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Ashna’s Avenue SPECIAL EDITION: Summer Lovin’

Me at ICON

Hello D17! How‟s that summer sun treating you? Welcome to a special edition issue of Ashna’s Avenue. This issue is all about the summer fun that this division and our wonderful district has had during Summer „12. Not only will there be a brief summary of the fun time that I experience at International Convention and in Disney, but also of some great service projects that Bloomfield Key Club has held and our first Division 17 Barbeque! It is quite a laid back issue with just some great pictures for you to laugh at. I hope you all enjoy this issue and the great weather that is still left for us this summer. It‟s only a few days until we are back to the hustle and bustle of school. Yours in Caring and Service,

In this Issue: Divisional News/ Reminders ICON


Ashna Vijay Bhatia


411 on the NJDB 6 Keep in Touch


My brother, Anish and me at some old ancient ruins in India.

17 Becton Regional Belleville Bloomfield Clifton Nutley St. Mary’s

Volume 1, Issue 2




What division are we? Seventeen. “Seventeen can’t be wrong”- Love Spit Love


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e S! ER d to b of D Division 17, in the month of August also had their first offiN e I e 0th n M RE MRFs y the 1 cers Barbeque! Here‟s a tidbit on how it went from the edi C t in b nth. he t n y e o s M b r. tor of Nutley Key Club Editor, Patrick Koslecki. ry m eve ner PC tembe tion a The District 17 picnic, which brought officers and general members alike, together, was such in ep str  D d of S Regi r 25th a worthwhile and fulfilling “meeting”. The officers I work with and keep in contact with e y n l e Ral ptemb l l a e regularly had a chance to meet with and talk to other student leaders with the same core  F due S values and ideals for a better world. Besides discussing what our goals and ambitions are for the is upcoming school year, we had a chance to unwind a little bit and know each other on a friendlier basis. We got a chance to discuss our plans after high school and what we‟ve been doing this summer. The District 17 picnic was such a good way to bond, hosted by our Lt. Governor Ashna Bhatia. We had games, like passing a soccer ball and telling something about yourself once you had it in your possession. I loved it, and look forward to seeing my fellow Key Clubbers very soon. Page 2


What’s that? Well it’s like “DCON but on steroids!”. This year, the New Jersey District spent their ICON tour at Disney World in Florida where Key Clubbers from all around the world got the chance to Unlock the Key to Magic. LTG Melika, LTG Christina, and Jonathan Mostafa and Me at the Philadelphia Airport.

It all started at the airport… at 6 am sharp. It was too early for us to function properly but that‟s where the fun started. I was properly introduced to Bloomfield Editor, Nick Acuna, who held my hand as we took off for Orlando!

LTG Rocky, LTG Zach, LTG Mel and me ready for our first ride!

Some of us in front of ANIMAL KINGDOM!

But the fun didn’t stop there... Page 3

More Di strict News We went from Japan to dancing with people on stilts during the Disney Parade, to the Hotel of Terror Ride to being a princess. In those 8 days, you can believe that the NJ district did it all.

Disney World was fun and all, but I‟m sure we all had more fun at the Hilton Hotel where the International Convention was held this year. After four days of roaming about “the Happiest Place on the Earth” we then settled down in Downtown Disney where the actual ICON was taking place. Page 4

IP LTG Jenn Braun and me at an ICON event (left). LTG Penny, LTG Melika and our GREAT District Administrator Ed Hutchinson and Me (below)

Me winning a dance with our IP International Trustee Nick DePorzio.

LTG Christina and me at dinner. Just the usual (above).

Our NEW International Trustee, Colten Meisner, and International President, Rebecca Riley (left).

Congrats to the several IP NJ Board Members who won Distinction as Board Members and to Bloomfield High School for being a Diamond Level Club. New Jersey was also 1st place in raising the most amount of money for the Eliminate Project.

A week in Orlando, Florida with two thousand other Key Clubbers from around the world truly made International Convention an unforgettable trip. Walking around the Hilton Hotel, I learned a lot about Key Club than what I previously did. It amazed me how Key Club ran from a simple club level to an international level. Though I did not only learn a lot about Key Club, I certainly made friends along the way. The experience was the best anyone could ask for. From getting to see Cirque Du Soleil to the Neon Dance, everything was absolutely amazing. Cannot wait for ICON 2013 at Washington D.C. and hope to see you there! - Nicholas Acuna, Editor of BHS Key Club Page 5

411 on the NJDB Some of the NJDB weird “favorites” to show you how they are just like you!

LTG of Division 10, Mohammed Haji: Favorite soccer team? “Inter Milan– everything from their colors to defensive style and my alltime favorite player played on that team” [Special thanks to Mo for coming to the divisional BBQ!]

Alyssa 3A

Here is a map of the beautiful Lieutenant Governors next to their Division! By LTG Brittany

Page 6

LTG of Division 21, Eric Smuda: Favorite song? “Stronger by Kelly Clarkson because of it‟s underlying meaning and because of how many people it‟s inspired to fight on. “ LTG of Division 13, Diti Shah: Favorite book? “My favorite book is The Sun Also Rises because it just gives a deeper insight on life. It's a novel that I feel like many can relate to. In the end, no matter what happens life goes on and it's ultimately up to you that decides what happens. The Sun Also Rises changed the way I perceive things.

Meet the “Otherside”of the board

LTG of Division 19, Penny Xu: Favorite store? “Zara definitely has my heart with its style. It‟s women‟s collection is always so boho-chic, and at the same time it‟s perfectly sophisticated!”

Keep in touch Listed below are the contact information for the Executive District Board. Feel free to get in touch with them at any time during this service year.

District Governor Nicole Ventrone

District Secretary Celina Baquiran

District Treasurer Joseph Toumanios

District Webmaster Lucas Dos Santos

District Editor Zachariah DeGuilio

Lieutenant Governor Ashna Vijay Bhatia 347-249-5429

Look out for a Back– to– School Ashna’s Avenue Edition coming very soon! If you have any concerns, questions, comments, or even random hellos, don’t hesistate to contact me! Page 7

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