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Good news! The real estate market is continuing to improve! Bear with me thru the analytics for a minute. Our metro Atlanta Multiple Listing Service reports that on a May year to date standing, the number of real estate closings are up 15% this year compared to Jan-May 2011. Furthermore, the number of listing have dropped 35% this year vs last year for the same period (Jan-May). We are also seeing more demand in homes priced 500K – under $1M with average total days on the market for listings of 100 days. What does all this mean to you? t%FNBOEJTJODSFBTJOHGPSIPNFTJOPVSBSFB tćFNBSLFUJTUVSOJOH IPNFTBSFNPWJOHPČUIFNBSLFU o/PUF QSJDJOHJTDSJUJDBM t"OEXFTIPVMETUBSUTFFJOHQSJDFTJODIVQPWFSUJNFTQFDJĕDBMMZGPSUIFNPSFEFTJSFE areas (Sarah Smith EM, Historic Brookhaven, Montgomery EM and surrounding neighborhoods). Keep in mind that our economy, while improving, is still fragile. Many homeowners are still underwater on their homes, and homeowners on the verge of foreclosure are still out there. The progress remains to be slow and steady. A recent New York Times article attributes the improving market is partially due to investors for absorbing distressed homes and either flipping them or renting them out. The article goes on to say that… “The trend is clear in the data. The widely respected S.&P./ Case-Shiller index reported earlier this week that sales prices for existing homes rose in April for the first time this year. Several other measures, including a seasonally adjusted version of the index, show that price increases began in February. The pace of housing construction has increased. And the National Association of Realtors said Wednesday that pending home sales climbed to the highest level since the end of a federal tax credit for first-time buyers in September 2010.” All in all, great news for now! Until next quarter…

Jackie Smith

Harry Norman, REALTORS®

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VOTe  If you are like my husband and I, you received your voter registration cards this week. Polls open July 31st at 7:00 am. While you may be well aware of the vote for the City of Brookhaven (the Yes/No signs are everywhere), you may be less aware of another issue on the ballot. The Transportation Referendum . The referendum is asking for a 1.0% regional sales tax increase that covers a 10 county region (essentially Metro Atlanta) to provide $8.5 Billion in transportation improvements. The referendum includes a number of roadway and transit improvements in the Buckhead/Brookhaven areas. The plan details with final projects at A summary of improvements affecting our area are highlighted below: tMarta improvements for aerial portions near the Brookhaven Marta station as well as replacing expansion joints and metals pads supporting the structures t"TIGPSE%VOXPPEZ3EHPJOHGSPN1FBDIUSFF3EUPXBSEUIFi1JMM)JMMwNFEJDBMDPNQMFY improvements include sidewalks, signal upgrades, pedestrian walkways, and intersection improvements. t1FBDIUSFF3EGSPNUIF1FBDIUSFF%VOXPPEZJOUFSTFDUJPOUPUIF$PMMJFS3EJOUFSTFDUJPO improvements include modernization of current traffic lights, optimization of traffic signal coordination to reduce congestion, signage, street lights, ADA accessibility, and repaving

Jackie Named Agent of the Month! Jackie was named Agent of the Month for Listing Units Volume in April 2012 in the Buckhead North Office of Harry Norman, REALTORS.

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Spaces Available for Pre-K

2011 Buckhead Business of the Year Finalist 3525 Piedmont Road NE Seven Piedmont Center, Suite110 Atlanta, GA 30305 p: 404.467.7577 e:

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Historic Brookhaven Offered at $1,675,000



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Windsor at Peachtree Offered at $769,000



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Loridan Chase Offered at $785,000

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Berwicke Offered at $899,900


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Crestwicke Offered at $845,000 200

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Brookhaven Offered at $1,200,000

Brookhaven Estates Offered at $860,000


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Peachtree Dunwoody Cir. Offered at $765,500

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Lynwood Park Offered at $600,000




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Brookhaven Sale Price: $1,990,000 462




Brookhaven Sale Price: $715,000

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Lynwood Park Sale Price: $516,000



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Historic Brookhaven Sale Price: $664,000




Starlight Hills Sale Price: $405,000

Jackie Smith

Mobile: 678-357-5227 Office: 404-814-9000




Highgrove Sale Price: $600,678 0O



Mabry Place Sale Price: $920,900 448 5H igh gro ve P te


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Historic Brookhaven Sale Price: $1,360,000


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Derby Hills Sale Price: $277,500


Zoning Changes...

There are 2 major zoning changes that are going on now, both relate to water. FEMA is in the process of updating flood maps in the state of Georgia. The updated maps are projected to be completed by the end of this year. Areas close to Nancy Creek, and areas in Sandy Springs, may see their flood risk change. A few things to know, if you fear you home is in an area that may see Flood Zone changes you can either obtain an elevation survey or contact your Homeowner’s Insurance Company and ask for a flood certification. Your agent should be able to provide this for you, a flood cert will identify what level of risk your home/property is designated. Note, zone X is considered the lowest risk for flooding possible. If for some chance you were in zone x, but moved as part of the process to another zone (i.e. A – higher risk for flooding) then it is possible that you can purchase flood insurance before Nov/Dec of this year and be “grandfatheredâ€? in your previous designation thus reducing your premium. This is particularly important if you are in an area whose flood designation will be changing and if you are considering selling your home in the next few years. All flood polices are endorsable (transferrable) at closing as long as the policy does not lapse for any reason. Note, flood insurance is only based on the elevation of your home from the flood zone, and not on the value of your home. has the most updated maps for flood zone changes affecting our area. The site if free and easy to use. The second major zoning change taking place is stream buffers. In the past, the state of Georgia only required a 25 ft setback from a stream buffer. The zoning change now requires a 75 ft setback (that’s a 25 ft State required setback and a 50 ft city required buffer). The setback will only come into play if you are within 75 ft of a stream/river and choose to make an addition/renovation/modification to your home‌or even choose to add a pool in your backyard. Understand the buffer will not prevent you from making modification, but merely require a few more approvals from the county.

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Craft Corner


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1. Pre-heat the oven to 280 degrees. 2. Peel all of the paper off of the crayons. 3. Divide them up into the muffin tins. We did it by similar color and by color combinations that looked fun together. 4. Pour some sparkles over the top to give your crayons some shimmer. 5. Put them in the oven and keep an eye on the melting process. It should take about 30 minutes. But, different brands of crayons melt at different rates. I don’t recommend turning the oven temp up because you take the risk of the wax overheating, smoking and stinking the house up. 6. Take them out and let them cool for a couple of hours. Once cooled, take an old cloth and gently rub the edges smooth. There you have it. Homemade crayons of the recycled kind!

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Market conditions in your neighborhood are enclosed If you have a brokerage relationship with another agency, this is not intended as a solicitation. All information is deemed reliable, but not guaranteed.

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