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We are at the final stretch of the year! All we can see is glitter and snow (hopefully not too much!), hear the sound of jingle bells, and feel the warm hot cocoa mug in between our mitted hands. There is something about the holiday spirit, not all just about the giving and getting, but how we all cram in what we wanted in 2016 within the next 31 days left in the year. It goes to show how fast paced our lives really are that we forget to give ourselves a break to enjoy the life we are given. This holiday give yourself a break. Do a figure 8 on a skating rink with the love of your life, drink lots of wine with the greatest friends in the world and pamper yourself for the incoming year. In this issue we share with you the greatest holiday outfits from the talented that lives her life as it goes, Eliza Faulkner. Her designs are cheerful and feminine, but her persona is one we wish all our Mademoiselles would really appreciate. We don’t want to give anything else away, so turn the pages to a great amount of spirit. The Mademoiselle ladies wish you a cheerful holiday season with family and friends. We are sending lots of hugs, kisses and coal to the naughty Mademoiselles (we know you exist!). Make the last bit of the year count, and blessings to the coming new year. Eat well, dress well and be merry.

Adriana Parente & Ashley Puch Mademoiselle-in-Chief


TOMMY HILFIGER AUTUMN/WINTER 2016 Tommy Hilfiger’s Autumn/Winter 2016 runway show at New York Fashion Week was a success from the start. Between his supermodel collaborator Gigi Hadid and his buzzworthy see now buy now collection the excitement surrounding the show made it the top digital brand of NYFW on the day of the show – with over 400,000 digital engagements. Were the clothes in the show worth all the excitement? Let’s take a closer look. To match the classic nautical theme of Tommy Hilfiger, the show took place at South Street Seaport in NYC. The theme for the entire event was a carnival, with no detail being overlooked with both carnival rides and food being presented. With big name models Gigi Hadid and Hailey Baldwin walking in the show and superstar Taylor Swift sitting front row, the show was full of buzz. However, the real stars of the show were the clothes presented. With a mix of both modern femininity and comfortable sportswear the collection seemed to have something for everyone. Hadid opened the show with a cropped sailor jacket, knotted tank, fringe neck scarf and skinny leather pants. This was not the only appearance for the neck scarf, as almost every look featured the accessory in some way. Classic nautical colours including red, navy, cream and Cl khaki dominated the looks of the runway.

Gigi Hadid opened the show in this cropped jacket ($295), nautical tank ($45), neck scarf ($130), and leather pants.

Catwalk Report Popular patterns including stripes, edging and nautical emblems, including the “TommyXGigi” rope and anchor, were scattered throughout the looks. The range of styles throughout the show included statement bomber jackets, jeans mixed with swimwear, cropped tops, and silk pieces to the more classic Hilfiger looks including oversized sweaters and logo tees. Black high “sockings” also took over the show with models sporting the thigh high accessories with several looks. Even the fabrics can appeal to everyone with the variety of denim, satin, leather, and wool showcased throughout. Perhaps the most buzzworthy part about the show itself was the fact that the runway collection was immediately available for purchase at the show using digital touchscreens, live-stream and social commerce channels. The see now buy now approach seemed to be a success with several of the under $100 pieces being sold out online on the same day of the show. sho However, for those looking to get a piece of luxury from this successful, star-studded runway show you might be in luck. Many pieces are still available online, including some averaging around $100 – just don’t expect to get the now famous oversized flag hoodie Hadid wore in the finale of the show. The piece has been one of the most successful sellers and has been sold out since the beginning. se L: Printed scarf ($130), Distressed jeans ($200), Leather Jacket ($700)

R: Faux Fur Hoodie ($630), Silk dress ($560)

L: Printed scarf ($130), Sweater dress ($300), Over the knee stockings ($100)

R: Tank top ($45), Leather jacket ($700), Shorts ($70)

For the finale, Hadid wears the oversized flag hoodie that has been sold out since the collection launched.



Dolls Kill Transaction Boot $984

With the recent passing of David Bowie, his platform shoe legacy lives on. Designers such Marc Jacobs, Gucci, Nicopanda all dressed their models in platform shoes this fall/winter season. Whether worn with a skirt or denim pants, platform boots are one of those indispensable pieces that can immediately turn a simple outfit around.

Zara Metallic Bomber $89

Brunello Cucinelli Leather Bomber $6595

Marc Jacobs Kiki Platform $2395 Zara Platform Ankle Boots $119 Public Desire Faux Suede Chunky Platform:$67


Zara Metallic Leather Bag $49


Put the pedal to the metal, we have found the stand out colour trend of the season. Metallic is a must have colour in your wardrobe this fall and winter. The futuristic colour was modernized in many shows this season. Designers such as Tommy Hilfiger, Tory Burch, Saint Laurent and Jil Sander are shining on the runway with metallic looks that bring the ultimate brightness to the winter season. You can add metallic to your wardrobe with shoes and accessories or you can Sol Sana Megan be brave and take on full looks. Trainers $238 Stella McCartney Sabine Fur Free Coat $1930

There is a reason it is called a catwalk! Since the beginning of runway shows, leopard has been a foundation. This statement piece that has been around since the 9 s is back on this year’s runway in different designs by Dries Van Note, Givenchy, Isabel Marant, and more. Wearing animal skin or animal prints, like leopard, evokes power and luxury, according to the book “Vintage Style” by Tiffany Dubin and Ann E. We want you to show off your catwalk everywhere you go, but for a price ASOS Leopard Faux Fur Coat $149

Talula Beckledge Coat $198

Forever21 Faux Fur Jacket $86


Balenciaga A/W 16

Acne Studios A/W 16


PUFFER JACKET 2.0 Fashion’s most uncool winter jacket of all time has made a comeback and she looks better than ever. I don’t know about you, but whenever we think of the puffer jacket, we think deep into our childhood. Static hair from our fleece hats and tying our necks with a scarf layered over our turtleneck mum made us wear. The hardest thing to do was bend over to zip up our coats and once we did, we would walk around like a bouncy ball in our bright coloured puffer jackets. Thinking about all the fashion mistakes I made (or my mum made for me) as a child, it makes me ask: can the puffer jacket actually be cool?

Chanel A/W 16


Rihanna London A/W

ed the puffer jacket back in 1936. Not a designer of any kind, his jackets were encased with down feathers within quilted fabric. He created the jacket as a personal necessity after nearly dying to hypothermia. Bauer was on a fishing trip in the wilderness of Washington State when he was suddenly faced extremely cold weather leading to hypothermia. At the time, his wool jacket had become drenched and was nothing more than a plate of ice on his back. Bauer wanted to design something that would not soak up moisture. The Russian military had already been experimenting with down feathers, so Bauer decided to fill an original jacket with down insulation. This did make him warm, but the feathers sank to the bottom, which was impractical and did not look nice. Bauer quilted the jacket in order to keep the downing in place, creating small diamonds that would evenly distribute the heat throughout the whole jacket, while sealing it off with ribbed cuffs and collars that helped to trap the heat and block the wind. Bauer started to sell his invention to which he called the Skyliner. Mr. Bauer was the foundation to the practical garment, which has now reappeared in high fashion.

“It is clear that the puffer is once again the it coat.�

In the past couple of winter seasons, the runway was busy showcasing sleek fitted or minimalist masculine silhouette shaped coats. This winter, reach for your puffer jacket at the back of your closet because it has made a fashionable comeback. Designers such as Sonia Rykiel, Balenciaga, Chanel, and Stella McCartney show their appreciation for the puffer jacket in different styles, colours and shapes. It is clear that the puffer is once again the it coat. Sometimes keeping up with fashion means sacrificing body heat, but with the puffer jacket back on trend, you can actually be warm and chic at the same time again. The puffer jackets keep you warm because they are filled with goose down or the featherless fluff for the cruelty-free babes. The practical winter jacket is making bold statements on the runway, worn by celebrities and street style. The puffer jacket is not a design from the 90s or now, it goes beyond that. Eddie Bauer invent10

Street Style London A/W 16

Fashion always repeats itself. It is about the time that the late 90s to early 2000s fashion items came back to life. Italia Vogue states that cycles and recycles are a common thing in fashion and they usually happen every fifteen years. Designers are always in different ways but inspired to a particular era. Up and coming designers, or the younger generation in general most likely didn’t go through all the trends; therefore everything seems to be brand new. For those who have lived through the 50s, 60s or 70s for example might try to forget they existed, but fashion always finds a new twist. In that case, the trend of the puffer jacket was bound to happen sooner or later, and you may have seen it before, but talented designers are bringing back the style better than ever.

Zara Puffer Jacket: $89

Gigi Hadid London A/W16

You may have forgotten how to style the puffer after all these years of sleek looks or you are a Generation Z Mademoiselle and have never seen this look before. The coat adds an extra element and volume to your outfit so keep the sleek look underneath and make your puffer be the statement of your outfit. There is no need to over think, just use the coat

as your most important winter layer. With the trend on the rise, I would choose two puffer jackets: one simple and one bold. One for the days you feel like hiding from the crowd and taking it easy pair your outfit with a simple black or cream puffer. And for the days when you want everyone to know who is boss pair any kind of outfit with a metallic or red jacket. You don’t have to be cool, but you’re puffer jacket sure will. This season, be grateful that we are allowed to stay warm while still looking good (let’s also hope it can stay awhile too!). Street Style London A/W 16


ROSE ALL DAY All kinds of pink to sip on.

Maria Borges, Luma Grothe, Lais Oliveira, Megan Williams at the 2017 Vicoria’s Secret Fashion Show

2016 colour of the year

S/S 2017 by Topshop Unique

Model Dani Witt

What girl doesn’t like pink?! (If you don’t, don’t answer that). We are in love with the pastel pinks, magenta pinks, fuchsia, all the pinks that designers such as Gucci, Dolce and Gabbana and Stella McCartney are bringing back. Forget the lady in red, check out our fa- Frederikke Sofie in Chanel vourite pink ladies.

S/S 2017 by Peter Pilatto

Sara Wittgruberova in Dolce and Gabbana

Victoria Baldesarra shot by our cover girl Andreya Klobucar


Eliza Faulkner in her Carmen dress

ELIZA FAULKNER Eliza Faulkner, 31-year- old Canadian born and European trained designer, is dashing out minimal but bold collections even if it is on the floor of whatever building she is living in at the time.


ecoming a designer was inevitable from a young age for Faulkner. Watching her mother sew and following her creative footsteps, it only felt natural for her to design her own line one day. She says she was around the age of six when she knew. As a child Faulkner would make her own dresses at home. She says she would pick weird printed cottons found in the quilting section of fabric stores. “I find myself doing this now. I want weird,


colourful prints, and I only want to make dresses!” says Faulkner. Before she could sew, her mum would let her choose the fabrics and then she would make the dresses. “I always chose quite sophisticated fabrics so my mum would have to try and make them more kid friendly. She would do this by adding bright piping or a bold detail, which is something I do now with my own designs. So I guess in a way I learned to design from her,” says Faulkner.

Her mother may have been the base of her talent and designer career but in 2005 to 2008, the born and raised Vancouver girl, who now lives in Montreal, fled to study fashion design and marketing at Central St. Martin’s in London, England. Learning in the same four walls as Stella McCarthey and Alexander McQueen did, it was evident that Faulkner would leave with more skills to her already established talent. “In one sentence I can say my brand is all about clean lines, being bold and feminine shapes and The Nora dress colours,” says Faulkner. Faulkner says she focuses on the fit and shape of a garment. “Everything else is second to that. If it doesn’t fit and flatter the body, what is the point?” she says.

“In one sentence I can say my brand is all about clean lines, being bold, and feminine shapes and colours.”

The Persephone dress

The Stella dress

Her silhouettes in mind varies and depends on her mood. She says it all depends on the day because she loves feminine shapes but also oversized, masculine looks. Planning ahead anywhere from six months to a year, Fulkner is constantly designing and she says she never really knows what season a design will end up in. Faulkner was moving from B.C. to Quebec while planning her winter collection. “I was so busy and didn’t have a studio at the time so it was all kind of thrown together!” she says. Well, her thrown together collection is full of statement pieces. She said she did a lot of cutting patterns and fabric on the floor of whichever room she was renting at the time. “It was pretty frustrating but good to know I could whip something up when I needed too,” says Faulkner. The Jesse Shirtdress

Abovie Left to Right: the Tera dress, Clare top and Sophia skirt

It is not only the average lady who adores her designs. Her clothing has been worn by Some well known people would be Kelly Clarkson, Marisa Tomei and Nikki Reed. “It is really nice to see celebrities wear my clothing, but it is more exciting for me to see my friends or strangers in my things,” says Faulkner. She carries a casual attitude to the whole designer persona. Faulkner says her all time favourite pieces in her winter collection are the Persephone dress (as a statement piece for the evening) and the Jesse shirt for everyday wear. The designer suggests you get your hands on these garments for “It is really nice to this year’s holiday dinner: the Persephone, Stella, or Nora dress. She see celebrities wear says, “they are all perfect party dressmy clothing, but it es and I think for the holiday season you should really have fun and go for is more exciting for it. There’s not a lot of other times me to see my friends you can do it in the year, so enjoy it.”

The Tyg dress

or strangers in my things.”

The Elsie dress


The Persephone dress

The Lola Top


with Eliza Faulkner

What would you be doing if you were not a designer?

I would maybe working in marketing branding or advertising or as an artist of some kind - like a sculptor. What is your favourite show to binge watch?

Breaking Bad. What celebrity would you want to dress?

Buffy Sainte Marie or Celine Dion.

What is your favourite binge watching binge food? What is your Starbucks order?

I’m one of those snobby coffee people that won’t drink Starbucks. Support local!

I prefer popcorn and/or chocolate.

Favourite holiday memory?

We had a family Christmas in Hawaii a few years ago and that was really special. We all pitched in and rented a house and it was on the same beach the Obamas were staying on and there was secret service everywhere. The best gift I’ve given is ____.

A necklace I saved up to buy my mum when I was living in Calgary right after high school. It was beautiful and she wasn’t expecting it at all. The best gift I’ve received is _____.

My mum used to make my brothers and I new pajamas each Christmas. I usually got a giant pink flannel nightie and I loved it!



Buying gifts for the beauty lover on your list can be tough! We’ve got a list of the best buys for whatever your budget is!

Sephora Collection Blushing For Your Blush Palette: $20

Origins Cult Favs: $24

Invisibobble Hair Ring: $10



TOCCA Spice Roller Ball Collection: $18 Sephora Collection Baby It’s Cold Outside Bag: Sephora Mini Lip Cream Set: $15 $25.00

BeccaXJaclyn Hill Mineral Blush Duo:$46 Clinique Merry and Brightning Pep Sephora Collection Everyday Eye Start Set: $39

Elizabeth and James Find Your Nirvana Roller Ball Set:$35

Brush Set: $49



Christopher Robin Detox Hair Ritual Kit:$49 Bite Beauty The Perfect Bite Set: $29

Bobbi Brown Line & Define Long-Wear Eye Set Hourglass Modernist Eyeshadow Palette: $67

NARS True Story Cheek & Lip Palette: $74




Fresh Rose Skincare Ritual Daily Buxom Freezes Over Set: $74 Essentials: $78

Atelier Cologne Nécessaire Nomade III: $52

Way back at the beginning of the year Beyonce rocked the Superbowl Halftime Show. The performance was unforgettable. Nobody can forget the magical night that our dearest Leonardo DeCaprio finally won his well deserved Oscar.


We love this superwoman and her fresh face. Mrs. Alicia Keys is seen on social media and TV with her makeup free face, a statement she is making to show all women they are beautiful.

2016 Heres a look at some of the moments that made 6 stand out.

Whether this year’s election was in your favour or not, we feel more girl power than ever #nastywoman.


Appeared in style (by Kate Young), her dress is not the other thing that stood out at the 2016 AMA’s. Since being absent on social media in August, Selena gave a memorable speech after accepting her reward. She told the crowd that it is okay to not be perfect, to love yourself and always take care of yourself.

You never forget a legend. The man of many talents, great looks and Prince of Purple, rest in peace.


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