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The Scoop On Me! I am a very adventurous and daring 19 year old, with absolutely no clue where I see myself in 10 years. I love to dance, and to sing, only when no one is watching, and I dream of directing Broadway. I dream things bigger than I can imagine and I question most every truth. I love give advice, but hardly take it, and I try not to worry about the future. I am very caring, and thoughtful, and I love being on stage. I am incredibly goofy and highly uncoordinated and if given the opportunity would spend every day playing outside at recess with children.

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Scuba Diving in Thailand

My Passion My new passion is to become a professional scuba dive instructor. I realized that I feel just as much at home under the surface than I do anywhere else. I am extremely looking forward to spending this coming summer in Belize undertaking my six week Master Diver Course!

Free Time My free time if you can even call it that is well occupied through sports. I have played five years of competitive volleyball throughout high school and have competed in three National Championships. I now play professional elite volleyball at Red Deer College and plan to continue this until I finish school.

Ashley Vincent


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