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Instructor: Andrew Shockley Conference block: 7th MT&F 1:23-2:11, Wed. 12:41-2:11 E-mail: House: Ω Omega Ω

Foundation of Wood Technology Course Description Foundation of Wood Technology is a yearlong course where students learn general shop safety, machine safety and basic machine woodworking. This class is designed for students who like working with their hands. In this class we will do both bookwork and projects.

Teacher Expectations * Respect others and the property of others. (Golden Rule) * Bring to class necessary materials (pencils & paper, etc.) Each student is required to have their own folder; each folder must have pockets in the front and back along with tabs in the center of folder. * NO cell phones, head phones or electronic devices. Items will be taken and turned in to the office at the convenience of the instructor. * Be in assigned seat and quiet when the bell rings. Begin “bell work” immediately. Answer the bell work using “writing better answer” format. * No outside food, drinks or candy (exception water bottles with lids).

Consequences * Warning * Stay after class * Removed to a safe place, 30-minute detention, call parents.

Grading Policy To earn an A grade in this course requires consistent attendance and careful attention to all assignments and craftsmanship. Student grades are based on total points, projects will be a major portion of the final grade. 90%--100% A- / A 80%--89% B- / B 70%--79% C- / C 60%--69% D- / D

Course Grades: Students will be graded on the following activities: * Test/Quizzes * Lab projects * Class participation * Daily Activities

* Homework

Project Deadlines Two major projects this year (step stool and a dresser valet) that will have deadlines, if those deadlines are not met, then the student will be expected to come early or stay after school. Deadlines will be posted at a later date. Projects and deadlines are subject to change through-out the year. Evaluation Each assignment will be assessed a point value and recorded. Students’ grades are determined by adding up their points earned and dividing by points possible. The grade is a true semester grade in that it is carried over from trister to trister. Grades may be checked online at anytime and will be updated every two weeks. If you ever question a grade, please contact me for explanation.

Make-up/Late Work Policy Makeup policy: Each student is required to make-up any missed assignments; it is the student’s responsibility to check with the instructor for any missed assignments. Deadline policy: This year there will be a number of deadlines for student projects. If the deadline is not met, then a penalty will be assessed. Deadlines will be assigned at a later date and are subject to change. All deadlines will be communicated through my webpage, phone calls and email. 1-week late 10% deduction 2-weeks late 25% deduction 3 weeks or more a 40% deduction Power of I (incomplete): All written work will be completed before the student is allowed to work on projects. If the assignment is not completed upon completion date then the student will be assigned a 30 minute detention. Detentions will be served Tuesday at 2:15-2:45 or Friday mornings from 6:45-7:15. I may modify my POI policy throughout the year to better serve the students, all changes will be posted on my webpage.

Safety Each student will be expected to pass a general and individual machine safety test with 100% efficiency. The test may be taken as often as needed. Shop safety is not just eye protection, machine guards, or push sticks. Shop safety is an ATTITUDE, a conscious awareness of what you are doing and how to do it in the best way possible. No saw guard will protect you from injury when using machinery in a dangerous manner.

Shop Fees A pair of safety glasses will be provided for each student. They will be responsible for keeping the safety glasses in good condition, if not they will have to purchase a new pair at a cost of $4. All safety glasses must be approved by the instructor. Each student is provided with $36 for their material cost. If they exceed this amount, they will be expected to pay the difference. Students may upgrade their wood or bring materials from home. Students may take project home when completed to the satisfaction of the instructor.

Course Competencies * The student will demonstrate safe practices for basic machine wood working equipment and materials. * The student will apply basic project planning and procedures techniques. * The student will calculate and measure in order to complete basic wood working assignments. * The student will be able to select and use basic woodworking tools and machines. * The student will identify, distinguish and use basic wood working materials and processes. -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

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Wood Technology Course Syllabus  
Wood Technology Course Syllabus  

Course Syllabus