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Graphic designer by day and night, Sylvia Stremming loves what she does! {Via}vacious Designs is where creativity meets Sylvia's passion for stationery and invitations. In shop you will find everything from holiday party invitations to wedding stationery suites; birthday party invites to printables & more! ``````````````` What is the best selling design in your shop? It's been all about chalkboards this year! My best selling designs have been my wedding and bridal shower chalkboard invitation designs. What advice would you give for mailing holiday cards this year? One of the most common mistakes I see during the holidays is a simple grammatical error. When signing your holiday card, there is no need to put an apostrophe in your name. So for example, when signing our card this year we'll use The Stremmings not The Stremming's. The apostrophe shows ownership, which is not the case when signing your card (correct example: Santa's cookies).

Snowed In Magazine 2013  

The Handmade Guide to the Holiday Season.

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