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Dying to get to Oklahoma

The painting used for this back cover is an original piece of art work done by Leah during our time living on Hamilton Island. We left Melbourne for Hamilton Island so Leah could begin her new cancer free life in paradise. However we were soon to discover that this was just a small break in her epic cancer battle. This battle involved the "discovery" of numerous recognised treatments available in hospitals worldwide but not in Australia. The sale of this book aims to reduce the disadvantage to Australian cancer patients and bring the first of one of these treatments to an Australian hospital. Since this painting was completed over 200,000 Australian's have died from cancer, including Leah. If this is not enough for our government to act then we, as concerned citizens, must.

Dying to get to Oklahoma A cancer journey featuring Elvis, Dirty Dancing and a Tornado or 2

A story of one family's cancer journey. This involved an amazing array of characters from right around the globe all because "the lucky country" lacked vital treatment options available in most countries around the world. Hopefully this book will enable Australia to catch up and give cancer patients more options and hope for the future. So join Elvis, Patrick, Oprah and others in this amazing tale.

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ISBN 978-1-4478-2600-2

Dying to get to Oklahoma  
Dying to get to Oklahoma  

(ISBN 978-1-4478-2600-2) A story of an Australian family's cancer journey that includes amazing cameos by Oprah, Elvis, Patrick Swayze, Spon...