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Florida District Service Guide Fall Edition

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e Prefac Welcome Florida District! This guide will serve as huge resource to your service development! Packed with service ideas, our partnering nonprofits , and other information provided, this guide can help you have a wholesome and creative service year! With our Governor’s Project in place, The WASH Project, St. Baldrick Foundation, and our other partnering project, we can then create memorable and impactful service projects on all levels including local and internationally. If you are having mind-blocks and have no idea where to start, this guide will help you get your service up and running for the year. Though this guide is proven useful, please be familiar with your divisional areas and do some research on the local causes in your area! If you have any questions, comments, or concerns. Let us known! We are here to help. So join the journey, and help us FALL into service!


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Mental Health is such a relevant topic in the world we live in and especially that schools we attend. All of us have experienced some type of mental illness in our lives whether it be peers, friends, family members or even ourselves. It is time that we push through the sigma and talk about something that matters so much and finally start addressing it head on!

-Governor Diamond Pichardo

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Governor’s Project Our Governor’s Project, Minding Minds and Governor’s Diamond’s L.I.F.E Initiative is a great way to spread not only Mental Health awareness but also to challenge others to fight the stigma! Here are important things to know about the project and ways to fight the stigma with Service!

The L.I.F.E. Initiative Lend a compassionate hand to those affected Increase awareness of resources Fight the Stigma Encourage others to prioritize

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In-House Service Project In-house service projects are small-scale projects that are done alongside your club members and officers. In-house projects consist of creating a specific item or executing a specific task in effort to enhance the service impact for either your club or the organization the project is dedicated for. These projects are typically done within 1-2 hours and are executed with a standard volunteering body. In-house service project can also be a great way to involve not only other fellow Kiwanis Family Branches but also create open opportunity to invite prospective members and serve alongside them! Refer to page 6 for some service project ideas!

Kiwanis Family Involvement Have you ever wanted to do something impactful with your local Kiwanis Family branches and didn’t know how to accomplish that? Service is your answer! Service is the best time to get to know your Kiwanis Family and build ongoing rapport with them as well. Service initiatives including in-house service projects, large-scale service projects, service retreats, etc. are all ways to get to know your neighboring Kiwanis Family. Your Lieutenant Governors (LTGs) of your divisions are amazing resources to connect you to them!. Ensuring that you are proactive with your communication with your Kiwanis Family will also ensure a larger impact on your service!

Step 1

In order host a project, you must first find your focus. Choose a CKI nonprofit partner or a local nonprofit that you would like to work with and chose how big of an impact you would like to make.

After finding your partner, contact a representative of the nonprofit (specially the volunteer coordinator) Also contact your divisional LTG and local Kiwanians and let them know your project, and how they can assist you.

Step 2

Step 3

In addition to contacting your partners and service leaders, create a timeline of your event and select a date you wish to have the event. Creating the timeline will alleviate overall stress in executing the event.

Next, create a supply list of things you need and establish a budget line for the project. Make sure in addition to your project’s material, ensure that a location is selected to do your project, who will take the end product to the nonprofit, and how many volunteers is expected to execute the project

Step 5

Step 4

Prepare to market the event through all social media platforms that your club has. Make sure that you inform your Kiwanis Family of any additional information and future changes. By this time, you should be ready to execute your service project effectively.

On the day of your service project, ensure that you have reminded all participants and of the time and location of your project. When project is complete, ensure that the end product is secured and ready to be delivered. Make sure to thank your participants and create a survey to retrieve feedback of project

Step 6

CKI Partners Below, you will find our Kiwanis Family partners that you are encouraged to do service with! These partners and their service projects/events ensure that ongoing impact is made within our global communities (both local and international). Your goal is to ensure that you make at least one impact with these partners. Small scale service projects as well as philanthropy are great starting points with your service alongside these organizations listed.

Service Ideas As service thrives in the world of Circle K, finding the perfect service project might be impossible, right? WRONG! Service is all around us. Whether within the nonprofit world, fundraising for a specific foundation, or assisting at your school, service can always be accomplished and the impact can also be immense. Alongside your communities planned events to volunteer for, a great place to start your service is with the Governor’s Project. Minding Minds, focuses on ensuring personal mental health growth as well as challenges everyone to spread awareness on various mental illnesses and how to find those available resources. Please refer to our Governor’s Project tab to know more about the project and how to get involved . Use the Governor’s Project as a jumping point to your service! Link: http://floridacirclek.org/governors-project

In-House Ideas •

Knit or crochet baby blankets to be donated to hospitals or homeless shelters

Make birthday cards for the elderly in a retirement home

Build bird houses to be donated to local animal shelter

Create first-aid kits to be given to the local homeless shelter

Create stress balls and donate them to a local children’s hospital

Make origami hearts and write positive notes to distribute around campus during midterm and finals week

Event Ideas •

Donate and/or decorate a Christmas tree at a nursing home, Kiwanis Club, or local community recreation building

Have a Kiwanian use your club “Rent-aCKIers by assisting them with a specific task for a day

Assist in sorting donations at a Kiwanis Thrift Story or other facilities who need volunteers

Host a certification class for lifeguarding

Teach a home-alone safety course to a local K-Kids

Repaint your Kiwanis’s home-club facility

Find more ideas here: https://blog.prepscholar.com/129examples-of-community-service-projects

Fundraise/Philanthropy In addition to the various service opportunities available for you and your club, philanthropic events and projects also create meaningful impact to your service year. There are various starting points for fundraising. In example to a great starting point is our partners! Many of our Kiwanis Family partners, such as UNICEF USA and their current project, WASH, or the St. Baldrick’s Foundation, offer great ways to make an impact. As well as monetary donations, physical donations are always welcomed by organization who are in need of it! Examples to philanthropy is to raise money for the WASH Project. More information on WASH (page 9) and our mission with UNICEF USA visit www.circlek.org/wash. Fundraising Ideas • Kiwanis Cookbooks – Ask your local Kiwanis Club to create cookbook to sell and proceeds will go towards specific cause • Use donated products to hold online / silent auctions • Partial Proceeds – find a local business that will donate a certain percentage of proceeds from designated time slot given to your club

Philanthropy Ideas • Have your members participate in Trick-or-Treat for UNICEF and collect spare change instead of candy from door to door • Shave your head for The St. Baldrick’s Foundation! Set a specific amount you hope to seek in order to shave all your hair off. • Pie Auction – what a traditional way to earn money in the Kiwanis Family than a Pie Auction. Host an auction in your club to determine who will be pied

Find more ideas here: https://www.signupgenius.com/nonprofit/50-creative-andeasy-fundraising-ideas.cfm

The Tomorrow Fund Have you ever wanted to do a service project but couldn’t afford to do it? Well here is an opportunity for you! The Tomorrow Fund, a fund held within the Kiwanis Children’s Fund, is an endowed fund for Circle K International. This opportunity is given to specific projects who demonstrate overall need for fund. Whether funding is $200 or $2000 (the caps offered to awarded recipients), these funds are dedicated to ensure overall impacts within the community. The application deadline for The Tomorrow Fund is December 1st. Apply!


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Fundraising Ideas • Host a Game night (specifically for adults) where a small admission fee is charged • Utilize the Rent-a-CKIer service event! Kiwanians are always looking for ways to donate their funds to a great cause

• Host a 50/50 raffle at the next Kiwanis Club meeting and ensure that all proceed are given for WASH • Utilize a donation box during club meetings where your volunteers can make a personal donations

The WASH Project Water, Sanitation, and Hygiene. The basic component of living a healthy life, is much more difficult to attain than you think. People, like those in the country of Haiti, struggle to obtain these basic needs. By providing overall funding and partnership with UNICEF, WASH is able to provide overall awareness, education, and funding to those who lack drinkable water. As of 1990, UNICEF has continued to provide these basic needs to developing nations. By targeting emergency need of countries like Haiti, WASH response package and additional resources such as finding alternative sustainable practices for those displaced, can then enable the biggest impact that we can provide to anyone, the means of life. This project and many others are ongoing ways that you can support with service!

Facts As of 2016 UNICEF has….. Helped over 17 million people gain access to improved sanitation

Source:www.circlek.org/wash Provided water, sanitation, and hygiene to improved sanitation

Provided water, sanitation, and hygiene to improved sanitation

Florida District Service Guide Important Service Dates In addition to this Florida District Service Guide, below you will find several important dates to remember. Be proactive and participate on these service days with your fellow Kiwanis Family Branch! Don’t forget these dates!

September 21 October 22-28th October 31st November 6-10th October 27 January 21 February 18-22 March 4-8

International Day of Peace (JCI) CKI Week (http://circlek.org/service) Trick or Treat for UNICEF Key Club Week Kiwanis One Day Kiwanis’ 104th anniversary K-Kids Week Aktion Club Week

All graphics and information of this service guide was created and curated by Junior Pierre Louis, Service Chair, Florida District of Circle K International, 2018-2019

As members of this beautiful Florida District, you are given the tools, resources, and guidance to execute the best service year that you could have! It’s time to make an impact! If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, please feel free to email me at service@floridacirclek.org or contact your wonderful Governor Diamond Pichardo at governor@floridacircle.org

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Florida CKI 2018 Service Guide  

Florida CKI 2018 Service Guide