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A Proposal of a Lifetime! The top 10 must have photos from your wedding day A day in a bridal salon Bachelorette Party History

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History of the Bachelorette Party


A Proposal of a Lifetime




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Wedding Day Checklist

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Letter From the Editor

A day in a Bridal Salon



Top 10 must have photos from your wedding day

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Letter From the Editor

Dear Purely Wed Readers,

As the editor of Purely Wed, I have many values and inspirations in my life. One of my biggest passions in life is weddings. To me, weddings are more than just asthetically beautiful, thoughtfully planned and designed, and a good, fun time with family and friends. While they are absolutely all of those things, weddings to me are most importantly a representation of pure, true love between two people that have chosen to make their lives and hearts one. Every couple has a pure love story, and no two are the same. Love is a beautiful miracle between two people. It is more than a mere emotion and admiration. Love is an entity between two people who were once strangers and now care for each other more so than themselves. Love is believing in someone at all times, taking care of them under any and all circumstances, and putting their happiness above your own. Love come in many forms... parent-child, siblings, friends, or spouces. One of the most beautiful of these is between spouces. These are two people who were once strangers and chose to become family. They chose to become one, to always support one another, and to put the other’s happiness above their own. And weddings are opportunities to share and celebrate that. With that belief, my goal for Purely Wed is to inspire brides, grooms, and helping wedding planners to create an atmosphere within their wedding that correctly and effectively defines and represents their personal pure love story. Weddings are the couples’ opportunity to tell and illustrate their pure love story, and my hope is that Purely Wed can lend a helping hand and inspiration. We also wish to educate about wedding history and facts, provide helpful reminders and hints, and share stories of pure love. I hope Purely Wed can play a role in helping you tell your pure love story.

Your Editor,


Ashley Rees

Photo by Tiffany Ryan


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A Day in a Bridal Salon as the brides come and go. The empoyees of the bridal salon have to make sure the store always looks clean, professional, and well kept. They need to make sure dresses are stocked and on the racks, and the front counter and entrance is clean and there is no clutter. The store must always look presentable.

When brides come in, the consultants get a feel of what she is looking for and help her shop around the store. After the bride hasa few picks she wants to try on, the consultants take her to the fitting rooms and help her into the dresses while getting a feel for what the bride likes and dislikes. It is very common for brides to second guess the dresses and continue shopping and trying on more dresses.


When the consultant can tell the bride loves a dress but she is second guessing herself, they like to “jack her up”. They accessorize the bride so she is able to see how she will look on her big day.

One of the biggest parts of “jacking a bride up” is the veil. It really helps the bride visualize what her wedding day will be.

There are many behind-the-scenes aspects to the bridal consultants’ job. They have to deal with bridesmaids and mothers as well, which means they have to make sure all of the other dresses are well They also have to make sure the window displays are well put together and up-todate.

They dress the mannequins for the store displays and the window displays. Everything needs to be current and clean.


Top 10 Must Have Photos from Your Wedding Day

The key to an amazing wedding albumn is making sure you capure all the most important, memorable moments. These are the top 10 shots you should make sure your photographer captures.

2. The girls getting ready Candid and posed, the girls getting ready is fun you’ll never forget.

4. The wedding party Take a fun picture with your entire wedding party.

6. The bouquet This will allow you to immortalize your beautifu buds!

1. Location Capture the scene and atmosphere of your big day.

3. The bride getting into her dress Whether your mom, your Maid of Honor, or both help you into your dress, it’s definitely a special moment.

5. The ring Let your photographer get creative with the rings!

Your shoes... his shoes... you know you love ‘em!

9. The dramatic ceremony entrance

The first time you and your groom see each other is one of the most emotional and magically, lovely moments of your wedding.

The moment everyone stands and the bride walks down the aisle.


Photos by Chris Joriann Fine Art Photography, Vue Photography, and Alli McWhinney Photography


akes by elly

7. The shoes

8. The first look

10. The “We did it!” after the ceremony The wonderful moment when you walk back up the aisle as husband and wife.


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The history of the bachel[or]ette party Sparta

Bachelor parties are thought to have originated in Sparta during the 5th century BC, when soldiers would get together the night before a fellow fighter’s wedding and toast him at a dinner.

Bachelors 1800s People aren’t exactly sure when the bachelor party transitioned, but according to an Oakland Tribune article, it may have happened during the late 1800s. Gentlemen of the Victorian period wanted a night to say goodbye to friends who might be too embarrassing to bring over to the house once the wives moved in.



The Start

Time magazine lists a 1922 edition of a Scottish publication as the first time the term “bachelor party” was used in relation to a fun event. Since then, it has become the rowdy display of male bonding we know and love.

Bachelorette parties got their start as “personal showers,” during which close female friends would give the honoree gifts that she wouldn’t want to receive in front of relatives, such as lingerie.





It used to be that all women had were bridal showers, which were considered the female equivalent of bachelor parties. It wasn’t until the sexual revolution of the 1960s that people’s minds changed about sexuality— particularly female sexuality—and women began demanding equal access to things, including the right to party before their big day.

In the 1980s and 1990s, bachelorette parties began to acquire the reputation of being as wild as their male counterparts’. When researching the party’s origins, the author of Something Old, Something Bold couldn’t even find the term mentioned with advice on how to plan one in Bride’s magazine until 1995.

The events might be thought of as a means of saying goodbye to one’s single life, but it has less to do with flings and more to do with strengthening friendship bonds. That’s why it’s becoming more common these days for couples to celebrate their platonic relationships with friends together rather than having separate parties.


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A Proposal of a Lifetime


atie had a hunch that Bryan was getting ready to propose sometime this year. She was on her toes…as any girl who has been dating a guy for an extended point of time is. Katie is an elementary teacher and Bryan is a med student. Needless to say, they have very busy schedules and squeeze in as much time as possible together. They have a routine to meet after school at 4:30 pm every Thursday before Bryan’s night class at a local coffee shop. Katie had one of those mornings where she couldn’t decide what shoes to wear and her power went out while doing her hair. It was safe to say she was a little frazzled when she showed up to meet Bryan for their usual coffee date. Katie scanned the coffee shop for him, but no luck. Instead she saw two of her best friends, Hilary and Amy, heading toward her. They approached Katie and told her they needed to borrow her phone and handed her an envelope. “Oh, is this a gift card?” Katie thought. When she opened it, she found a sweet note with a her first of many clues in a scavenger hunt that would end with a proposal.


There, they handed her another clue that read:

Off to Americana. Of course it was not just any other lunch, that is not Bryan’s style. They walked in to find Katies older sister, Liz, sitting at the table waiting for her. This is when the tears really started flowing. Then, out popped another college friend who flew up just for this special day. After lunch, the girls gave Katie the next clue:

Can you imagine getting engaged and having ugly and damaged nails? Me neither! Use the cash provided to get everyone’s fingernails “did”. (hint: for yours, go with French Tips). Your next clue will be given when you are done. Not only did Megan get her nails done, but Bryan treated the four girls as well. And, just as promised, she received another clue:

“Fun fact – did you know that I have owned the domain I hope you enjoyed the lunch! For your name “” next clue, you don’t have to go far…it is since April 2011? Let’s just waiting for you at Francesca’s boutique say I’ve had a hunch for a in the mall. while…” As they hesitantly walked through the

Do you remember the time we first kissed? Sharing a poncho has never been as fun as that! Your next clue is waiting for you at that very spot.

store, they noticed four little feet coming out of the dressing room in the back. Oh hello there little sisters! They handed Megan another clue that read:

They all jumped back into the chariot with their newest additions, and headed to Adventureland! “I knew Bryan wasn’t going to be there, but I was still nervous during that drive,” Katie recalls. Little did she know, that was the first of many stops. Waiting for her, sitting in the same place they had their first kiss was Katies’s high school friend and college roommate, Chelsea, who handed her the next clue:

“One of my favorite things about Bryan is that he is still able to bring out the kid in me.” - Katie

The note said: Dear Katie, I am sorry I missed our coffee date, but I had something else in mind. Instead, this day is dedicated entirely to you, the love of my life! I have been thinking about how I would ask you to marry me for quite some time. I know you have had “hunches” that it may be sometime in the fall, so it’s difficult to create that “surprise factor” without being too obvious. Instead of just popping the question out of the blue, I’m choosing to embrace the fun and excitement of getting engaged and have planned a scavenger hunt for you today. Spoiler alert – if you complete the scavenger hunt, then I will reward you by asking you a very important, life-changing question. Rules: • You are not allowed to use your cell phone and you are not allowed to borrow any other cell phone to make calls, post to Facebook, etc. • At each clue, you must read the clue out loud and someone must film you with a flipcam. So follow the clues that I give you and above all, have fun! Today is all about you! Love,


The first clue of the scavenger hunt led Katie and her two friends to the Marriott in Downtown Des Moines. When walking to find her first clue, they passed a breast cancer run. Megan, on the other hand thought “Am I getting proposed to by a flashmob?!” No Megan, rest easy. When they arrived at the Marriott, there was a limo waiting. The driver handed her a clue that read: You can’t go on a proper scavenger hunt without a limo. This chariot will take you wherever you need to go and comes complete with mimosas and a decent Kleenex supply. At the final stop on your scavenger hunt, you will need certain things, so many of your clues will allow you to acquire these key items. They jumped in the “chariot” and found a bulk supply of Klenex, CDs with songs that they listened to during their “courtship”, and mimosas. Katie was still a little shocked. She knew what was happening, but as the day went on the tears started falling more and more. This was one of the first times it really started to sink in. The girls road the chariot to the next clue…a nail salon! Does this guy think of everything or what? It was not just a nail salon, but a nail salon with two more of her best friends from college waiting for her.

Because we were in a long distance relationship, we definitely did not have a typical dating schedule. In fact, our first date was actually AFTER we officially started dating. I remember it like it was yesterday – we checked the wait at two restaurants with the agreement that we would go to the one with the lower wait time. As chance would have it, we ended up enjoying a flight of beer at the spot where your next clue is waiting.

Before you are given your next clue, you must first buy a nice dress and a pair of shoes for tonight. Given the size of your posse, you should have a wealth of opinions. Your dress should be classy and elegant – just like you! Feel free to shop around at any store in Jordan Creek, but remember you only have two hours until the limo departs. So find a nice dress, grab some shoes, and you will be given the next clue once you are done. Happy Shopping! After some intense shopping, Katie was given her next clue: Fun fact – did you know that I have owned the domain name “” since April 2011? Let’s just say I’ve had a hunch for a while… Your next clue is waiting for you on

Katie Gauthier and Bryan Duell first met:

When? Where? How?

October 2008 the house she grew up in Bryan was a friend of Katie’s older brother, Dan. Bryan came over to the house after school one day with him. Bryan instantly thought Katie was beautiful and knew he wanted to date her. They had an instant connection but did not begin officially dating until 2010.


Bryan is originally from Stillwater, Ok and attended Oklahoma State for a while. Katie and Bryan visit Oklahoma when they can and enjoy Cowboys games and Oklahoma Thunder games.

Tell the girls to pack up their suitcases and take them in the limo. You can leave your stuff in the hotel room. Your next clue is waiting for you at your favorite restaurant downtown. And no, it’s not the pub. Go there and buy a round of Titanics for you and the girls!

As her blindfold was removed, Katie walked around back to find the most stunning, beautiful, amazing thing ever: Bryan. And a backyard transformed with chandeliers hanging from trees. It was 10 hours later, and Katie walked through her backyard and said “Yes” to the man of her dreams.

Katie responded, “We came here for nothing?!” They all piled back into the chariot and headed for Django to get a round of their famous drinks. Katie was then handed her 13th clue: Your next clue is waiting for you at the place where I met the love of my life for the very first time. They were headed back to Katie’s childhood home. Katie knew that Bryan would do something creative; maybe transform the backyard with some candles or some nice signage, but she really had no idea what Bryan had done. They jumped back into the limo for the final time and headed back home.

The very last note Katie recieved read, “Will you Marry Me?” Katie kept, and later framed, the note.

As they were pulling into her neighborhood, Amy pulled out Bryan’s tie to blindfold Katie. She was a very nervous girl.

On this webpage was a picture of them and this note: Your next clue is waiting for you at the place where we shared our first New Year’s Eve together

“Kaite was convinced that this was the place Bryan would propose.” 21

They found their chariot and headed to the Embassy Suites in Downtown Des Moines. Kaite was convinced that this was the place Bryan would propose. She even started to fix her makeup in the car. Even though the girls knew it wasn’t, they all egged her on a little. They arrived to the hotel and no Bryan, but she had another important visitor: her mom. Of course, Mom had another clue for Katie: Grab your dress and shoes, and head up to the suite that I have prepared for you. Take a shower and get yourself ready for tonight. But be quick -you have only 1.5 hours until you receive your next clue! After they all got dolled up, they headed to the front lawn to take some pictures. It was there that Katie was handed another clue:

When they finally pulled up to the house, they all scurried out of the limo. Amy walked her up to the front of her house where she heard the last and final clue being read to her. She felt someone grab her hand and heard a familiar voice…her dad. Congratulations Katie! You have arrived at your final destination. We are standing at the very spot where we first met back in 2008. I remember shaking your hand and thinking to myself what beautiful woman you were, and finally understanding why Danny K kept me away from you for so long! I had no idea that day that I had just met the love of my life. As promised, the time has come to ask you a very important question, and there is no better place to ask then here at the place where we first met. Join me on our bright new path together.


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