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Astrology Basic introduction by : Ashok Prajapati

Goals Welcome to basic astrology, before we start let me clear some goals which we will talk about : •Introduction •Definition •Birth of astrology •Horoscope experiment •Variable and Aspects •Concept and Test

Introduction There are different kind of people who explain the astrology in the different ways, but the expert of the astrology says only one thing about the astrology that “the study of patterns and relationships� which is depend on the birth chart, cosmic object position usually stars, moon and planet.

Definition What is the actual definition of the astrology? There are certain definition given by the great astrologer and the conclusion of exact what they want to say that is : “the study of the influence that distant cosmic objects (sun, moon, stars, and other planet) and there position is the tool of find the meaning of astrology.

Birth of Astrology • Sumerians seek to bring order to their universe through observation in 6000-4000 BCE.

• Based on astronomical measurements drove several astronomical observations after that applied to human temperament and morality.

• Alexandria : Ptolemy writes Tetrabiblios (published in 1519), about the observed influences of the Sun, Moon, and planets on human activities.

• In 800 CE, Astrology well established in East. Becoming observationally and mathematically rigorous.

Horoscope Experiment To cast a horoscope you must know about :

• • • • • •

Know the time of birth Use longitude to get sidereal times Note the characteristics of the signs and the planets Compute the position of the zodiac Note the positions of the planets within the houses Plot the positions (azimuth) of the planets

Variable and Aspects • One constellation is in the ascendant • The sun and planets and moon are each in a sign. • There is an aspect between each pair of planets, Moon may be ascending or descending order.

• When a planet crosses it, the time is in transist

Variable and Aspects •Major aspects: •Conjunction - 0o •Triune - 120o •Square - 90o •Parallel of declination •Opposition - 180o •Weak aspect: •Sextile - 60o •Weak aspects: •Semi-sextile - 30o •Semi-square - 45o •Sesquaquadrature - 135o •Quincunx - 150o

Concept and Tests • Vedic astrology is also known as ancient indian science • In which has the brief of planetary motions and position with respect to time and their effect on humans and other entities on earth

• Astrologers use a plane of reference or fixed background to determine the accurate position of the planets is called Zodiac.

• A sort of back drop in front of which the drama of our solar system played. • It doesn’t pronounce as the judgment it’s just like a nature which not good or not bad. • It just reveal, What was, What is, What can be?

Importance of the Astrology • It help us to embed our lives into greater cycles. • It provides a different language to understand our life. • It emphasizes the idea that we are unique, true manifestations of our sole, authentic astral chart.

• It legitimates paradoxes by making them come forward and be embraced in a non-judgmental creative way, allowing new perspectives and ways of being.

Science behind the Astrology • Relation between Matter and Energy needs to be established for Science to further proceed.

• These two facts are the basis of Einstein’s theory of Relativity. • Every point of the brain administers set function of the body, mind and psyche.

• That is how these energies influence our daily life.

Galaxies • • • •

Collection of millions and billions stars. It can be elliptical, spiral, spherical or irregular in shape. Sun is the part of spiral galaxy which also known as the milky way. The sun is far from the galactic center located on one of the spiral arm.

Types of Galaxies

Structure of Planets • The outer circle planets are Saturn, Jupiter & Mars that set of the course Karma, Wisdom, and our efforts level.

• The inner circle planets are the Sun, Venus & Mercury which reflect upon our Will & Resolve, Intent, Purpose & Intelligence.

• The Nodes are the points of convergence of two planes : the Elliptic and the Equator that maintain continuum between our day to day lives.

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Basic introduction of Astrology


Basic introduction of Astrology