steel, in standard operation, depending on the probe, material and surface .008” to 25.00” (0.2mm to 635mm) in steel, in standard operation, depending on the probe, material and surface


0.25” to 20.00” (.64 to 500mm) depending on probe material, surface condition, and temperature


Olympus MultiScan 5800ERU • Setup wizard simplifies equipment calibration for different tube diameters and materials, also generates the reporting code for the inspection • UT settings can be modified during the C scan acquisition to quickly optimize signal detection • Real-time and continuous color C-scans reduces missed flaws with C-scan displays. Enhance the quality and appearance of reports by including color maps and cross-section views of defects • Option to rent with IRIS Kit (See Right)

Number of pulsers 1 channel in pulse-echo mode Sampling rate

8 bit 100MHz

Transducer frequencies

10 and 15MHz

Pulse repetition rate

Up to 20 kHz

Dynamic gain (linear amplifier)

70dB, 1dB steps

A-scan length

32 to 8,092 points

High-pass filter

None, 2, 5, 10 (MHz)

Data-acquisition synchronization

Time, continuous, position, or external


2 quadrature encoders and digital inputs (requires MultiView 6.1 or higher)



Olympus IRIS Tube Inspection Probe Kit • • • • •

Ultrasonic Internal Rotating Inspection System (IRIS) Pit depth measurement cursors Display of wall loss (%) and remaining wall Real-time C-scan acquisition For the inspection of ferrous, nonferrous and nonmetallic tubing used in applications such as air coolers, boilers, heat exchangers, and feedwater heaters • Ability to distinguish between external and internal conditions without effects from the bundle construction such as stiffeners, baffles, tube sheet and supports • Used extensively for remote field, magnetic flux leakage and eddy current inspections • IRIS probe kit rents alone or with the Olympus Multiscan 5800-U

The IRIS Probe Kit includes:

IRIS probe spare parts Repair kit IRIS setup cheat sheet (waterproof) Small parts multiple bin box Large waterproof carrying case

Olympus Multiscan 5800

IRIS Tube Inspection Probe Kit





Olympus OmniScan MX 16:128 & 32:128

Olympus OmniScan MX

Olympus HydroFORM scanner

• Shock, impact and water resistant • Interchangeable modular design that automatically detects and presets system according to chosen module • Module can be changed and installed onto the platform in a matter of seconds and without any tools • Probe iD feature to automatically identify and configure the system for the connected probe • Ultrasound, Phased Array and Time-Of-FlightDiffraction (TOFD) inspection techniques are all supported • Option to rent with OmniScan Hand Scanner and TomoView Lite Software (See Right)

Display Size and Resolution

8.4” (diagonal), 800 x 600 pixels

Data Storage

Compact Flash Card, USB Storage device or Ethernet Internal 32Mb DiskOnChip©, 200Mb data file size

I/0 Ports

3 x USB ports, 10-100Mb/s Ethernet port, Speaker & Video out, Microphone and Video in

I/0 Lines

2 x Digital inputs TTL, 4 x Digital output, TTL, 2 x Analogue outputs (12bits) ±5V, RS-232 or RS-385 remote communication

Olympus HydroFORM • The HydroFORM scanner is designed to offer the best inspection solution for detecting wall thickness reductions due to corrosion, abrasion and erosion. • First commercially available semiautomated phased array product for corrosion mapping applications • Scanner concept creates a local immersion technique that enables conforming to rough and uneven surfaces • Quick radius adjustment allows inspection of different curvatures - no wedges needed

TomoView Lite Software • Incorporates the main TomoView features such as volumetric views, merged views and multichannel display • Merging of multiple data files into one single file • Display of all merged data in a single pane (volumetric merge) • Creation, saving and import of weld overlays • Powerful measurements and statistics using rectangular selection cursors • Defect table editing and creation (with defect positions and dimensions) • Embedded Report Generator • Support for conventional UT, TOFD and phased array data


Olympus Epoch XT

Olympus Shearwave Kit

• Dynamic DAC/TVG Standard • Host USB Port for direct printing and storage to USB drives • Client USB Port for PC communication • Sealed to withstand harsh environments

• Single element contact transducers introduce shear waves directly into the test piece without the use of refracted wave mode conversion • Generate shear waves which propagate perpendicular to the test surface • For ease of alignment, the direction of the polarization of shear waves is nominally in line with the right angle connector • The ratio of the longitudinal to shear wave components is generally below -30 dB • For use with ultrasonic flaw detectors

• • • • •

Designed to meet IP67 requirements EN 12668-1 compliant Option to rent with Shearwave Kit (See Right) Epoch IV model also available Available with B-Scan



Olympus Epoch XT Transducer Connections

BNC or Number 1 Lemo (BNC rated to IP67)

Environmental Ratings

Explosive Atmosphere approved per MILSTD-810F, Procedure 1, NFPA 70E, Section 500, Class 1, Div. 2, Group D

Data Storage

Up to 10,000 IDs with Waveforms, Measurements, and Setup Parameters





Olympus Bondmaster 1000+ • • • •

Olympus Bondmaster 1000+

Over 30 digital receiver filter selections 6kHz pulse repetition rate for high speed scanning Automatic phased array probe recognition Intuitive wedge delay and sensitivity calibration for all focal laws • IP66 environmental rating for harsh environments • Allows for any size alarm box which can be defined and located anywhere on screen • A high performance choice for applications in the manufacturing, maintenance and repair of composite materials

Frequency Range

250Hz to 1.5MHz


-10 to 50.0dB

Analog Output Update

Rate continuous in MIA and resonance modes Data available at repetition rate in all pitch/catch modes

Alarm Logic

Positive or negative alarm gate

Battery Life

6 to 8hrs


Up to 20 screens and 100 instrument setups




Olympus Epoch 600 The EPOCH 600 user interface is based on the industry approved EPOCH 1000 Series imaging flaw detector. The EPOCH 600 combines a simple menu structure for instrument settings, calibration and software feature adjustment, with the EPOCH brand’s hallmark direct-access key approach for critical inspection functions such as gain and gate adjustment, screen freeze, and file save. Supported in multiple languages, the EPOCH 600 user interface is intuitive for any level of operator. • • • • • • • •

Designed to meet the requirements of EN12668-1 PerfectSquare tunable square wave pulser Digital high dynamic range receiver Eight digital filters for enhanced signal-to-noise ratio 2 kHz PRF for rapid scanning Large, full VGA sunlight readable display Standard dynamic DAC/TVG and onboard DGS/AVG 2 GB MicroSD memory card for data transfers and storage


Tunable Square Wave


0 to 110 dB

Test modes

Pulse Echo, Dual, or Through Transmission


1 mm to 10,160 mm (0.039 in. to 400 in.)

Battery Life

12 h to 13 h (lithium-ion), 3 h (alkaline)


50,000 IDs onboard, removable 2 GB MicroSD card (standard)

Olympus Epoch 600





TSC Amigo ACFM Topside Site Inspection System TSC manufacture inspection systems that use the patented ACFM technique. These systems allow operators to deploy non-contacting ACFM probes with only minimal cleaning requirements saving significant time and money. A modern ACFM inspection system comprises a field-inducing probe with state-of-the-art low noise analogue electronics coupled with a built in control system and easy-to-use Microsoft Windows based analysis software.

TSC Amigo ACFM Topside Site Inspection System

• • • • • •

Small, light system with a long battery life Support for simple array probe Reliable surface-breaking crack detection and sizing (length and depth) Rapid scanning using a hand-held probe Capable of inspecting through thin metallic coatings or through non-conducting coatings several millimeters thick PC or laptop required for operation (available as optional rental item)

Power Cable Length

16.4’ (5m) standard Probe Extension Cable (10m) Up to two 20m extension cables may be used together with the probe to yield a 50m maximum length (optional rental items)

Serial Communications Cable

Standard cable length 16.4’ (5m)

Environmental Protection

IP 54 rated


GE/Phasec and Olympus Eddy Current Meters • GE/Phasec Locator 2 Handheld Eddy Current Meter • GE/Phasec Locator 3 Handheld Eddy Current Meter • Olympus Nortec 500D Eddy Current Flaw Detector The Eddy Current instruments from GE/Phasec and Olympus are designed to detect flaws on ferrous and non-ferrous metals and are suitable for almost all eddy current applications.



Olympus MultiScan 5800 ERU • • • •

High-Speed RFT with multifrequency MFL with multichannel capability Can be configured as a single or multiple technique system using eddy current, remote field and magnetic flux leakage • Can also perform manual or automated inspection • PC-based and equipped with user-friendly software packages • Available with MS5800 Probe Adapter Kit (See Below)

Operating Frequency


120 VAC or 220 VAC ±10%, automatic selection, 48 Hz to 63 Hz


100Hz to 6MHz in 47 Steps (10 steps/decade with 7 at MHz level)



10Hz to 10MHz

-20° to 45°C operating ambient -20° to 70°C storage 95% relative humidity, non-condensed


50Hz - 12MHz

Computer Interface

100B-T Fast Ethernet

GE/Phasec Locator 2 Handheld Eddy Current Meter and Olympus Nortec 500D Eddy Current Flaw Detector

MS5800 Probe Adapter Kit • • • • •

Scientific Tech MFL Adapter MFL Probe Wall Loss Adapter Universal RFT Zetec Adapter ECT Bobbin Adapter ECT Air Con Adapter

Olympus MultiScan 5800 ERU





Eddy Current Flaw Detectors • Staveley Nortec 2000D+ • Zetec MIZ 21SR Multimode

Zetec MIZ 21SR Multimode Eddy Current/ Bond Tester Kit and Staveley Nortec® 2000D+

The Nortec 2000D+ eddy current flaw detector features multiple scanner support, single or dual frequency, digital conductivity and non-conductive coating measurement. The MIZ 21SR combines eddy current with two types of bond testing methods (resonance and sondicator). It also includes a built-in mode to measure conductivity and coating thickness across a broad frequency range.

Operating Frequency STAVELEY NORTEC 2000D+

Single channel frequency range 50Hz to 12MHz


50Hz to 8MHz

Zetec MIZ 28 Eddy Current Flaw Detector • Combines both multiplexed and simultaneous injection (SI) technologies into one box • Multiplexed frequencies provides the best detection capabilities – from surface cracks to deep flaws • Simultaneous injection eddy current technology offers the highest testing speeds and supports remote field testing (RFT) • Tests most tube materials including magnetic alloys such as carbon steel • Optional RFT Amplifier supplies the high drive voltages that generate the stronger magnetic field necessary to discriminate the flaws from good material in magnetic products • Zetec MIZ 27 Eddy Current Flaw Detector also available

Frequency Range Drive Sample Rate

Zetec MIZ 28 Eddy Current Flaw Detector


5Hz to 10MHz 0 - 20Vpp Multiplexed mode - Operator adjustable up to 15,600 s/s for 1 frequency; 3,900 s/s for 4 frequencies S1 mode - Operator adjustable up to 15, 600 s/s at 4 frequencies 40GB internal hard drive


MALÅ Geoscience Easy Locator Ground Penetrating Radar • Detects subsurface metallic and non-metallic materials including plastics, concrete, ceramics, asphalt composite and locates cables, pipes, duct banks, conduits or depth to bedrock • Supports two antennas with different resolution/ depth ratio for detecting utilities at various depths • Backup on-screen cursor function for precise locating of an object • Environmental rating of IP66 • Designed with rough terrain cart and large diameter wheels provide much needed ground clearance (Offroad Model)





Est. Max. Depth Penetration

9’ (3m)

12’ (4m)

15’ (5m)

Offroad Model Est. Max. Depth Penetration

9’ (3m)

12’ (4m)

15’ (5m)

Operating Time

5hrs single/10hrs double battery pack 8hrs with/16hrs without monitor (Offroad Model)



Concrete Radar • MALÅ Geosciences CX-11 Concrete Radar • JRC Concrete Radar The MALÅ and JRC concrete penetrating radar systems enable you to locate and identify energized power cables, rebar, post-tension cables and many other metallic and non-metallic objects.


Downloadable data with USB port 13’ cable included 1.6 GHz Antenna and 1.2GHz Antenna (pending FCC approval) Options: 50/60Hz sensor (sensativity 300uV, 14bits)


Covering depth: 5 to 300mm (For top reinforcement while the relative dielectric constant of concrete is 6.2 and the reinforcing steel bar diameter is 6mm or more

MALÅ Geoscience Easy Locator Ground Penetrating Radar and Offroad Model

MALÅ Geoscience CX-11 and JRC Concrete Radar





HR and Proceq Rebar Locators • HR Rebar Locator • Proceq Profometer 5 Rebar Locator

HR Rebar Locator and Proceq Profometer 5

Proceq Schmidt Concrete Hardness Tester

The HR and Proceq rebar locators can pinpoint the location, depth and size of rebar and other ferrous metal objects in up to 10” of cover. Rugged construction and over 8 hours of continuous operation make these the ideal instruments for field use.


Single unit construction; no physical strain for operator or probe cord to snag or break Easy to read analog display


Non-volatile memory for 40,000 measured values, graphical LCD display, software for printing and transfer to PC

Proceq Schmidt Concrete Hardness Tester • Establishes compressive strength of concrete (fc) by measuring the hardness (rebound value R) of the concrete surface with the conversion curves • Type N hammer is designed for testing concrete items 4” (100mm) or more in thickness, or concrete with a maximum particle size less than or equal to 1.25” (32mm) • The Type NR hammer provides a record of test data • Both hammers are also used for the testing of massive rock • Assess concrete quality (in-situ) pre-fabricated structures

TYPE N: Measuring Range

1,450 to 10,150psi (10 to 70N/mm² compressive strength) (below 25N/mm² type P is better suited)

Impact Energy

1.6’/lbs (2,207 Nm)

TYPE NR: Measuring Range

10 to 70 N/mm² compressive strength




Oxford Instruments Arc Met 8000 • • • • • • •

Designed to identify all the key elements in metals, including carbon and other light elements Ideal for ferrous and non-ferrous metals: low alloy steels Analysis takes place in the probe, not in the main unit – giving optimum accuracy since the signal is not weakened Probe has an integral display – no need to return to the main unit to view results Probe designed with integrated keyboard 1 probe, 2 noses – easy to switch between the airpath nose or the argon nose Argon model available


Flat field holographic grating Full spectrum recording Wavelength range: 185-370 nm, SP option from 175nm


Carbon and low alloy steels Cr Steels Cr Ni Steels Ni Alloys

Battery Life

4 to 5 hours

Protection Rating


Arc Met 8000





Positive Material Identification Niton XL3t

XLp Series 818

Our Thermo Scientific and Innov-XRF analyzers are capable of undertaking a variety of both industrial and environmental monitoring applications. Whether your job requires the analysis of alloy chemistry, grade ID or soil concentration of metals or screening of electronics and consumer goods we have an analyzer to fit your conditions.

This XRF analyzer utilizes a rugged x-ray tube instead of radioactive isotopes, drastically reducing radiation licensing issues and may be carried and shipped without hazardous materials restrictions. Regulatory requirements for PMI instruments vary widely from state to state and certification or licensing may be required prior to rental, contact us for details. Customers must possess a user license with Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission prior to shipment of the Niton Xlp radioactive source-based analyzers. License applications may be attained from the CNSC.

Thermo XL3t GOLDD+

Standard grade libraries available in the Appendix for Innov-X: pg. v-vi, Niton: pg. vii-x.

• Thermo Scientific Niton XL3t Features a high-performance thermoelectrically cooled detector, 80 MHz real-time digital signal processing and dual state-of-the-art embedded processors. Includes Ag anode with optional light element analysis package and additional elements including Mg, Al, Si, and P via helium purge.

• Thermo Scientific Niton XLp Series 818 Alloy Analyzers This high-resolution silicon PIN diode detector system will identify many metallic components, including steel, brass, copper and titanium alloys. Ergonomic design includes touch screen data entry RS-232 port for PC integration.

Thermo Scientific Niton XLt 898D The 898 XLt features patented high-speed electronics for unequaled performance. It is capable of analyzing multiple elements via X-ray fluorescence spectroscopy.

• Thermo Scientific Niton XL3t GOLDD+ The XL3t handheld x-ray fluorescence (XRF) analyzer combines purpose-built, proprietary electronics with an ergonomic design and easy-to-use software, transforming XRF analysis. Includes a consumer product testing mode.


MFE Tank Floor Scanners

Jireh Tripod TR20 Crawler

• MFE 2412 Mark II

• Three rare-earth magnets allow the crawler to climb vertical, horizontal, and inverted surfaces • Three wheeled computerized drive system allows the Tripod to rotate 360° on its own axis with virtually no wheel skidding • Utilizing a unique linkage the Tripod’s magnetic drive wheels automatically remain perpendicular to the pipe surface • Onboard intelligence provides functionality, flexibility and expandability

• MFE 1212 Mark II The MFE scanners are fully portable and easy to use instruments. Both feature 12-channel LED displays, aluminum and stainless steel construction for lightness, strength and corrosion resistance and are completely self-contained. The 1212 Mark II is a supplemental scanner to the larger 2421 Mark II and was designed to allow the scanning of areas that the large scanning heads can not access. This instrument is ideal for inspecting uneven or small areas and is not intended as a standalone scanner for large areas.

Vertical Lifting Capacity

30lbs (on standard painted surface)

Min. External Tank/Pipe Range

24” outside diameter



MFE 2412 Mark II Tank Floor Scanner

Min. internal Tank 72” internal diameter Range Environmental Sealing

NEMA 4, IP65

Drive Wheel Magnetic Strength

200lbs each

Steering Wheel Magnetic Strength


Jireh Tripod TR20 Crawler





Hardness Testers • Equotip 2 and 3 Hardness Tester • GE DynaPocket Hardness Tester • GE MIC 10 Portable Hardness Tester Our hardness testers are ideal for testing aluminum, aluminum alloys, copper, brass and other materials including plastics and fiberglass. Portability and accuracy make these instruments perfect for on-site inspections and small spaces.

GE MIC 10, GE DynaPocket and Equotip Hardness Tester


Hardness testing from 25 to 50 Brinell (10mm ball 500 kg load)


Tests the hardness of metallic materials ranging from very low to very high


Pocket-size hardness tester for immovable and hard to access objects


Utilizes the UCI Principal which allows for testing in any direction

Want to know more?

THE PERPETUAL RENTAL PROGRAM With the PRP you get to use our equipment continuously as if it were your own, but we coordinate the yearly maintenance schedules, calibration and repairs to ensure that you always have working equipment when and where you need it.

• 24/7 Technical Support • Access to our nationwide inventory to support fluctuating project demands • Ashtead Technology incurs annual certification costs and responsibilities • Flat monthly rate means you can quote projects based on a fixed equipment cost

Call Ashtead Technology now, before you buy!


Call 800-242-3910 to request a rate schedule for any equipment seen in this catalog!

Accurate and precise elemental analysis anywhere – in seconds. Lightweight and rugged, Thermo Scientific Niton XRF analyzers are engineered to provide elemental analysis in a nondestructive, easy-to-use operation. You get accurate elemental analysis in seconds – anytime, anywhere. • Positive Material Identification (PMI) • Manufacturing QA/QC • Environmental analysis • Mining/Petroleum exploration and production • Precious metals and jewelry analysis • Toys and consumer goods testing For more information, visit www

Moving science forward

Ashtead Technology does not currently stock the FXL analyzer. Please call for more information.

The Thermo Scientific Niton FXL joins our family of portable XRF analyzers. These handheld and field x-ray lab XRF analyzers can deliver speed, accuracy, value – either way, you gain the advantage.




Fischer FMP-30 and MP- 30 Feritscope®

Fischer MP-30 Feritscope®

Fischer MP30 Deltascope and DeFelsko PosiTector 200c

• Measures ferrite parts found in chemical, utility and other processing plants that are often exposed to heat, aggressive media and high pressure • Calibration with standards traceable to The Welding Institute secondary standards or with customerspecific standards • Determines if the ferrite content is too low, resulting in a weld susceptible to cracking under heat, too high resulting in a weld losing its strength and corrosion resistance • Acoustical signal at measurement acceptance • Provides characteristic measurement and statistical values • Pictograms for status display and text lines for operator instructions • Simple measurement even for complex specimen geometry


0.1 to 100FN or 0.1 to 80% Fe in austenitic and duplex steel

Memory Capacity

Max. 10,000 measurements in 1,000 blocks in up to 10 applications, fixed or free block size selection

Measurement Units

Selectable between WRC-FN and % Fe


Min., max. and mean value, number of measurements, standard deviation as well as date and time

Fischer and DeFelsko Coating Measurement • Fischer MP30 Deltascope • DeFelsko PosiTector 200c The MP30 Deltascope measures non-ferrous metal coatings such as chromium copper, zinc, paint, enamel or plastic on ferrous surfaces such as iron or steel. The PosiTector 200c measures the thickness of coatings over a wide variety of base materials such as concrete, wood, plastics, and composites with virtually no adjustments required. The bi-colored indicator light and back lit display on this unit ensure accurate and clear readings in even noisy or dark environments.

Measurement Method FISCHER MP30 DELTASCOPE

Magnetic Induction Method


Ultrasonic Technique



DID YOU KNOW? ASHTEAD TECHNOLOGY SERVES A VARIETY OF INDUSTRIES In addition to NDT instruments, Ashtead Technology offers a comprehensive range of equipment in Environmental Monitoring, Remote Visual Inspection, Continuous Emissions Monitoring Systems (CEMs) and Specialty Gases. We even have a specialized team to provide for Offshore Industries such as subsea construction, hydrographic survey and IRM.

WE CAN REPAIR AND CALIBRATE YOUR EQUIPMENT In order for your equipment to function properly it requires routine calibration and maintenance. This process often requires it to be sent back to the manufacturer, which can be expensive and cause you to be without your equipment for extended periods of time. Time you may not have. Let Ashtead Technology perform this service for you! Our factory trained technicians can diagnose and repair your equipment at our ISO: 9001 certified facility.

NOT ONLY CAN YOUR RENT FROM US, YOU CAN BUY! Ashtead Technology now offers the option of rent-to-own as well as new and used equipment sales. Call us now to speak with a customer service representative about your equipment needs or visit our website for an updated list of instruments for sale.


Did you know...

Ashtead Technology stocks a full line of consumables?

For more information, please scan:

800 242 3910 / ISO 9001 Certified

Non-Destructive Testing  

Ashtead Technology offers the most comprehensive fleet of materials testing instruments in the industry. We specialize in carrying analyzers...

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