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Spring\Summer 2018 Ashley Nicole Yisrael

Table of Contents Mood Thesis Conciousness Realization Recognition Observation Reaction

Spring/ Summer 2018 will be a season of Awareness. A time where innovation of advanced tecnology mixed with progressive scientific knowledge will be at its highest. New conceptual thinking in designs will play an interesting role in the way we live and express ourselves. Awareness is the ultimate key to freedom and it is vital that we comprehend just exactly what it is.


The ability to percieve, to feel, or to be concious of events, objects, thoughts emotions, or sensory patterns. This is a level were data can be confirmed by an observer without implying understanding.

Within awareness we will discover Conciousness, Realization, Recognition, Observation and Reaction.


Emotion Thought Sensation State of Being

Awareness of something within oneself.

This season will be filled with electrical colors. The vibrations of neon greens, popping purples and translucent pinks create a scientific space like plasma. The “Race to space� has already started but now scientist are starting to explore more. Scientist understand enough of this world to know that it is time to look elsewhere.

185 C

2050 U C 2405

2405 U

2175 C

77-6 C

77-6 C


Fullfilling dreams and goals. Being triumphent in past obstacles for the future. The state of being actual or complete.

This season will be filled with cool topes and electrifying blues with the warmth of red brown to contrast. The idea is based off of the quote “Rising from the dust when the smoke clears� Because this is were you start to see the end result of everything that happened in the past to move forward to the future.

16-0946 TCX



DS Processed Blackk

7466 C

7466 C


The act of knowing who or what Someone or something is becasue of previous knowledge or experience.

Rich gold, neutralized highlights, paired with lush organic greens, precious pinks and citrus orange is the perfect pallete this season. It will remind you of rich natural minarals found in the earth. These tropical colors were choosen becasue it is all about recognition of things that you have come across in the past.

10123 C

607 C

7466 C



180 C


Watching Paying attention Habit of observing An act or instance of noticing or perceiving.

Going back to grade school with vibrant primary colors will be essential this season. Solids like black and white playfully pop against bright bold reds, blues, and yellows to make expressive statements. Primary colors show up everywhere we look even when we are not looking. From primary colors you get everything else and if black and white is the canvas then be very observant of your imagination.

419 U

14-0760 TCX

484 U

2147 C

2147 C

802 C


An action or feeling in response to something that happenes or is said. Attitude that shows disagreement with or disapproval The ability to act and move quickly in order to avoid sudden danger

This season will be full of reaction with moody red- blood oranges, cool blue and purple. These colors layered together give things just the right amount of heat without the heat. Moody tones like these create a summer look that will be easy to adapt and evovled into autumn.

8002 C

18-1561 TCX

7729 U

14-4311 TCX

7549 U

19-1338 TCX

Spring\ Summer 2018 Trend Book  

Mood: Awareness

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