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Art Nouveau This advertisment has text and without the invention of writing it would not be able to communicate a message.

The advertisement is giving information to the audience about what ASB can help with and what they can do. The advertisement is giving instructions to its audience.

Corporate Branding

The advertisement uses Art nouveau characterics like that of organic and floral motifs.

Certain techniques used to give the illusion that 2 dimensial objects reside in a 3 dimensional space.

Bold serif font was used to gain the eye of the audience

Instructional Design The Diagnal grid is reminiscent of the grid used in a bauhaus design

High contrast colors are used in ad to grab attention of the audience

Invention of Writing

Op art


ASB is trying to create an image for themselves, that they can protect and help build futures for their clients. They use this a form of branding.

Image Analysis  

Image Analysis