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Drupal Development ---- The Emerging Technique for Web Designing in India

Drupal, an emerging platform for designing your website especially in India, because the Drupal Developer in India are now using commonly these technologies. It provides scalable web development and robustness platform for Content Management System. Like other Open Source Platforms it can be extended and also used as extension according to the requirement allowing it to add different and complex modules to the core system. There is also a Drupal Directory where we can find the projects made for similar websites and get benefited by using them. Benefits of Drupal according to the expert Drupal developers are: It is an Open Source Platform a. Generally supported by large Development organizations. b. There are no complications for licensing fees. c. Portable and can be transferred easily. d. The security focus is transparent.

The Drupal developer in India are using it immensely as a tool because of its following advantages: 1. Most Popular and Powerful open-source CMS. a. Its installation base is huge b. Active development community 2. It is an effective application framework as well as CMS a. Having clean and extensible code base b. Contains several add-on capability for high-quality modules c. Try to keep your proprietary code and custom design less complex. d. Develop highly functional custom modules to accomplish any task practically. 3. High Performance rate a. Have inbuilt caching design b. Scalable c. Comfortably integrates with 3rd party caching mechanism 4. SEO friendly environment a. It is in standard complaints i.e. HTML/CSS b. Have friendly URLs and easily customizable c. Google Analytics is simple to integrate (without inserting code) d. Contains permalinks. 5. Documentation is extremely well 6. Going into its seventh major release soon 7. Easy to install and support, runs on any APM (Apache , PHP , mySQL) even it is compatible with windows. 8. Flexible, its powerful theming separate its content from its presentation style. 9. RSS feeds are out-of-box. 10. Administration is Browser-based

Drupal can run on any computing platform which supports web server that is capable of running PHP which includes Apache, IIS, Lighttpd, Nginx or Cherokee and a database such as MySQL, SQLite or Microsoft SQL Server to store its contents and settings.

Some other features that give Drupal development a high scope are:It facilitates Admin – It gives a strong stand to the admin. When a new user opens his account then all rights related to his permission are modified by the admin and he can assign roles depending on his functionality. Versatile – Its versatility have proved boon for web development. Being a cross platform compatible, it can work on any operating system. There are several templates and themes available to facilitate the look and feel of website designed by it. Open Source – One of the prominent reasons for using it is its non restrictiveness. It is distributed under the General Public license for free to the users and developers. It can be easily changed, modified as well as shared with others. It even gives you the facility for selling your modified version of software with others. By providing customization environment user can personalize his content as well as presentation according to the user need. Website development holds good for generally all medium as well as big sites which involves content management as well as heavy data such as social networking sites, websites covering sports details, entertainment or some community websites. Drupal developer in India has used all these facilities, as a result they are now ranked among the top countries that provide excellent web development service.

Drupal developers in India  
Drupal developers in India  

Drupal, an emerging platform for designing your website especially in India, because the Drupal Developer in India are now using commonly th...