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College is the interaction of life, money, education, career, and more. It is a time to learn, to figure out yourself, to be on your own, and to start to understand life. With that in mind, it is essential to connect with like-minded people. That’s why we are here to guide all the students about among the best college in Varanasi, Ashoka institute of technology and management.

Being your journey into higher education learning from foundation through the degree. Ashoka institute of technology and management is a world-class fully designed and among the best placement colleges in Varanasi . Campus having a good environment and facilities located in a beautiful Varanasi.

The location of the institute adds vibrancy to the campus and makes it an ideal place for learning. The institute is safe and secure and provides an excellent academic environment. They offer B . Tech in the different stream-

 Mechanical Engineering - All the workshops are equipped with quality machines and equipment. We ensure complete safety while the students work or learn on the machines and types of equipment.

Electronics And Communication - We focus on a deep understanding of best – in - class knowledge of electronics devices and circuits, computer architecture and microprocessors, VLSI and embedded systems, etc. The department designed passive electrical components, based on printed circuit boards, hence the campus is the best electronics and communication college .

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Electrical Engineering - The discipline of electrical engineering is fully equipped to produce the students with academic supervision in the mainstream areas, with an added emphasis on research-oriented teaching. In today time students activities in this department focus on the frontier areas of electrical engineering are very broad.

Civil Engineering - The department provides exposure to the students, making them aware of various materials, transportation, and computer-aided design, etc. At the ashoka institute of technology and management, the sessional classes provide to all the academics with an opportunity to work with the latest technology.

Biotech - In this department we has a professionals, enthusiastic, and well-qualified faculty actively involved in research and teaching. For academic as well as personal counseling the faculties are always available to the students.

B-Tech and MBA courses are approved by the All India Council for technical education and B Pharma by the pharmacy council of India and the institute is affiliated with Dr. A.P.J Abdul Kalam University. We are making exceptional efforts in providing specializes training programs to our students including the development of soft skills and personality development programs as per the needs of the corporate world. Ashoka institute of technology and management is the top MBA College in Varanasi.

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The college understands all the students and ensures comfort by providing the best accommodation and environment. There are several best facilities which the college provides such as,

Residential facilities

Transport facility

Food court


Laboratories and workshops

Sports facility


Bank loan facilities

IT & computing

Safety & security

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Counseling and psychological support

We support the development of communication and interpersonal interaction skills for the overall personality development of students and hence organizes programs including group presentations and career launchers sponsored projects which benefit the students with qualities like communication skills and team spirit. Ashoka institute of technology and management is known for its best-in-class education in Varanasi.

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