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In my portfolio I have collected all of the essays and writing assignments from both semesters of my senior year. The first four essays are from my first semester, they include : Chaucer Character Essay, Beowulf Compare and Contrast, Diary project, and the Social Satire essay. The last three are from this last semester and include : Frankenstein, Prose piece, and Literary Analysis.

Table of Contents. - Chaucer Character Essay - Beowulf Compare and Contrast Gawain Critical Essay - Diary Project

- Modes Proposal ( Satire Essay ) - Frankenstein Essay - Prose piece - Literary Analysis.

The Pilgrimage Good day to all on this magnificent day. Just like all days are magnificent and full of astonishment. I have come to tell my tale. A tale of a remarkable pilgrimage. I will narrate how I came to be a role of such a journey. Also I will reveal my job for the duration of this pilgrimage. So just sit back and unwind as I tell you of a awe-inspiring tale. I should start off by introducing myself. I am Rose the Minstrel. I live in a beautiful prosperous kingdom a few days away from Canterbury. Most of the towns people appear to me with their tribulations. These people come to me because I always see the bright side of things. As well I have a vibe that others can sense that calms them down and make their troubling nerves perish. I believe I was sent by God to help make peace among others. I will go on this journey to make people feel at peace. The people will instinctively feel at ease in my presence. I have been told I have the facial features of an angel. My hair is golden as the sun when it sets in the noon day sky. My skin is as white as the winters snow with cheeks that are rosy pink. Hence why I got my name. My eyes are as blue as the ocean, but admits all of this, it is my voice that calms people. People say when I speak to them it is like an angel talking back to them. If there shall be a scuffle between travelers all I shall have to do is step in and tell them to cease such nonsense. They will automatically stop, and continue on their way. I will be there also to help others find God if they are stray from him. I once strayed from God, but another Minstrel helped me find my way. This Minstrel taught me how to see everything on the positive side, and how to teach onto others. I shall teach others how to act around one another. They shall act tranquil, peaceful, and unselfish. If they act like this then nothing shall bring them downward. . I believe that this journey shall be a great one. Yes indeed it will be a magnificent one because an immense group of people will be taught to care for one another. Never will anyone see a phenomenon like it that is for certain. I am extremely pleased to be a part of this journey. I am pleased to know that I am helping others when they are in need of assistance. Well friends, it is time I bid farewell. I wish the best of luck. Always remember to look at the positive things in life, for life is too short too be taken too seriously.

As I read Beowulf I tried to concentrate on the theme and main events going on so that I would get the main conception of the epic poem. After reading Beowulf and becoming fully attentive of all the details and plots in the story I read Grendel. As I read Grendel I found various comparisons and contrasts. Some of the comparisons and contrasts are characterization of characters, reasons why Grendel attacked, themes, and descriptions of the Danes/Geats. In Beowulf Grendel was played out to be a grotesque creature. Beowulf describes Grendel almost animalistic. They portrayed him as animalistic by making him sound furry, uncivil , and having claws. Not only was he animalistic, but he was also very intelligent. However in Grendel he is played out to be more human. He is able to speak actual words instead of howls. In Grendel he was still very intelligent as he was in Beowulf.Hrothgar is detailed very differently in Beowulf and Grendel. In Beowulf Hrothgar is seen as coward and very muted. Mostly Hrothgar is seen a drunk in the mead hall awaiting the next death caused by Grendel.. There is slight focus on Hrothgar in Beowulf as well. Where in Grendel they make Hrothgar seem as someone to be feared than someone who needs aid. Also he does not seem to have a drinking problem as he did in Beowulf.In Beowulf the Anglo-Saxons are seen as very devoted. They are very devoted to their homeland because they do not leave even though people are being slaughtered by a monstrous creature. They seem to do all that they must to make sure that none of them are killed during the night. Grendel , however portrays them as very uncivil. During this novel they are very violent people who clash with each other continuously. Also they were seen as festivity people who enjoyed having big feasts and drinking every night.The biggest contrast between the two is the reason why Grendel attacks the mead hall. In Beowulf Grendel attacks the mead hall because he is envious of the Anglo-Saxons. Grendel is so envious of the Anglo-Saxons because of their happiness. He did not like others to be happy when he could not. In Grendel it is a whole different story. Grendel attacks for vengeance for his father who was murdered when he was just a little boy.Last of all the two themes of the stories are very diverse. In Beowulf the themes are heroism and epic. The theme is portrayed as heroism and epic because Beowulf battles to survive and seeks a specific enemy, Grendel. Also Beowulf is very sure of himself in his battles and would rather die than live with shame. Grendel's themes is almost a life lesson of not to judge someone based on an outside opinion. In Grendel the Anglo-Saxons could have tried to reason with Grendel since he was more civil.All in all I think there were more contrasts between the two. The only comparisons that seem to exist are over Grendel's intelligence. Other then that the two are pretty different about everything else. I think it is good that they were not the same though that way we are not reading the same thing over and over again. Also this gives readers a better explanation of Grendel and why he acts like this.

I had been feeling weak, and tired. I was bruisng and getting headaches constantly. The doctor kept telling my mother I had the flu. One day I passed out in the kitchen and stopped breathing. I was taken to Riley Hostpital. They diagnosed me with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia. The doctor told my mother if she had not called for me she would have assumed I was sleeping and would have woken up the next morning to discover I had died in the night with out knowing why. A healthy body is supposed to have 150,000 platelets. I only had 1,500. The doctor told my mother and father they did not think I was goig to make it through the first night. I was three years old and scared. That first night I received three transfusions and a bone marrow. I did not understand why the doctors kept poking me with needles and why my family was upset. I wanted to go home and play with my friends. Riley was my home for three years. They started using me and some of the other kids for testing different medicines along with chemo and radiation. In a way we helped them find a way to help cure more children.

Short on money? Are you short on money? Do you wish there was a way to earn extra cash? Today everyone is suffering from our poor economy and is in need of money. People are willing to do anything just to get money so they can provide for their families and themselves. There is a solution to our money woes. Not only a solution to our money woes, but to our immigration problem as well. Illegal immigrants have caused many problems for Americans. It all started in the late 1800’s when they first started coming over. At first it might not have been so bad, but now our economy is suffering and so are the American citizens. Everyone is in dire need of a job. However illegal immigrants are being chosen over American citizens because they are willing to work for less pay. They are causing American citizens to lose everything they have worked for. Some people say it will get better if we secure the border more. How do we know they will not find a way to still get over? We have secured the border before, but still they get in. If you are sick and tired of seeing American citizens being turned down jobs and would like to make more money then listen up. We propose that if an American citizen can give the authorities the location of an illegal immigrant they will receive a cash reward. Not only a cash reward, but the illegal immigrants will learn their lesson. The prices will range according to their ages and they will be sent to work in labor camps for the rest of their lives. If you think that this is cruel and unjust maybe the amount of money will change your mind. Boys from the ages of zero to ten years old will be sold for three thousand dollars. Girls from the ages of zero will be sold for three thousand five hundred dollars. Theses children will be kept at a day care almost position on the labor camp property while the parents and older children work. Once they reach the appropriate age they will learn to work with the others. Girl also will usually cost more then the boys because they are more delicate.

Boys from the ages of eleven to eighteen will be sold for two thousand dollars. Girls from the ages of eleven to eighteen will be sold for two thousand five hundred dollars. These children will not do too much hard labor. They will most likely help tend to the little children and help out the adults and elders. Men from the ages of nineteen to fifty-five will be sold for one thousand dollars. Women from the ages of nineteen to fifty-five will be sold for one thousand five hundred dollars. They will be doing the tough labor. Tough labor for the men will consist of moving heavy objects, helping build whatever is asked of them, and to help make necessities for the army. Women will be sowing clothes for everyone in the camp, doing the laundry, cooking, and cleaning. Anyone who is over fifty-five will be sold for the rock bottom price of five hundred dollars. Since they are older and are weak they will also help watch the children and clean and cook. No one is to be mistreated at this camp. The camp might not be the most desired place to be, but it will not be as bad as the holocaust. Everyone will sleep in a giant hall on cots. It will be a tight squeeze, but it will do. They will bath every other day and have ten minutes to do so. They will work six days a week Monday through Saturday. They will work fourteen hour days 6am to 7pm. Mothers must get the children to the day care on time and also pick them up. If someone is late they will not receive dinner that night. They will be given three meals a day. Breakfast will consist of one type of cereal, and will remain the same. Lunch will be soup that will remain the same. Dinner will be soup and a sandwich that will remain the same. Hopefully most of you think this will be a good idea and would be willing to do it. For those of you who disagree must not really care about your fellow American citizens. If the illegal immigrants are willing to sneak over here, when it is illegal, then they should be willing to pay a price when they get caught. I think doing the same thing over and over again for the rest of your life would teach you not to break the law. Plus it is a way to earn ourselves some extra cash in this poor economy. So if you are interested or know the wear a bouts of an illegal immigrant please do not hesitate to call 1-800-GETIMMIS.

After contemplating Victor Frankenstein agrees to make a female creation for his male creation. While he is working on his new creation however he decides to destroy her which upsets the monster. Even though it upset the monster, the female creation could have been bad, did Victor do the right thing ? The monster wanted Frankenstein to make a female so he would not be lonely. Frankenstein refused to make another creation because her “ joint wickedness might desolate the world.”(104) Frankenstein agrees to make a female for the monster because he made the monster swear to “ quit Europe forever, and every other place in the neighborhood of man.”(107) The monster swore “ by the sun and by the blue sky of heaven and by the fire of love that burns my heart that if you grant my prayer while they exist you shall never behold me again.” (107) with this being said Frankenstein started to

create the female. One evening Frankenstein started to think about what he was doing. The monster had made a promise to him, but the female had not. Frankenstein worried she would not comply with the contract and she might even hate her mate. “ She also might turn with disgust from him to the superior beauty of man; she might quit him and he be again alone.” (121) Frankenstein destroyed the female when he saw the monster looking in the window because he thought “ had I a right for my own benefit to inflict this curse upon everlasting generations?” (121) I think Frankenstein made the right decision because things did not go well the first time. Frankenstein went through a lot of deciding whether to create a female or not. Maybe he thought they would be happy together and leave. He realized though all of the things could go wrong and broke his promise to the monster. I think Frankenstein made the right choice by destroying the female. Either way there was going to be problems. He either broke a promise, or had two monsters on this earth.

There is a river with barley and rye on both sides that covers the country and meets the sky. The road runs through the field and people are going toward Camelot. The people look where the lillies are. The Lady of Shalott sings a song that only the people who are up early hear. The Lady of Shalott weaves during the day and the night. She weaves with happy colours. Someone whispers that she is cursed if she stays. Lady of Shalott does not know what the curse could possibly be. She continues to weave with little care. She looks into the mirror and sees the highway going to Camelot. The river whirls, and she sees girls in the market with red cloaks. Sometimes she sees knights in the mirror riding two by two. She does not have a knight of her own. She weaves what she sees in the mirror. Sir Lacelot came riding down to Camelot. His horses bridle bells rang and his armor made noise. The saddle shone from the nice weather, and his brow glowed in the sun. His war horse trotted below him. Lady of Shalott saw him in the mirror when he went from the bank and from the river. She walked around in the room and the mirror cracked. The curse was upon her. It started to rain and Lady of Shalott got into a boat and headed toward Camelot. She was dressed in white, and the leaves fell gently upon her. As she floated to Camelot there were noises through the night. The people heard her singing her last song. Her song was mournful and holy, it was chanted loudly and lowly, until her blood froze and her eyes darkened. She turned toward Camelot and she reached the tide. She died singing her song by the first house on the water-side. She floated by the houses into Camelot. The knight, burgher, lord and dame came and read her name and wondered who she was and why she was there. They crossed themselvers for fear, but Lancelot said she had a lovel

In Tennyson’s poem “The Lady of Shalott” he portrays many different ideas and images of theme, plot, imagery, tone, and symbols. I was fascinated more by how Tennyson described the characters. He made sure not to give out too much detail about the lady, but just enough to get the reader’s mind going. Tennyson seems to want the readers to know more about this mysterious lady. Some readers might not see all of the detail Tennyson put into the Lady of Shalott. She was stuck in a gray house, or almost a prison to her. Even though she is isolated from the world outside of her room Tennyson gives us much detail of life outside her room. However Tennyson does not inform the readers what the lady looks like, or why she is even cursed. To the reader she could simply just be crazy. I had thought at first she did not mind being isolated. She would sit and sew what she saw in the mirror. She was safe from all of the monstrous things that could harm her from the outside world. My thoughts changed however when she saw the two lovers. She then began to realize how alone she was, and yearned for a lover of her own. The Lady of Shalott did have a lover of her own in a way.. She had fancied Sir Lancelot, always watching him ride past in her mirror.. One day she finally decided to go and look out the window to look at what the out side world held. Maybe her curiosity got the best of her, and she wanted to see the world like Sir Lancelot did. When she looked outside she saw a water-lily bloom. The water lily seems to represent the new life the lady was seeing for the very first time. Shortly after she looked out the window her mirror cracked, and her curse was then upon her. I think the lady knew she was going to die once she looked out the window. She got into a boat with her name on it and floated down the river towards Camelot. While she floated down the river she sang a song. A song that would leave people with mystery and wonder. She floated down the river looking up at the night sky, perhaps seeing the stars for the first time. Maybe while she was floating down singing her song the stars kept her company. Her song was sung loudly, and lowly, and was mournful, and holy. This caught my attention. Perhaps this was how she felt at times, mournful and quite because she was kept locked away from the outside world with out anyone to love or care for, and loud and holy because she had finally gotten out of her prison. Soon after she was done singing she died. She floated to the castle of Sir Lancelot, by the garden wall and the gallery. When the boat came to a stop the knight, burgher, lord, and dame came to see what was in the boat. They had read her name and questioned who she was, and why she was there. All of them questioned that except for Sir Lancelot. Sir Lancelot on the other hand spoke of her lovely face , and that God lend her grace. Sir Lancelot would never know that he was he reason of her death, and maybe some of the readers would not guess it was his fault either. The Lady of Shalott was not a simple women. She did not enjoy being locked away. When she was locked away she was kept safe from the

hurt and pain the outside world causes most people. But when she was locked away, she could not enjoy the good things in life, such as love, and she yearned for love. I think Tennyson tries to explain to readers that people should not be kept away from the real world. That if people are kept from the real world they will eventually want to break free from their little prison, and discover the real world from themselves. Also it shows just because someone is locked away does not mean there is something wrong with them, they just need someone to show them that life is beautiful.

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