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Ghumakkad : Meaning ‘Traveler/Explorer’ in Hindi It was once said, “ Your learning is not complete, till you’ve travelled different places, experienced different things and met various kinds of people.” My belief is somewhat the same. In my journey, each interaction has taught me something new, and made me believe that there is always scope for growth as long as you have an open mind. This portfolio is a compilation of my experiences so far, and is an ongoing process..taking shape over time.

ashna mehta

fashion design portfolio

Motif Development

theme based

The theme used was ‘Ganit’, a Hindi word for Mathematics. All motifs were developed keeping this theme in mind. All of them have some geometrical element in them and the colours used are very earthy and Indain.





Motif Development repeat patterns

Using one motif, different repeat patterns were created by adding one extra colour, and playing with negative or positive space.

Line Planning & Design Development two - faced

Theme: Two- Faced. Taking inspiration from theatre, the theme looked at the two sides to a performer- the bold, confident one on-stage and the shy, nervous one off-stage. I have translated this theme into a garment collection by keeping one part of the ensamble exaggerated and by using fluid and stiff fabrics together. For this project, I developed a prĂŞt line for Parisian brand, Dior.

mood board

I did a collection of 13 skirts and paired them with tops and jackets. Fabrics: Velvet, Leather, Knit, Chiffon, Fur

World Costume

Rococo (1675- 1764)

Era : Rococo (1675-1764) Theme: It’s a Revolution. Rococo was an era of change in France,when people got tired of the aristocracy’s loot and decided to overthrow the Monarchy. Taking inspiration from mostly male elements of that time, I have tried to create a line of contemporary workwear for women.

Elements used: Watteau Pleats, Ruffles, Bows, Pannier-like effect, Justacorps, Waistcoat & Breeches.

Indian Garment Construction

weave a dream

mood board

Inspiration: “Weaver’s weaving at fall of night, Why do you weave a garment so bright?... Like the plumes of a peacock, purple & green, We weave the marriage veils of a queen.” -Indian Weavers by Sarojini Naidu

The fabric used for the purple sherwani is Khann fabric whereas for the green blouse, Poona Cotton has been used. Both garments were designed for a young Indian bride, with the theme being, Weave a Dream.

Design Development and Collection Planning

Prints Please

The collection “Prints Please� is a Western Wear collection inspired from the early Cubist Paintings. The theme portrays a the modern Indian woman who is experimental , fearless and hardworking. This collection caters to urban professional upper class women who would dare to be stand out and have a personal style statement. The collection is developed after a thorough study and analysis of Cubist Paintings, capturing colors, shapes, feel and the idea behind these paintings. Block printing techniques are used in an different and contemporary way. The cubist inspiration comes out in the form of Cut & Sew as garment detailing and the geometric motifs used in the prints

The fabric used for the jacket and trouser is Linen whereas for the top, Organza and Mul have been used. The garments were designed for the ‘Modern Indian’ working woman.

Summer Internship

Dresses for young girls

I did my summer internship at Mineral, a high street brand by Priyadarshini Rao. The brand caters to women in the age bracket of 25- 45 years.I was given the task to design dresses for young girls (age group:4-10), using leftover fabric from the SS 11 womenswear collection. These are the five designs that got selected for production.

Window Display During my summer internship at Mineral, I was asked to work on different window display options, keeping in mind that the bodkins will not arrive by the store launch. Option 2 was finally used at the Minerl Store, Infitinity Mall ll, Mumbai

option 1

option 2

option 3

Installation Design British fashion is bespoke, sophisticated and structured on one side and quirky and sub-culture inspired on the other. Through the installation, the group tried to give a glimpse of the elements of fashion that make London a fashion capital.

LONDON as fashion capital

Non-Textile Garment toxic glamour

mood board

The non-textile material that our group worked with was garbage bags. The theme we came up with was toxic glamour as the material was shiny, and made noise when rubbed together. Our muse was Fergie, the singer as we thought she would be apt for such a theme. Garbage bags are thin and tear easily, so it was quite a task to come up with a wearable garment using them.


honnavar, india

pench wildlife sanctuary india

rome, italy

Photographs clicked on various trips across India and abroad, with a Nikon D90.

Art Work

All art work is experiments that I do in my free time. I have tried to use different methods and materials like lino cut, charcoal, oil pastels, water colours and ink.

ashna mehta

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Ashna Mehta : Portfolio

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