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Under the Feeder by Chas-mac feeders

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June 2013

Over 400 Whitetails! Grown and Raised Here.

Cleburne, Texas


276” White Tail Deer



324” White Tail Deer

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Robert Kahn

Ty Weaver of Limcroma Safaris tells the tale of swampland adventure

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This Group of vets has a new mission: Brew Great Beer!

19. Under the Feeder

Readers’ great feeder cam pics

26. Extend your Hunting Season

Coyote hunting & managed deer herds

30. Safari Club

SCI extends its influence in DC

INDUSTRY 6. Asbestos - The Killer That Won’t Die

Think asbestos is a thing of the past? Norman Blankenship of Team Industrial Services says, “think again.”

10. Guns, Lasers and Industrial Protection

Mike Breitsameter explains High Velocity Oxygen Fuel guns, and the protection they provide.

16. The Networking Pages

Photos from past industry events and news on upcoming events you won’t want to miss

RECREATION & ENTERTAINMENT 12. Guys & Grills The original BBQ “pit”

18. Keep the Sport Growing Take a kid fishing - but don’t be surprised if you get out-fished by one of these young’ns

19. Under the Feeder By Chas-mac Feeders

20. Welcome to Beautiful Belize Barbara Giacalone covers her latest trip to this tropical paradise

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Toothy Lizards! By Ty Weaver; Limcroma Safaris


ator seas on is finally here! My best buddy Captain Mike drove in f r o m Florida and we laid out a p l a n for an awesome gator hunt w i t h ar cher y gear. Da d and my l i l s i ster Lynzy decided to get i n o n the action as well. After p a c k ing Captain Mike s truc k c o m pletely full of gator and fi sh i n g gear w e were hea de d t o o ne of my favorite Te xa s d e s t i nations, the east Texas m a r s h. We decided that not only s h o u ld we spend time hunting g a t o rs but we should also cram i n s o me fishing and wild hog h u n t ing. We called the outing “ s u r f and soggy turf.” I l o v e hunting this area of Texas b e c a us e it is only forty-five m i n u tes f r om the house plus U n c l e Stan’s camp is beautiful! Li t e rally f or f our da ys we do n o t s leep but jus t a smidgin of e a c h day. I t is gator hunting by d a y and fishing and smacking h o g s by night. Le t me s ay this a bout regul a t i o ns; as I stated in past a r t i c les, hog hunting at night i s l e gal in Texas. They destroy e v e r ything and breed more than r a b b i ts. They are considered a n u i s a nce animal and just about a n y hunting means imaginable i s l e g al, even from a helicopter!


A Shot of Texas Magazine™

June 2013

We sho o t t o n s b u t a l l me at is eat en , ei t h er b y u s or the n e e d y. We d o n a t e thousan d s o f p o u n d s of mea t t o P o r t A r t h u r Mission s s o i t ’s a “wi n win” a l l t h e way aro u n d ! Gator r e g u l a t i o n s a r e very complex and should b e s t u d i e d v e r y closely b e f o r e y o u g i v e it a t r y ! P a p e r w o r k docume n t i n g e v e r y t h i n g , CITES t a g s , h o o k s i z e , firearm s , w h e n , w h e r e , how, e t c. et c. R es earch , research a n d d o m o r e re se arch b efo re y o u t ry it. Bett e r y e t , g o w i t h a licensed o u t f i t t e r f o r t h e first tim e ! T h e m e a t i s de liciou s ! I’m sur e m a n y o f y o u ha ve s een t h e g at o r h u n t i n g shows o n T V s o y o u h a v e a n i d e a of how y o u s e t a l i n e f o r g a t o r before y o u s h o o t t h e m . I n m a n y states y o u m u s t s ecu re t h em on a lin e b e f o r e t h e y a r e s h o t be ca use a g at o r wi l l s i n k i n t h e murky w a t e r m a k i n g r e t r i e v a l difficul t an d d an g ero u s . T h ey are a co l d b l o o d ed an i m al an d when y o u t h i n k t h e y a r e d e a d they are n o t . A s t h e o l d s a y i n g goes “T h e m o s t d a n g e r o u s g a t o r is a dead o n e!” T h i s i s wh y all ga to rs m o u t h s are wo u n d

with tape after they are taken, ALWAYS ! No w i f y o u t h i n k g et t i n g a g a t o r on a line is as easy as baiting a hook and line and tossing it in the marsh or swamp, think again. One aspect of hunting gators is just like hunting other critters, recognizing sign, trails, an d t erri t o ri es o f t h e t o o t h y lizards. The real challenge is l o cat i n g an d h arv e s t i n g t h e big ones! They are smarter and more skittish than most people real i ze. S o m e g at or h u n t e r s

m a r i nate their bait or let it get stink y l i k e c a t f i sh bait. I take the more simple ap p r o a c h a n d simply use chicken. I figure everybo d y a n d a l l m eat eaters love chicken, some vege t a r i a n s e v e n eat chicken! We spent much of the first day scouti n g . We o n l y had five tags so we were only allo w e d t o s e t fi ve lines . We wa nted to ma ke the five l i n es a s p ro ductive as possible for big gators . Aft er a g re eing on the loc ations we starte d s et t i n g lines. C a p t ain Mike and Dad even let my lil s i s t e r p i c k a spot. I wanted to use her for ba i t , j u s t k i d d ing! Y’ all kn ow from p a s t articles that sis and m e p ick a lot beca use we l o v e each other! W h e n we set our first l i n e I knew it wa s in a h o n e y hole. Gator sign was ever ywhere . We b a i t e d a line with chicken a n d raised it ou t of the w a t e r mor e than a foot. Th e theor y her e is; the farther above th e wat er y o u r bait, the bigger the gator! We repea t e d t h i s p ro c es s at all the loca tions. We ha d a ll o f t h e l i n e s set before dark because it’s the law a n d y o u c a n ’t check them at night either. Did I m e n t i o n t h a t you need to study the law very ca r e f u l l y b e fo r e gator hun ting on your own? S o wh at d o w e d o until sun-up? Fish and hunt hogs! T h a t ’s w h a t ! I love both but my favorite betw e e n t h e t w o i s hunting m ini bulldoze rs! We caught some bait and tried fishing j u s t a s t h e s un was setting. The sunset in the sw a m p i s

absolutely beautiful! Oh yes, they were biting! C a t f i s h , c r o a k e r, a n d r e d f i s h ! M y l i l s i s t e r l o v e s to fish and she caught several “eaters” and a few simply stole her hook, line, and sinker! In no time we h ad fres h fi s h s i zzl i n g i n h o t g rea s e , s p i c e d to perfection! So good, no need for vegetables wi t h t h i s m eal ! I fo rg o t t o m en t i o n t h a t t h e f i s h were n o t t h e o n l y t h i n g s b i t i n g . T h e b u g s i n t h e m ars h are “n as t y b ad ” an d h u n g ry ! My l i l s i s hates bugs so it was quite entertaining to watch! Hope the gators are as hungry as the bugs are! Now that the heaping plate of fresh fried fish is g o n e, wh at t o d o n ex t ? Ho g h u n t i n g ! We j u m p e d o n t h e q u a d s a n d h e a d e d o u t d e e p i n t h e m ars h . It is a m a z i n g h o w d ark i t i s o u t t h e r e y et t h e s k y i s v i b r a n t wi t h s t ars t h a t f o r m a l l kinds of shapes. They are s o t h i ck t h a t y o u can m ak e t h e m o u t t o b e al l s o rt s o f p i c t u r e s with just a little imagination. We weren ’t i n to t h e h u n t long when Dad cast a light on a huge boar hog. It was v ery cl o s e an d i n s t i n ct i v el y fro m h u n t i n g h u n d red s o f h o g s I h ad m y 2 2 M ag p i st o l d r a w n an d wi t h a wel l p l aced b u l l et b eh i n d th e e a r t h e mini bulldozer dropped! Hogzilla is down! It t o o k a l l o f u s t o l o a d t h i s m o n s t e r. We c e l e b r a t e d u n d e r t h e s t a r s . C o o l s t u ff ! O n the way back to camp Dad and I talked ourselves i n t o s h o u l d e r m o u n t i n g t h i s m o n s t e r. I t t a k e s one super sharp knife to cape out a bulldozer! It just so happens I have such a knife! It was custom made for me by Kerry Bowman

June 2013

A Shot of Texas Magazine™



The killer that won’t die By Norman Blankenship; Team Industrial Services Almost everyone believes that the mining, production, sale and use of asbestos in America has been banned. Almost everyone is wrong. Doctors linked asbestos to deadly disease 100 years ago. Since then, tens of thousands of U.S. shipyard workers, construction workers, miners and others have died slowly and painfully from asbestos related diseases. A quarter-century ago, three U.S. government worker-safety agencies and the World Health Organization declared asbestos a killer. Twelve countries have outlawed the lethal, cancer causing fiber and more nations are wading through diplomatic quagmires to do the same. But it still remains legal to mine, import and sell asbestos in the US.

“It took the EPA about 10 years and about 10 million dollars to put a ban together,” The science and medicine backing it was solid and clearly supported that at least 94 percent of all asbestos products should be banned. In July 1989, the EPA issued regulations that banned the manufacture, importation, processing and selling of almost all products containing asbestos. The ban was to be implemented in three stages over nine years. This, the agency said, would permit industries using asbestos to find safe alternatives. Almost instantly, U.S. asbestos manufacturers, supported by the governments of Canada and Quebec province, sued the EPA. On 18 October 1991, the 5th Circuit Court of Appeals in New Orleans overturned the ban. What is Asbestos? Asbestos is the name applied to six naturally occurring minerals that are

mined from the earth. The different types of asbestos are: Amosite Chrysotile Tremolite Actinolite Anthophyllite Crocidolite How to Avoid Asbestos Exposure In order to avoid being exposed to asbestos, you must be aware of the locations it is likely to be found. If you do not know weather or not something is asbestos, assume that it is until it is verified otherwise. Remember you can not tell by simply looking at it. Asbestos may be found in many different products and in many different places. Examples of products that may contain asbestos are: Sprayed on fire proofing and insulation in buildings Insulation for pipes and boilers Wall and ceiling insulation Ceiling tiles Floor tiles Putties, Caulks, and cements Roofing shingles Siding shingles on old residential buildings Wall and ceiling texture in older buildings Joint compound in older buildings and homes Brake linings and clutch pads When is Asbestos Dangerous? The most common way for asbestos fibers to enter the body is through breathing. In fact, asbestos containing material is not generally considered to be harmful unless it is releasing dust or fibers into the air where they can be inhaled or ingested. Many of the fibers will become trapped in the mucus membranes of the nose and June 2013

A Shot of Texas Magazine™


throat where they can then be removed, but some may pass deep into the lungs, or, if swallowed, into the digestive tract. Once they are trapped in the body, the fibers can cause health problems.

Sawing Comes Natural to Some...

Asbestos is most hazardous when it is friable. The term” friable” means that the asbestos is easily crumbled by hand, releasing fibers into the air. Sprayed on asbestos insulation is highly friable. Asbestos floor tile is not. Asbestos-containing ceiling tiles, floor tiles, undamaged laboratory cabinet tops, shingles, fire doors, siding shingles, etc. will not release asbestos fibers unless they are disturbed or damaged in some way. If an asbestos ceiling tile is drilled or broken, for example, it may release fibers into the air. If it is left alone and not disturbed, it will not. Damage and deterioration will increase the friability of asbestos containing materials. Water damage, continual vibration, aging, and physical impact such as drilling, grinding, buffing, cutting, sawing or striking can break the materials down making fiber releases more likely. Health Effects Because it is so hard to destroy asbestos fibers, the body cannot break them down or remove them once they are lodged in lung or body tissues. They remain in place where they can cause disease. There are three primary diseases associated with asbestos exposure. Asbestosis Lung Cancer Mesothelioma The latency period for these diseases ranges from fifteen to forty five years. Determining Factors Three things seem to determine your likelihood of developing one of these asbestos related diseases: 1) The amount and duration of exposure 2) Whether or not you smoke 3) Your age. ¨

... of course, concrete is a little tougher

Our patented concrete pile cutting machines have cut up to 200 14” piles in one day! EMR is .80 and TRIR is 0.0.

• Pile Cutting • Wire Sawing • Robotic Hammering • Core Drilling • GPR Scanning

ATI puts safety first! • Industrial • Marine • Oil & Gas

877-SLABSAW (752.2729)


We all have our weak spot. Maybe it’s a beer after work or football on Sundays. Either way we all have our weak spots when it comes to our off time. During the average work day a person’s mind is jumps back and forth between work and their favorite weak spot. An Ad placed in A Shot of Texas Magazine allows you to market to that certain weak spot. The billboard that we are all familiar with reads, “Does outdoor advertising work? Just did!” does work because there is no cover to open. It is easy to see and therefore delivers the message. Trade journals have covers which are seldom opened. A Shot of Texas Magazine “Where Outdoors meets Industry” is opened and read. It is more capable of delivering your message. Readability trumps bloated distribution lists. It not how many are printed, it’s how many are viewed. Market to the weak spot and see the results for yourself. After all you only read this little article because there was a Tarpon photo in the article. Rob Kahn is co -editor and owner of A Shot of Texas Magazine. He spent 20 years of his career as an outside salesman with a fortune 500 printing company; at 28 he was the youngest Regency member in the company’s 100 year history.


A Shot of Texas Magazine™

June 2013

When it Comes to




ince 1991, our focus has been on the changing needs of the industrial community. Helping Client Companies save time and consequently money. The foundation of our program is built on the strength of our professional staff and long-term commitment to industrial health care and quality customer service. Medical Surveillance, Customized Medical Programs to include but not be limited too, asbestos, lead, noise, and hazardous chemical environments. Audiometric - Chest X-Ray - History & Physical Examinations - Phlebotomy - Pulmonary Function Testing - Respirator Fit Testing - Annual Influenza immunization - Wellness - Drug Screening There are advantages to using a “Mobile” Occupational Medical Provider: • Complete specialized physicals on site with a multiphase mobile unit or in an appropriate area at your own facility • Flexible timetable to accommodate changing shift schedules • Eliminates liability traveling to offsite testing facilities • Time saving and cost effective • Reduces employees’ time away from the job

Medical Plaza Mobile Surveillance 1009 S. Broadway La Porte, TX 77571


HBR and A Shot of Texas Magazine hold their first annual Clay Shoot

Grand Prize Winner Bobby Rowe with Scott Macon Equipment

Swamp Shack Caterings boiled shrimp dinners on the rioad reequire a big trailer

First Place Team: Triple C Project Services - Kirk Gray 39 Harrison Gray 48 Carl Manchaca 48 Mike Bryan 58 James Bryan 57

Thurmon. Jacob Johanson 43 Andy Russell 54 Kyle Carter 47 Scott Pope 36 Matt Stevenson 48

Frank Koster who shot with Evergreen - Winner of a custom knife by Thomas Rucker / Knives by Thomas

Third place in the Clay Shoot . Team Repcon. Bob Parker 49, Les Davis 48, Gary Byrd 39, Jack Mcelroy 46 and Tommy Bullard 43

Jeff Burnett with Camo girl takes away a maglight

Jon Johnson with Sprint Pipe Line Services (left) and crew provided steaks and great pork chops

David who really does the cooking??

David & Margaret with Tulsa Inspection . Excellent Ribs and fixins

HBRs Melissa Saulter with HBR kept things moving

David Barnes from Blaser arms was a welcome addition to the clay shoot. David brought along a host of beautiful rifles for everyone to enjoy

Jeannie Harris with American Shooting Centers ia always making sure things go smoothly

Collin Jackson with Swamp Shack Catering took away a $200.00 gift card

Now this is the dangerous end. Kirk Gray with Triple C looks a bit nervous

Camo Girl Kendall Rae Kahn was armed during the whole event with a .223 BRO-12 from Black Rain Ordnance.

Wayne Oswald sat down with Tef and I back in January to plan our first annual clay shoot. The event was a complete success. Our goal of 100 shooters was bested by one. Our clay shoot sponsors and our outdoor industry booths made for a great event. Tef and I would like to thank Wayne Oswald and Melissa Saulter at HBR for allowing us to partner with them. We also offer a special thanks to the board of directors at HBR for making our first major event a success. A Shot of Texas is about supporting industry with free ads for industry organizations and free publications of stories and events that affect our industry. Clay Shoot Full Page2.indd 1

June 2013

A Shot of Texas Magazine™ 6/13/13 12:41 PM9

Guns, Lasers and Industrial Protection By Mike Breitsameter; FW Gartner Thermal Spraying Industry in Texas is used to hearing about guns and protection, what only a privileged few know about is HVOF (High Velocity Oxygen Fuel) guns, and the protection they provide to a broad range of industrial components. HVOF is a thermal spraying technology that generates a supersonic flame (over Mach 2 in some cases) that is used to apply hardfacing and metallic coatings to protect critical components such as valves, pump components, and mud pump rotors to name a few. The most common of these guns is fueled by kerosene and oxygen, generating a flame at 5000F that resembles the exhaust of a rocket engine, and generates the equivalent of around 270HP, with around 130 dB of noise to go with it!

The supersonic flame, is then used to both heat and accelerate specifically manufactured powder, which is then sprayed onto the component, and by virtue of the amount of energy generated by the flame, the coating produced is extremely dense and well bonded to the part. These coatings have been around for many years used across almost every industry, on components that in some cases complete rely on the coating for the survival in service. Some of you (the over 50’s) will remember when the piston rings in your car engine were a consumable, needing to be replaced every few years, whereas today that is a non-

issue, the reason, a thermal spray coating of Molybdenum or similar. At the high specification end, aircraft engines are the single biggest user of thermal spray coatings, from controlling the clearances between the blades and engine casing, to protecting components from the high temperature exhaust gas stream,

Mike Breitsameter Michael grew up in Australia, and after a brief career as a mechanic in the Australian Air Force dealing with explosives and weapons, moved into the coatings and cladding business way back in the 1980’s. Leaving Australia in 1990 for a brief stint working in the Middle East, was followed by nearly 10 years living and working in Europe, with offices in the UK and Germany. Then in the late 90’s came a move to the US, which was followed by several stops in California, Toronto, Canada, Orlando, Florida, and Providence, Rhode Island, with a final stop (after a brief stint back in Australia) in 2010 in Houston with FW Gartner Thermal Spraying. In his 25 years in the coatings and cladding business, Michael has worked across a range of geographies, technologies and industries that provide a unique insight when clients bring their weird and wonderful wear problems to the door.


A Shot of Texas Magazine™

June 2013

there are typically hundreds of coated parts in every engine. On the lower technology end, many structures used offshore, steel bridges on highways, walkways etc, are sprayed to improve their corrosion resistance and increase their installed life. In Houston it’s all about Oil & Gas, and for FW Gartner Thermal Spraying, this means coating new parts going into arduous service environment where reliability is critical, or repairing those same parts to save the cost of replacement. Given the niche nature of this technology, having access to a team with combined experience that runs into hundreds of years can make the difference between an application that is a screaming success, and one that falls short of the mark. Stay tuned for the next installment where we will talk about the use of industrial lasers as a tool for the restoration and improvement of other critical components. ¨


cajun welcomes

newest member

of our family

Industrial Design and Construction (IDC) is now a wholly owned subsidiary of Cajun Constructors and newest member of the Cajun Family. IDC’s depth and experience in mechanical

I N D U S T R I E S, L L C

construction, turnaround and maintenance services will provide huge benefits to current and future customers.

Baton Rouge • Houston • Abbeville

We are proud of our new addition and look forward to the

(800) 944-5857 • (225) 753-5857

expanded service offerings we can provide to our clients.

ConstruCtors | Deep FounDations | equipment serviCes | m aritime | iDC

Cajun_TheVoiceSpringAd_v3.indd 1

the benefit of KNOWLEDGE... the luxury of EXPERIENCE.

Thermal Spraying • Laser/PTA Cladding • Precision Machining 25 Southbelt Industrial Dr. Houston, Texas 77047 • 888-439-4872 • •

1/22/13 1:41 PM

An ISO9001 Company

s y u G

with Pitmaster, Rob Kahn

A “Hole” New Way to Entertain Clients! If you want to make your deer lease or ranch more interesting consider “hole” new way of cooking. I tried this at A Shot of Texas Ranch in Georgetown and was surprised at how easy fun and entertaining it was. Being a good cook is not required because its fool proof and delicious every time. There is nothing new about this method that is hundreds of years old but doing it in this time and age is just plain fun. It was an amazing experience and this is how you can do it at your farm, ranch or deer lease. Here is what you need: 1. A Hole in the ground 2.5 to 3 feet deep and maybe 36 inches across. Rocks at the bottom if you’re in soft soil with 12 inches of burning hot mesquite coals (Oak is the best substitute but just doesn’t compete with mesquite). 2. A piece of roof tin or any piece of steel to cover the hole. Pitmaster Rob knows his BBQ 3. Shovel, dirt, foil, pit from a hole in the ground... a burlap sack and because it is a hole in the ground! some wire. I did a whole cows head and it was delicious but so that I don’t lose you here let’s use a large brisket. Start by using your favorite rub or just salt and pepper. Season and then wrap it with lots of heavy duty foil. Place the wrapped meat in a soaking wet burlap sack (old pillow case works but burlap is best) and use the wire to bind it all while leaving the wire with some sort of loop that you will later use to lift the meat from the hole. Place the meat directly on about 12 inches deep of burning hot coals. Immediately cover the hole with the tin or metal cover and cover with about 6 inches of dirt. Use the dirt be smother any smoke coming from the hole. No smoke means that you did it.


Six to twelve hours later uncover and pull it out. Be prepared to be pleasantly surprised. You can’t over cook it so relax and enjoy. ¨ A Shot of Texas Magazine™

June 2013

Houston, TX Corporate Office

TEL: 281–431–5900 FAX: 281–431–6881 Sprint Pipeline Services offer a wide range of pipeline and utility construction, maintenance, and fabrication services throughout the central U.S.

4111 S Darlington Ave., Suite 1000, Tulsa, OK 74135 Phone: 918.274.1100 | Fax: 918.274.1102

Randall Lorett

Ron Ledingham

Richard Grogan


Chief Operating Officer

Vice President, Integrity Services

Jimmy Crawford

Matt Kesner

Mark Armstrong

HSE and Compliance Manager

Manager Of Field Services

Manager of Field Services

Lane Armstrong

JR Martino

Jeremy Thomason

Manager of Field Services

Manager Of Field Services

Recruiting Manager

Scott Miles

David Bennett

Manager of Business Development

Manager of Business Development

Their Mission:

Make Great Beer!

Even though the brew-masters and owners are Army Veterans, the name Scars & Stripes stands as tribute all military veterans as a thank you for the sacrifices they have made that allow us all to live free. The mentality behind this company is not your Captain America patriotism, but rather one that embraces independence and freedom for all with no judgment for lifestyle choices. Scars & Stripes is Waco’s only micro brewery! Their beer is self distributed around various stores and restaurants in central- and northTexas area. The brewery features regular tasting events. Anyone of legal drinking age can take a tour of the brewing facility and sample the craft beer for free. Scars & Stripes shirts, glasses, stickers, and growlers is also available at the brewery will be available for purchase. The brewery is located at 323 N. Industrial Dr., Suite L, in Waco, Texas. ¨

Diamond Fab Conroe, TX 77301

1150 Beach Airport Rd. (936) 441-9353


Reaper When Death Comes Calling . . . It Cries Out

The Model GC300 Predator Death Call A New Revolution in Performance Predator Calls

• 300 yard remote range • 12 proven game calls • Play 2 calls at same time • Thundering 15 Watt speaker

Ideal for calling coyote, bobcat, raccoon , fox & crow.

Under $80, 1 year warranty, takes 4AA batteries

©2013 ICOtec, All rights reserved.

Four Army veterans got together one day to brew beer and talk about movies, music, video games, and life which then turned into a regular home brewing event. Not too long afterwards, it was noticed that the city of Waco, Texas didn’t have a microbrewery to call its own to accommodate a growing music scene and its relaxed college atmosphere. It was obvious what the next move would be.

Model GC300

ds of Thousan llers! ki satisfied

Hunting, Fishing & Outdoor Technology ICOtec | 5247 Secor Rd. | Toledo, OH 43623 |


VETERAN OWNED TEXAS BREWED WACO’S ONLY MICROBREWERY Jan Ohrstom - Founder, and Army Veteran; Toby Donica, Founder, Army Veteran; Trey Coody and Kliff Maughan are on a new mission: to make great tasting craft beer and enjoy life.



June 2013

A Shot of Texas Magazine™


Toothy Lizards! continued from page 5

f r o m New Underwood, SD. Th e k nif e is beau tifully ma de f r o m buffalo horn, burly wood, a n d Damas cus s te el. S o nice t h a t it just didn’t seem right to s k i n such an ugly beast with i t . D ad looked at me and said, “ U se it! ” “I t’s a c ombina tion o f b e auty and the bea st!” I c a n ’t even des cr ibe how sha rp t h e knife is and how easily it c u t s through bulldozer skin. T h a n ks Mr. Bowman! This k n i f e will be handed down t o m any genera tions. You c a n only imagine how many m e m or ies it w ill crea te and h o w m any adventures it will b e p ar t of ! A f t e r we cleaned up from the b u l l dozer adventure it was t i m e for a quick nap before the s u n was up and it was legal to c h e c k the gator lines. N o w is a good time for a t i p . I always us e Dea d Down Wi n d pr oducts to prevent a n d terminate all kinds of a n i m al spooking odors like h u m an, s m oke, gas a nd other s y n t hetic odors. Their laundry d e t e rg ent, per s onal hygiene p r o d ucts and field application p r o d ucts contain Enzyme S c e n t Pr evention Tec hnology w h i c h breaks down and fights o ff odor causi ng bacteria! Yo u r not going to snea k up on a b i g old hog if your carrying s m e l ly bacteria or a synthetic c o n t aminant on you or your g e a r! A gator or f ish is not going t o t a ke your bait if its c overed w i t h these smells either! Dead D o w n Wind Pr od ucts Work! T h e sunrise ma y have been p re t t ier than the sunse t from l a st n ight. Both were picture p e rfect. But hey! S uns up! We j u m p ed in the dually pick-up t ru c k and headed to the first l i n e . We w er e all sta ring at the 14

A Shot of Texas Magazine™

June 2013

set in h o p e s t o be the f i r s t t o notice t h e l i n e pole down an d scream, “ W E GOT ONE!” That is e x a c t l y what w e d i d ! The po l e w a s down which is a gre a t s i g n that a g a t o r is on t h e l i n e . T h e o n l y w a y to tell f o r s u r e w a s t o s l o w l y pull on t h e l i n e a n d “ f e e l ” f o r the ga t o r. T h e o b j ect i s t o p u l l slowly s o t h e g a t o r e a s e s u p to the s u r f a c e s o a w e l l p l a c e d arrow can h i t i t ’s m ark . Captain M i k e p u l l e d o n t h e line slowl y b u t t h e g at o r was firmly an ch o red t o t h e b o t t o m or we h a d u s a m o n s t e r. I t t o o k force to g e t t h e g a t o r t o m o v e and wh e n h e m o v e d h e w e n t ballisti c . Wa t e r, g r a s s , a n d swamp g o o w e n t e v e r y w h e r e . I thought fo r s u re h e was g o i n g to bre ak t h e l i n e. Captain M i k e p l a y e d h i m w e l l until I co u l d s n eak a Vi ct o ry arrow t i p p ed wi t h a 1 2 5 g rai n Magnus B u z z C u t i n t o t h e k i l l zone ri g h t b eh i n d t h e h ead . The ac c u r a c y o f m y A l p i n e F 1 F ireb al l i s am azi n g . Ou r first To o t h y L i z a r d i s d o w n . We pull e d h i m f r o m t h e m a r s h and Ly n z y t a p e d h i s j a w s . We we re s t o k ed ! We q u i ck l y rebaited t h e s e t a n d w e w e r e o ff chec kin g o u r rem ai n i n g l i n es . The ne x t t h ree l i n es were n o t touched a n d o u r e x c i t e m e n t subside d u n t i l o u r a t t e n t i o n was dra w n t o a b i g s w i r l a b o u t 200 ya rd s away. T h e s wi rl was a ga tor o n o u r l as t l i n e! We qui et l y s n u ck i n fro m behind t h e m a r s h r e e d s i n a n effort to n o t s p o o k t h e g a t o r. I t worked . We m ad e i t t o t h e s et and as w e w e r e e x a m i n i n g t h e

d i rect i o n o f t h e l i n e, t h e g a t o r s u rfaced . I s l o wl y d r e w t h e Alpine, touched the trigger on m y E q u al i zer rel eas e a n d s e n t a Vi ct o ry an d B u zzC u t t h r o u g h m y s e c o n d g a t o r. T h e g a t o r rolled and never splashed. I t w a s a p e r f e c t s h o t ! Ly n z y d i d t h e t ap e u p j o b a g a i n a n d said “I’m shooting a gator t o m o rro w!” We al l l o o k e d a t h e r w i t h a s m i l e a n d s a i d “ We l l okay then.” We r e - b a i t e d t h e s e t a n d h e a d e d back to camp to skin these gators for life size mounts. Mom will just love this! She has always wanted a gator in the living room! On t h e way we d e c i d e d t o rai s e t h e b ai t o n o u r f i r s t l i n e because we pass that set on the w a y t o c a m p . We w e r e a b o u t 75 yards from the set when I t u r n e d t o Ly n z y a n d s a i d “ Yo u ’ r e n o t s h o o t i n g a g a t o r t o m o rro w. Yo u ’re s h oo t i n g o n e t o d a y ! ” We h a d a n o t h e r g a t o r o n l i n e o n e! T h i s g a t o r w a s mad! He was out of the water an d u p i n t h e reed s an d n o t v e r y h ap p y t o s ee u s . T h e r e w a s n o way fo r a cl ear s h ot w i t h t h e b o w s o w e l e t Ly n z y s h o o t i t with the 22 Hornet. She made a perfect shot! It was not the biggest gator in the marsh but i t was a t ro p h y t o m y l i l s i s and downright tasty! We love the marsh! Remember, every k id is waiting to be invited outdoors. Ask them! ¨

Networking: THere's safety in numbers

Troop Industrial enjoyed mingling at ABC member mixer on May 8th

The swine patrol stopped by A Shot of Texas booth at the Predator Show

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Rob Kahn and Mr. White Tail himself Larry Weishuhn

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October 18

Fired Up and Wild

Wild Game Cookoff & Archery Competition Bass Pro Shops 288 & BW 8 10 am-5 pm Wild Game Cookoff 5:30 pm Networking After Hours at Bass Pro Shops’ Banquet Room


A Shot of Texas Magazine™

March 2013

Camo Girl Kendall Rae Kahn reviews Weather Wool at the NRA show in Houston

First Safety sure can throw a crawfish boil

Teffany Kahn with A Shot of Texas Magazine at HBR Golf Tournament

Leonard Coverdale with Team Industrial Services at ASME

Brew masters from Scars and Stripes Brewery at The Wild Hog and Predator Expo

Leonard Coverdale with Team Industrial Services enjoys some crawfish with Shannon at First Safety and Jim Baker with Total Crane

June 2013

Teffany Kahn just doing her thing at the Wild Hog and Predator Expo

A Shot of Texas Magazine™


KEEP THE SPORT GROWING Photos from our young hunters

Ethan Trotter ale ssell of the D Matthew Bwritah his kids...and a Company ! nice spec


& Lan ns Ba rnard Shotgun - check; ammo check; beer - check; cute pink bow - check?

ge Bob My lucky Sponnev er fail! swim trunks

Justin Bonnett

Take a kid fishing. Submit your photos and stories to


A Shot of Texas Magazine™

March 2013

UNDER THE FEEDER Sponsored By Chas-Mac Feeders • (713) 461-9163

Send your best feeder photos to

BOOKKEEPING w/o StrESS “Efficiency with Honesty and Integrity”™ Ph: 832.860.8585 Fax: 281.232.2609

Serving Start-up and Established Business needs... Providing Daily, Weekly and Monthly Entries, Payroll, Sales Tax, 940 & 941 Services



Confined Space Hazmat High Angle Rescue Firefighter Training Medical Training Specialized & Advanced Experience the Difference! Call F.I.R.S.T. at 281-930-7686 n n n n n n

March 2013

A Shot of Texas Magazine™


BELIZE Welcome to Beautiful

Welcome to Belize

The Tourist Tree Sun burns the bark; the tree bark turns red and peels; now it resembles the skin of a sunburned tourist. The resin in the bark is known to be used for a treatment for gout and fever, while the leaves are brewed into a medicinal tea possessing an anti-inflammatory component. Amazing Jungle Living!

The city of Placencia is located on a 16 mile peninsula, and boasts to be the home to the narrowest main street in the world, according to Guinness World Records.

Mayan Civilization Belize earlier settlers are to be known as the Mayan’s, evolving three millennia (3000) years ago. This mecca has vast ancient ruins that continue to baffle archeologists as to their pristine and precise building capabilities.

Yucatan Peninsula February 14 – 18, 2013 Traveling south from Belize City to Placencia via Tropic Air, all passengers had a “bird’s eye view” of the rich and lush coastline, encompassing magnificent views of jungles and lavish elevations that many called “Un – Belizeable.”

Turtle Inn Resort Only twenty five thatched roof huts have views of the water’s edge, presented by its famous owner, Francis Ford Coppola. Mr. Coppola brings back to nature a relaxing resort atmosphere with no TV’s or air conditioning, only trade winds to cool the tranquility of the mind. No blenders are permitted for the mix of drinks, all island beverages are to be hand shaken to give the opulence of serenity. The only in room phone was a locally caught conch shell presented on a wood stand known throughout the resort as their “Shell-Phone”. The shell was refitted to hear the voice of reception echoing voices from reception to answer the guest’s requests, quite ingenious! Rumfish y Vino Restaurant A very popular restaurant in downtown Placencia is owned by New York expats. As their story goes they traveled from New York for their destination wedding and never looked back. Their restaurant offers a cultural melting pot of Belizean, Asian, European delicacies. We ordered the spiced plantain chips and the perfect conch ceviche, followed by freshly caught fish of the day. What a delightful combination of flavors dining alongside the soft trade winds. 20

A Shot of Texas Magazine™

March 2013

They were also noted for the only fully developed written language, art, architecture, mathematical and astronomical systems. They were once estimated to have 400,000 inhabiting these vast regions that one time encompassed Belize, Guatemala, W. Honduras and part of El Salvador. But during the tenth century the Mayan society suffered an austere breakdown, and the mystery of their massive disappearance, to this day, remains unresolved. Rio Frio Cave Belize is riddled with many caves throughout their country, but the Rio Frio cave has been found to contain

human remains. The BIG MOUTH entrance alone, rises over 60 feet, as the Mayans performed ritual sacrifices in these places because they believed they were portals to the underworld through which the Sun God, in the form of a Jaguar, would travel at dusk. Cayo Region The crown jewel of this region is known as CARACOL a sprawling ruin that once was one of the most powerful cities in the Mayan world. At its peak there were maybe 150,000 people living here roughly half the population of Belize as the whole city was clad in plaster. It was mysteriously abandoned 1,200 years ago and rediscovered by a logger in 1937. Children Around the World Globally travelers find children selling their souvenirs, but at one of the Mayan ruins they approached me to buy their trinkets. But instead of buying their treasures I kindly offered them some money and said, “Please I will pay you to eat the chocolate chip cookies we

packed in our cooler” quickly the cookies disappeared… Happy Faces! Our Journeys End Sitting in the Belize City airport transit lounge waiting for our flight back to the US I had several hours to watch the true mix of cultures headed for many points beyond. What I found throughout Belize were people with sincere and pleasant personalities always taking the time to share their “Un-Belizeable” legacy. “Up Up & Away!” ¨ Safe Travels,


You gotta be in the



TheNetworker.Biz is a calendar of events that includes networking events of most all the Construction related Associations and helps people in the Construction Business. We help increase memberships for construction associations and event participation by sharing ONE calender of events that covers all area networking events. Basically helping folks be at the right place at the right time! Fill your schedule at www.TheNetworker.Biz If you have an event you want people to know about contact us we will be happy to help!

Kodiak-漏-2010 路

The Art of Detail.

10 Year Warranty on all Blaser Guns

Blaser USA, Inc. 403 East Ramsey, Suite 301 San Antonio, TX 78216 Phone (210) 377 2527 Fax (210) 377 2533

Our unparalleled emphasis on safety and craft training has made UPS one of the largest providers of millwright and field machining services in the United States. With seven office locations, UPS is widely recognized as the premier provider of rotating equipment services nationwide.

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Turbines Compressors Pumps Millwright Services Daily & Nested Maintenance Field Machining Services Bolt Torquing & Tensioning Turnaround Services Projects — New Installation & Relocation


March 2013

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While improving the land and habitat


ate spring is the time for new fawns and other wildlife to make an appearance. Nothing gives one a warm smile like seeing twin fawns playing around their mothers and enjoying the season! But a silent danger to deer and antelope populations enjoys seeing the new fawns out and about too…predators!

“cone”. Be aware of your scent cone, and when the coyote responds to the calling, put him down at the first available chance before it gets to it. I personally like calling into the wind, or cross-wind. If using a remotely operated call, I put it out with the wind in mind, a distance of 30-45 yards from the place I wish to call from.

With recent drought conditions, especially in parts of Texas, coyotes pose more of a threat to strictly managed deer herds. Why not extend your time afield and hunting days by going after some coyotes when they are after vulnerable fawns? It will have ample rewards on your deer herd, and make you smile by outsmarting a truly deadly shadow at their own game.

Hunting coyotes keeps a hunter’s shooting skills sharp in the off season

When going after the crafty coyote, to be successful, you need to do three things. First and foremost is to watch the wind. Scent elimination products may work on other animals to an extent, but don’t waste your time or money trying to fool a coyotes’ nose. Isn’t going to happen. What you can do, is be aware of where your wind direction is when making a coyote stand. The scent emanates from your body and gets wider, the further it gets from you, much like a 26

A Shot of Texas Magazine™

March 2013

Next, you need to blend in! Have a seat overlooking the area you want to call, and get comfy in your favorite turkey chair with some shooting sticks and rifle or shotgun on the “ready”. But, have some good camouflage on too! A coyote can see an eye blink at 50 yards, so wear a face mask and gloves much as you would when calling spring gobblers. I like a lightweight, zip-up ghillie suit, or other “leafy” camo for calling coyotes. Any camo that blends in to the background will work though. Have your rifle or shotgun ready, so when you see a coyote approaching the stand, no sudden movement is needed to get on target.

Finally, you need to play the coyote a tune! Many e-callers today offer excellent choices for calling predators. I personally use a FoxPro digital electronic caller. The sounds are actual digitally recorded sounds from real animals, so I have a vast library to choose what will bring them to me at a particular time of year. If coyotes are eating fawns, then play them a sound of a fawn. In the spring when fawns are about, the sound is natural, and coyotes that kill fawns KNOW what that sound is, and will come running. Other sounds that work well are bird sounds, or cottontail. It doesn’t have to be extremely loud. Softer is better sometimes. And unless it is windy, the coyotes within a mile of where you are calling will hear you, even when the volume is not maxed out. If you prefer a mouth call, there are many to choose from today that are

easy to blow, and easy on the wallet too. Again, play softly. Be ready! When you get everything set, and start calling, be ready for action right away. Many, many times I have started calling and had a coyote stand up or dart in from the onset of the sound. When the weather gets warmer, you may want to shift your hunt time to darkness. While I really prefer to call in the daytime to see the coyotes better, night hunting is effective too. When weather gets hotter during the daylight hours, coyotes often move more at night. Daytime movement and hunting by coyotes is best early in the morning and later in evening. Moon phase is not that important to calling coyotes. They have to eat throughout the month, right? But, be aware that brightly moonlit nights let the coyotes see YOU as well. So, the same rules of camouflage apply on a moonlit night as in the daytime.

Which gun do I take? If all you have is your deer rifle, then it will work fine. Shotguns with coyote specific loads and a tight choke, or buckshot work well too. I prefer my AR-15 in .223 for a quick follow-up shot, but any center fire rifle you are comfortable with will suffice. Hunting coyotes keeps a hunter’s shooting skills sharp in the off season as well. When you get the urge to do some hunting in the off season, or just get out to the ranch or deer lease for a weekend away, take your calling gear and try your hand at hunting coyotes. You will definitely be doing the deer herd a favor, as well as getting yourself hooked on the fastest growing hunting sport in the U.S. now. Be safe, and enjoy the outdoors! ¨

ERS Aquired by Valu Industrial Services Valu Industrial Services acquisition is sure to make an impact with this move. Their yard is equipped with a full scale degreasing /water pad and new water reclamation system. They also have a Hoffman blast booth with a complete abrasive recycle system. Large equipment is not a problem the primary paint booth can accommodate up 100 feet in length and the smaller secondary booth is heated and ideal for smaller machines. Experienced management, qualified NACE Inspectors and skilled craftsman make for a new and powerful force in the booming refurbishment market. ERS has been a leader since 1992 applying high performance coatings with superior quality that transcends the industrial arena. Valu Industrial Services has an impeccable safety record as well. Services include: Abrasive Blasting, Industrial Coatings and Linings, High Pressure Water Blasting, Metalizing (TSA), Lead and asbestos abatement, Facility Coating Surveys, Turnaround Management. On site or ship to their easy to access yard. ¨

Grander Supply serves the Chemical, Pipeline, Oil, Gas and Refining Industry. Demanding industries need reliable suppliers that understand their specifications and needs. Grander’s focus includes: Value added quality products and services including pipe, valves, fittings, PPE, consumables and outdoor supplies. Visit our newest additional location on I-10 East

March 2013

Baytown: 281-421-8800 6700 I-10 East Baytown, Texas 77521 Mont Belvieu: 281-385-5100 10818 Highway 146 North Mont Belvieu, Texas 77580

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Who is CMEF? Construction & Maintenance Education Foundation (CMEF) is the not-for-profit educational affiliate of Associated Builders and Contractors of Greater Houston which works together with industrial owners and contractors in an effort to help address the skilled labor shortage facing the Greater Houston Construction Industry.

What does CMEF do? CMEF provides formal craft training through our partner colleges that adheres to the NCCER curriculum. We also provide the practical, written, and performance evaluations required for NCCER certification. In addition, CMEF offers specialized training courses according to the needs and demands of the industry, and is able to provide custom training at the request of our member companies.

Why Choose CMEF? “Where Careers are Built.”

281.478.3900 2950 East X St. La Porte, TX 77571

The Texas Labor Market and Career Information data projects that until 2018, there will be an annual Construction Industry labor market growth rate of over 19% in Texas and nearly 25% for the Gulf Coast Workforce Development Area. Alpha Resources data indicates there will be a shortage of more than 80,000 skilled craft workers in the Gulf Coast Region by 2017. CMEF is uniquely positioned and qualified to address the impending skilled labor shortage in the Greater Houston area through our sponsored secondary and postsecondary training centers, and by providing the NCCER Certification Program.

BOUDREAUX to Black Tie

c o m p l e t e c at e r i n g a n d e v e n t p l a n n i n g

• Food • Service

• Cajun Food • Seafood

• Bar/Bartenders

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• Crawfish

March 2013

A Shot of Texas Magazine™


Hunters Set to Lobby for Future of Outdoor Recreation in Nation’s Capital


ashington, D.C. – On May 9th the voice of hunters was heard throughout the halls of the Capitol building, as 150 members of Safari Club International (SCI) went to Capitol Hill to lobby for legislation to improve hunting throughout the U.S. The members of SCI had breakfast with members of the Congressional Sportsmen’s Caucus, face-toface meetings with Senate and House members, and discussions with critical legislative staff. “The Congressional Sportsmen’s Caucus is the largest bi-partisan and bi-cameral caucus in Washington, D.C. and Safari Club International is one of its biggest supporters,” said SCI President John Whipple. “Members of Congress care about hunting and they care about the outdoors. SCI will make sure they understand the future of our outdoor heritage depends on the passage of comprehensive legislation protecting the right to hunt on millions of acres of public lands.” More than 200 meetings took place on May 9, 2013, as part of Safari Club International’s overall advocacy efforts to protect the future of hunting. The grassroots involvement from SCI members enhanced the presence and benefit of SCI’s D.C. office. While headquartered in Tucson, Ariz., SCI’s advocacy efforts are led by a team of attorneys, policy experts and dedicated hunters in Washington. “For more than 75 years, hunters have been trailblazing a path for the future of our outdoor heritage and for wildlife conservation; it is a hunters responsibility to carry the


A Shot of Texas Magazine™

March 2013

banner as individual sportsmen and women. If you are interested in protecting the freedom to hunt, please become an SCI member. Becoming an SCI Member Joining Safari Club International is the best way to be an advocate for continuing our hunting heritage and supporting worldwide sustainable use conservation, wildlife education and humanitarian services. JOIN NOW: Safari Club International – First For Hunters is the leader in protecting the freedom to hunt and in promoting wildlife conservation worldwide. SCI’s approximately 200 Chapters represent all 50 of the United States as well as 106 other countries. SCI’s proactive leadership in a host of cooperative wildlife conservation, outdoor education and humanitarian programs, with the SCI Foundation and other conservation groups, research institutions and government agencies, empowers sportsmen to be contributing community members and participants in sound wildlife management and conservation. ¨

Visit the home page www.safariclub. org or call (520) 620-1220 for more information.

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