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T hank You

EPH 4:4-6

le who contributed to this I (Nike) would like to sincerely thank all the peop ion being poured onto devotional. Thank you for your wisdom and pass your life and you will be the pages. I promise that this book will impact s in this changed forever. If you are impacted by the thing people: devotional, please take some time and thank these Jon and Terri Gerling, Russel and Becky Ladd, Ron and Lynette Berkley, Jan Trimble, and Ashley Swearingen. ringen who put a lot of A big thanks to my beautiful wife Ashley Swea makes me look good. effor t into the design of this book. She always Nazarene churches for I would like to thank both Camp Creek and Vici like to thank our pastors their suppor t of our group. I would especially and Lynette Berkley for and their wives, Jon and Terri Gerling and Ron our boundaries in ministry. always encouraging us and pushing us beyond ONE. May we continue to Last ly, to the awesome students who make up used by God and grow in our faith and love so that we will be Christ. reach to the ends of the world in the name of


Nike Swearingen is the youth pastor for both Vici and Camp Creek Nazarene Churches. He is blessed beyond belief to be married to his wife Ashley. Preaching to students is his passion but he wouldn’t be able to do all that he does without the help of his wonderful wife, amazing pastors and their wives and the awesome volunteers who help with ONE student Ministry.

My B I G 3 1. boundaries then Boundaries... we all have them. Some have more on a four-wheeler others. Some of us love the rush of going fast like with par-core... or in a car. Others love jumping off of things coasters and which is crazy! You may like ridiculously high roller and then the coaster dropping face first to the ground at 80 mph burn. turning at the last second before you crash and

2. 3.

never get on a coaster and go Others of you have lots of boundaries. You would ing cause it scares you. You have up high or crazy fast. You hate running or jump me (Nike) and not like germs. If built lots of boundaries and you may be like sanitizer with you everywhere which you are, you may be like me and carry hand e a ring of toilet paper on the turns into full body sanitizer. Perhaps you creat think about sitting down and don’t toilet seat at public restrooms before you ever rails, gas pumps or shopping get me star ted on how nasty door knobs, hand car ts are... ick! and you think I’m a freak, lets Ok... so now that I have confessed my obsessions book. First what is a “devo book”? dig a little deeper to why we wrote this devo is something we use in worship to Devo is shor t for devotional and a devotional for our lives. So, we wrote this God. We use it to grow and focus on God’s will new ways and also search God so you can begin to worship God in greater and and His will for your life.

this devo book and during our NO A lot will happen over the next few weeks in is and what he is calling each and Boundaries series. As we look at how big God Throughout this devo, you will write everyone of us to... a life with NO Boundaries. 3 are 3 things that you are dealing down what we are calling the BIG 3. The BIG be different by the end of this with right now and the 3 you write today may onships, self wor th, understanding of book. The BIG 3 could be sin, addiction, relati moment and write out your BIG 3. God, etc. Hopefully you get the point. Take a

Day 1

Whenever you see Facebook or Twitter we ask you to post these updates to your timeline. Just imagine all of ONE Student Ministry flooding our friends' newsfeed with posts about Jesus and how we are trying to live with NO Boundaries.

Excited for my experience with Christ as I live with NO Boundaries! #NOBoundaries

g n i n Begin The

Read Genesis 1:1-27

In the beginning there was nothing, the universe was dark and empty. But the Spirit of God hove red and then God began to speak. For the first time in recor ded history God spoke and things came to be. I love wha t Psalm 33:6-9 says...

[6] By the word of the Lord the heavens were made, their starry host by the breath of His mouth. [7] He gath ers the waters of the sea into jars; He puts the deep into storehouses. [8] Let all the earth fear the Lord; let all the people of the world revere Him. [9] For He spoke, and it came to be; He commanded, and it stood firm… Think for a moment how BIG God mus t be and to live in a boundless universe which He spoke into existence. If you are reading this at night and you may already be in bed I urge you to get up, put on some shoes and go outside, take your telescope and look at the moon and the stars. If your parents stop you and think you’re tryin g to sneak outside tell ‘em it’s fine and that you are going outside to see how big God is... They will think it’s completely normal and I’m sure they won’ t think twice about it. Maybe you are reading this first thing in the morning. Just walk outside and watch the sun rise and imagine a really big holy God commanding this fiery ball of light into existence. Maybe you are reading this mid-day and you’re taking a break from all your activ ities. Just look around you, feel the sun on your face, feel the breeze, watch the wind move acro ss the grass and through the trees. If you experience any or all these things in the next day you mus t realize that there is a great big God who is powerfu l enough to speak all these things into existence.

There are NO Boundaries to how big God is and what He can create, be, save, speak or do in our LIVES. Prepare yourself as we begin to experience God in brand new ways as we live with NO Boundaries! Learning how BIG God is and its amazing! #NOBoundaries

Day 2

Time "Your time is your life. Killing time is suicide." Rick Warren #NOBoundaries #ONEStumin

y. Let’s rewind your da What all did you do?

day consisted of... Write out what your

Ephesians 5:15-16 AMP [15] Look carefully then how you walk! Live purposefully and worthily and accurately, not as the unwise and witless, but as wise (sensible, intelligent people), [16] Making the very most of the time [buying up each opportunity], beca use the days are evil. … Most likely you did a lot today. You had school, some sor t of practice, work, friends to talk to, Facebook and Twitter to check and tons of text messages to send. On top of all that your parents might have had the nerve to ask you to help around the house. It’s been a long day and you may not have the 10 minutes it take s to read this devotional.

“Remember when killing time, it has no resurrection.” A.W. Tozer “Your time is your life. Killing time is suicide.” Rick Warren

“Today is the youngest you’ll ever be and the oldest you’ve ever been.” Unknown

Day 3

You live in a evil world. No other way to put it. In the passage of scripture above we are asked to be wise making the most of our time . This doesn’t mean to aimlessly fill your day with activities, rather that we might use our time to glorify God. The best way to do that is spendin g time in His word and learning mor e about God. Here is what we are asking from you so it will benefit you. We ask you to carve out 10-15 minutes of your day to spend som e time reading this devo, seeking God and finding out how you may live with NO Boundaries. Can you do that ? Seriously, can you? This is the firs t of many challenges throughout this devo book. If you are excited to exp erience God in new ways and see what he is calling you to then I desp erately ask you to pick up this book everyday. Take it school, read it on the bus or in the car to school. Read it at lunch, first thing in the morning, before bed, in a tree, on the toilet (my bes t reading spot) upside down, in bed, with your par ents, with a friend. However, wherever and whenever you want to read this devo is up to you. All we ask is that you would pick it up every day!!! Let’s star t living with NO Boundaries.


Read Ephesians 4:4-6

EPH 4:4-6

Our youth group is entitled ONE Student Ministry. ONE God, ONE Group, ONE Goal. The purpose behind the title and our motto is that every student would have their own ministry serving ONE God while working along side ONE Group as we reach ONE Goal. This devo will hopefully help with all of these areas.

We serve ONE God

Most of you assume there is ONE God because you live in Oklahoma, shout “‘Merica”, listen to country music and occasionally attend church or youth group. The reality is you probably have more than one god. There are defiantly things you put way more thought and time into than your relationship with God. Choir, acting, spor ts, girlfriend/boyfriend, Facebook, Twitter, work and the list could go on and on. Do you really serve ONE God or are you a slave to other things?

we are ONE Group

I could write about 10 pages dealing with this subject of ONE Group. Sadly, I only have about a paragraph to get it done. First, could we be united? I mean, seriously united? We have spent a lot of time discussing this issue but we will accomplish nothing if we continue in division. The only way to conquer division is by multiplication. Multiplying the Gospel of Christ and growing closer to God. I firmly believe that the reason there is so much division in our group is because YOU haven’t committed your life to following Jesus! The second reason we have so much division in our group is because we have so many students who rarely show up or they go to different churches. It’s really hard to experience things and be untied with ONE Group when you are trying to do it with 2 or 3 other youth groups and

churches or you never show up. This isn’t a bash against other churches in town or a means to herd all the students to our group. I offer you this... Please, if you go to another church or youth group any other time of the week, go and be committed to the passion and purpose of that church. Submitting to the leadership and direction of that pastor who can lead you to a better relationship and experience with Christ. If you don’t feel you get that anywhere else then join us. If you don’t get that here at ONE Student Ministry then I urge you to seek another group. Dedication to a church and it’s passion and ministry is key to the next par t that we firmly believe in.

we have ONE Goal

Our goal is that every student in our group would come to know Christ as their Savior and commit their lives to following Him. We want every student to have their own unique ministry serving ONE God with ONE Group having ONE Goal of reaching others for the glory of Christ. I will make it really simple... students reaching students, disciples making disciples. ONE God, ONE Group, ONE Goal. #NOBoundaries #ONEStumin

Day 4

! L O O Y

God offers me everything! #NOBoundaries #ONEStumin


We live in a world where media and everything we see tells us to live with NO Boundaries, if it feels good then go ahead and do it. Don’t worry about the consequences... YOLO homie! You only live once. This mindset was established by God for His people but society, media, television and anything else of this world has taken the things of God and ruined them. We will look at many places in scripture where God gives His people unlimited resources or land with no boundaries or even generation after generation of children. Lets look again in Genesis... And the Lord God commanded the man, “You are free to eat from any tree in the garden.” Genesis 2:16 God gave Adam (the first man) along with Eve (the first woman) a command to eat of any tree in the Garden. Understand this place was awesome, it would be like the best theme/water park that could ever be imagined and it having unlimited rides and God says, “You can ride any ride you want!” That’s what God was telling Adam and Eve in Genesis 2:16. Did God who just created every living thing and breathed out stars while creating the universe in 6 days just tell Adam and Eve they had No Boundaries when it came to what they could eat and have? Thats awesome! Can you just dream of all the things you’d be able to do and what this would be like? God, the creator of the universe just told you that everything He just created is yours. What God told Adam and Eve in the garden is what he is still telling us today in 2013. He says all I have is yours and you can inherit everything I have. Now think about your BIG 3, now think about how big God is, now think about your BIG 3, now think about how big God is, now again think about your BIG 3 and once again think about how big God is. Which is bigger? Maybe the BIG 3 have been controlling your life and you don’t know what to do. Here is a great thought... turn them over to an even BIGGER God!

Day 5

e why a moment and writ We want you take life. so dominate in your en be ve ha 3 G BI the

n the

haven’t give Now write why you BIG 3 to God.



BOUNDARIES To live with NO Boundaries according to God we must live with BOUNDARIES. I hope that this statement hasn’t confused you too much as you sit reading this devo today. We hope you are excited to learn how you can live with NO Boundaries. Lets revisit the verse we looked at yesterday.

Genesis 2:16-17 NIV [16] And the Lord God commanded the man, “You are free to eat from any tree in the garden; In verse 16, God gives them unlimited access to the paradise garden but verse 17 is very impor tant to this passage, take a look...

[17] but you must not eat from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, for when you eat from it you will certainly die .” … Verse 16 God gives unlimited access and then verse 17 He says, “all but ONE.” Whats up with that?!?! Is God just playing mind games with Adam and Eve? Let me paraphrase whats happening here. God created everything including human beings. He says I’m all powerful and will give you access to everything I have created, but I’m asking you as my children to not eat from this one tree. All the rest of the food is much better on all the other trees anyway so don’t bother this one.

To understand how to live with NO Boundaries in the presence of a Holy God we must understand that He has put Boundaries around some things to help protect us, yet He says I am unlimited and I am not contained by anything and I give you everything I have. I want you to take a few moments and really think this passage of scripture over. Do you think its unfair for God to command us to not do certain things?

Why do you think that God would command us to not partake in certain things?

(Your Choice) #NOBoundaries #ONEStumin

Day 6

l l fa the

a tooth out? Wrecked ed your knee? Busted ap Scr e d. eon har l som fel n g see kin or fell? I’m tal Have you ever ething when you fell? Have you ever tripped som oke Br e? bik t eeler or dir READ: on a bike or four wh cringe? eck and it make you wr a e hav or d 7 har 1l 3: fal ilt IS ES N GE ole neighborhood is bu neighborhood. The wh e nic and s r thi hai in eelc d wh live a y ther is in Grandpa’s and the to pass time. My bro at my Grandma and the neighborhood just for ward. Something you und aro flip My brother and I were s uld lap wo ke ir ma cha ten his of and uld e wo hol we le litt So would hit a few world records in around a mile loop. catch a rock and/or he several national and a d uld hel wo has eel wh at us and nt ir fro cha sometimes his ous dog came running very fast in his brother was actually this crazy, big, feroci g, and we my t ir lkin tha wa cha is re his w we in kno we ing should ther took off roll . Well one day as ics bro mp my oly al and eci g was sp I nin run and and me anymore So I took off wheelchair races I realized he wasn’t by to eat my chunky butt. n dy dde ck to see rea su ba a and ked of ng loo all I rki t en ba growling, dog anymore. Bu neck and neck. Th the re we run we out to and d ld still nee cou is and the dog the case I didn’t went as fast as we him and if that was face. I run back to him his ran r out had ove I I all d se ure od cau blo fig h I h vid vs. Goliat excited cause up at me wit chair out. I fel t tough like Da vement and then look pa his ing in ak the ck fre on ba g and lyin him r ing the got my bro ow at him scream was struggling. I thr r the and bro ks he my roc t e and bu som ne ned at happe coming so I pick up . The dog lef t us alo I asked my brother wh with just a few stones at happened and then wh ent. m Mo vem pa to defeated this huge dog ate lain he exp n eelchair and the wh I could and tried to his as t of fas out as e him d hom and wheel, flippe d k and it stopped his fell, they fell hard. Go said he hit a litt le roc ipture Adam and Eve scr of age ss pa s thi made me sick. In litt le l like that was crazy... from this tree. That Seeing my brother fal this litt le bit of fruit eat was ’t ise don t rad jus pa g d, hin har ryt l fel eve ey thers wheel. Th had said I give you bro my and in s k live roc le our litt of like the a huge par t bit of fruit was much is the world. Now sin is s d ere live ent our sin of 3 and it BIG fected by it. The af ruined, they ate the fru all are nt we wa and we t’s devo rld is broken As we close out tonigh because of sin our wo we are dealing with it. uld reveal himself wo now I've fallen, now he t and tha sin ay of pr tor all a fac them before God and e tak 3, BIG 3. BIG the r m you fro I'm ready to get m out ab edo fre ay pr you to e giv you to you and

Day 7

back up! #NOBoundaries #ONEStumin



Yesterday we looked at how Adam and Eve messed up, they fell and sin entered the world. What hap pened after that? What did God do? If you read all of Genesis Cha pter 3, and I encourage you to do tha t after this devo, you will see that God curses the the serpent. God says that child bir th for a woman will be very painful, that we will have to work by the sweat of our brow and Adam and Eve got ban ished from the garden. When sin entered the world pain entered the wor ld and every one of us has pain and sin. Most likely one of your BIG 3 are some sor t of pain in your life that you are dealing with. What does God do after all this? God covers Adam and Eve. Genesis 3:21, “The Lord God made gar ments of skin for Adam and his wife and covered them.” God took the skin of two ani mals and covered the nakedness and shame of Adam and Eve for what they had just done. Fro m the beginning even when we fall and sin, God is gracious to cover us and forgive us. It’s great that Ad am and

Eve got covered but what abo ut us? How are we covered? The four gospels of the bible: Matthe w, Mark, Luke and John all tell the bir th, life, death, resurrection and ascens ion of Jesus Christ. Jesus, God ’s son, came to ear th and lived a pur e and sinless life and died as the sacrifice for our sin, our mistakes... our BIG 3.

2 Corinthians 5:21, “God ma de him who had no sin to be sin for us, so that in Him we might bec ome the righteousness of God.” Jesus became sin for us and experienced all of God’s wrath so that we mig ht know God, that we would be covere d by His blood and live a new life . A life with NO Boundaries! Romans 6:23 says, the price of sin is death, but the gif t of God is eternal life in Christ Jesus.

Hebrews 9:14 Just think how much more the blood of Christ will purify our consciences from sinful deeds so that we can worship the living God. For by the power of the eternal Spirit, Christ offered Himself to God as a perfect sacrifice for our sins.

Close your book, seek God, pray, receive salvation today from a big, holy God who offers you life with NO Boundaries.

1 John 1:9 If we confess our sins, He is faithful and just and will forgive us our sins and purify us from all unrighteousness.

Allow God to change your life , live a life free from sin and alive in Christ. A life with NO Boundaries because you have new life in Christ and He is faithful to forgive you of your sins. All you have to do is accept this gif t from God and He will purify you and you must be willing to lay everything down to foll ow him, including your BIG 3. God is faithful; you must be obedient. So if this devo has you messed up and you want to talk, pray, surrender your life to God and you’re not sur e what all needs to happen... then call me. Here’s my number. I don’t car e what time it is or what I’m doing.

Nike: (937) 402-6900

God's grace has NO Boundaries. #NOBoundaries #ONEStumin

Day 8

Prayer What does prayer mean to you? Do you think of prayers like; “God is great, God is good, let us thank Him for our food”? What was your last prayer about? Did you pray that you could pass that test you didn’t study for?

“Our prayers may be awkward. Our attempts may be feeble. But since the power of prayer is in the one who hears it and not the one who says it, our prayers do make a difference.” Max Lucado Living with NO Boundaries in prayer. #NOBoundaries #ONEStumin

A simple definition of prayer is; communication with God. Do you talk to God about what is going on in your life or are your prayers separate from everyday life? Does God have time for your small problems or should you only bother Him with the big problems? The Bible says; “pray in the Spirit on all occasions with all kinds of prayers and requests”. Ephesians 6:13 In Him and through faith in Him (Jesus) we may approach God with freedom and confidence. Ephesians 3:12 Sometimes we have the attitude toward prayer that I have about

instructions for a video game. I would rather just jump in and try to play the game. I can surely figure it out, right? I don’t read the instructions unless I get in trouble and fail at the game. I know a lot about the Bible, surely I can just be kind to others and figure out God’s plan for me as I go along, right? Or…What if I took the time to talk to God and ask him to show me His plan for my life? What if I talked to Him about my problems and took the time to listen for His answer? He says, “Be still, and know that I am God.. Psalm 46:9 God’s answer to your prayers may be something you never thought to ask Him for. Trust Him to guide you. For I know the plans I have for You,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.” Jeremiah 29:11


Day 9

Jan Rocks! Most of you know her because she helps teach at school and loves helping with ONE Student Ministry. The next time you see Jan give her a big hug and tell her she is awesome.

T R E S E D S ’ MO

I'm having a BBQ! #NOBoundaries #ONEStumin

Read Numbers 11:23

If you pay attention in English class, you might learn about something called a rhetorical question. It’s a question that requires no answer, asked to make a point. Like “Who knows?” or “Aren’t you ashamed of yourself?” or “Why is Nike so ugly?” Hold that thought. In Numbers 11, the Israelites were wandering in the deser t and were getting tired of manna. Manna was a kind of bready stuff God provided for them every morning. Never mind that it was keeping them alive in a land where there was no food supply – they wanted BBQ. And they basically acted like three-year-olds and threw a fit about it. Moses was not pleased, but he took their complaint to God. God was not pleased, and told Moses to get ready for the biggest BBQ in history. Moses couldn’t see how that was gonna happen. Then God asked a rhetorical question: “Is the Lord’s arm too shor t?” In other words, “Do you really think that the One who made this deser t can’t fill it up with more food than you can eat?” What happened next is difficult to imagine. Quail flew in and just landed. And landed. And piled up. Three feet deep for 36 miles in all directions. 340,521,057,952 cubic feet of quail. The volume of 9,203 Empire State Buildings or 3,274 Texas Stadiums. Imagine a circle reaching from Woodward to Elk City, from the Texas state line to Oakwood, the entire area waist deep in quail. Pass the sauce. Be careful not to complain that God isn’t doing things the way you like. Be especially careful not to tell Him what He can’t do. The Israelites had quail until it was coming out their nostrils. No, the Lord’s arm is most definitely not too shor t.

RON BERKLEY Ron is the Pastor of Camp Creek Nazarene Church. He and his wife Lynette Berkley have served at Camp Creek for 2 years. He is actually really boring and that is why there is nothing fun to say about him. JK!

Day 10

WE CAN’T I can't stop! I'm not my own! I belong to Christ! #NOBoundaries #ONEStumin

We hope and pray that yesterday was a great day for you. We pr ay you now have a great understanding of wh at our Big God ha s done for us and how He cove rs us. But we can’t stop there. We can’t claim to ex perience Christ and then nothing change. Just like a semi truck can’t sm ack us at 70 mph and we ac t like it didn’t hur t and nothing happened. When we experience Jesus th ings change and our lives are no longer our own, they belong to Christ.

Can’t you see it we who bout’ that life And we can’t stop , And we won’t stop We run things Things don’t run we We can’t stop, We can’t stop

1 Corinthians 6:19-20 [19] Do you not know that your bodies are tem ples of the Holy Spirit, who is in yo u, whom you have rece ive d from God? You are not your I feel this song su own; [20] you were bo ms up the way ev ug ht at a price. Therefore honor eryone looks at their life. Do whatev God with your bodies. er you want. It does n’t matter. This is your life, yo

Christ bought you at the cost of His own life and now in response to that we honor God with our body and life. We begin to live a life with NO Boundaries in Christ because we understand what Christ did fo r us and our lives are radically changed. But the cu lture we live in tells us a whole different story. Be low are a few of the lyrics to Miley Cyrus’ new so ng we can’t stop... It’s our par ty we can do what we wa nt to It’s our house we can love who we wa nt to It’s our song we ca n sing if we want to It’s my mouth I can say what I want to Can’t you see it’s we who own the night

Day 11

ur body, your mout h and I can’t stop. But God says something completely opposite! He says we are Hi s. He calls us to ho liness and to live with the mi nd set of never st opping for anything of this wo rld and live with NO Boundaries in Him. Why sett le for such simple th ing s of this world and sinful ac ts when God gives us everything? He gave Himself up , becoming sin for us and paying the cost so that we could live with NO Boundaries... not being bound by sin and experiencing brand new things. We can’t st op, we can’t stop living for Christ cause we have been bought at such a price. But we CAN stop sinnin g through the savin g power of Jesus Christ which cleanses us from all sin. NO Boundaries, a life full of the powe r of the Holy Spirit and glorifyin g the name of Jesu s.

Read 2 Kings 6:13-17


The more you seek to know and follow Jesus, the fewer people you see doing the same. Some use the term “Christian” like a political par ty or a school mascot, with no evidence that God has transformed their hear ts. Btw, the Bible says we should avoid such people (1 Corinthians 5:11). Many more just don’t care about religion, or don’t believe you can really know what is true – or that it matters. Others reject Jesus, either because they believe there is no God or because they serve a different god. At times it seems like “we” are severely outnumbered by our spiritual “enemies.” Like there are way too many of “them” for “us” to stand a chance. Like the roar of the “crowd” drowns out “our” puny little voices. The prophet Elisha was in a situation like that. A foreign king had sent a major military force to kill him. At night they circled the town he was in, and in the morning his servant went outside and saw no hope. But Elisha prayed that God would open the young man’s eyes, and suddenly he saw the flaming chariots of the army of the Lord surrounding the foreign army. You see, it’s not “us” against “them.” Numbers are irrelevant. The enemy we can see is irrelevant. The God we serve, who we cannot see, is greater than any force hell can muster. God is bigger than anything I might face! #NOBoundaries #ONEStumin

Written by: Ron Berkley

Day 12

Jesus: Born with

NO Boundaries

Jesus came to save the world and offer love with NO Boundaries. #NOBoundaries #ONEStumin

Virgin Mary in a existence when he was born of the People often think Jesus came into beginning was the “In 1:1 Jesus has always been. John manger. But this is not the case... e par ts (the thre is God God and the Word was God. the Word and the Word was with receive salvation t migh we came to ear th so that Son The it. Spir Holy , Son her, trinity) Fat it... all three are one. er is not above the son or the spir and know the father. But the fath h His glory. Jesus is God in the fles dwelling among us and we have seen but r rule big or king l Jesus became flesh and made His a powerfu to live. Jesus could have come as living among us and teaching us how cows ate, they wrapped him up and the re whe is ger in a manger. A man instead came as a baby and born older brother, younger brother or ine your parents bringing home your then laid him down in cow spit. Imag s bowl. Jesus came as a humble on you and placing you in the dog’ even you and then putting a onesie God was for anyone and He would Jesus came with a message that servant to live like regular people. offer salvation to the whole world. ted the world, the world did not in vs. 10-12 and even though He crea Jesus created the world as you see God. Many people say... How can you accept Him, they are the children of t accept Him. But to those who do to do? John 3:16-19 gives us a grea stianity is all rules about what not live with NO Boundaries when Chri ear th to do: picture of what Christ came to this ever believes in him shall not perish he gave his one and only Son, that who [16] For God so loved the world that demn the world, but to save the not send his Son into the world to con but have eternal life. [17] For God did ever does not believe stands ves in him is not condemned, but who world through him. [18] Whoever belie and only Son. [19] This is the not believed in the name of God’s one condemned already because they have of light because their deeds were evil. ld, but people loved darkness instead verdict: Light has come into the wor

Read John 1:1-14

bad we were doing and how Jesus didn’t come to tell us all the ply set us free so we could we got it all wrong. He came to sim of Christ is the first step in live with NO Boundaries. The bir th the Savior of the world who the salvation of humanity. Jesus, of a baby to show the world created all things came in the form true love.

Day 13

Jesus: Living with

NO Boundaries

Jesus said, "Follow Me." #NOBoundaries #ONEStumin

Jesus said some crazy things in his ministry on ear th. He called people out and He called them to follow Him. Take a look at how Jesus begins to call His disciples in Matthew 4:18-22:

[18] As Jesus was walking beside the Sea of Galilee, he saw two brothers, Simon called Peter and his brother Andrew. They were casting a net into the lake, for they were fishermen. [19] “Come, follow me,” Jesus said, “and I will send you out to fish for people.” [20] At once they left their nets and followed him. [21] Going on from there, he saw two other brothers, James son of Zebedee and his brother John. They were in a boat with their father Zebedee, preparing their nets. Jesus called them, [22] and immediately they left the boat and their father and followed him.” Jesus simply said, “Follow Me” and these guys left everything and star ted walking with Jesus place to place proclaiming the glory of Christ. This is the call of Jesus to live with NO Boundaries. Are you willing to drop everything right now in your life and follow Jesus wherever he leads? Did you know that you could become a missionary right now in high school across seas and finish your high school diploma? Did you know you could walk down the street to the nursing home in Vici and spread the gospel in the nursing home? Did you know that you could walk down the hallways of your school and pray for your teachers and classmates? Did you know your school needs to hear about Jesus? Did you know that Jesus was calling you to drop everything, your school work, spor ts, music and yes even your very life to follow Him?

My B I G 3 1. 2. 3.

We read this story and think it’s great how Jesus called His disciples but He would never do that with me. WHY NOT?!?! Truthfully that is exact ly what He is doing. Jesus is calling you to live a life with NO Boundaries and serve Him in whatever way He has called you to. Maybe the reason you can’t do that is because of your BIG 3 and the reason your BIG 3 is the problem is because the BIG 3 are controlling your life instead of Christ.

Why can’t you surrender your BIG 3?

Day 14

Jesus: Living with

NO Boundaries Part 2 Read Mark 10:17-31

God, expose my conceited ways so I might live a life with NO Boundaries. #NOBoundaries #ONEStumin

lot of wealth and was a good person. But This is the story of a young man who had a to do to receive eternal life. Jesus tells him, he come to Jesus and asked Him what he is man getting excited because he has kept “obey the commandments.” I could see the young young man was most likely thinking, “Wow! these commandments since he was a boy. The get after all.” Then Jesus says, “One thing you That was easy. Eternal life wasn’t so hard to and give to the poor, and you will have lack.” Jesus told him, “Go, sell everything you have treasure in heaven. Then come, Follow Me.”

man’s face fell and he went away sad. The After this, the scripture says that the young him from eternal life? The ONE thing keeping question here is why did this ONE thing keep wrong with having a little money and some him from living with NO Boundaries? What’s ’t problem with the young ruler is that he wasn toys to play with? Honestly, nothing. But the one Jesus. This story is not a call for every willing to par t with what he had to truly follow and give it away. This story is a call for all around the world to sell everything they have whatever might be holding them back from everyone in the world to be willing to give up , “You can’t serve two masters because you God and living with NO Boundaries. Jesus says one and love the other.” will love the one and hate the other or hate the

s we are choosers. We choose sin and the thing We often play the role of victim but instead do 3 been on this journey with our BIG of this world over a life with Christ. As we have the things on your BIG 3 list look anything like the young ruler? Is there something on that list that you aren’t willing to give up?

My B I G 3

Fill out the BIG 3 list again and also write out a prayer that God might expose your conceited ways and you would live a life with NO Boundaries for God.

Day 15

1. 2. 3.

daJohnrie8:1-11s Jesus Draws BounRead And Jesus said, “Neither do I. GO AND SIN NO MORE.”

before Jesus with expectations of stoning her These men bring a woman caught in adultery ... use against Him to kill Him. Imagine this scene and getting Jesus to say something they could sex bring for th a woman who has been having Jesus is teaching and then the religious guys should be stoned. I would have loved to see with married men. They are screaming that she dropped, big gasps, and eyes rolling. the reaction of the people standing around, jaws

lly bends down and writes in the sand. The They demand an answer from Jesus so he casua say He was writing the sins of the religious Bible doesn’t say what Jesus was writing, some oldest to youngest, others say Jesus was guys, others say He wrote their names from y unlikely when numerous times in the Bible doodling in the sand to gather His thoughts (highl and would answer before they said anything.) it says Jesus knew what they were thinking tell you this, Jesus was drawing boundaries. We will never know what Jesus wrote but I can d this young lady caught in sin and drew a Jesus bent down and drew a boundary aroun any closer or think they had any right to boundary telling the other guys they couldn’t come letting her know that she was loved by Him. stone her. He also drew a boundary around her, left one by one from oldest to youngest. Because of this boundary Jesus drew, the men Then take a look at what he says to the girl... away one by one, beginning with the oldest, [9] When the accusers heard this, they slipped d with the woman. [10] Then Jesus stood until only Jesus was left in the middle of the crow accusers? Didn’t even one of them up again and said to the woman, “Where are your condemn you?” her do I. GO AND SIN NO MORE.”

[11] “No, Lord,” she said. And Jesus said, “Neit Jesus draws boundaries around me so I might live with NO Boundaries. #NOBoundaries #ONEStumin

to protect her and show her love and then Jesus drew a boundary around this young lady dary and then told her to go and live with NO said, “go and sin no more!” Jesus drew a boun this is exact ly what living with NO Boundaries Boundaries. Jesus gave her a fulfilled life and looks like. Experiencing the amazing love of Jesus Christ and then living a life free from sin, NO Boundaries. When you experience Christ, your life is changed.

Day 16

Never Ending


Read John 4:4-26

My B I G 3 1. 2. 3.

t read. m the passage you jus Envision the scene fro s quiet ly nding there. See Jesu sta n ma wo a es se d e an Jesus is at the well r secrets and then se n that he knows all he ma wo the ling tel mly yet fir He loves her! she is forgiven and Jesus telling her that sus. Imagine Him ing at the well with Je nd sta elf urs yo e tur Now, pic and all in the same epest, darkest secrets de ly ur yo d, lou t ou , naming He is madly and deep top of his lungs that the at is ng me mi na rea ur sc yo sentence every sin, though He knows your trying in love with you. Even crets? What are you se ur yo . What are rd wo nt me ery mo ev ry his ve s on thi hanging like in 3? What does it feel BIG ur yo s at’ Wh to hide? U!” Jesus say, “I LOVE YO to hear the voice of

e and ne you, Jesus has com fi de r ge lon no n ca 3 T he BIG speaking to you right is t iri sp s Hi n. si ur yo paid for s of d receive the forgivenes now. Forgive yourself an the never ending well of om fr k in dr d an t ris Ch God’s mercy and grace.

Day 17

Write out the BIG 3 once again tonight and realize God already knows.

(Your Choice) #NOBoundaries #ONEStumin

Jesus tells Peter that he will deny him 3 times before the the rooster crows 3 times and Peter says, “No way!” Peter doesn’t believe this could happen because he loves Jesus and plans to stick with Him through anything. But then we see in verses 66-72 that he denies Him 3 times. There it was, the BIG 3, Peter didn’t want it to happen and didn’t even flinch at the idea of it happening, but it did. Here is what we need to point out... NO MAT T ER HOW ST RONG YOU T HINK YOU ARE IN YOUR FAIT H, WE ARE ALL CAPABLE OF SIN! We are all tempted and sin is only a choice away. This is why accountability is so impor tant. You need to share your struggles with others. Maybe your BIG 3 were just like Peter’s. You never thought you’d be doing it, thought you could quit, thought not me I’m the good kid in youth group and everyone likes me so that makes me the “Super Christian.” It doesn’t make you a “Super Christian” only super capable of falling into sin. When we choose sin over Christ we deny his power in our lives. God is calling us to live holy and pure lives and live with NO Boundaries in His grace and power. Check out your BIG 3 again, really reflect on them and ask yourself, how these things became a par t of your life. When did they become a par t of my life? Why and how do they control my life? Do I think I’m immune to falling into sin?

No denying it, I choose Christ. #NOBoundaries #ONEStumin

Day 18

feed my


I will proclaim the gospel with NO Boundaries! #NOBoundaries #ONEStumin

In Mark 14 we read a bout Peter and falling de slave to h is BIG 3 b nying Christ happened ut what af ter that?

Read John 21:15-19

Af ter the incident w ith th reinstates P eter. Jesus e BIG 3 Jesus Jesus is te love me, f says, “If y lling Peter eed my sh ou really to go and him the co e e p to .” Jesus doe g o p out to the mmand to reach to p sn’t mean field and a feed His s eople crea terrible de ting discip heep and ct u ath. Jesus a lly f eed sheep les of Chr then tells P tells Peter your way... . ist. Jesus eter that b to preach continue to o n e ly gives cause of th with NO B feed my s is you will oundaries, heep. it doesn’t die a Jesus tells matter wh Peter to f a t co mes eed His sh to Peter a eep, tells h re, im he will guy who ju “Follow Me.” Why in die becaus the world st denied e of this is Jesus s Jes honest. A and his fin aying this life followin us. Is Jesus trying al words to Peter? to scare h g C NO Bounda T his is th im off? N ries. You ca hrist and preaching e same o , Jesus w the messa n’t be sca God. Jesus as just be ge of salv red of wh says this ing plain at will hap a in Luke 12 “I tell you, pen to you tion to sinners is a , my friends life of b y people b , do not b more. [5] ut live in e afraid o But I will f ear of f show you those who killed, has whom you kill the bod authority s y h ould fear: to throw y and af ter Fear Him ou into he that can ll. Yes, I te who, af te Jesus mak r your bod do no ll you, fea es it very r Him.” y has bee clear that as He was n following H calling Pete im r, to live a will cost y Pete fed J ou your lif esus’ shee life with N e. Jesus is p and all O Boundar working in through th calling you ie s. T his is the life of e , same b ook of Act your call... Peter and repented. feed his s s you see T he crazie all the disci h th eep! s ples as th e power o t par t ab message o ey preache f the Holy out what f Jesus C Peter and d the gosp Spir it hrist at th the other el and peo e hands o disciples d ple f persecuto What if y id was dy rs. ou proclaim in g f or the e d the gosp What wou el in your ld happen lif a t your sch e with NO A call to f ool, work, Boundarie ollow Chris home and s? t, a call to Do you rea your life? live with N lly want th O Boundar is life? ies.

Day 19

feed his sheep... follow him...

live with NO boundaries.

s e i r a ound

t e n r e t in


READ 2 Timothy 3:14-17

e it’s due night, caus to r e Open Vine. p a p nglish en E-Mail… E Op y … m k o e o b p ty dicting! Face I have to g is so ad ord…Open in W th n t e e Op rn Ok, Focus! … n te o me. T his In Computer t ped my na tomorrow. ty e I’v r. If I wan r, te ture la the answe e hare a pic m s e Four hours n iv g ca I . to en. T he e y p y tr k on S le will re lef t op g a m o e o t s th G g ll , in e tt ca v e a s n realize tha acy China, I ca on that I h ans must if my pr iv ti k is o r o h C b Any questi with someone from , ce a is at eople on F great as it n of God. to video ch with over 1 billion p d, but as rl o w r the childre u ” o y o d ily e tr m s m a e r f d o f y of m ly trans al, kill, and al and s complete rnet to “ste te In e can have re Internet ha th y e g in th s o u s o e ls a s) cam the devil is stroy. I (Jesu

d de 10:10 al and kill an ed of.” John te m s a re to d r re e e v ee what nly th than they e fe one else s li y n r “A thief is o a e t tt le e b ’t n at no one do more and e believe th nything aries”, but w d n n u e o h B W eternal life, o .” y ybod k at a has “N

Jesus draws boundaries around me so I might live with NO Boundaries. #NOBoundaries #ONEStumin

rnet ur t an can loo s, “T he inte secret.” “It doesn’t h lls us we u te ll il lies about te v e d to e s like spreading enly th r litt le , d u s d o y u m s o is , ro T he devil e t n t a o a h ch /ph hat you ing at.” “T puter/iPad ppropriate as a “secret sin.” W a m in co y in you’re look m g n in o family, and ing , talk ee or get r friends, no such th u rnography o o y is p h re m it else can s e h ro w f T d Everything e real worl ecret sins.” we want. ships in th ny other “s n a o m ti la h it re w u yo ng others, alo will effect ach other do online, d n a ent with e t, a m . e d o re G g look a h n it ve a e have “No r tant ly w y and I ha e want. W w ck e r B e most impo v , e e n g e ria wh ords. T his in my mar et history our passw tian, I ts rn f e te o cr n ll e /i a s k o r e o e b these onlin tell each oth s. As a young Chris emails/face To batt le ch others . We even a e e lin ke a look n ck o e uspicion o ch d n trust, to ta hat we crets or s u e w o s y g e that we ca e in n lin r o n a e o h y your online som s” with s without an will email grandma, t, t r n a u e o th m y Boundarie n s o r, p ir p to v online. pas nt a open en arents, a ny differe ou look at p a y m r t u a creates an n o h e y v w e w to ou to allo . T here are you be accountable challenge y g at online in lp k e o h and sins, lo to e ’r y u o addictions everyda to s in d at what y n t ie h r g f u ca specific ple have get people history to million peo 0 internet to 10 w every e r e th Ov f o nued to gro ternet. ti par ts In n g e co in th s s u a g h in is e e devil rified us music scen quotes and Just as th God can also be glo onal Bible e Christian ti h a T ir . e of God. p p s t p in a a ad the lov ds of re re p d I believe th e s n u h to h g it doin uch I th filled w nd how m iends are a r f e downloaded book news feed is n lif a ti y is m r g the g in y Ch ace ! Try usin od is doin of what m w G o s n s year. My F k ie g r I in to t th s a God th e great awesome learn more to share th s to know the loving Bible, and e th y day! I also get d d n tu ie s r read, out God to b to a t want my f e rn te in


Russell loves smiling, wearing sunglasses on his neck, playing drums and most importantly, he loves Jesus. Russell is married to Becky who helps with ONE Student Ministry.

Day 20


d o G f o Armor

Read Ephesians 6:10-17

ying to live for you truly are tr If le. tt ba a life is or Lord of the as Star Wars g for yourself, in le liv tt ba st ju e e th ar e t the “good” to se Even if you one. We are no eaning. We tend il m ev e w th ne Life is a batt le. t le ns ho ai w le takes on a ve no power ag we can Christ, the batt reality is we ha od’s power that G he T gh il. ou ev th . ly vs on is good Rings kind of helpless, and it e “evil.” We are th t ns ai ag g fightin fight at all. and flip-flops. shor ts, t-shir t, ng ri ea w le tt walks into ba who is good, No real soldier here is a God T . ul so ry ve u g on for your ible to keep yo whatever poss is a batt le goin ly do al ill re w e? e e se er on th il n’t e, ev ca e You se evil. T he ght an enemy w enemy who is world do we fi e th in and there is an w ho ate reward. So from the ul tim od. Here’ what the ar mor of G d lle ca g in th is T here is th Glad you asked. like: the ar mor looks ist

In Chr e Of Who You Are dg le w no K = You on vati y Has No Right To em • Helmet Of Sal En = ss ne f Righteous y’s Lies • Breastplate O rough The Enem Th g in ee S = h able Of ut • Belt Of Tr t My God Is Cap ha W g in w no K = h • Shield Of Fait rit = God’s Word pi S e Th f O d or w Peace • S preading God’s S = e ac Pe f O • Shoes er the butt all ov ng your sorry gi ag dr y em en d up and fight of the or of God. Stan m If you’re tired ar er. e th on ut and. P His mighty pow e Lord and in place, take a st th in ng ro st e soul. B for your very

Prepared for battle! #NOBoundaries #ONEStumin


Day 21

Lynette is one of the craziest, outrageous and fun people you will ever meet. She is also one of the most passionate, outspoken and radical people about her faith in Christ.

Free to be


Do you want to be who God created you to be? What is keeping you from growing closer to God?

We all struggle with things in our lives that keep us from being who God made us to be.

I want you to think of running a race . You want to run fast and win but you have to run this race with your backpac k on. You have to carry all your heavy school books in your backpac k during this race. How much easi er would it be to run the race without the weight of all those books holding you back? Now think of your spir itual life and all the things in your life you hold on to. What if you gave it all to God and got rid of what was holding you back? Look at your habits and attitudes honestly. Do they help you get closer to God or do they hold you back? You can choo se to be who God created you to be. For I am convinced that neither deat h nor life, neither angels nor demons, neither the present nor the future, nor any powers, neither height nor depth, nor anything else in all creation, will be able to separate us from the love of God that is in Christ Jesus our Lord. Romans 8:38 -39 If nothing can separate us from the love of God, the choice is ours. We are accountable for our actions and our decisions. The good news is, God is there to help us. He will help you get rid of what is holding you back and give you the courage to be the person He made you to be. Set aside time each day to pray and read the Bible. I don’t mean the mem orized flowery prayers you’ve hear d in church, I mean tell God how you feel . You can tell him you’re mad or that you hate someone and you need his help because you can’t love that person on your own . You can take all your problems to Him and let Him help you, the choice is yours.

Being Me! #NOBoundaries #ONEStumin

Written by: Jan Trimble

Day 22

! t o G u o Y t a h W Rock Read 1 Samuel 17:38-51

story, the You only read a small por tion of this very large a ting figh story of a little boy (David) le going on batt huge a is angry man (Goliath). There he’s so use beca ath Goli and nobody wants to fight e in the wer that hers brot r awesome. David had 3 olde he would and ath Goli t figh to army that were supposed after he would take often take bread and cheese to them When David got to the care of the sheep for his father. would fight Goliath, he batt le field and saw that nobody why not? and mocked him but then thought, decided he would. Everyone laughed

and own fighting gear but it was to big King Saul tried to dress David in his that s gift the he knew and used David didn’t like it. David did what Lord. anyone but himself and trust in the be dn’t coul God had given him. David cut ld wou he and y toda he was gonna die David went to Goliath and told him e som David did, with just off his head. Thats exactly what rocks and a sling shot.

out, first, use what God gave you. Two things that we need to point didn’t t people might say. David knew he Second, be yourself no matter wha use God let id Dav s. how to throw rock have great batt le skills but he knew him told rs othe n whe didn’t back down even that gift to defeat Goliath. David your use and be to who God created you he couldn’t and people laughed. Be t in Live with NO Boundaries and trus like. s look gifts, no matter what that this ing writ in ious I want to be caut God to use you no matter what. But God created you to be with what who g bein use because many people conf and huge difference in what God creates you are choosing to be. There is a filled life a is ries nda Living with NO Bou what humans consider acceptable. will ’s will for your life. We know God’s God ing with the confidence of know ldly wor a g ptin acce not obeying Him and by seeking Him, praying to Him, and view of ourselves.

Day 23

Seeking, praying and obeying God so I can live with NO Boundaries. #NOBoundaries #ONEStumin

Fear We visit Samuel once again: But Samuel is no longer a 12 year old boy. Samuel is now an old grey headed man. But God is calling Samuel to do something for the Kingdom of God. Just as in 1 Samuel 3 where Samuel was called to give a bad repor t to his mentor and friend Eli, Samuel is once again called to a hard task, because it to involves a friend. God calls Samuel to go to Jesse, for God has picked a King from among Jesse’s sons. Samuel had to leave his friend and King, Saul. Samuel has to reject Saul as King and go anoint a new King from the sons of Jesse. King Saul was not only a friend of Samuels, but if he was displeased with Samuels’ actions he could have Samuel killed. Samuel knocks down the boundaries and does as God has commanded. He goes to Jesse and eventually anoints David to be the next King. When He did, the Spirit of the Lord came upon David and the Spirit of the Lord left King Saul. Some of the boundaries you will have to overcome are fear. King Saul was the most powerful man in Israel. He could have had Samuel killed, arrested, and banished from Israel just to name a few. Some of the people God sends you to may be powerful or popular. Samuel had to overcome the fear of losing a friend. King Saul and Samuel were friends... longtime friends. Sometimes God will call you to speak the truth of God’s word to a friend. It may very well cost you your friendship. But it may very well save your friend’s life. Are you willing and ready to knock down the boundaries of fear. Samuel anointed David. David killed Goliath, causing the Philistines to flee, saving Israel. You never know the impact you will have until you break down the boundaries.

Read 1 Samuel 16:1-13

Knocking down the boundaries of fear! #NOBoundaries #ONEstumin

JON GERLING Jon is the pastor of the Vici Nazarene Church. He loves short walks, recliners and your occasional lazy afternoon of Golf. He and his wife terri have served the Vici Nazarene for 6 years.

Day 24

Grapes or Giants? Fear is the enemy of your relation ship with God. When God tells you to soar on the wings of eagles, fear is the shotgun that knocks you out of the air. Moses sent twelve spies to scope out the land. Two saw the potentia l, the huge grapes and all the good things God wanted to give them in the land . Ten saw only the giants that would prev ent them from entering the land. Tell me which ones were seeing through “God goggles.” Fear messes with your visi on and distor ts reality. But God crea ted reality. He is the only one who sees things as they really are, and only He can give you “God goggles.”

Fear builds fences, catt le guards, and prison bars in places where God has given you freedom , then mocks the true boundaries God has put in place for your protection. God gives you limits for your good and your success, and not as just a power trip. Fear steals the hope of what God is doing in you. It robs you of the ability to think beyo nd yourself. And it deflates the joy of your accomplishm ents in Christ.

In Numbers chapter 13, twelve spie s went out; ten gave a bad repor t, while only two trusted God. Fear attracts a crowd; trust in God often means you must stand alone.

Fear looks like a bargain at the time , but ends up costing you everything. It cost the Israelites 40 years wandering in the deser t while a who le generation died off. Trust in God may be expensi ve at first, but it pays off hugely.

So ask yourself this: whose goggles are you wearing?

Day 25

Written by: Lynette Berkley

Numbers 13:26-33 Putting on my goggles and trusting God. #NOBoundaries #ONEStumin

MULTIPLYING FISH Read John 6:1-14 We have talked about it so much in this devo an d maybe you are wonderin g where your life actua lly fits into the big picture tha t God has painted. You might feel like your life is us eless, to small, or insign ificant. You’re just a small tow n kid with not much to offer and what would God rea lly want from you? God wants your 5 loaves and 2 fish. God didn’t ask for anything grand, he asked for your nothing so He could make it something . The best par t about being small and insignificant is when God does som ething great with your nothing, He is glorified. I know people that think God is bless ed to have them on His side. They believe since they have talent or skill that God should feel good about them doing things in His name. But rarely do people wi th great talent and skill glorify God. Their pride gets in the way and they take all the glory instead of God rec eiving the glory for the talent He gave them in the fir st place.

John 3:30 He must become greater; I must become less. #NOBoundaries #ONEStumin

John 3:30 “He must become greate

r; I must become less.”

Luke 14:11 “For all those who exalt the humbled, and those who humble the mselves will be mselves will be exalted.”

These are constant rem inders for me in my life cause I of ten get a big head about myself when things go good. These verses help keep me humble and glo rifying God with all my talents and giving God my nothin g so it will become something . God will do great things with your life if you will allo w Him. God has NO Bo undaries and that means He has NO Boundaries with wh at He will do in your life. Do you think that people rea lized they would eat their fill that day because some boy showed up with his sa ck lunch his momma pa cked him? Doubt it! What wo uld happen if we gave our nothing to God and wa tched Him work as He uses us in ways we never imagin ed? If you are serious about living a life with NO Boundaries then begin by giving your nothing to God and be used for His glo ry. What is your talent? There are so many things you can do because a boundless Go d created you. We ask that you pray, seek God, listen and obey. NO Boundaries is kind of scary when you really thi nk about it, you don’t know what is about to happen!

Day 26

Today I’m sitting at a McDonalds waiting on my mom to get to the airpor t. I’m overwhelmed with joy and excitement to see her because I don’t get to often. My mother is one of the biggest influences in my life and especially my faith. When I committed my life to serving Christ, I never knew where He would lead me and what my life would consist of. Not seeing family is difficult at times and I miss them dearly, but serving Christ with my whole life is the thrill of a lifetime. My mom encourages me to continually serve God no matter where that leads me or what that might consist of, even if it was to cost me my own life. My mother encourages me, loves me and introduced me to Christ. She taught me to live with NO Boundaries and let God have my whole life but some people are not as blessed to have a mother like me. As I sit in this McDonald’s with anticipation to see her, I read a story of a young man who was killed for his faith... he was a mar tyr. He was raised in a Muslim family but was introduced to the amazing love of Jesus Christ and decided that following Christ and living with NO Boundaries was wor th everything. His parents noticed a change in his life and began to watch him very closely. They followed him when he would leave the house and listened in as he prayed. They realized he was no longer reading the Quran, praying to Allah and had star ted going to underground churches that preached Christ and he began to read the Holy Bible. His parents were outraged and told him if he didn’t leave this new life he was living they would inform the authorities. This young man decided that living for Christ and living with NO Boundaries meant more to him than his family and even his own life. His parents did tell the authorities and the authorities came to his house and killed him in his room at his parents house as he clung to his Bible and praying out loud the name of Jesus. I guess this brings the words of Jesus in Luke 14:26 into perspective,

Day 27

Chances are this won’t happen to you or me, especially in America. It’s amazing to me that this young man died with his Bible in his hand and I rarely see you carry yours. He prayed the name of Jesus out loud as his parents sat outside his room allowing people to kill him and we shutter at the thought of praying out loud. Examine your life, are you a disciple of Jesus? Are you living with NO Boundaries? We are looking at the BIG 3 and I wonder what would have been on this young mans list. Tonight, don’t write your own BIG 3, think about the BIG 3 that this young man and many like him might have wrote, what would have been troubling them as they faced death?

(Your Choice) #NOBoundaries #ONEStumin

Little Black Box

God doesn't fit in a box. #NO Boundaries #ONEStumin

had a little black box to put this song that went like this... “If i me ht taug they ch chur in and sh our fist into our When I was little (we would scream that par t and sma face his sh sma and out him him out and kiss kiss the devil in, I’d take e box to put my Jesus in I’d take whit little a had I If in. aga back and share him with palm) and put him smack sounds when people kiss) the e mak ld wou we n mea I kiss kiss (by kiss kiss my friends.” ren’s church who taught it t intentions and the people in child grea had song this te wro who on then they know and I’m sure the pers . But this song influenced me more song this of ds wor the ut abo h muc to me didn’t think fit in a box. led me to believe that Jesus would devil was up to me e me believe that my batt le with the mad it t, Firs h. muc so me d ecte put him back in Here is why it aff I wasn’t pleased with him and then know him let , face his sh sma was I would always imagine and all I had to do was small enough to put in a box. God that ve belie me e mad it n with every once in awhile. this black box. The a beard that I got out and played and hair long with doll Joe G.I. putting Jesus in this Jesus as a little in the box I would often find myself back s Jesu put to say ’t didn song Even though the box over and over. Jesus in a box? You use him one Do you ever find yourself putting ory. Do you find yourself trying day and the next he was just a mem le everything on your own. I want to smash the devil’s face and hand Satan is not yours, it belongs to you to know that the batt le against now you realize how big and the LORD. I hope and pray that by reds of scriptures that suppor t powerful God is! I could give you hund own and God loves you and will the idea that the batt le is not your doesn’t fit in a box, but I won’t do fight the batt le for you and Jesus ing a passage of scripture that and we will end this devo read ept. Please read that I feel sums up this whole conc gs that you Romans 8:31-39 keeping all the thin just read in mind.

Close the book and spend some time meditating on Romans 8:31-39.

Day 28

YOUR AGE Read 1 Samuel 3:1-21 Today’s devotional looks at one of the biggest boundaries you will face as you try to be all you can be for God...Your Age. In today’s scripture we see Samuel and Eli. Samuel was a young boy (around 12) and Eli was the priest and Sam uel’s mentor. One night, God called out to Samuel 4 different times. Samuel did not even realize that it was God the firs t three times. God told Samuel of the punishment that was about to com e upo n Eli, his sons and his house for thei r disobedience.

Needless to say Samuel was afraid to tell Eli this. Eli was his elder, a priest, and Samuels mentor and after all Samuel was only a boy. What wou ld Sam uel say? How would he say it? Samuel was batt ling fear, and youth. But Sam uel broke through the boundaries of all those things and obeyed the Lord. Samuel told Eli everything God had said.

Desiring the will of God for my life. #NOBoundaries #ONEStumin

Day 29

I want to encourage you today no matter what the world says about you being too young, don’t let that be a bounda ry to what you can do for God. Don’ t let fear of your young age be a bounda ry to what God is asking you to do.

After Samuel obeyed God we read in verse 19, “So Samuel grew, and the Lord was with him, and let more of his words fall to the ground.” Bringing down boundaries brings growth. Sometim es God has us do things to help others, sometimes he has us do thin gs to bring down boundaries for our benefit.

Written by: Jon Gerling

holiness CALLED UNTO

Praying that I might live free from sin. #NOBoundaries #ONEStumin

-6, 1 John 3:6-10, 1 Thessalonians 4:7

Read Leviticus 20:26, 1 Peter 1:14-16, 1 John 2:3 ss. All these verses deal with the concept of Holine listed have could There are many more verses that we is What le. awhi but you would have been reading for life? my to apply this? Why does it matter? Does it ome, yes The answer to these questions are, it’s awes you have now that it matters and duh! Yep, simple as to go. ready the understanding of holiness and you’re

of God’s Ok, for real, what is this? This is the work in lete comp be grace in your life that allows you to living this, Him and live free from sin. Understand is the free from sin has NOT HING to do with you. It of not and God understanding of our dependence on that feel we se ourselves. Sin exists in our lives becau ly exact is That we can live independent from God. ht they what happened with Adam and Eve, they thoug of God call and could live independent of the commands on their life. All they had to do was not eat some fruit. But the enemy tempted them

My B I G 3 1.

just into thinking they didn’t need God and could be whole our itting comm is ss Holine it. ate like him if they lives to Christ... living with NO Boundaries. tian Why does it really matter? You say you’re a Chris and you go to church. Isn’t that good enough?

Read 1 Corinthians 9:24-27 living, Run so you don’t get disqualified. Just simply h. Live enoug isn’t tian Chris a you’re showing up, saying all uing purs and sin from free with NO Boundaries, you that so world this of not and the things of Christ won’t be disqualified. does! Does it apply to my life? You better believe it r bette what way, r bette What better time, what NO with and sin from free living t oppor tunity to star a living t Star ? young are you Boundaries than when things life like that now when you’re a teen and the died to Jesus . dless boun are life God will do with your to up show might we that not set us free from sin, you set to came Jesus sin. our in church and continue free from the BIG 3!


Write out your BIG 3 again and pray that God would set you free from this sin and pain that you may live a holy life with NO Boundaries.


Day 30

s e l p i c s i D g n i k a M to as the Great This verse is referred his disciples to tell Commission. Jesus told had done. What the world about what He died on a cross to did Jesus do? Well, he sin. This is a price pay the price for our able to pay. Why that we would never be ch as I don’t want is that? I mean, as mu , right? Well, yeah, to, I could die on a cross that ever walked but He was the only one without sin. His on this ear th that was guilt. This is really innocence paid for our something that good news for us! He did sh, something we we could never accompli it to us as a free never deserved. He gave s gif t we can live gif t and by accepting thi th Him and join him in right relationship wi heard it said that in heaven someday. I’ve of salvation, then if we accept this gif t ’t so much of a the great commission isn al response to what command, but the natur ciples of Christ, Jesus did for us. As dis e for us, is to tell our response to His lov the world!

are…. How will you So my questions for you your mission field? tell the world? Where is ught about being a When I was a teen I tho country. I considered missionary in a far off , the excitement of the adventure, the travel us who had never telling people about Jes e. As I grew older, heard about Him befor wing my focus to God had a way of narro right now. At some the community I live in focus even more, to points He narrows my st, my family. Do the people I love the mo er in your house you have a family memb know Jesus? Have right now that doesn’t what Jesus did in you ever told them about to think about your your life? I challenge you Say it out loud. testimony. Write it out. r family. Share Then share it with you school. Let them it with your friends at Pray that the know where you stand. way for you Holy Spirit will pave the your of and prepare the hear ts er this mb family and friends. Reme g!!! rin is Good News we’re sha

Read Matthew 28-16-20 Telling others about Jesus is a natural response after we have accepted salvation. #NOBoundaries #ONEStumin


Day 31

Becky Ladd is an amazing woman and loves helping with ONE Student Ministry. She is married to Russell and according to her Facebook profile picture, she drives an Indy car.

Sex is Good When... Currently trending on Twitte r is this phrase, “Sex is goo d when.” People will hash tag this phrase and then put some ridiculous statement about sex. My hear t breaks over this because people hav e ruined sex! Sex is good, it’s really good! So I want to tell you why it is so good. Don’t worry, I wont give you any details, just scripture.

3. No Boundaries

I’m Married. I love it! I try to become a better husban d everyday because I’m marrie d to an amazing woman. Marriage is way more than just sex, I love sitting dow n and watching shows that my wife and I have recorded and cuddling on the couch wit h our snuggies and knowin g that she loves me and we never say a word. But, we can also have sex whenever we want. We don’t worry Read Genesis 1:27-28 about getting caught becaus e we are married and God has ordained and united us. We have NO Boundaries wit You have read this passag h e before but we look at it each other and she is my only sex par tner and I am in a different way today. her This is what God was rea only sex par tner... ever. She never had lly saying, “I bless you to be uni any before me and ted, now go have sex!” I didn’t have any before her and we waited until we got People often think that God hates sex but this is not married to have sex. Som etimes people will say to me true. God has ordained sex , and created sex. John 1:3 “Don’t you want to know wh at it is like to have sex wit says, “God created everythin h g through him (Jesus), and other women?” No! My wife and I got a good thing going, nothing was created except through him.” Everything wa sex is great and I can have sex wh s created by God through Chr enever I want. Why ist Jesus and sex was one give that up? People will als o say, “You should have at of those. People think God doesn’t want you to have sex least given her a test drive , before you got married so but he does. It’s one of the first commands God gave you would know what it wa s like.” Really? I didn’t know humanity. Sex is great and God wants you to have it. I was marrying a car, she is an amazing woman and I fell in love with her for eve rything she is. If that was my philosophy for sex, “tes t driving,” then I most likely wouldn’t have gotten marrie d because I’ll be honest, Read Ephesians 5:22-33 getting naked and knowing what was about to happen was a litt le scary and really awkward. Please understan d God set a boundary for ONE that marriage is not about man and ONE woman to be sex, we strive for sex and united to each other in ma we we re created by God who create rriage by sex. I could give d sex and created us you several good reasons why to have sex. It’s natural, ver having only one sex par tne y nat ura l, but God has placed r is boundaries aro a good idea... disease, hear und it, those boundaries are t break, getting pregnant and for ONE man taking care of some 15 yea and ONE woman to have sex r old bum’s baby and the in marriage ordained and list could really go on and on. Th blessed by God. e biggest reason is becaus e God established this union of ONE man and ONE wom an because it signifies the wa y he loves us and His church (Your Choice) #NOBoundar . The boundary God set for ies #ONEStumin us is because he cares and loves us. He wants nothing more than us to experience him in all His glory and live with NO Boundaries all while setting boundaries aro und us. Decide today to set boundaries around yourself that are pleasing to the Lord.

1. God Created It

2. God Set Sex Boundaries

Day 32

ONLY GOD CAN JUDGE ME I hear this phrase all the time, “Only God can judge me.” I hear it in songs, fro m peoples lips and TV shows and movies. It’s become the battle cry of anyone in sin who doesn’t like to be told how to live, the bounda ries that God has established. Many who are familiar with church and the bible and even those who aren’t often quote (which is really mis quoting) cer tain verses of the bible such as,

Luke 6:37 Judge not, and you will not be judged

Matthew 7:1-5 (paraphrased) Get the log out of your eye before you try and get the speck of sawdust out of your neighbor’s eye. These verses have become a mea ns for people to sin and then tell othe rs that they can’t confront them about it. Thi s is completely wrong and way off base acco rding to what God says. Check out these vers es in the Bible... Galatians 6:1-2, Matthew 18:15-17, James 5:16-20, Ecclesiastes 4:9-12, Hebrews 10:2 5. According to these scriptures we confront sin and anyone who is in sin. If that person doesn’t listen then we take a few other people with us to talk to them. If they still don’t listen we take it before the whole chu rch and if they don’t listen after that we kick ‘em out. God is a holy God and despises sin, he gave us Jesus on a cross as the perfect sacrifice so that we might live Holy, free fro m sin, with NO Boundaries. People love the darkness and hav e hid from the light. People love sin and hide fro m God. They don’t want their sin exposed. Now , we need to be very careful about

Day 33

what we do when approaching someone in sin. Should we hold up signs? Say God hates them? Tell everyone else the sins of this one person before confronting them? No! We approach them with love and gentleness knowing that they need to hear about a loving Savior who will forgive their sins and they may live with NO Boundaries. Are you ready? Are you ready to put all this reading and learning into action? Here is what we are going to do... Put LMS for truth is or Like My Status for truth is as your Facebook status. Then, when people like it you can either post on their wall or direct mes sage them this.. “The truth is I was once a sinn er but I have been saved by God’s grace. I hav e been learning to live with NO Boundaries and I want to share with you about being set free from sin and living with NO Boundaries in God ’s grace.”

After you write this please just share your hear t with them and write wha tever you want. Give them a call, text ‘em or continue the conversation on Facebook. We know this won’t be easy but what’s the point of saying we live with NO Bou ndaries and then stay within our bounda ries? Pray, seek and obey Christ in this moment. If you need anything dur ing this challenge just call me or one of the other adults who help with youth group and we would love to pray with you. We will be doing the same thing as you and at times it’s scary. Enough reading, lets live with NO Boundaries and Share Christ with others!

LMS for truth is..

ONLY GOD CAN JUDGE ME PART 2 Read Romans 1:18-32

This passage of scripture explains the world we live in today, exactly! I got on the internet this morning and checked Facebook and the first thing that popped up on my news feed was a music video a friend had posted with two men kissing. Has God gave our world over to their sinful desires? It’s called free will. God will allow us to do anything we want but there will be punishment for it. We discussed God’s wrath that was poured out on Christ at the cross and the affect it had on Christ in the garden as He prayed.

“although they know God’s righteous decree that those who do such things deserve death, they not only continue to do these very things but also approve of those who practice them.”

This is the world we live in! Everyone approving of everyone else’s “lifestyle” because they were “born this way” and nobody wanting to live holy lives and attack sin. I see people all over the world and I have many friends like this who approve of many sinful lifestyles. Can we just stop? Stop right here for a moment and realize what hear t God’s wrath and anger will come we have become? My many and aching ing, break is out on all these can and awake lay I nights sinful desires of sin the fathom barely of the world. calling are We world. this Verse 32 says you to live with NO this: Boundaries, a life free from sin and completely overwhelmed by the love and grace of Jesus Christ in your life. Will you?!?! If I claim to be a Christian, a follower of Jesus Christ, it is my responsibility to tell others about the grace

(Your Choice) #NOBoundaries #ONEStumin

of Jesus Christ. But, the world, the sinners, have told us we can’t because its “judgmental.” If the wrath of God is coming upon all sin and sinners, shouldn’t we want to tell everyone that there is a way out? It’s not judgmental, it’s us trying to save them from the wrath of God, eternal death and eternal hell. In this case I want to be free from my sin and I’m so thankful that I was introduced to the saving grace of Jesus Christ. Most likely you have ONE friend who is in sin. They are under the wrath of God. It is your job to tell them about Christ and how they can be free from their sin. Tonight, things begin to get serious. Think of ONE friend that you will share Christ with. They need to hear it and it’s your call from God to tell them! What’s your friends name? Why do they need to hear about Jesus? How could you star t a conversation with them about Jesus?

Day 34

For those of you who know me, you know that I am not a loud person by any means. But for some reason when I get in my car and am alone with God, I love to rock out to some “hard core” worship music. By this, I mean that I am usually jamming to some old hymns that have been updated with new music.

closest to us when we make this decision.

Though None Go With Me, Still I Will Follow

Read Luke 10:16

In this verse, Jesus is telling us that people who listen to you (if you are truly following Him) listen Lately, I have found myself stuck to Him, and those who reject you on the song called “I Have Decided”. are rejecting Him. This one, I have God has really been speaking to my to admit, I have a hard time with. I hear t through the lyrics and I just hate to be alone and when listening want to share what has been on my to coworkers complain about hear t and break it down for you. narrow-minded “Christians”, or my family who sometimes like to refer I Have Decided to Follow Jesus to me as “too church-y” I often find Read Luke 14:33 myself feeling alone. I am reminded by this verse that if I am truly Here Jesus turns around to a large following Jesus and doing what crowd that is following Him and tells He wants me to do, they are not them that if they are not willing to rejecting me, they are rejecting Him. give up what is dearest to them, And though maybe none of the most whether it be plans or people, then impor tant people in my life will go they aren’t really following him. with me, still I WILL FOLLOW.

Now... for those of you who really The Cross Before Me, the World know me, you may also know that, Behind Me after God... my Husband, family, Read Luke 18:28-30 and sweet little Sully come next. I am also someone who hates to not have After all this, I need a little a plan, whether that be what to do encouragement... don’t you? We get on the weekend, or for dinner it in this verse. Jesus tells us that or for the rest of my life for that no one who has sacrificed matter. But that is the key to what everything for Him will lose out. In Jesus is saying here. He must not fact, He says, the things that we only be FIRST when we decide to sacrifice will come back multiplied follow Him, but we must be willing and then we also get the HUGE to give up all of the plans that we bonus of eternal life! I don’t know have for ourselves and the people about you, but to me this sounds

Day 35

Written by: Ashley Swearingen

amazing. I love getting extra little bonuses wherever I can... especially if its free. But in order to get this bonus, we have to keep our eyes fixed on Jesus and what He wants us to do, rather than engage in the sinful things of the world that we are surrounded with everyday.

No Turning Back

Read Luke 21: 17-19 This is where I am reminded that, once I have truly decided to follow Jesus and completely surrender everything and everyone in my life to Him, I won’t be sorry. Here Jesus says that there is no telling who will hate us if we follow Him. But He says to stick with following Him to the end and we won’t be sorry... we’ll be SAVED. A lot of time and effor t went into this book by people who have truly decided to follow Jesus and know that His promise is true. I’m sure that if you asked any one of them, they would say that following Jesus was the best decision they have ever made. We also want that so badly for each and every one of you. Decide to follow Jesus no matter what the cost and NEVER turn back! Live with NO Boundaries. I promise, you won’t regret it.

I have decided to follow Jesus. No turning back! #NOBoundaries #ONEStumin

Ashley Swearingen aka “Boss� Ashley Swearingen is married to her amazing husband Nike. She runs the house and tells Nike what to do and she loves her sweet little pug, Sully. Without her, this book would be terribly ugly and boring looking.

NO Boundaries