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Same Love “Dirty by the closet door, clean on the left, keep everything color coated, do you understand?” I guess not every girl can keep a clean room and apparently my girlfriends’ idea of organization is completely different from everyone else. Ohh this girl is a train wreck who in their right mind can sleep in this room? That really needs to be in a hanger or it will wrinkle!! Will this girl ever understand? Today is the last day I will help this girl clean her room! ” The entire floor is covered in clothes like a snowy winter’s day. But I could not complain I was spending time with my girlfriend and I couldn’t ask for anything better. “No! Girl that goes in the clean clothes over there” yells Jessica “You need to stop zoning out on me.” But I couldn’t help it this room was an organized zoo, she was so beautiful how could I not get distracted all I could do was smile when I thought about her, and on top of all of that she wanted me to tell my parents about our relationship, my mind was everywhere and I couldn’t focus at all. “Fine woman I’m moving stop yelling!” I laughed. We had a great day until she asked when she could meet my family, and every time she asked I had no answer for her. I wanted to make her happy, so I decided to suck up my fears and tell my family. She wanted me to do this so I would risk it for her. Nothing could go terribly wrong, its family they have to understand me. The smile on her face was priceless, something I wanted to see every day if telling my parents would make her happy I will do it for her. Every Sunday my family goes to church and every Friday they pray. As I understood religion did not accept people who were different so I keep quiet about my girlfriend to them because I didn’t want them to be disappointed, but it was time to say something I was turning

thirteen and I defiantly wanted to show of my girlfriend so I had to let everything out to have a perfect day on my upcoming birthday. “Grandma, I want to tell you…” I began “Don’t freak out but I have a girlfriend grandma, I like girls, I’m bisexual.” She was surprised but very understanding. I had completely forgotten how talkative she was, and in a few days everyone had found out I had a girlfriend. I was interrogated by almost everyone and was able to overcome even the worst of their comments, but my parents unbelievably still had not heard, and I was worried they would find out. Things where great but I was going to have to let my parents meet her eventually. The time was arriving, a week before my birthday, I had to say something to my parents before they found out by someone else. I was terrified, but I had to tell them. I arrived home very assured by my girlfriend that things would be great. “Mom dad I have a girlfriend and I’m bringing her to my birthday party” I said everything strait forward because I thought it would be easier, but I was wrong. “How are you just going to tell us like it nothing? This is very wrong we need to take you to church!” yelled my mother. My father sat stunned trying to take everything in. “But my sister comes and tells you about her boyfriends and you don’t say anything about that, love is love, and it doesn’t matter if it’s with the same sex or with the opposite.” I said “Never once did I see my sister come scared to you to tell you about her relationships so why should I?” “Is this a joke because if it is its not cool,” my mother continued “You are a sin in gods eyes and a disgrace to our family!” I began to cry I thought everything was going to be fine. Everyone else never talked to me that way when they found out, and although they could not completely understand why I would ever like a girl they at least pretended to understand my situation.

“A relationship is between a male and female! Not between a female and female or male and male!!” said my father as if he had just awoken from a dream, and that is all I heard from him all day, for a few days actually. Life as I knew it was over and at that precise moment I wanted to bury myself in my words and forget that anything happened. How could my parents not support me in my decision? Jessica made me happy and my happiness is all that should matter to you! I’m your daughter not a paper figure I have feelings and everything you have just said to me is something I would have never imagined any parent say to their children. The week went by and I spent my birthday with Jessica, because she was the only one to prove to be sincere and like me for who I was. I had a great day with her family and her. I went home late at night hoping to not see my parents because all they had done in the past few days was give me bad looks. I could not stand to see one on my special day. Dark night, darker than any other night, I got the chills and I felt that I should not go into my house. I almost turned back to go to Jessica’s home again, but the night was very dark I was genuinely scared to turn back. I’m going to be robbed, or killed. I should probably run home because that little noise is scaring me, but I’m too tired to run. As I walked I stepped on small pieces of glass I looked up that the bulb on the street lamps were broken that was probably why the day seemed darker than usual. I entered my porch and tried to quietly open the door, but my keys decided to jingle as if it was a Christmas day. I came in very happily from the day I had just had when a dark large figure approaches me. I was completely terrified. Oh my who is this, I hope my family is okay and everyone else. Don’t cry, make this person believe you are strong. As the figure reached me he grabbed my arm and in very familiar voice he said “This is how a pig is killed”

I could not figure out the voice but I knew I heard it on a daily basis. I’m going to die and my parents are going to me angry at me forever, I hope they can forgive me for the person I turned out to be. And just as quick as I thought this my arm was twisted back in a very uncomfortable position. I felt the need to scream, but I decided not to because I thought could handle the pain. This person laughed and said “Wow aren’t you a strong one, we will see how much pain you can endure until you finally cry.” I was thrown into my room. The light was on and everything looked normal nothing was moved from where I had left it. I concentrated very hard on everything that was in my room that for a second I forgot what had just happened, but the pain in my arm was quick to remind me. I quickly turned around and I was very surprised about the man that was standing in front of me. “What are you doing?” I asked “You hurt my arm.” My father was quick to laugh. I thought he was just playing so I got up and sat on my couch and turned on the television, but boy was he not done with me yet. As soon as I got comfortable he came up to me and put his hands around my neck and said “my family will not have a disgrace like you in it” I can’t do much to save my life now. He is to strong and his hands are heavy. No! give yourself the strength to beat him. Do not let him hurt you! Now I could do nothing I had no strength left in me, and I could feel that each breath that left my body was one less chance of survival, one step closer to deaths door. At this moment I have lost all respect for you. Look me in the eyes when you do this because I know it has to hurt you somewhere deep inside that you are hurting your daughter!! Look at me! I had some hope when my mother came into my room. I looked at her, asking for help with my tears, but all she said was “life is hard.” and walked out of my room as if nothing was happening. All respect for

both of my parents is gone I will never love you any of you again. I have no one anymore, but what does it matter I am going to die. As soon as my mother left my grandma walked into my room and saved me from the hands I was in. At that moment I completely gave myself to her. My reason to live was to thank her for helping me. She cradled me in her arms and the love I felt from her was more than anyone else had ever loved me combined. I turned into a very talkative person letting everyone know what was going through my mind, just for the reason that I felt protected by my grandma and I could go to her for anything. But when she died all my confidence died with her. I was once again going to be left in the hands of the people that tried to hurt me before, but this time I wasn’t going to let them hurt me I was stronger than before and although I was alone I would protect myself. I keep everything to myself to not let anyone know my weaknesses, so no one can hurt me, but when it comes down to it I will protect myself from anything and anyone and I will not hold back on my strength. Every day I live is for my grandma because she believed in me enough to give me a second chance at life, literally.

Same love