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Contents Roman Inspirations Intergenerational Center (Residential & Commercial) Urban Loft (Residential) Roasted Bean Cafè (Commercial) OFS Design Competition (Commercial) Professional Paperwork (Residential and Commercial) Sketches and Renderings (Residential and Commercial) Murals (Beyond Interior Design)

Roman Inspirations Intergenerational Center

Software/Techniques: SketchUp, AutoCAD, Hand Rendering Year: 2016 Class: Studio 3 – Special Users Group

Residential & Commercial Design

Project Description: The Roman Inspirations Intergenerational Center is designed around the Psychological Theory which is a behavioral theory that defines why people act a certain way in particular spaces. This facility is an addition to an existing building, and it is a combination of older adult living quarters as well as daily childcare. The design of the facility as well as the architecture is based around the Etruscan Historical Period, and this project was completed with one other classmate.

Roman Inspirations Intergenerational Center The Roman Forum, located in present day Rome, Italy, has design elements like stone and concrete as well as the famous vestal garden that inspire sophisticated, classical, intimate relationships between the interior and exterior. The environment creates a welcoming, residential feel through the use of plants, green spaces, vibrant colors, and dark wood finishes. Boundaries are defined by arches and columns to draw the eye upward and carry out the Etruscan Historical Period.

Residential & Commercial Design

Design Concept

Roman Inspirations Intergenerational Center

Rendering for Residential Living. Designed for Aging in Place

Furniture Selections for Residential Rooms

Quotation Documents

Residential & Commercial Design

Signage for Residential Rooms and Restrooms

Roman Inspirations Intergenerational Center

Quarry Tiles

Amber Hardwood Flooring

Crystal Sands Ceramic Tile

Residential & Commercial Design

Rendering of Schoolager Daycare Roman Inspired Reading Loft

Roman Inspirations Intergenerational Center

The Psychological theory states that the color orange is known for increased psychological stimulation in healthcare environments, and green is known for lowering stress levels.

Residential & Commercial Design

Color Palette

Roman Inspirations Intergenerational Center

Crypton Fabric Upholstery Samples

Window Treatment Fabric Samples

Residential & Commercial Design

According to the Psychological theory, therapeutic gardens promote social interaction and exercise, so a vestal inspired garden is included.

Urban Loft

Software/Techniques: AutoCAD &Hand Rendering Year: 2016 Class: Studio 2 – Residential Design

Residential Design

Project Description: The Urban Loft was designed for a single female who is a teacher at Julliard. She is a talented artist, pianist, and plant enthusiast. The design is based around Sculptural Modern artwork. The requirements include an office, downstairs bathroom, and dining room that seats six people. The space is open, occupies several organic shapes, and allows plenty of natural light.

Urban Loft Residential Design

Sculptural Modern Artwork Inspiration

Process Work: Adjacency Matrix

Process Work: Bubble Diagram of First Floor to Show Location Relationships

Process Work: Bubble Diagram of Second Floor to Show Location Relationships

Urban Loft Residential Design

E-1: Elevation 1

E-3: Elevation 3

E-2: Elevation 2

Furniture Floor Plan for First Floor

Urban Loft Residential Design

Rendered Floor Plan to Show Materials on the Second Floor Second Floor Furniture Selections

Furniture Floor Plan for Second Floor

Urban Loft Residential Design

Rendered Floor Plan of First Floor to Show Materials

Rendered First Floor Perspective

First Floor Furniture Selections Staircase Inspiration

Urban Loft Residential Design

Section View of First and Second Floor

Roasted Bean Cafè

Software/Techniques: SketchUp, AutoCAD, Hand Rendering Year: 2016 Class: Lighting & Other Mechanical Systems

Commercial Design

Project Description: Roasted Bean CafĂŠ is a remodel of a local coffee shop in Mount Pleasant, Michigan. This coffee shop is attached to a pet salon, and the main focus of this project is lighting. Most of the lighting products are Cooper Lighting products. The purpose of this project is to use different light sources that would properly compliment the unique features of the design.

Roasted Bean Cafè Commercial Design

Coffee Shop (Before)

Coffee Shop (After)

Reflected Ceiling Plan Including Cooper Lighting

Roasted Bean Cafè Commercial Design

Lighting Chart with Details for Each Fixture

Light Hardwood Flooring

Hexagon Mosaic Tile Backsplash

Medium Gray Cabinets

Dark Hardwood Suspended Planks

Marble Countertops

Roasted Bean Cafè Commercial Design

Rendering of Front of Store with Track Lighting

Rendering of Undercabinet Lighting

Hand Rendering of Built-In Light Strips within Suspended Wooden Beams Lighting Plan

Rendering of Suspended Wood Planks from Ceiling

Hand Rendering of Undercabinet Lighting

OFS Design Competition

Software/Techniques: SketchUp, AutoCAD, Hand Rendering Year: 2017 Class: Studio 4 - Contract

Commercial Design

Project Description: The goal in designing the second floor office of the OFS Brands Headquarters in Huntingburg, Indiana is to mirror the company values in creating an open, innovative, community-driven floor plan and sustaining the use of modern design characteristics. My classmate and I did this by designing an open office plan that emphasizes a flat-level hierarchy. Private offices become included into the office space through the use of glass walls. Technology is integrated into these glass walls by their ability to become opaque and allow for privacy, or to be used as a screen to display current projects. Room for expansion and flexibility is left in our design, to satisfy the needs of ever-changing work environments in the OFS community.

OFS Design Competition

Cider Toddy PPG1207-7

Go to Gray PPG1004-1

Confidence PPG1078-5

Sheffield Gray PPG1041-6

Delicate White PPG1001-1

Commercial Design

String of Pearls PPG1079-1

OFS Design Competition Carpet Tiles for Remaining Departments

Linea Silver Beach Veneer

Pecan Veneer

Stinson Crypton Upholstery in Ginger Kinetic

Natural Walnut Veneer

Gray Plastic

Black Mesh

Commercial Design

Slate Tile for Flooring in Private Offices and Restrooms

OFS Design Competition Hinchada Modular Lounge

Madrid Lounge Chair

Kintra Standing Table

Bistro Chair Coffee Bar OFS Typicals

Furniture Specifications


Tiffany Bar Height Stool


Commercial Design

OFS Furniture

OFS Design Competition Commercial Design

Boardroom with Seating for 19-20 People

OFS Design Competition Commercial Design

Breakout Meeting Space with Projector for Sharing Work and Ideas with Co-Workers and Clients

OFS Design Competition Commercial Design

Lounge Seating in the Breakout Meeting Space for Informal and Quick Meetings

OFS Design Competition Commercial Design

Private Office with Glass Doors to Maintain an Open Floor Plan but Still Create Privacy

OFS Design Competition Commercial Design

Global Accounts with Workspace for Easy Collaboration

Professional Paperwork

Software/Techniques: Microsoft Word Year: 2017 Class: Professional Practices

Residential & Commercial Design

Project Description: A Professional Paperwork Booklet was prepared to learn about the different elements involved in written contract documents Interior Design. These elements include: Fee Comparison, Memorandum, Design Stationary, Business Cards, Letter of Agreement, CSI Specification Format, Item Specifications, Purchase Authorizations and Orders, Product Invoicing, Fee Invoice, and Project Management.

Professional Paperwork Fee Comparison Memorandum Design Stationary Business Card Letter of Agreement CSI Specification Format Item Specification (4) Bid Format Purchase Authorization for 4 Items Purchase Order for 4 Items Product Invoice for 4 Items Fee Invoice Project Management Bid/Time Charts

Residential & Commercial Design

Contents in the Professional Paperwork Packet (See Professional Paperwork Packet)

Sketches and Renderings

Egyptian: Double-Cove, Fixed-Seat Stool

Roman: Throne Chair

Bauhaus/International: Barcelona Chair Mies Van Der Rohe

Japanese: Kaidan Dansu

Art Noveau: Hill House Chair

Gothic: Chair with Linenfold

Baroque: Early English Baroque Restoration Chair

American Colonial: American Windsor Chair

Italian Renaissance: Savonarola Chair

Greek: Thronos

Chinese: Guanmaovi Chair

Residential & Commercial Design

American Victorian: Henry Belter Furniture

Sketches and Renderings Residential & Commercial Design

Section View Rendering of a Community Center

Murals Beyond Interior Design Murals painted at a private swim club in Livonia, Michigan. (20152016)


Beyond Interior Design

Murals painted at a re-designed teen center in Carson City, Michigan. The teen center was re-designed by fellow classmates. (2016)

Sole Artist of Painting

Finalized Work of Previous Painter

Ashley B. Pieron Major: Interior Design Minor: Construction Management/Industrial Technology Minor: Art

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