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Implantable Medical Devices to 2015 This comprehensive study examines the US market for implantable medical devices, including orthopedic, cardiovascular and other products that are implanted into the body for therapeutic, diagnostic or cosmetic purposes. Orthopedic implants consist of reconstructive knee, hip and other joint replacements; spinal fixation and spacing devices; orthobiologics; trauma fixation and repair devices; and dental implants, a new inclusion in this study. Cardiovascular products include pacing devices used for cardiac resynchronization therapy (CRTs); implantable cardioverter defibrillators (ICDs); pacemakers; and related accessories. Other cardiovascular products encompass carotid, coronary and peripheral stents; heart valves and heart valve repair accessories; internal heart monitors; vascular and heartrelated grafts; vena cava filters; and ventricular-assist devices. Other implantable medical devices include neurological stimulators; otolaryngeal implants such as cochlear implants and esophageal stents; ophthalmic imp lants, encompassing intraocular and other lenses; intrauterine devices and gynecological products for soft tissue repair; drug implants; silicone and saline breast implants and other cosmetic products; urological stents and penile implants; and other devices. New inclusions in this study are ear implants, widely used to treat common ear infections, and intrauterine devices. Request a Sample for or Inquire before buying the report Implantable Medical Devices Market US demand for implantable medical devices will increase 7.7 percent annually to $52 billion in 2015. These products have benefited from technological advances, and growth is expected to be strong over the forecast period. Next generation devices have increased confidence in orthopedic, cardiovascular and other implants. Demand will also benefit from the lack of alternative treatments for many chronic disorders and injuries. Over the long term, sales for medical implants will be challenged by tightening control by insurance providers over maximum payment for implantations. However, the ability of medical implants to reduce overall treatment cost for many conditions, including osteoarthritis and chronic heart failure, will work in favor of growth for these products.

Major points covered in Table of Contents of this report include: INTRODUCTION I. EXECUTIVE SUMMARY II. MARKET ENVIRONMENT


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Implantable Medical Devices Industry to 2015  
Implantable Medical Devices Industry to 2015  

Cardiovascular implants have strong potential to reduce the overall treatment cost for heart disease, and at the same time contribute signif...