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Ashly Ho- Arch 10B-March Diagram

Monitor the development of the march Review and process the march route and intent

Clean up after the protest (Trash, roadblocks, etc.)

Charge or release arrested individuals

Complete March

Deal with any violence or rioting that occurs; arrest people

Monitor the March

Marching Begins

Plan for emergency situations (violence, rioting, obstructions)

Organize the necessary forces to maintain order during march

If cause/demands are not achieved, continue to protest; plan new march

See if cause/demands are achieved

Gather to discuss and/or celebrate the march

Complete March

Deal with violence or other unplanned occurances

Try to maintain a level of peace within the group and watch out for agitators

Attract attention towards your march by making noise (shouting, chanting, etc.)

Communicate your cause to bystanders

Marching Begins

Contact local media to attract more attention to your cause

Plan for emergency situations (violence, rioting, obstructions)

Organize the support (members, groups, individuals)

Apply for permission and permits from authorities

Decide on a specific route or location to begin and end at

Designate an organizational power or leader(s)

Spread the news through various mediums

Decide on your demands

Determine the cause for protest


The site for this installation is located in Westwood, Los Angeles; the site incorporates a strip of the famous Westwood wrapping into Lindbrook. The current site is home to a parking garage, as well as a strip of restaurants. The main reference for the design of the pavillion was the idea of marching, because of the nearby Federal Building. Thus, the task was to create a design that would lead metro passengers from the intended metro entrance towards the Protest Square on the end of Lindbrook.

After researching on the Derry March/Massacre; the two characteristics: blockade and flow, were recognized. Their interaction results in a Gradual Accumulation. Which becomes the clear Binucular Concept.

Blockade Lamp Post Height

March Blockade

General Building Height

Billboard Height

Chase Building/Subway Entrrance Height

Skyscraper Height

Flow Accumulation Accumulation Westwood Blvd

General Building Height

Lamp Post Height

Newstand Height

Flow Newstand Height Billboard Height

Lindbrook Blvd

First Floor Height

Moderate Traffic

Low Traffic

Heavy Traffic

Ashly Ho- Arch 10B-March Diagram

Research Diagrams

Westwood Elevation

Short Sections

Floor Plan

Lindbrook Elevation

Street Designs

Architecture Portfolio 2  

Part 2 of Architectural Portfolio

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